Daily Blog #349: There aren’t enough hours in a day (but there may be enough minutes)

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers

I know it sounds cliché, but it seems like the expression “there aren’t enough hours in a day” is not only true but devastatingly so.

If you follow the blog regularly you know I have been working on balancing so many factors in my life, and you also know I recently came to a conclusion that not everything can be done every day, and some tasks need to be split up.

But what I didn’t realize is even splitting things up, there really doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to achieve any one day’s goals.

Sure, it can be argued that I try to cram too much into one day, but I feel like even with me not smoking weed, or ciggys, avoiding long phone calls, and not socializing much, I still don’t have enough hours in a day to achieve my basic goals.

Maybe I am feeling helpless because my Monday has been tricky, and this week looks to be wildly busy, and I want to not be wildly busy to help me focus on the things I need to do to finish out my 33rd year around the sun, before my 34th birthday on Saturday, but, at this moment, things feel a little insane.

Sure, most of these pressures are self-inflicted on myself. I want to read, write, walk, work, cook and clean, every single day, and in addition to these things I want to game, make lo fi, make gaming videos with said gaming and lo fi, and launch a podcast in the new year.

All while maintaining a full-time job, researching for various projects, working on several writing projects, and trying to be mentally and physically healthy.

But every day feels like there isn’t enough hours in the day to achieve my goals, without shorting something like sleep that I don’t want to compromise on, because sleep continues to be a key component in positive mental and physical health.

Time balancing and productivity can’t make you magically have more time in the day, no matter how much I try to make it so. But I do know that other people do manage to do this, and, in an effort to not only be a better person and be the person I want to be, but I have also been working on it. I may not have enough hours in the day to make everything I want to happen, happen, but I can make sure the time I do have is spent carefully, putting together the life I want.

For example, a bath can take an hour or so of time every day, but it helps my achy body, and is a key cornerstone in self-care, as well as helping keep depression away as anything hygienic tends to do. The hot bath also allows me to soak away many anxieties.

I can also use that time to read a book, be it a self help book or a fiction book, while listening to music that serves other parts of my projects.

I can build my relationships with my walks by engaging in quality conversations with whoever I walk with, staying off my phone and focusing on the person who I am walking with.

Anytime I am waiting for an email, slack message, or some other correspondence and I don’t already have things to do at work, I can open up a word document and write a few words, or I can do a chore, be it changing over laundry, running the vacuum, or washing a few dishes, all in an effort to get a little more done in the minutes.

You see, there aren’t enough hours in the day, but there are a lot of minutes. I am hoping to somehow find ways to use the spare minutes that get wasted to get things done, because those spare minutes could somehow account for the time I need.

I know this sounds like I don’t understand how time works but in actuality I am aware of how much time, in minute form, gets wasted waiting around, or not getting something done, and I could use that time to further my goals.

Part if this comes down to being mindful of every minute spent. It means not scrolling on social media, and it means being incredibly careful of what I am doing for every moment of my time. It sounds exhausting, and it is, but for me, it is MORE exhausting to finish a day feeling like I didn’t achieve half of what I set out to do.

That, to me, is how lives go by wasted. I am not in the business of wasting my life. We have a limited amount of time on this earth, and I want to make sure I spend mine in a way that serves me.

I have also been getting to work earlier, something easily done because I am fortunate enough to work from home, and I am finding that getting to work thirty minutes earlier can allow me to get an hour or more work done, starting the day fresh, and getting more done in less time, which of course sets me up for more success long term. If I can get more done earlier, I can squeeze in some morning chores, and then get to more work before lunch time, and then I can take a more productive lunch time, eating something while also working on writing or cleaning or both, and then, go into my afternoon that much stronger, able to knock more out, ending the day strong, and launching into my evening.

This week, on my last week of 33, I am working on a new evening routine, hoping to find a new balance in my time. My goal is to walk, then take my bath, then do my gaming or video editing, (depending on if I can get my MacBook situated for editing, I had to wipe it and start fresh to get it working again, so now I have to reset up my MacBook which I didn’t realize would take so much of that precious commodity known as time.) If I can’t edit, I will maybe game, but record said gaming footage, or I will write, working on both my FCM project and my blogs, to give myself more time later this week.

I have a lot I am working on, and little time to do it in, but I think if I focus on the spare minutes, I can squeeze more into the day.

So, there may not be enough hours in the day, but I sure as fuck hope there are enough minutes.

Thanks for reading,


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