Daily Blog #360: Branching out and exploring other games for my YouTube Channel.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today we are discussing my new varied content on my YouTube Channel. For anyone who subscribes, my channel has mostly been gaming content of Left 4 Dead, with some Lo Fi, sometimes stuff I make, sometimes stuff others make, and sometimes, the Lo Fi with the video games. I have ONE video that is gaming without it being Left 4 Dead, and that was a random 6 minute play through of Among Us.

But, while I do LOVE Left 4 Dead, it isn’t the only game I play, and it is starting to feel silly to only ever show that game, more so when I play other games.

Lately, since I have been staying at Travis’s, we have been playing Mario Kart more often, and then he recently showed me Mario Party, and while I have the worst luck with the game itself, I totally love it! I plan on playing Left 4 Dead with him on the console, but…I have been playing more types of video games than JUST Left 4 Dead, I also bought 7 Days to Die (played it once and I am waiting for my D&D group to join me) and the other day bought The Forest on recommendation, which looked awesome ( I played it, and sucked at it, but it was fun.)

I don’t just play L4D…So, I got to thinking, why should my YouTube channel be only L4D?

My goal for the channel is to do some vlogging, and lots of gaming content with Lo Fi vibes, and as anyone who follows the blog knows, I don’t believe in niching down, so why should I do it on the YouTube Channel?

So, with lots of thought and processing, I decided I would expand my content on the channel, and likely add reviews from the games to the blog too, since gaming is a big part of my life, and while L4D is my favorite game ever, it would be silly to only show reviews and gameplays from that one game franchise, when video games in general are a huge part of my life, and I play more than L4D. Not to mention some weeks I don’t have time to play L4D, and sometimes I just play something else, so, in an effort to actually post semi consistently, I am going to be posting more of all the video games I play.

So, stay tuned for more video game reviews, and check out my YouTube channel if you want to see more gameplays!

Part Two-

Hey, I know I signed off of the last blog post, but I haven’t posted it, and my views have changed.

I still plan on expanding and including more gameplays, however, this past weekend, I was sick, and I spent time watching YouTube videos, including some of my own.

Turns out, the ones I personally like best, are the ones with gameplay and chill Lo Fi.

But, because of comment requests, I have been worried about filming gameplays with my face.

But, alas, I don’t LIKE those as much. Sure, once in a while, when I have things to talk about, it’s a good thing to do, break up the monotony, but, the main Left 4 Dead content I personally like watching, and therefore, making, is game play with Lo Fi. I talked to Travis about it, and he pointed out that the contrast of a violent game with the chill Lo Fi is a fun vibe, and I think that may play into it as well, so I may add some more games to that vibe, like the violent fairy tales game he introduced me too, along with the games like Mario Kart and Mario Party.

So, now that I know what I personally like most, I have a better vision of what my YouTube Content will look like. So, subscribe if you would like. And follow/subscribe to the blog, if you have liked my epiphanies. I have a blog post dropping later this week that I think you will like!

Thanks for reading,



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