Daily Blog #366: “All of Us are Dead” is an amazing show- and I need a season two!

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today I am gonna write a short little blog all about how much I loved “All of Us are Dead”. At the time of posting this blog, the show has been out on Netflix for one week, and I am already rewatching the show. (It’s actually Tuesday, as I write this, and I may already have rewatched it once, and may be on my second rewatch. As y’all know, if I love something I rewatch it on end- Editing Note- Yeah, I am nearly done with my second watching)

If you have been online, you may have seen this show on the trending tabs, and if you have turned on Netflix, maybe you have seen the show.

If you like zombie content, even a little, I can’t stress enough how much you need to spend the 12 hours watching it. If you, like me, agree that Koreans tend to do zombie movies/shows better than anyone, or perhaps loved Train to Busan, you really should check this out.

If you enjoy coming of age movies/shows or shows/movies with wonderful character building and characterization, you should watch “All of Us our Dead”.

This show, or movie as it is called, is twelve hours long, broken up into one-hour episodes, and chronicles a group of high school students trying to survive a zombie outbreak in which their high school is largely the epicenter of.

The show, like most zombie shows, has a strong social commentary, but I do think this show does a great job offering several different social commentaries, and a strong through line of bullying.

The virus creation is also very different from most zombie viruses we see, and, as someone who watches just about any zombie content, she can get her zombie content loving hands on, “All of Us are Dead” offers a refreshing breath of fresh air on a genre that some say is dying. (Mind you, people who think the zombie genre is dying are largely wrong, it would only ever be living dead, but, alas, it can get tedious, and this show/movie really is a breath of fresh air.)

All of Us are Dead offers a fresh spin on the familiar, with a new origin, and edge of your seat pacing for much of the show. Even slower parts of the pacing are enough to keep you drawn in, wondering what will happen next, and eager to see how the students fare in the face of the zombie outbreak.

This show gives you commentary on bullying, social structures, governmental agency, teenage life, high school mobile phone policies, love, and so much more.

Hopefully they greenlight a second season, because I know I really would love to watch it. This show is bingeable, and worth rewatching because you’ll catch more and more details each time you watch it. The show is amazing commentary, wonderful zombie content, and overall, a fantastic show, highly worth watching. C’mon Netflix, give us a second season, we need to see what happens to our characters, who were so wonderfully written.

Please go watch All of Us Are Dead. It is amazing and worth the time.

Thanks for reading,



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