Daily Blog #367: Book Review- Turbulent, Days of Want Series Book One, by T.L. Payne

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

As I have mentioned before, I have been reading A TON lately, and most of them have been Groovy Tuesday, (super awesome) so I have been posting my reviews of them. Today, the super awesome book I finished reading and want to review is called Turbulent, Days of Want Book One, by T.L. Payne.

I have been wanting to read an apocalyptic fiction book that had an emphasis on EMP, a highly likely scenario for a “Shit Hits the Fan” (SHTF) situation.

I also love when women feature as the main character, as I am a woman, and, so, when I found this series, with lots of books in it, I got very excited for.

Travis joked that as short as they were, if I liked the books even a little, I would end up reading each one in an evening.

Sadly, he wasn’t far off. I was only about 30 pages from over the entire book series when the first night was over, and if I hadn’t had to get up early for work the next day, I would have devoured it.

And so, the next day, I finished it off, and was actually happy with how it left off. This is rare, as normally series will end off with either too much of a cliffhanger or, not enough of good characters or good story to keep me invested.

But in the case of this book, the main character Maddie, along with the little girl she has been entrusted with, Emma, have me curious for what will happen next. The tension of what would happen to her brother Zach was resolved, but in a way that wants me to read more, because these characters are so compelling and dedicated to survival. The character, Uncle Ryan, introduced at the end, and his decent self-sufficient compound, along with the group of preppers he has coming, keeps me interested enough to wonder what is going to happen in the next book.

Most of the characters have a proximity to survivalist preppers, which always makes for interesting apocalyptic fiction. Maddie and Zach’s dad was a former war veteran who ran them through survivalist training constantly as a child before he was killed by a drunk driver. Maddie recalls the lessons her father taught her, and throughout the book, misses him more than she ever had, and hopes to make him proud, remember what he taught her, and survive.

The book is excellent, and clearly written by someone who not only knows and understands the threat an EMP would give this country, but, who has researched and understands survival strategy.

From the great tidbits about how to survive, from escaping a city to replacing your shoelaces with paracord, all the way to the cruelty of humanity within hours of collapse, this book is well researched and well done.

Excerpt from the end of the book where the writer directs where corrections can go.

Additionally, the writer isn’t afraid of improvement. The comment section in the reviews mentioned many typos and grammatical errors, which is common for self-published books, and so the writer set up an email address and a message in the back of the book directing readers to send any errors their way so they may be corrected.

I think this is awesome, not only as a fellow self-publishing writer, but as a person who knows how important it is to take help, and to ask for it, I think it was an incredibly wise idea to simply ASK for corrections and be willing to make them and post them so other readers can enjoy the book even more.

This shows a writer who is determined to better their craft, and I am a big fan.

So, since this is another self-published book, feel free to check it on Amazon, and enjoy the read.

Oh, and uh, maybe think about doing something to prepare for any disasters that may come your way.

Thanks for reading,



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