Daily Blog #369: Book Review- Turmoil, Days of Want Series Book Three by T.L. Payne 

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Today we are continuing our reviews of the Days of Want Series by T.L. Payne. Today, I am reviewing the third book in the series, Turmoil.

This book was a pretty good one that, like the last one, set the tone for the next few books, (as best as I can tell, considering I am a few chapters into the sixth book) but also, was the book I learned something about this series I didn’t know.

Cover of Turmoil, Third Book in the Days of Want Series by T. L. Payne

So, I have been reading through them pretty fast, which is nothing new to me. Anyone who knows me, knows I have always read fast, but these books have been so easy to plow through I manage to throw em back in a few hours, across two days. Normally, two long baths are all I need to finish each book in the series off.

I was joking with Travis about this as I read the third book, the one we are reviewing today, Turmoil, when he laughed and said, “Well yeah, it’s Young Adult Fiction.”

And I stopped and stared at him. “What do you mean? I mean sure it’s a light read but there is a lot of semi adult content in here…Hell book one the two girls watch a woman be brutally raped and murdered?”

Travis laughed, and opened the book entry on Amazon, and sure enough, this is a book for a young adult reader.

Which makes me wonder what kind of content we are okay with “Young Adults” reading.

Anyways, I was shocked to learn this was Young Adult, not because of the reading level, which, admittedly, is pretty easy to read, but the content wasn’t very young adult-y, at least not in my opinion, so I was surprised to learn it was young adult. That all said, if you maybe are an adult reader, but maybe don’t read often, want to get into it more, this series could be an amazing thing for you, more so if you hate how slow you read, because this doesn’t read like a “kiddie book” due to the content, but it IS a very easy book series to plow through.

So, now that I have covered that, onto the book review proper. Book three sets up a lot for the rest of the series, and it begins with the group finally at the Langston cabin. From the end of the second book, we get a glimpse of the cabin and how Greg Langston, Maddie and Zach’s dad, had set them up to survive a total event collapse, or apocalypse.

Greg Langston did all he could to set them up well and made sure the kids and the others in their group were trained in using the things needed to survive, and book three shows less of them on the run using that training, and more of them in one place, using the place he had set up for them.

Book three also shows more local problems. While the group has experienced problems with convicts and with criminal elements doing awful things, book three shows us small town politics and problems that arise there, and, as someone who has lived in a town similar to this, and has studied towns in the Midwest when researching places to live and for my own Apocalyptic Fiction Series, Flake City, I can say much of the events that go down are exactly the kind of things one would have to deal with in the apocalypse.

Because having people who prepare for the end of the world isn’t the only thing needed to survive. A small community needs good leadership, and good methods of law enforcement. Without it, the worst in human decision-making becomes a massive issue, rapidly.

Book three sets up more action for the next few books, including introducing characters who would become the core of the ensemble of characters, continuing to develop the issues with the hijacked government. Overall, book three is a wonderful addition to the series and definitely sets up much of the action we will see for the next few books, and while I haven’t finished the series just yet, I am sure much of it does set up for the rest of the series, which is easily one of the better things the writer does with this series, set up characters, situations etc, for later books.

Overall, book three marks another great book in the series, which as it turns out, is a young adult series, so, if you want some easy, but still good apocalyptic fiction, reading, go check it out! This is a book series about EMPs, which is a likely candidate for an apocalyptic event, so, who knows, maybe reading it will give you some ideas if the lights ever go out indefinitely.

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