Daily Blog #373: Book Review of Upheaval Days of Want Series Book Five by T.L. Payne

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today we are continuing to review the “Days of Want” series by T.L. Payne. As has been the theme of the book series, and these reviews, the things set up from previous books come to fruition.

So, to keep with our “trying to not spoil it but also review the book” style reviews, lets get into the fifth book in the Days of Want series.

At this point in the series, I was fairly certain I would want to read more books in the world, and, was pleased to find out another series, one that was a bit “older” was available, AND it was about Houston! I will discuss what else I learned about that series in the later book reviews, and, I will probably review them as well, as I am already in possession of the first book of that series.

So, book five picks up where four left off, with the group at the cabin having dealt with the fall out at the prison, and all the drama that ensued from the governmental neglect of their own duties. Big surprise, the government fucks up everything, even the apocalypse.

However, the fifth book starts to really show just how much the author has been setting up since the very first book.

In book one we were starting to see the problems within the government, from the perspective of the FEMA director and from Zach being stuck in a FEMA camp. In book five, we see those problems have grown and extrapolated into so much more.

Now we are seeing how much the evil acts of one man in power, and his clever, albeit extremely shitty, power grabs is impacting the entire country. The military, the new military under the direction of this dictator, are now closer than ever, and, the group who rejoined Maddie’s group arrives with a terrible infection, and a dire need for medicine is at hand.

The group picked up this disease at the FEMA camp they were forced into. Now the group has to send their better trained former military members into St. Louis to try and get a secret cache of medical supplies.

This trip will introduce us to the raw brutality and brute strength of the military our group will face in the rest of the series, but also yields some medical supplies, so they can treat not only the people in their own group, but around the community, which is largely how people survive.

But winter is coming, and the group has to prepare for it. They need not only wood for staying warm, but food, in order to stay alive.

Without spoiling too much, the weather ends up being a major part of the second half of the book, and I suggest you read to see what happens…we don’t think about disasters when we are already in the end of the world, and I think this is something one should think about.

So go grab a copy of this book and buy the whole series because it’s a quick but fun read.

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