Daily Blog #374- Book Review of “Mayhem” Days of Want Series, Book Six

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today we are reviewing the second to last book in the Days of Want book series, Mayhem, by T.L. Payne.

In this book, we start to see the government more. We now see two sides of government, the parts that are trying to restore the country to something akin to what it once was, and those who are trying to form a cruel dictatorship.

In the middle of this fight for power, is Maddie’s group. In this book we see the group continuing their struggle to survive with dwindling ammunition, bodies depleted from malnutrition from 9 months in the apocalypse, with the cruel dictatorship government getting closer and closer.

They meet a new group of characters, these characters tell them of some of the efforts of the military and former government, the one trying to return the country to its former ways, and, have to make a choice… Will they help build the country back, or will they keep their heads down and try to avoid any conflict?

If you have read any of the books, you can imagine the choice the group makes, and this book shows their efforts to find the resources needed to bolster the military, help them buy much needed weaponry, and mount an actual effort against the evil dictatorship government trying to take over the country.

We also, in this book, see more of how this evil installation of a new government operates. We see how the human trafficking works, we see how the labor camps work, and how the takeovers of areas work.

This doesn’t quite need a trigger warning, but also could stand to have one. If you, like me, have issues with shit being grossly unfair and people being cruel and horrible, I will warn you, the author does a great job of making you angry and evil people. These are the kind of people who will likely be everywhere in the apocalypse and will likely be the kind I would gladly kill.

Terrible people.

But the story has some fun twists and turns, with some fun shocking moments along with moments that were easily informed by previous books, and, true to this series, everything we see was well set up and developed by what we have seen previously.

We get a glimpse of the “good guys” and how they operate, and we get to see a lot of the action that will launch us into the final book in the series, which will be the next review I post…and then I will be posting a NEW BOOK SERIES to review.

But I also have some other blog content written and scheduled for you all so make sure you are following and subscribed to the blog to not miss anything.

I definitely suggest grabbing this book series and giving it a read, it isn’t too hard to plow through the books, and you get very excited to continue reading the rest of the series. This book starts to lay out some groundwork for another series in this universe, and I will likely be posting about that one soon enough, so go grab a copy of this book series and catch up with me so we can read the next series together.

Thanks for Reading!



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