Daily Blog #375: Book Review of “Defiance” Days of way Series Book Seven by T.L. Payne

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today, we are FINALLY reviewing the seventh and final book in the Days of Want series by T.L. Payne.

This series caught my attention from the very first book, and, that very first book set up much of the drama we would see in book seven.

And what a wonderful journey it has been!

In the course of these seven books we have seen our main character, Maddie, face scary odds, from merely getting out of Chicago when the EMP’s first went off, knocking the grids offline, to getting to several different points of safety, before finally getting to her family’s bug out location. She endured hardships of local politics, a unmanned prison full of dangerous criminals, evil locals, terrifying weather including hard rain, harsh snow, and devastating tornados, and of course, the problem we face in book sevem: cruel dictators trying to take over the small area she has been working so hard to maintain.

Of course, there was good, too. Her brother and mother managed to survive despite their own struggles, including a FEMA camp for Zach and a crazed cult for Beth, Maddie’s mother. Maddie managed to gain a sister in the young girl she helped get out of Chicago, Emma, and, along with several friends she could consider family, Maddie even found love, and got married.

Now we find ourselves in book seven, when much of what Maddie and her group have been dealing with comes to a head, namely, the politics of the dictator trying to take over the entire country, and the former government trying to get the country back on track.

We learn about how things are going in Texas, which, is where another series takes place (I already have the first book in that one, and when I finish the series I am now reading, I will be diving back into the universe T.L. Payne created), and we see the plans the government has to restore water and some realm of law and order in the country once more.

But these goals are not without struggles, namely, the strong hold the dictator has on parts of the country, and the ongoing war with other countries.

I don’t want to give away how it all goes, this far into a series, I would rather you go and support the author, buy the book, and READ, but, I will say, it keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end, and the timing is fantastic. You get to see some fun looks into covert operations, and you get to see the usual struggle to survive, along with a small group of survivors fighting off a literal army.

Worth the read, worth the buy, like the entire series, the book is well written, and in this case, is a cumulation of everything that has happened this far, while also tying into another series.

Go check it out.

Thanks for Reading,



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