Daily Blog #376: Book Review of – “Locker Nine – A Novel of Societal Collapse” By Franklin Horton

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today we are back to our book reviews, this time of a NEW apocalyptic fiction series, the Locker Nine series.

Locker Nine Cover

This series HAS MY ATTENTION for several reasons, including that there are several series within the universe Franklin Horton has created. Aside from this, I am a sucker for a story that centers around a girl who’s dad urged her to be into survivalist stuff. It just…speaks to me.

So, the book begins with something like seven chapters outlining out HOW the collapse comes to be. At first, I wasn’t loving it, worried that it could encourage even more islamophobia, and our country has had plenty of that sine 9/11, however, good writing is good writing, and the author was able to capture how a SMALL subset of a group of people, NOT the majority, may want to cause more chaos in our country, and, furthermore, was able to lay out a pretty devasting plan.

I’m talking “Oh shit please don’t let anyone who actually hates America read this and get ideas” clever.

This brought me in more, before ever meeting our main characters, and I was terribly impressed with the inventive way these fictional characters were planning on plunging America into chaos.

After this introduction, we finally meet Grace, the daughter of an apocalyptic fiction writer, Robert.

Robert was worried about his daughter going to school so far from home, worried that if “shit hit the fan” she would have a hard time getting home, so he gives her a key that she is to wear on her neck at all times. This key is like a safety blanket for her, and honestly, when I saw how the stashed supplies were left for her, made me tear up.

Talk about a dad loving his daughter.

Anyways, that’s me getting ahead of myself. When the attacks happen, Grace is with her roommate and best friend, Zoe, and the two immediately race to their dorms, amid war like chaos, classmates who are bleeding, missing limbs, dying and dead. The two arrive and Grace runs upstairs while Zoe stays downstairs to take care of injured classmates. Grace grabs up all of her possible supplies including a “go bag” or bug out bag, and some supplies for Zoe. She spends ten minutes gathering supplies and listening to a newscast on the radio that is attempting to tell what they know about the strikes against America.

Grace returns and grabs Zoe, and the two quickly get out of the area, Grace knowing time is limited before they will no longer be able to leave.

As you all know, I don’t want to give a “recap” of events, but the build up to “locker nine” seems important, so, stick with me.

Once Grace and Zoe arrive to Locker Nine, I wanted to call my dad and complain because Robert seriously left his daughter in a damn good situation to handle near about any problem.

Like, damn.

So once the girls gear up, they begin the long trip to try and get home. Along with their narrative, we get to see the narrative of our “bad guy” Ray, who calls himself “Gamma Ray” which is his gamer tag.

Disclaimer, Gamma Ray is the kind of guy who will make the apocalypse suck and I would gladly “take out” if given a chance.

Anyways, the story keeps you on edge, weaving between the two narratives of Grace and Ray. We eventually meet more characters, including Chin, a friend of Robert’s and a prearranged stopping place, and Sonyea Brady and her son, Tom, another place prearranged for Grace to stop at and take refuge.

Of course, even when we think the characters are safe, troubles are afoot, and in the end, Grace, Tom, and Sonyea have to leave, heading to the next secured place.

I will spare you the details, and instead tell you it is VERY much worth the read. I couldn’t put it down, and I adore the character of Grace. If you wanna see a young woman rise to the occasion of the apocalypse, and not be afraid to pull that trigger, this is the book (series) for you. So give it a read and enjoy!

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