Daily Blog #378- Book Review of Compound Fracture Book Three in the Locker Nine Series by Franklin Horton

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Cover of Compound Fracture by Franklin Horton

Today we are reviewing the third book in the Locker Nine Series by Franklin Horton, called Compound Fracture. This is the third book in a four-book series, and, I was glad to discover there were other series within this universe. I LOVED this Locker Nine series and went ahead and got the Mad Mick series (Mad Mick was a character introduced in the second book in this series) so, expect plenty more reviews from this universe, as I am already on book two of the Mad Mick series, at the time of me writing this blog.

I will say, this third book of the Locker Nine series was likely my least favorite book in the series. It had nothing of Grace, the main character from the first two books, and, focused entirely on her father, Robert, who, as it turns out, is not as strong as Grace.

No offense to him, but Grace was a badass, rising to the challenge and surpassing expectations.

Robert had been a character more mentioned, thought about, and discussed, than he had been a character, so at first, I was excited to see him in action. Afterall, this is the man who raised the character I love, Grace. Grace isn’t afraid to pull the trigger to keep her safe, Grace takes supplies needed and knows how to use them. Grace is awesome, so surely, the man who had such a heavy hand in raising her, would be a great person to follow?

Surely the man who left Locker Nine full of useful supplies, maps, and even set up safe places for Grace to hide…surely this man would be fun to follow the adventures of?

Robert was disappointing. Robert was, at first, scared, and a bit of a coward. Insistent on getting out of the compound and back to his family, Robert got short sighted and ignored the fact that his friends, people like Arthur, had worked hard to ensure Grace was safe, that Sonyea was tended to, they did the right thing. Robert surrounded himself with good people, but when the shit went down, was severely failing to be the kind of good person I would have expected.

Thankfully for everyone involved, Sonyea did talk some sense into him, but he did continue to have the same tendencies, albeit a human thing, it was annoying. Additionally, Robert was a bit more naïve and gullible than I think Grace would have been.

Grace was literally running people down and shooting them, knowing all too well the dangers at hand, whereas Rob made a series of made choices that led to more dangerous situations. Robert, in the end, was mostly good at having supplies, knowing how to teach others how to use them, and had a certain ability to just keep going, the latter of which was the most useful and impressive.

In the end, the book was still quite good, but I will say of the four, it was my least favorite. My two favorite characters were not in it, at all, and Robert, when left alone, was hardly the hero I had hoped for. Points to him for being prepared and raising his awesome daughter and having an amazing circle of friends but points off for him not being the kind of friend they deserved until Sonyea pointed it out.

All in all, however, very likely a realistic depiction of a character, and I would highly suggest reading it, but of course, as it is the third in the series, read the first two first, so you can see what I mean, and get ready for a fun ride that is the fourth book.

And that review is coming soon so make sure you are following the blog/subscribed so you don’t miss it.

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