Daily Blog #379: Book Review of “Blood Bought” The Fourth Book in the Locker Nine Series by Franklin Horton

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Today, we finish the reviews of the Locker Nine Series. So you know, I have already started reading another series in this universe, the Mad Mick series, so expect more apocalyptic fiction book reviews, from both Franklin Horton, and T.L. Payne, as I also have another T.L. Payne book series in the same universe as the Days of Want series, to dive into.

So definitely subscribe/follow the blog so you don’t miss any of those book reviews. I am also writing other blogs that I know some of you will love including my frank conversations about life, prepping tips geared for creatives, and delicious recipes from my experiments in the kitchen, including delicious low sodium dishes you have a hard time believing are good for high blood pressure.

But without further ado, lets get into today’s book review!

This is the fourth and final book in the Locker Nine series and I was super bummed to see it end. I feel Franklin Horton could easily have a fifth book in the series, plenty of loose ends could be tied up, but alas, I am not the writer, and I know he has a pretty lengthy series with the Mad Mick series so maybe these characters come back then.

Book four finds Robert so close to home, but with the same threats that were endangering them in Compound Fracture, hot on their heals. I HATE the bad guy because he is so much of what is wrong with our world today. A corrupt politician who, while he had the means and resources, top notch connections and funds, to prepare for any coming apocalypse, his plan was simply to steal from others. Steal what others had prepared.

When the congressman’s first plan, to steal Arthur’s compound, failed, he turns his sights on the idea of Robert’s property. The congressmen knows nothing about the property or area, but is desperate, so he decides to head towards that area and attempt to again steal what isn’t his, what others have prepared.

I hate people like that. Someone needs to put a bullet in him. Spoilers, someone does.

In a climatic end, we actually have a very unpredictable end, one beautifully laid out by Franklin Horton. The end, I thought, would be a glorious battle, with the family, assisted by some friends, managing to defend the property and save the day.

Instead, some of the other actions that have been building, people unhappy with how the congressman is running things, the druggie daughter of Leslie, Debbie, and the mass of hikers who have taken up residency in the town, all come together in a beautiful end, one that leaves the bad guy dead, and the good guys once again safe. Grace even gets an amazing moment to take care of Debbie, who is a giant piece of shit person.

I mean honestly, Franklin Horton is so good at writing characters that are easy as pie to hate. He is also good at writing characters I root for, like Grace and Tom. Even Robert, who you may recall was disappointing me last book, rose to the occasion a bit, finally being over his homesickness when he got home.

I will say, I found it endlessly hilarious that Robert very may well have never killed anyone the entire time, whereas his daughter has some brutally amazing and epic kills, all because he trained her how. The irony is not lost on me, and I loved it.

I really do wish there was a fifth book, so we could see how the hiker situation ends up, and how the family shapes up, how Sonyea helps the family next door, if that woman’s husband makes it home, if Grace and Tom get together…

So many things I wonder about, and I would LOVE a fifth book to wrap it all up, but, I am hopeful that maybe they will show up in the Mad Mick series and wrap loose ends that way.

Here’s hoping because the book series is awesome. Go check it out.

Thanks for reading,


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