Daily Blog #382: Book Review of “Brutal Business” Book Three in The Mad Mick Series By: Franklin Horton

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

As you know, we are reviewing each book in The Mad Mick series, and this one was fucking awesome, and honestly may have been one of my favorites.

Cover of the book: Brutal Business by Franklin Horton, book three in The Mad Mick Series

True to Franklin Horton’s unique writing style, we get a few chapters learning all about how our enemy works, who they are and what they do. In this book, that enemy is “The Bond”.

The Bond is a bunch of former military men, who were only in the military because the street gangs they worked for installed them there, so the gangs could get military trained soldiers on their side.

A terrifying idea that makes me shudder. Imagine if common street gangs were/are doing this? Common criminals trained by our military to become much more accurate and deadly. They would learn not only all about weaponry, guns, bombs, etc, but they would also learn no small amount of survival skills that would make them a pure terror in any situation, much less an apocalyptic one.

And The Bond is very much that. The Bond is led by Thomas, a strict leader who has a solid understanding of the tricky nuances of leading such a group. Thomas is smart, and lets the men smoke as much as they want, and have women, but no drinking.

Of course, how they get said weed and women…well, let’s just say it makes your skin crawl a bit. And there are no survivors.

As per my usual for these reviews, I don’t want to give TOO many of the details away, and instead focus on WHY you should read this awesome book in this fantastic series.

Through a series of events, an old friend of Wayne’s finds his way to the firehouse where Wayne and his group have been living, planning to ride out the harsh winter.

The friend proceeds to tell Wayne and Conor (The Mad Mick) all about the oncoming threat, as the group is heading right towards them, and while it isn’t likely that The Bond will make it up the mountain, it IS likely they would threaten the area they are in, and the community at large, along with Wayne’s group, the Church Group, and yes, even Conor’s compound, would be in danger.

So, Conor, with help from the Church and Wayne’s group, form a plan. Part of the plan includes giving Barb a bit more responsibility, which she needs, to help her grow up a bit and calm her temperament.

Conor’s plan makes me giggle just thinking about it and is definitely the reason you NEED to read this book and series. Conor’s entire plan is to MAKE SURE The Bond follows him, falling into a decently well laid trap. While some things do go sideways, other things do end up falling into place, including…

Well, the Mad Mick gotta Mad Mick sometimes, and that is what he does. This book gives you a full spectrum of The Mad Mick, and also with how well the legend and lore works, along with an entertaining story on how to protect what is yours when no-one is coming to help you.

The ending? Explosive, to say the least.

Go grab a copy of this book, of the entire series, and give it a read. The next book in the series is due out soon too, so if you get to reading, you can catch up and join me in reading the next one!

Feel free to read the previous posts for the other reviews, and make sure you are subscribed/following the blog to catch the next few. I also have some regular daily blog content coming your way so stay tuned for more fun from me, the writer who reads a lot.

Thanks for reading!



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