Daily Blog #383: Book Review of “Northern Sun”, Book Four in The Mad Mick Series by Franklin Horton

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today we are reviewing the fourth book in The Mad Mick Series “Northern Sun”. This book is an exciting one, as we get to meet some new characters, and also get to see The Mad Mick at work.

Cover of “Northern Sun” Book Four in The Mad Mick Series

We have spent three books seeing Conor in action, but finally, we see him doing his regular job. As we know, the events of the terrorist attack that began this universe, starting with the Locker Nine series, left the United States devastated, but it did not leave the world in the same state, and business goes on.

Additionally, as we begin to learn, the world at large has many factors to play in the predicament of America. Some countries want to help the country get reestablished, others…well others want to continue with the plan that was enacted 1ith the start of the attacks.

Conor, joined by someone he knew long ago, a new character named Shani. This book is a larger one, and, has two main sections. The first one begins with Conor and Shani heading off to do some recon on someone who may have had something to do with the terror attacks.

True to my review style, I will not be spoiling much of the details, but in order to give a fair review, some things may be mentioned. This book series is worth the time, so go grab a copy so nothing is a spoiler.

Conor and Shani make their way through the first half of their mission, and learn more about the terrorist attacks, and worse yet, the next phase of attacks.

I will omit a LOT of the action in this part, but let me tell you, climax one of this book was INTENSE, and had all the fun chaos you love to see from The Mad Mick.

So, armed with the information, Shani and Conor need more help for phase two. Conor offers up Doc and Barb, who are back at the compound.

And so, after some negotiating, Doc and Barb join Shani and Conor on the second mission. This group has already been working on phase two of the attack, which is to terrorize local communities of survivors, so the four know they will have a harder mission this time, but also some key advantages.

One advantage is the group splitting up at night, which allows Conor and Doc to attack the camp while Barb and Shani meet up with the group and head off their plans to kill yet another family.

Conor is obviously slightly preoccupied and worried about Barb, but, Barb is a well trained killing machine (“I have killed more men than I have kissed, and that should tell you all you need to know about Barb McGuire”) who does well on the mission.

Sadly, Shani is injured, and things go a little sideways with a rogue bad guy escaping, so Doc takes off to help Shani, while Barb and Conor try to get the bad guy down…I won’t give away how it ends, but just know, you are on the edge of your seat for a minute, and I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it.

Shani is airlifted away, but not before telling Barb a secrete, the prisoners are taken for questioning, and before long the group is reunited at the compound. Soon after the action, Shani shows up to tell Conor the secret, having promised Barb she would if she survived, and the next book is set up for no small amount of action, with Barb now an established operator, and Conor having business overseas.

This book kept me on the edge of my seat and launches directly into the action of the next book. I highly suggest you read the entire series.

Thanks for reading!



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