Daily Blog #386 – Book Review of “Ultraviolent” Book Six in the Mad Mick Series by Franklin Horton

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Today we review Ultraviolent, Book Six in the Mad Mick Series by Franklin Horton.

Book Cover of Ultraviolent – Book Six in The Mad Mick Series

I had received all six books at once, and when I got the giant stack, I eyed this book. The cover showed Mad Mick faced off against someone in a full military outfit, the title spoke of violence, and the thickness of the book looked to be the biggest one he had made yet. From the very first book in the series, I had eyed this book.

I had also learned that book seven would be realized on April 15th, so while I tried to pace myself…

Well, I read fast, and so…I pounded through the five books leading up to Ultraviolent with a quickness anyone who had seen me read would have anticipated. One bath at a time, I read about a hundred pages or more, and before long, I arrived at this book.

It was a hell of a ride, seeing the compound grow, seeing the characters develop…and now I found myself here.

Ready to dive into the book I had been eyeing. This book marked the end of the Mad Mick books that were published and marked the start of the long wait till the next one. I worried, what if book seven was the last one? Sure, there were other books Franklin Horton had written, books I could dive into, and I still had the Fall of Houston series by T.L Payne to read, but I wanted to read more of The Mad Mick, Barb, Ragus…

So, with these thoughts swirling in my head, I cracked open book six, and got to reading.

From the very first page I was hooked. FINALLY, I was seeing what had happened with Ricardo, and got introduced to a new character who I was instantly obsessed with.

First, seeing what Ricardo went through as everything hit the fan for “the good guys” in the last book, was amazing. We have always had Ricardo as this shadowy boss figure and hadn’t really seen him in action. Was Ricardo the kind of guy who could survive without his network of people?

The answer? Yes. And it was awesome!  We get to see Ricardo bounce back from the attempt on his life, and move around without his many resources, but we also get to see the preparations Ricardo had put into place, and how he operates when many of his safety nets fail. We see Ricardo track down information and unravel exactly what went wrong for everyone in the last book, and we also see him meet a new character, Valeria, who I adored instantly.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but even without the parts of the book involving the Mad Mick, we have something very much worth reading with the Ricardo parts.

When we do finally get to the parts with Conor, we see he has been surviving in the six months since the good guys fell, and the bad guys that are taking over the government are hard at work to leave the American people powerless under their rule, in a country that looks nothing like the country it is.

Browning, Conor’s new boss, calls, and assigns him a mission that will more than likely go against Conor’s beliefs, something he will confirm with recon, and is told if he doesn’t do the assignment, his compound will be blown up.

And so, the group begins stashing supplies elsewhere, on the off chance the Browning makes good on his word.

The history with Browning and Conor goes way back, so, The Mad Mick is deeply concerned he will have problems.

I don’t want to go into what happens, because this book was SUCH a page turner, so let me wrap this up by saying: If you haven’t started reading the series yet, getting to this book is a reason to. The whole book is an absolute page turner, and it has been torture to wait for the next book in the series. Go get these books and read this series, it is AMAZING writing and great characters, and I can’t say enough good about it. They have just the right amount of page turning anxiety coupled with characters you can’t help but root for.

Stay tuned, the second the 7th book comes out I will read it and review it. Make sure you are subscribed and following the blog to never miss any of my book reviews, or any of my other Daily Blog Content.

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