Daily Blog #392: Book Review of “No Surrender” Book Four in the Fall of Houston book series by T. L. Payne

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Cover of “No Surrender” by T. L. Payne

Today we are reviewing Book Four in the Fall of Houston series by T. L. Payne, “No Surrender”.

This book picks up right where the last left off, with the trio if Will, Cayden, and Isabella arriving at Will’s sister’s house in Louisiana. Will’s sister, Savannah, has been doing everything she can to keep her small group of survivors alive and fed. The group has grown, with neighbors all joining in, hoping to combine resources and split the burden of watching the group and providing security.

There is less and less food to go around, and reports of Chinese military grow closer and closer. There is talk of having to bug out of the area, but Savannah doesn’t want to leave her home.

And it is hard to blame them…leaving your home behind to be taken over or destroyed by foreign invaders, taking a long dangerous trip only to end up at the mercy of a FEMA Camp…I probably wouldn’t want to go either.

Actually, I would never want to go to a FEMA Camp. I would likely rather camp in the woods unless forced to do otherwise.

Now, I do not want to ruin anything or spoil anything, but I gotta say…

This book was good, but one of Savannah’s kids drove me nuts! What a terribly ill-behaved child who refused to appreciate the severity of the situation. Truly, a terrible child. Over indulged, spoiled, and frankly, since they refuse to look at the situation they are in, a bit stupid.

I am not saying I hate children, but children like that I sure do hate. Grow up. The world is crumbling around you, and you keep insisting on playing games, throwing tantrums, and several times endangering the entire group.

I will not be having children in any group I am in should the “shizzy hit the fizzy” unless they behave a hell of a lot better than that spoiled brat.

Seriously, that kid pissed me off, and she continued to do so in the next book, but less so.

Savannah was also a bit annoying, refusing to leave until the last minute, but I at least understand her reasoning. She does bug me a bit later, when she is in the FEMA Camp, but again, it makes sense, so I can forgive her.

Which, speaking of, spoilers, the gang has to bug out and head towards the FEMA camp. This spoiler isn’t too bad, however, because the journey there is dangerous and scary, full of tension and fun.

The book, despite an annoying child, keeps you reading at a swift pace, and continues the series story arc. At this point in the series, the books become more series arc related than independent book arcs within the overall story arc of the series, but the series is still good, the story is still enjoyable, the characters are still compelling, and as we barrel closer and closer to the story combining with Maddie and her group from the Days of Want series, the book keeps you reading.

So go grab a copy and read it.

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