Daily Blog #393: Daily Blog Updates week of 5.9.22-5.13.22 – Continuing my progress and getting LUDO TICKETS!

Greetings and Salutations!


I had every intention of doing an update blog all this week, but yesterday was too busy to allow me any time to update a blog, I even used my lunch to try and catch up on work.

All day yesterday was spent in meetings at work, trying to smooth out our procedures and methods. I won’t go into details, but just know most, as in all but a few odd minutes and my lunch break, were spent in meetings, and after, my brain was fried.

But I took a nice bath, read a good book, and went to bed early, and today, I started a better day.

It wasn’t easy to wake up, but I did eventually get up, get dressed stretched, and then did my cardio, and I even got seven miles in my thirty-minute ride on my cardio bike.

I had a really productive morning, but I am starting to notice that when I am working on improving myself, some people seem to be determined to go the other direction, and, those same types of people are also bringing me down.

I am working on a blog post about it, so I won’t go into it here, but just know some people are being super annoyingly negative and shitting on my work, so I may have to start cutting some more folks out of my life.

Because I really don’t want that energy in my life.

Once upon a time, it may have been a “I can’t handle that without it hurting my own energy” but now it is “no, fuck that, my life is so much better every single day, all because of my effort, I will not tolerate shitty behavior.”

And I love that personal growth for me. I understand people have bad days, but some people also make choices, day in, and day out, and refuse to improve anything. They want quick fixes and things handed to them, they blame the world for all their problems, and they treat people as tools, using people for money, favors, some form of help, without ever even caring about the person, much less trying to be a good friend who deserves such treatment.

So, I am looking at cutting some people from my life, but that is also because I have gained so many wonderful people in my life.

But, enough about that, let’s talk about how excited I am that Ludo announced HalLudoWeen!

Tickets go on sale Friday, but they have “inevitable burn out VIP” ticket packages for those that want to go to all the shows, on sale on Thursday.

I will likely be buying those tickets.

So, I have a lot to look forward to, including my own life! I am going to be seeing my favorite band once again, I will be taking another trip to do so, this one not bogged down by a narcissist who wants to be a miserable sack of shit.

As you may or may not know, I LOVE traveling alone, and sadly last time Ludo had HalLudoWeen, I went with my ex, who was mad the weekend closest to his birthday was being spent in St. Louis for my favorite band. Maybe I shouldn’t have pushed to go see the first concert my favorite band had done in a decade, but I did…and I don’t really care if that made me selfish, because he insisted on coming with when I would have happily gone without him.

Looking back, I should have known we wouldn’t last.

But it doesn’t matter, because this time, I will be going. I am going to buy two tickets, so if my sister decides to come, she can, but if no one wants to, I will sell them or pull a Roxy and give tickets to some poor fan who is waiting outside the door.

I am excited about a great number of things, including my writing, my future, and my life.

And that is today’s update.

Till tomorrow!


I forgot to update yesterday, so before my day gets too far underway, let me update you!

Ludo, my favorite band, announced their annual HalLudoween, a weekend long festival of AWESOME where the band plays a few times, lots of fun events happen, etc etc.

They mentioned VIP passes, “The Inevitable Burn Out VIP Package”, and I began considering spending a large sum of money to go to purchase VIP tickets for myself.

And I realized I had promised myself I would, and, I would hate myself if I didn’t. If I can’t keep promises to myself, then what the hell is the point of all the therapy and leveling up I have been doing??

So, I am hoping to be able to be one of the lucky few who are able to snag the elite tickets – because believe it or not, paying for them is not the only obstacle.

Getting them, and then paying for them, is the entire hurdle. I have found several amazing options for lodging accommodations while I am there, including expensive hotels and less expensive AirBnB’s- I am not sure which I will go with, I am still looking, but I have options that will work for both and I can afford them. I have found plane tickets that work, although I will likely have to fly out of IAH, which does suck. But it’s okay, as long as I get there safely.

I like traveling, and I love traveling alone, I get lots of time to think and focus, and the idea of traveling to see my favorite band and enjoy ALL the perks that go into those expensive VIP tickets…man it sounds like the perfect weekend and the perfect way to finish my 34th year, and begin my 35th year- as November is my birthday month.

But, because of how important it is to get those tickets, I ended up tossing and turning all night, worried I wouldn’t get the tickets. On top of this, Marcie, one of the cats, and Cujo, one of the dogs, kept making a huge racket all night, and I was exhausted by the time my alarms starting going off.

I still opted to work out, although since my body was not feeling it, I did some light yoga and then carried on with my morning. Either way, I still got up early, by 5:45, and did some physical activity. I may still do more later.


Well, tickets went on sale, and despite being camped on the site, the second the link went up the website wouldn’t let me add to cart and then tickets were sold out. I am beyond bummed, I feel like I am letting myself down, since I promised myself I would buy this VIP package ages ago, literally years ago, and I had the money, I just…didn’t get to buy them.

I added myself to the wait list and I am very hopeful for a chance to go, but, it now leaves me wondering which tickets to try and get, come tomorrow, and leaves me wondering if I will get a chance for the VIP package- I wanted the whole package and that is what I promised myself.

It seems a shame to be thwarted by a website to not be able to get expensive tickets I was able to afford. I tried so hard.


I really hope they open up a ticket for me and I get off the wait list, and I would really love it to happen before tomorrow. It will be hard to figure out which tickets to buy for, since I wanted to go to all six shows, not to mention all the perks that went into the VIP package, namely, avoiding the TERRIBLE line into the venue, which last time I got to go, was absolutely terrible.

I am trying to stay positive, but damn, I really do hate Thursdays.


I was contacted by Justin with the band, and offered a VIP Package.

Promise to myself met, I am going to HalLUDOween, with a Super VIP Inevitable Burn Out package.

I am so excited.

And on THAT note, I shall end todays blog post. I will finish this up tomorrow.



Today has been great, and, I am about to tell you why!

As per my usual, I tend to always have great days on Friday the 13th, and today is definitely off to that same start.

I got up on time, and after doing some yoga and stretching, I got on my cardio bike, and got nine miles in! I felt great for my efforts, and then got ready for work.

Work was busy, but productive, and I was able to get Monica her tickets for Ludo as well.

Now I have my VIP package, and Monica has a GA ticket for Saturday night, and a sing along performance ticket- she will be my plus one for the sound check and backstage that day- so it’s like she has VIP too.

Work stayed busy, but, its over, and now I have a weekend. My plan is to do video games tonight, for new YouTube Content, so make sure you are subscribed to my channel if you want to see that stuff.

Overall, the week was good, even though for a few hours I thought I may not get VIP tickets for Ludo, but I am going. Now I have an awesome trip to plan.

I also have a good weekend ahead of me, hopefully with writing, fun times, gaming with my friends, and more planned for the weekend.

I am always grateful for weeks like this. Thanks for being here with me. And as always…

Thanks for reading.



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