Daily Blog # 397 – Getting sick, and getting back on track

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

It was silent on the blog for a week, because I got very sick, and I didn’t have any blog posts scheduled. I had been very busy, and had been sleeping poorly, with a wave of depression chasing me down, and then I got a terrible flu. I had some daily blogs, but those never got posted.

The week before I got sick, was no time for productive blogging and writing, and then I had a nice therapist appointment and got myself back on track, bought a treadmill so I could start doing my walking again, and…

Got terribly sick. Most of the rest of my Dungeons and Dragons group got sick, but finally I am back on the mend.

It has forced me to take my health more seriously, in so much that I have had to actually make resting a priority.

I am sleeping in late again, not getting up early to work out, because while I did break my fever, my body is far from 100%.

So this week the name of my game is getting back to healthy, and getting my shit back together. I don’t know when I will start getting up early again, as I need to make sure I am getting every possible bit of sleep available to me, but I am going to be trying to get back to healthy habits like working out, drinking a gallon of water, and getting healthy. I have a new treadmill to walk on now, and I hope to get some good workouts on that, or at least some walking.

I also didn’t edit any videos despite having a few ready to edit, and I haven’t done any writing whatsoever, hell, I barely read.

This flu knocked me the fuck down, and my recovery also seems to be taking a while, but, I am working on it.

My plan for the week is to slowly add stuff back to my routine and try to get my shit sorted once again, including cleaning stuff around the house, getting healthy foods back in the rotation, and just getting back to the usual in my life.

I can’t believe how much that flu knocked me out.

But, life continues. I am hoping to book my hotel and flight this week and/or maybe next week, for HalLudoWeen, which I am soooo excited for. Once I book all my arrangements I will probably talk about them, and then keep working on some more fiscal goals I have for this year, which, while they may be tricky to do, are feasible.

The year of the glow up level up is halfway through, and I am pleased with my progress, but I want to keep it going.

And that Is my goal, to keep working and getting back to good, working on my overall goals and also getting back to my day to day goals.

I need to get more writing done, and I need to work on Flake City, which is a big part of my goals, but, I have to make health a bigger priority, so that Is my first task: Health, home, and then writing.

It may be a challenge, but it is one worth pursuing.

Has anyone else go sick? I know several people are catching either the flu going around or the big C word- I hope anyone who gets sick recovers quickly.

Thanks for reading,



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