Daily Blog #398: Book Review – The Borrowed World Series by Franklin Horton

Greetings and Salutations!

When it comes to giving spoiler free reviews for books, I go back and forth about the best way to present information and reviews. With some series, it is hard to continue to review each book, without spoiling major details of earlier books, for example.

In the case of The Borrowed World Series by Franklin Horton, it would be very difficult to both review each book accurately and also provide for a good review of each one, without spoiling each book and the ones before it.

With that said, I am seriously considering my idea of spoiler filled book reviews for my YouTube Channel, but, for the purposes of this blog, I am thinking I will try to do one review for the ongoing book series, The Borrowed World.

Mind you, one review is hardly enough to go into the nuances of the series, but, it is enough for me to spend some time explaining why it is such a wonderful series, and to encourage you to give Mr. Franklin Horton’s Amazon page a visit and order every book the dude has ever written because he is fantastic.

The Borrowed World series takes place in the same universe as The Locker Nine series and The Mad Mick series. I read the various series in the universe a bit out of order, reading The Borrowed World Third, and Locker Nine First, but I will say my way worked, as would the correct way.

It’s a riveting world with a delightful balance of apocalyptic mayhem, governmental overreach, and amazing characters fighting to survive and not let the country and its founding principals be lost.

The Borrowed World, like the rest of the books in this universe, feature someone who has experience and knowledge in survival, but maybe doesn’t have as much as they would have liked to have had done. The big lesson here, of course being that you never have enough done when disaster strikes, and you always had another project you wish you had finished, another bit of gear you wished you had bought, etc, before disaster strikes.

Having knowledge can of course, bridge this gap.

This series follows the tale of Jim Powell, who I first met during the Mad Mick series, although the Borrowed World series is meant to be the first entry point into the universe.

Jim Powell is away from his home when the terrorist attacks strike the country, and thus, has to begin a long trek back home largely on foot. The group he is traveling with tries to get gas, but they then find out gas has been restricted, and once the car sputters and dies, they are on foot.

It is worth mentioning here that I am already glossing over some major events including someone’s first kill and the death of someone in the party. This is because I am trying to not spoil anything, but just know, the action starts early! It also, I believe, follows a very realistic path, mirroring what would likely happen in such a situation, a clear indication of a writer who understands humans.

The group continues, with some opting to head to a government ran camp, and Jim’s group opting to try and get home. We learn, in the course of the books, how things go in the camps, and how things go in Jim’s group once they (mild spoiler) get back home.

Of course, that is just the beginning, with many more books to come, characters we have met along the way eventually come to the small community Jim finds himself begrudgingly leading, and the community battle many problems, not just basic survival, but so much more.

We learn through this group and their actions, along with their interactions with The Mad Mick, what is going on in the Government, and, how they handle it, and of course, all the repercussions of their (Jim’s) actions.

The series takes us through twists and turns, letting us see characters and situations grow and evolve. As I type this, I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series which officially releases today, and my copy should arrive in a couple of hours.

I may end up reviewing it on this blog, if I can without spoiling much, but I think the time is coming for me to have to start reviewing books with spoilers on my YouTube channel – because I want to discuss these things!

I highly suggest you go and grab a copy of the Borrowed World series, hell, grab all the books, and go ahead and grab Locker Nine and Mad Mick too- if you enjoy well written apocalyptic fiction, you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for reading,


PS- I am playing with different fonts on my cover art as I work on revamping some things- let me know if you prefer this to my usual typewriter font. Thanks!


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