Daily Blog #399: Epiphanies while G.Y.S.Ting

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!!

Yesterday, I found some of my inspiration again for making Blog Content!

After a couple of weeks of being very busy at week, after a week of being sick, and months of feeling fairly uninspired for much more than book reviews, I am feeling a bit more inspired to create the content that I enjoy making, and, best yet, that I feel (based on the analytics I see) most of you like seeing too.

My daily blog type content, survivalist content, and the most popular- Recipe Content.

So let’s talk about how this came about. First, I was having a good ole Sunday G.Y.S.T= Get Your Shit Together – Days when I do things I need to do to have my shit together. I have written about them before, and they are back in my life. I do things like clean, catch up on chores or tasks, meal prep, take care of anything and everything I have been neglecting, while also setting myself up for success.

In an effort to get back to writing, creating more of my writing, and of course, editing said writing, I have been trying to make more time for my creative pursuits in the evening. Preparing dinner has been a big time suck, and it is also a big time suck on my lunch break. I have an hour that I can spend working out, writing, or resting up, and I spend half of it trying to figure out what to eat, and then preparing said meal, and the remainder eating it, on days when I don’t end up working through lunch.

But that is a valuable hour of time I could be using to work on blogs, work on my fictional writing, work on any number of my creative pursuits, and, the hour to two hours I spend preparing, eating, and cleaning up dinner, could also be spent working on the things that I want to work on, the things that bring me joy.

It is no secret that my creative pursuits, the act of doing them, is directly linked to me having positive mental health, and there is a crucial need to prioritize working on my more creative endeavors, as much as my desires to be healthier by eating better and working out.

With all of this, I have started to use Sunday to prep tons of foods for the week.

I have been preparing lunch options, snack options, and dinner options- Snacks are easiest, and are aided by things like fruit and cheese sticks/Babybel cheese, but also include yummy treats like fruit salad, hard boiled eggs, etc.

For dinners and lunches, I have been working on slicing/prepping/cleaning veggies, which also works for snacks, while also cooking a litany of side dishes, and an option or two for main dishes, so that I can mix and match dinner options based on my mood.

Because honestly, the days can go any number of ways, including but not limited to me not wanting a premade dinner or lunch I prepared, so having options to mix and match makes me more likely to reach for the health things I made/prepared, and thus, food prep takes less time, cleaning up takes less time, and I have more time for myself and the things I want to do, all while eating relatively healthy and achieving my goals on that front too.

A picture of my mashed banana with granola. Follow me on snapchat to see more updates like this – @AbbiGrasso

I have done this a couple of weeks, and I realized I had no small amount of recipes I could share with you all to provide some ideas if this is something that resonates with you that will be helpful.

But, to provide one quick little snack recipe- here is one that requires no prep, but is tasty and awesome.

Mashed banana crunch.

Take a ripe banana – mash it up.

Top with Granola.


So simple, so easy, ready in seconds, and so delicious. You can add cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar, whatever, if you want, but mashed bananas and granola is DELICIOUS by itself, and helps fill a sweet tooth need, or just a delicious snack.

It is great for a breakfast, for a snack, for a lunch, or even a desert option. Delicious, nutritious, wonderful.

Stay tuned for more recipes, I have a large list of recipes that will help you have lots of awesome, delicious food options to save time and energy, while still eating healthy.

I hope you are as excited about it as I am- I can’t wait to share them all with you.

Thanks for Reading!



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