Daily Blog: 401 – Abbi’s Pancakes (large batch for freezing and having delicious pancakes on tap!)

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today is Monday, and because of the federal holiday, my prep day is today, not yesterday, which means I spend my morning cooking and prepping for the week.

Which means, I am spending my evening writing up some stuff for the blog, but also editing for the Flake City reboot.

So the recipe I am going to be dropping is….


Pancakes that are delicious, freeze well, and heat up super-fast, without tasting rubbery and gross!

I make this in a large batch, but the recipe gets cut in half easily, namely because I already doubled it.

So, true to my “don’t we all hate it when recipe blogs don’t get to the point” ways, let’s get to the point!

A recipe card, not hard to find, no need to scroll through tons of pointless stories, all while you search for the recipe, here it is, right up front, what you wanted when you clicked the link. Feel free to save it to your phone – and ENJOY!

Also, new to the blog we have! A RECIPE CARD GRAPHIC!

So, you can refer to that, right at the top of the blog because we HATE when it takes forever for recipe bloggers to get to the point, and here are a few thoughts and notes on the recipe to answer any questions you may have.

Giant stack of pancakes, minus a handful Travis snuck off the plate.

I prefer mixing my dry ingredients first, but you can also just toss them all in a bowl. A whisk works great, a fork works as well.  Large bowl is suggested, it is a big recipe for batching pancakes- but also it is very easy to cut this recipe in half – this is actually a doubled version of the recipe.

If the batter is too runny, add some more brown sugar.

If the batter is too thick, add some more vanilla or milk.

Because of Travis’s blood pressure, I used salt alternative instead of salt- This was the no salt that is made from potassium. Works just as well.

Because of my aversion to dairy products – if I am going to bloat, I will eat cheese thank you – and also my belief that coconut milk is better for cooking and baking, I used coconut milk. Walmart even has a shelf stable one that doesn’t need to be refrigerated until you open it – so I can stock up on it and have it on hand all the time.

Cinnamon to taste- for me is at least one teaspoon- Sometimes more.

The Pancake mixture sitting- you will see bubbles, this is good.

The butter should be melted, ½ cup is one full stick of butter- Microwave for 30-60 seconds, or put it in a mug, place mug in pan with water, if you don’t have a microwave, as I didn’t have one for years, this is my go to method.

The batter needs to sit for 20 minutes for some reason, I don’t know the real reason, but they are always better this way – the way I make them leads to me mixing this up while I make coffee, enjoying a cup, and then cooking pancakes.

I think it’s best to make smaller pancakes, but you make them whatever size works best for you. Recipe calls for two large eggs, and I use organic, cage free, brown eggs.

These pancakes are not the prettiest because i was in the middle of doing other meal prep things, but they are super tasty all the same. Two to a pan makes them cook faster, a griddle would let me do even more.

If you are a busy mom, these are great because pancake breakfasts are now as easy as microwaving pancakes.

If you are lazy and/or busy and want easy morning options, these are great for those who like a sweeter breakfast.

These are also a great side to the egg cups, if you want a more filling breakfast. Check out that recipe for more details. (Maybe I will even make a recipe card for those.)

Baking soda and baking powder, use em both, don’t doubt me- try it and enjoy fluffy pancakes.

If you want to make these into “DAbbi’s” style pancakes- simply infuse the butter.

I hope you have enjoyed this recipe which is good for anyone who likes pancakes- and wants to either feed a large amount of people or meal prep. Enjoy!

Thanks for Reading,



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