Daily Blog #404: Successful break, and now we are back

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

I am BACK and feeling so much better for my time away from the blog. If you didn’t read the last blog, I had to take a break from the blog, and from a lot of stuff, to prevent some massive burnout. I rarely allow myself guiltfree time off, and this was time I really needed, and am so glad I took. Work, and everything else I do, has been pushing me and leaving me exhausted, so while I can’t take time from work, I *can* relax more, I can make an effort to do less around the house, to not push myself to do as much, and instead I focused on restoring my energies.

I started posting on LinkedIn again, I do like the content I can post there, some of the more optimistic work style posts, and it gave me a bit healthier outlook on work, and on my creative pursuits.

I still need to take time for myself, I still need to work on balance, but I have been working on things to make me feel better. I have gotten back into working out in the morning, getting up early to do yoga and cardio. I have also been working on my eating habits, trying to train my eating habits to be healthier, involve more fruits and veggies, and less junk.

Overall, I have been doing things to make me feel better and avoid burnout, and I have a path to do better, to improve, to grow, to continue to balance everything I do, without burning out.

For a while it was real “call me a wave because I’m crashing” and now, I feel a bit better about my chances of not burning out.

Part of what happened as well was my creative energies started to come back, and I started to feel better about my mental health too. I was slipping away from lessons I had learned, and now, I am feeling stronger, more confident in myself and my mental health.

I am closer to down with my editing pass of Flake City, if I keep up this pace, I should be able to finish it by the end of the week. Then the hard work of knowing if I want to try and combine volume one and two into one book, if I need to cut giant chunks of my precious story out, and, of course, finding and paying for…a proper editor. This last part gives me more than a little anxiety and makes me a little sick.

But I know it is part of the process, and my story is unique. There are not that many apocalyptic fiction books out there, even less that are zombies, and less till (if any) that include magic and zombies and apocalypse.

So, I have an obligation for anyone like me who may want to read this sort of story, to do my best, put out my best version of the work, and publish it on Amazon. I owe it to those readers like to me, to put the best version of it out there, to market it correctly, and to push it using everything I have at my disposal.

I am also going to start taking some marketing classes, for a few reasons, namely, I am incredibly passionate about marketing, I have a solid background in communications, which makes marketing a natural step, and to also maximize how much I can do to promote Flake City and all the other books that spring from it, and all the stories within my writing universe.

The time off was good for me, and great for my writing, and the editing.

My creative juices are flowing once again and I have the energy to charge into work tomorrow, without being dead on my feet, and after work, I will be able to edit, to write, and yes, also game, to keep myself feeling relaxed and happy. And, much as I hate editing, and as much as I am terrified of showing my work to an editor…

If I do? I then get to dive into more writing- and that is very exciting. I love writing, I love creating, and I have done so much work to be better at it, I look forward to continuing it.

So, I am sorry for being away, but also, I am not, because the time was much better spent than usual, and I think I have a few ideas on how to prevent burn out and come at my creative process with the best possible energy and mindset.

I hope you have been prioritizing your mental health as well- of not, take this post as an opportunity to think how you can best achieve something healthy and sustainable for yourself.

Thanks for reading,


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