Daily Blog #406: Things are good, but the blog writing motivation is low. (Not writers block, I am loving my fiction writing)

Greetings and salutations,

Ever know you should write something, for example, a blog post, and not know what you want to talk about?

Yeah, me. Hi, hello.

It’s not even like I don’t have things to write about, but the issue is, what do I want to write about? I should have probably batched some blogs for days like this, but, time has been tight lately. I spent all my spare time last week finishing up the edits on Flake City Volume One, and now I have that round done. I keep trying to justify doing another round of edits, in order to not have to find an editor and send it off.

The rest of my spare time has gone into some marketing courses I have been taking. Marketing has long been a passion of mine, and, if I am going to push my writing out and continue to level up my skills, these courses would be helpful. I have been doing well with these courses and have been enjoying taking them. I am planning a few more courses to try and continue to level up my skillsets.

I got to go to a couple of bookstores this past weekend, and I got a book on crystals, and a couple survival and homesteading books. I also found a HUGE zombie book, a manuscript started by George Romero, with 635 pages of amazingly well written brilliance. I am about 200 pages into it, and I am loving it.

I played Dungeons and Dragons yesterday with the boys, and it was super fun, great to get to play again. We have plans to play next weekend too, which will hopefully happen. I have been playing Minecraft and been having a good time with that too. All in all, things are nice and enjoyable.

I have been working out semi-regularly, I try to get up most mornings and at least stretch, if not also do cardio. I don’t always get up early, I end up sleeping poorly or not getting to bed until later than I should, leaving be too tired to get up on time.

I also got some new composition notebooks because I miss making random observation and writing ideas, and there is something freeing about writing in a composition notebook. I am also making my plans for my trip to St. Louis, and all in all, I am super fucking excited about that.

Things are good. Best of all, August is underway, and we are halfway through with it – this is also a good thing.

All in all, things are really good, but, I have very little I want to write right now.

I mean, I have plenty of fiction stuff I want to write, but very little blog wise that I want to write. I could post some recipes, I suppose, but even that, I don’t *want* to do.

I don’t think it is writers block, as much as it is me just not wanting to write up any blogs.

I guess I need to figure out why that is, since I do like posting blogs, but if I am not writing any, I can’t post any.

So, I need to find things I want to post about. I guess the time has come to start making a list once again. Maybe the new book and new composition notebooks will help me think about blog posts that will get me excited to write and post.

Hopefully it works out! Thanks so much for reading, I hope to have new stuff for you to read, soon enough.

Thanks for reading,



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