Daily Blog: #407 Self-care and apocalypse fitness

Well, it’s been a few weeks since my last blog post. I have been working on some stuff on my end, and my energy levels for my writing, both blog and fiction, have been low, and the few bits of energy I muster up, I use for fiction writing.

But alas, autumn is quickly approaching, and my energy levels are returning. My depression, seasonal for the warm summer months, is slowly going away, and the holidays I love are approaching. I am very excited for the holidays we are heading into; I am excited for my plans for myself, my writing, etc, but I am not out of the woods.

I am working on it, however. I have been digging into why I had started having trouble eating healthy and doing physically fit activities to maintain a positive mental and physical health, and while I am sure some of it is depression, I know some of it is on me, and I want to improve it.

So, I am. I have decided to start framing everything as self-care, instead of working out. Working out sounds negative, but self-care does not. My epiphany came when I realized when I was in better shape, I was considering those physical activities as a part of healthy living, self-care wise. I wasn’t trying to get thinner; I was trying to take care of my physical health, I was trying to be stronger, more fit, fit enough to handle the apocalypse was my mindset.

So, I am returning to that. And to mark my return to this, I am planning on reintroducing some habits back into my routine, including stretching, mountain climbers, etc. Small things I can do in a couple minutes, so I can do them whenever a few minutes present themselves.

It seems simple, but I think it is important to mention, always think about your “why”, and make sure you are doing things for reasons that actually mean something to you.

“Getting thin” isn’t a goal. Being in good physical shape, is. Being strong, being healthy, these are good goals. “Working out” isn’t a good plan, but I think practicing physical self-care, is. Self-care is more than bubble baths and face masks, although those are great too.

So, I am working on recentering my self-care efforts to take care of myself, and get myself into apocalypse shape, so I can be strong, be healthy, and of course, be happy.

I have my big trip next month, this trip that marks me taking my relationship with my self seriously, me honoring my promises, me making such progress from where I was a year ago…I want to make sure I am centering myself fully as I approach that trip, and all the holidays that follow, and finish this year up strong…This year has been the year of the level up, and I want to make sure I honor that commitment to myself too.

I don’t know if this will be my only post for the week, I know I have some books to review, but we shall see, I am trying to not push myself too hard, to ensure I make sustainable changes back to my usual routine, but we shall see.

Thanks for reading,



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