Daily Blog #420 – Heh heh, 420. (Revisiting “The weed isn’t making you lazy, you just want to be lazy”)

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

I was going to use this blog post to talk about my thoughts on The Last of Us Episode 2, but then I realized it was Daily Blog 420 – and I opted to do a blog about that.

When I very first began this blog, unsure of what it would look like, what it would form into, just knowing I had always wanted a blog and felt I should invest in myself and my writing to do it, I did a few cannabis blogs. I thought maybe I would be some sort of cannabis blogger, showing what someone could do when on cannabis, debunk the myths about “the lazy stoner” maybe share information on the science and legalization of cannabis…In my mind it would be a way to help me enter the cannabis world by writing, while also encouraging myself to write more.

The blog has long changed from some of those earlier ideas, but some of the blogs I reference the most in my day to day life are from that era of the blog. One of the ones I reference the most is “The weed isn’t making you lazy”.

Basically, I hate, deeply despise, and can’t stand when people blame cannabis for them being lazy. I know some of the most productive people who smoke daily. The classic folk who smoke all day, everyday, and run circles around those who don’t smoke cannabis at all. I am not saying that cannabis is some instant be productive drug, but I AM saying that cannabis isn’t an excuse to be lazy. You can smoke and be productive.

Admittedly, some people really don’t have it in them to smoke and be productive. I know plenty of people think they can be like me, and take a dab, then clean the whole house, but all they do is smoke and sit around watching T.V.

The difference is the people.

Weed is not making you lazy, you are making a choice to be lazy.

Some cannabis strains can make you feel more lethargic, more lazy, more couch locked. There is a reason Indica weed is called “in da couch”, after all, but, my answer to that has always been: the weed isn’t making you lazy, you want to be lazy, so smoke sativa and get off your ass.”

I stand by this still. There is no reason to be so lazy, to be so willing to let a simple plant be blame for your own short comings. One of my dear friends hustles harder than anyone I know, and smokes most of the day. In fact, most of my circle is incredibly high performing, but at least half of them smoke regularly.

I choose to be friends with people who inspire me to greatness. I chose to be friends with high performing people who have big dreams and choose to chase those dreams every day.

Half of that circle smokes cannabis, or ingests it in some form or another, but they do not let the simple plant slow them down, to stop them from chasing their goals.

The plant is not making you lazy, if you are lazy, cannabis is not the one causing it, you are.

And if you are the type of person who thinks they can smoke during the day, but find they don’t get things done, don’t have good brain power, or are making stupid mistakes, then maybe you aren’t the type of person who can ingest a substance and still perform in a peak manner. Some people can’t take ADHD medication and perform well, others can’t handle anxiety and depression medicines. I myself can’t take most prescription medication without issues, so I do therapy and cannabis use, the latter of which is very occasional lately.

Cannabis is not the problem. It may not work ideally for some people the way it does for others, the way certain medications, or even drinks like alcohol or caffeine may not work for everyone. But Cannabis is not to blame for your shortcomings.

If you aren’t performing at your best when you smoke cannabis, it isn’t the plant’s fault, it is yours for not knowing yourself well enough to not ingest it.

If you are lazy when you smoke, it is not cannabis’s fault. You are being lazy.

I know this sounds harsh, but it is one of those things I truly believe in, and I can’t stand when people blame a plant for their own shortcomings.

I hate when people blame the entire world for their own shortcomings. None of us are perfect, but damn, frequently a lot of our issues are simply that, our own issues.

Yes, some of us have a harder set of obstacles to overcome, but the world is full of examples of people who climbed harder obstacles, and of people who failed with less. It comes down to the person.

Not the obstacles. And not the plant.

So, here we are, a few years later, and I still firmly believe one of the earliest cannabis blogs I ever wrote. The weed isn’t making you lazy.

Anyways, if you enjoy cannabis, I hope you enjoy some, if not, I hope you still don’t let anything be an excuse to stop you from being your best self.

Thanks for reading!



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