Amy Needs A Shower, a short story.

(Short Story, enjoy. No “Daily Blog” today. This is the short story I wrote today that I mentioned on Twitter. Enjoy. @abbigrasso) “She is part fairy and doesn’t even know it.” Roxy said to Kiblah quietly, from the darkness of the backyard. Across the yard, a soft lavender purple glow came from a flower bed.Continue reading “Amy Needs A Shower, a short story.”

“Part of what”- Part Two

Part two of “Part of what”- an introduction to Molly on the island. This was originally longer, but I thought maybe I should trust my instincts on publishing smaller parts, because my part one is a 22 minute read. Click here if you haven’t read part one “Part of what“ Part two Molly sleptContinue reading ““Part of what”- Part Two”

Roxy gets a letter by a tree

My creative writing got attacked by a monster i need to destroy. Here is a short-short story about Roxy getting a letter. It answers no questions. – Roxy approached the tree slowly, terrified of what she may find. The clues had been scattered all through time, all through space, and she had been gathering theContinue reading “Roxy gets a letter by a tree”


Greetings everyone! As I have mentioned in MANY previous blogs, social media posts, and conversations, I have been working on a mixed multi media writing project near and dear to my heart, called: Flake City. This is a short story, an prologue to the action of Flake City. I reveal a lot of universe informationContinue reading “#DontForgetFlakeCity”