Daily Blog #217: So it has come to this…

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers. I have never been much of a mapper, when it comes to my storylines. I keep it all in my head with some notebooks dedicated to character development, but keeping much of the storyline fluid in my head. Do I think when write it down, it becomes a permanent thing? […]

Amy Needs A Shower, a short story.

(Short Story, enjoy. No “Daily Blog” today. This is the short story I wrote today that I mentioned on Twitter. Enjoy. @abbigrasso) “She is part fairy and doesn’t even know it.” Roxy said to Kiblah quietly, from the darkness of the backyard. Across the yard, a soft lavender purple glow came from a flower bed. […]

Part of what-

Another short story. For those wondering, yes, this is a very large story I am laying out to show you. Welcome. Part One: Part of what- Molly sipped on the generic soda she had purchased from the small gift shop near the piers, and turned the pages of the book she had decided to read […]

Roxy gets a letter by a tree

My creative writing got attacked by a monster i need to destroy. Here is a short-short story about Roxy getting a letter. It answers no questions. – Roxy approached the tree slowly, terrified of what she may find. The clues had been scattered all through time, all through space, and she had been gathering the […]