Daily Blog #16: “Productivity, universe building, and contentment from my content“

Just finished scheduling tomorrow’s blog, now I’m laying in bed watching a show I used to love on Hulu, called Better Off Ted. Bret and I are getting ready for bed, but I figured hey, why not get a post started? And this is me doing that. Anyways, I am going to go ahead andContinue reading “Daily Blog #16: “Productivity, universe building, and contentment from my content“”

Daily Blog #15 “Birthday cake is a great dessert too.”

Early afternoon  Starting typing this blog in the car on the way to Bret’s family’s home. Sipping on my cold brew- can’t figure out if it tastes bad because I just brushed my teeth before leaving or if I accidentally poured root beer into my  cold brew. Who knows. Imma drink it anyways. Ya girl is tired.Continue reading “Daily Blog #15 “Birthday cake is a great dessert too.””

Daily Blog #14 “The Mid-Week Friday”

Wednesday The internet is spotty at work, but I have unlimited data on my phone… Ironically, a perfect time to work on some Instagram content, take a picture or two, edit them, make some nice micro blog posts, link my blog in the caption…. But Instagram is down. Hah! Life is funny. I guess thatContinue reading “Daily Blog #14 “The Mid-Week Friday””

Daily Blog #13: “Enjoy the peace”

Tuesday Morning It’s a beautiful day, or at least, I am saying it is. It’s probably miserably hot and entirely too sunny; but let’s just say it’s a lovely day because we all woke up and got to keep doing this thing we all call life. Bret and I both hold #13 to be ourContinue reading “Daily Blog #13: “Enjoy the peace””

Daily Blog #12: “sincerity and reflections.”

Monday Morning It’s 7:15 in the morning, I’ve been awake for about 45 minutes, I’m sipping tea and reading Medium articles, with a favorite show playing for background noise. I’m reading an article about making money on Medium- it’s not a non unique article, but it isn’t the only one like it, either. It saysContinue reading “Daily Blog #12: “sincerity and reflections.””

Daily Blog #11 “I should start putting titles on these blogs”

Friday evening. Could have sworn I started this earlier in the day but then I realized I did not, I just thought about it. Sunday evening. Well, I took the weekend to get lost in horror movies and hanging out with Bret. We had a good time and enjoyed some much needed binging and qualityContinue reading “Daily Blog #11 “I should start putting titles on these blogs””

Daily Blog #9

Well, okay Tuesday, today was fairly Thursday of you. I mean….Just what a day! My goal is to get some rest tonight because not having at least 5 1/2-6 hours of sleep made everything harder. I drag pretty badly with less sleep but also have a lot of trouble getting up, which makes the restContinue reading “Daily Blog #9”

Daily Blog #8

Just finished writing blog #7 haven’t even posted it yet- but I wanted to continue the magic. Bret and I are playing some Left 4 Dead, spending an hour cleaning, playing another level, (hopefully) and then prepping for the week!! So, see you guys then. ___ Totally were able to play another level- we playedContinue reading “Daily Blog #8”

Daily Blog # 7

Well I opened this file yesterday but other than the header I didn’t bother writing anything. It’s Saturday, which I generally stay pretty low key and chill with, to rest, and then I get back to being productive on Sundays. This morning didn’t go at planned but I’m trying to get the afternoon and eveningContinue reading “Daily Blog # 7”