Daily Blog #14 “The Mid-Week Friday”


The internet is spotty at work, but I have unlimited data on my phone…

Ironically, a perfect time to work on some Instagram content, take a picture or two, edit them, make some nice micro blog posts, link my blog in the caption….

But Instagram is down. Hah! Life is funny. I guess that is more of my world trying to make me work on the blog, instead of social media.

I know in the world of trying to put out hundreds of pieces of content to build you personal brand, it is easy to lose sight of the main goal, but my problem seems to be more and more neglecting the other stuff. For example, I haven’t really allowed myself to miss a post on the blog, and I have my blog set to post a link to LinkedIn and Twitter automatically, but it has been over a WEEK since I last posted in Instagram.

I try to do one to three a day, and here I am, not adding for over a week. I wonder if this is maybe a good thing, however, as lots of people have been complaining about the new changes to the algorithm.

I don’t think it is actually changed to limiting reach, I think it has tightened to encourage people to actually interact and engage, not just treat it as a one day content creation road.

Which, you may know, I have been growing more and more annoyed with. Too many content creators are only interested in putting out content, not taking in content. I can’t believe I have to say this, but yes, believe it or not, content is a two way street.

You have to engage with others, not just expect others to take you in.

Come on.

I have a few content creators on my “I may have to unfollow you” list, because they refuse to engage with others. They want everyone to watch their videos, like, comment, subscribe. They want you to turn on notifications, like every post, comment, DM them, share with friends, tag your friends, tweet about them, share the post, don’t forget to email this link to any friends some how not on social media…..

But they won’t follow, comment, or even like, a single person’s post. Not their fans, not smaller accounts, not bigger accounts…They don’t “share the love.”

Ironically, these are the wannabe influencers who are always talking about having “some big stuff coming up” and “will be adding more when things get less busy” and a million other excuses as to why their content isn’t quality…or even consistent.

They are constantly “Fronting” for the gram, hell, they even have #blogger, #inflencer, #YouTuber and #Hustler in their bio’s, but when you click the link in the profile, you see maybe one or two posts, a couple of videos posted months apart, and a IG page full of text plates about working hard, short videos full of excuses, and a bunch of nonsense that equates to: They are talking about working, not working.

And they don’t bother to engage with others.

The short change themselves, because when you engage, you learn all about how to make it happen, you learn all about editing videos, skills to use so you don’t need to buy expensive equipment…

You also lose out on friends and supporters who will encourage you to get that post up, even when you are tired. I can’t tell you how often i don’t want to post something, and I think “Yo, Abbi, you can just get it up at some point, don’t worry about scheduling it” (Editing note- This will be funny at the the end of the blog) and then I think about the few daily readers I have, and the times they have told me they love the consistency, so I get up and do the damn thing, even if it is shorter. I make it happen. (Even if I have to do it the next morning at make myself late for other things, I do everything I can to make it happen, and make note of when I don’t to get better.)

Those amazing people I am engaging with, give me the strength.

Stop thinking that engaging with other content creators is taking up your time. I promise, it is a time bank. You are depositing time you will get back in them supporting you, encouraging you, when you need it most, when you don’t have the energy to create. Engaging with fellow creators keeps the creative well full.

Don’t let your well run dry.

*steps off of soap box she didn’t realize she had stepped on*

TL;DR- I don’t think IG is forcing no one to see your posts, I think you aren’t engaging with others. Try engaging with others, and maybe using the story feature, so people see you as a person, and not some weird wannabe influencer who is being so fake, you don’t want to engage at all. Engaging with others helps you grow and be better, so just stop being selfish, and participate in the two way street that is content creation/consumption. I keep gaining followers and having interactions and I haven’t posted a new post in a week.

I say all of this, because with Instagram down, I can’t post my content anyways, but it doesn’t change much for me. I am still able to take in some content and engage with people, and even when images weren’t showing up, captions were.

People should read captions more, said the writer, who posts long captions. *smirk*

Anyways, new topic.

It is Wednesday afternoon, and I think the day is trying to drag on, but I can’t be too bothered by it. Only a few more hours until I have some glorious time away from here to work on the apartment, the blog, and all the writing. The Poshmark store is also getting some attention this long weekend, in the hopes of getting some new listings up, and also some new content on the @TheDBAMeta Instagram page. This page is eventually going to be a place with more artistic content, but for now, it is a bit more for the Poshmark store, because we are trying to use Poshmark to help pay for and support our art.

I am over the moon excited about this upcoming weekend, I am even excited about the work I have scheduled. I always like when I take these productive breaks from work to get my life in order, it always helps me get my head on right, and even better, I get my shit together.

Wednesday Evening

Amber and Damon came over- had a super amazing time with them- honest to goodness there are some people in the world who make the world better and they are two of them.

Anyways- it’s nearly ten, Bret and I are relaxing, contemplating our evening – we are considering a scary movie but we are both super tired so who knows.

Thursday Morning

Well, Bret and I watched two episodes of a three part mini series called the Enfield Haunting, which was pretty good but when Bret started to doze off, we called it a night, and I did not schedule the blog for today, and, of course, I slept in.

Now, Bret’s family is having a celebration for his mother’s birthday and, presumably, also the holiday today. His Uncle is on his way to pick us up and save us on Uber fee’s, so I need to get ready, having spent no small amount of time reading this morning.

I will be mobile blogging on my phone, and I hope to get a bit of blogging done, as well as the projects I have mentioned, so, see you all then.


Daily Blog #13: “Enjoy the peace”

Tuesday Morning

It’s a beautiful day, or at least, I am saying it is. It’s probably miserably hot and entirely too sunny; but let’s just say it’s a lovely day because we all woke up and got to keep doing this thing we all call life.

Bret and I both hold #13 to be our lucky number so I wonder what this blog could hold.

Tuesday Evening

Probably nothing overly special, as it has been a fairly chill Tuesday.

The day was pretty calm and chill, the only major hiccup was the grocery shopping we had to do which was just tiring to say the least. All in all, however, the day was pretty great, albeit calm. I worked fairly diligently to try and get us sorted for the holiday time away from work, and I’m pleased with my labors last week and this week to ensure a peaceful time off. I can probably dick around most of tomorrow and still be fine, but I’ll probably work hard and leave early- I think Amber and Damon are coming over tomorrow, so it would be nice to have some time to get home and tidy up before they arrive… Which should be easy, because I worked hard.

The office was peaceful for entire chunks of the day too, which helped me do good work. I put on music, for parts of the day, and YouTube videos for the rest, and I got to work. In between work, I was able to share my closet on Poshmark, and do community shares, to help other people get sales too. I was able to write and work on the story for the radio station inside of Flake City, all while getting plenty done around the house, at my job, and even squeezing in a grocery trip.

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

Tomorrow, the office looks to be even more calm, peaceful, and chill. Then we all have several days away from the office to recharge and regroup.

I honestly am having no small amount of trouble with everything that is positive. Sometimes, it is hard to remember that life is actually meant to be pretty damn cool.

Life, as it turns out, is supposed to be pretty chill, and cool. Even when you are balancing a lot, when you are around good people, or in a good environment, you can excel.

Today, for giant chunks of the day, I only worked with

, I only worked with good people. The loud, lazy, bullies were out of the office, and while some of the good employees I love working with were also out, I did enjoy some peace and quiet. Some of the bad people found their way to the office for brief periods, but over all, my day was spent with only the really positive people in my work place…and it was seriously fucking awesome.

I wonder how great my work could be if we could mimic these conditions everyday? Regardless, in addition to the great energy in the office today, we had nice weather, over cast with a cool breeze, a miracle for July in Houston. Other people all seemed to also be having productive positive days, too.

Sure, it is a short week for many people, I get that, but it is pretty cool when lots of people have chill days.

Better yet, today was “Thursday” if tomorrow is “Friday” for the week, but it came so early in the week that the ole Thursday curse couldn’t really mess with any of us.

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

It was hard to enjoy the peace, when I am a bit of a paranoid person, but eventually, I was able to.

Of course, my left hand keeps cramping, so typing is pretty difficult, but alas, a good reminder to enjoy the peace while you have the peace.

Also my hand really hurts so, enjoy the peace, and have a great day.


Daily Blog #12: “sincerity and reflections.”

Monday Morning

It’s 7:15 in the morning, I’ve been awake for about 45 minutes, I’m sipping tea and reading Medium articles, with a favorite show playing for background noise.

I’m reading an article about making money on Medium- it’s not a non unique article, but it isn’t the only one like it, either. It says something I’ve read in the past. The writer is talking about starting their blog, and how their friends scoffed and such…and I realized I couldn’t relate.

I mean, I could. I’ve not started a blog in the past, and my friends judgement was definitely a reason in it.

But currently, all my friends are supportive.

Is this because my friends are all beautiful miracles who truly love and care about others? Well, yes, I do have some of the very best people in the world in my life.

But it is also because I don’t have many friends. I’ve spent more time than I should lamenting my lack of friends, wishing I had a larger circle, before realizing that the friends I had were spectacular.

I don’t have unsupportive friends anymore. I don’t have friends who mock me, friends who openly don’t want me to succeed. I no longer have friends who view me as a tool to help them, or a person to use.

I don’t have leeches who are only interested in what I can do for them. I no longer have friends who have values that really don’t line up with mine.

When you list it out, you realize the lack of friends is actually really awesome. The ones I do have are amazing. All are brilliant, kind hearted, tenacious, talented, scrupulous, beautiful souls.

The only “unsupportive” friends I had to deal with, I actually dealt with last week, and I will speak openly and frankly about them here.

Sometimes, you will blindly support your friends, and cheer them on, love them, wish for them, always be there for them, but it won’t be enough. Those friends are either not meant to be in your life right now, or maybe they never were at all. The important thing is to not be bummed.

They are supporting your blog, you, or your friendship. You are supporting them, which is cool, but that makes you a fan, not a friend.

I want to be friends with those I’m a fan of. Not a fan of those I’m friends with.

So, I started “unfollowing” some of these people, be it physically, or mentally. As some of you know, I’ve changed my number recently, and I’m using this time to only really give the people who try to contact me my number. Admittedly, some people I don’t text or speak with often got my number as soon as I got it, we were already involved in various conversations online, etc.

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

With my new number, I’m not really making efforts to have friends have my new number. It’s not a personal attack, but it does make things easier. I’ve been putting reminders up about my new number on various social media’s, and have informed my family. My mother has kept her same number, as my closer friends can still get a hold of her should they need to speak to me. It’s just a bit more freeing to only have to people who want to speak to me have my number. It helps show me the scape of my garden. Best of all, it has helped me get my head on better about having less “friends.”

I would be lying, if course if I said that some of those friends weren’t a bit sad. I miss some of them.

But I also want them to be happy, and well. Perhaps a better time exists for us to be friends, or, more likely, I’m a weirdo, and there is some nice, basic, regular not weird person who would make for a better friend for them. They need that kind of person.

And that’s really okay. Because I have my friends who are mind blowingly awesome, I have my partner, and of course, I have my blog.

The support of random people time and space brought into my life for a brief period of time really doesn’t matter when you have all that, huh?

Anyways- this is my brief tangent brought on from reading a

Medium blog that mentioned that sometimes friends aren’t supportive of our blogs and I realized all MY friends were super beyond supportive.

It’s now 7:35 and I need to get ready for work.


I wonder if I should start putting subtitles to my “Daily Blog #___” titles.

I probably should, as I’m not JUST doing day to day blog stuff.

Okay, really gotta get ready for work now.

Later Monday Morning

As if to prove my point more, my friend Robin, who I was lucky enough to meet when she joined our company, got me a lovely set of presents and made me want to cry a bit. Beautiful enamel pin that says Feminist AF and some homemade bath salts – lavender scented, my favorite.

I’m really blessed.

Monday Afternoon

I made an iced coffee and my boss is kindly grabbing me a sammich for lunch so I can save my pizza for tomorrow or tonight.

Bret and I have planned on Alfredo for dinner, maybe some pizza on the side- which helps us stay on point with our desires to not order out.

I’ve kicked ass at work and have handeled everything that came up, so now I’m taking a second to update the blog! Looks like we may get Friday and Saturday off of work, which I already have off, but if we do, I can submit payroll information on Wednesday, causally double check it on Sunday, from home, and take Monday off. I have a lot to get done this weekend, so having that much extra time would really help me get not only caught up, but ahead on various projects around the apartment and also in the creative world I live in.

Currently watching YouTube videos, catching up on my favorite YouTubers who posted videos recently. My YouTube likes are a little all over the place, with a healthy variety of creators. I watch Gary Vee, like everyone does, I also enjoy watching the daily vlogs of both Alisha Marie and Ashley Nicole. I enjoy watching go getter women like Erin on demand (Erin Winters) and Vanessa Lau. When I need a cheer up, I watch Mr. Beast. I also love to watch WoW Such Gaming, and Film Comics Explained. For cannabis content I watch Positive Smash 420 and The Growers Network. With all of these bits of guidance, I will ask people for new YouTubers to check out, and inevitably, I get a slew of YouTube and vlog content I can’t stand.

If you happen to have a channel, one that falls into literally ANY of these random categories, please tell me, so I can check you out. If you don’t, well, you will probably tell me to check you out and I will probably do so anyways, but still, try to at least suggest someone other than JUST yourself.

Early Monday Evening

So as I was getting ready to leave work my dear friend Amber was like “hey you busy” and I was like “what’s busy you are my friend so who cares” and she and her husband Damon came over. I was so freaking happy to see them and it was awesome! We made plans to see them again this week- super hoping we are able to- because we love seeing them.

And that is what I meant earlier – now that I have removed the friends who really don’t want to be in my life, or they removed themselves, I am able to have to energy to say “uh of course I’m free” even when I have lots to do. Because I have the energy to dedicate to people who are awesome, who are positive, encouraging, and walking in a positive life in general. So, we were all able to hang for a little bit, and then I dove into getting some work done. I got most of the cleaning done and I am about to drag out to bike- but I wanted to try and get some of the blog down- in an effort to find that whole “balance” thing. I sill have a couple things I want to clean – but why mop a floor when you are about to drag your stationary bike across it to try and hit ten miles real quick?

So, now it’s right at 8:30 and I have my work out, actual dinner (had a slice of left over pizza- that may be dinner if I get too busy), and finishing up the blog. I also want to work on some content for tomorrow- I haven’t posted on my Instagram in over a week so I need to at least do a pin of the day post with the amazing post Robin got me today. With me trying to actually do my job well and still update my social media every once and a while- I try to schedule and prep my posts as much as possible. For example, I will try and write out my captions for pictures on Instagram ahead of time, or at least have a note or two saved on what I want to say. For my blogs, I schedule them the night before so I don’t do frazzled trying to get ready for work and also getting a blog post up.

So, I need to prep content, on top of everything, and my phone needs to charge, so I’m going to go charge my phone and try and get some stuff done – more later when we see how much I was able to get done.

Mid workout Monday Evening

I am sure plenty of workout fitness people will talk about the greatness of the the runners high, or the naturally occurring high that happens when working out. I like it because it’s how our bodies can fill our cannabinoid receptors. Filling your cannabinoid receptors and also getting that awesome work out high, is fucking awesome.

I’ve never liked working out, but lemme tell ya, this is awesome. I only wish I had wax to do a nice wax dab instead of what I call flower dabs, or gravities. The gravity is awesome, and anyone who knows me and has been around me, knows I love my gravity bong, but I do like taking a big ole dab and then jumping on the bike, instead I had to spend a few extra minutes taking a few gravities.

Twas worth the extra effort, mind you, because this is a superior way to work out and it really does help me breathe; with the natural elements that occur in cannabis that help the lungs expansion and is a bronchodilator, meaning it helps with the expansion of your lungs.

Cannabis as a breathing treatment, anyone?

Either way, it’s getting my lazy ass to work out, so…shove off everyone that says cannabis makes you lazy.

It doesn’t. You just wanna be lazy.

Anyways- time to kick it up on the stationary bike, which means setting the phone down and jamming out to playlist so- be back later

After the work out

Back to it. Well I managed to hit a solid ten miles, then grabbed a quick shower. Bret needed a face mask and I could use one too, so we are masking right now, and I’m grabbing a free second to blog. The working out felt great, and I’m glad I did it. I haven’t had time to make a proper dinner so I’m gonna probably have a toasted turkey sammich, since I allow myself meat some days, and turkey before bed with milk always helps me sleep better.

But first, I need to do this mask, then finish getting ready for bed. Bret’s mask is a longer 15-20 minute mask, mine is a quick three, so I’m gonna try and get some more stuff done. In the meantime I need to rinse this off because this has been more than three minutes. More so when I was on twitter for a second before jumping over and opening the blog file on my mobile blogging app.

Okay, gonna go rinse my face, and then probably make my awesome night time sammich and get ready for bed.

In summation: Monday Evening, just before bed.

So, it was a very productive day, and shockingly, I was able to get nearly everything I wanted to get done, and I was able to hang with friends. All of this is only possible because of the choices I made to make sure I was making myself available for the right friends. Having a few, quality friends, means you get to have amazing friends who never really let you down in fundamental ways. You never had friends who don’t support you in your blogging, like so many writers have, if you are lucky.

I, as it turns out, am very lucky.

I am getting better at balancing all my obligations, and better yet, I am getting better at giving the right people, who have the right kind of mindset and attitude, more and more attention, and cutting out those who aren’t supportive. None of us need to be around toxic people, and we all deserve to be happy. You may be toxic to them, if they are toxic to you, so you should always be willing to part ways for the sake of everyone involved. The goal is to be happy. I am blissfully happy and incredibly blessed to have the friends I have.

Anyways, this has been a usual Daily Blog, with a random fun rant about how awesome my friends are, and how having a few quality friends is a great way to ensure you never have to search Medium in search of articles to cope with friends not supporting your writing career.

Sometimes you can get lucky enough to stumble on one of these and find the idea of unsupportive friends shocking. Writer goals, am I right?


Daily Blog #11 “I should start putting titles on these blogs”

Friday evening.

Could have sworn I started this earlier in the day but then I realized I did not, I just thought about it.

Sunday evening.

Well, I took the weekend to get lost in horror movies and hanging out with Bret. We had a good time and enjoyed some much needed binging and quality time.

Today, I’ve spent some time to catch up on that time spent binging, by cleaning up, and by working on some other writing, but I haven’t blogged so- I’m blogging!

Tomorrow is the first of the new month and also a Monday. I love when days fall like that because it really enhances the new-ness feeling of starting something.

Last week I had some shortcomings, but also some victories, and I am working on learning from all of that. I was able to start working out again but I didn’t do it everyday. It may have been ambitious to try for everyday as well, because the writing and cleaning around the apartment took a hit with me trying to work out.

Outside influences also messed up half of my time, which made me start evaluating my time and the people who waste it. I have a whole separate lesson I am working on that I may end up posting here once I am more comfortable with my findings, but last week I learned a lot of people will waste your time.

Worse, they will destroy it entirely. So, this week, I am working on some tools to not lose my time, as much, as I did last week. Last week I lost time in the morning, from reading for too long when I should have been getting ready, and h not accounting for time needed to prep by packed lunch and breakfast on the go.

I lost time with smoking, because I really need to be dabbing in the morning to make up time. I’m working on this one.

We ordered out more than intended to try and make up for lost time with work keeping us later than usual, and both Bret and myself having a full load of work. We need to make sure the kitchen is clean when we get home, to make actually cooking when tired from work a possibility. I need to probably make a plan for food in my bullet journal, same as the cleaning, to at least force myself to make sure key parts of the week are handled.

Of course, our kitchen sink is leaking, and neither Bret nor myself is off work enough to get it fixed with maintenance people. This sink leak is making washing dishes even trickier, but it does force me to keep the kitchen floor clean, as water is dripping.

I’m taking time off this week, hoping to either get someone in to fix the sink or fix it myself as I am fairly handy.

I’m working on some things I’m not prepared to talk about yet, but those are taking up a lot of time and also require a degree of organization around the apartment, even if we are going to move soonish, so I plan on using my upcoming four day weekend to really prep for the following week but also to get the apartment in shape for summer and hopefully patched up where it’s broken.

Anyways- lots going on in my life, and I still haven’t gotten a chance to hit the bike or even do yoga so, I think I shall wrap this up and try and write some more later!

Well, I’m pretty wiped out tired, but I know I need to probably get tomorrow’s blog scheduled, so I’m going to go ahead and copy/paste this file to my wordpress and then maybe blog a little before bed on my laptop to finish this of and then schedule it for tomorrow morning.

Well, I am as ready for bed as I will be, today, and I am reasonably ready for tomorrow. The cool thing I am finding about tomorrow is we all not only get a “fresh start Monday” but we get the fresh start of the new month. For me, however, I also get the added bonus of having a short week, so even if I don’t get the best “attack” on tomorrow, I have a fairly chill week from all my work last week, and a short one at that.

My goals for the week are to stay on top of the cleaning, but also on top of working out. I also want to do some deep cleaning and organization projects around the apartment and some major writing done on a few different projects.

So, that is my Sunday update. A fairly mundane blog today, by the time this is posted, it will be Monday morning. I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday morning and an even better July. This month is my mothers birthday, my parents annuiversary, Harry Potters birthday, Bret’s mother’s birthday, and plenty more too. We are now half way through the year, so let us all use this time to reflect, think about where we are, and where we are going. I myself will be considering these things tomorrow, and much of tomorrow’s blog will probably center around that. I hope you join me in this time of reflection and planning ahead as we all work towards finishing our goals in the coming months.

Happy Monday, Happy New Month, Happy Rabbit Rabbit day!


P.S.- Rabbit Rabbit Day is a hold over from my childhood. Nickelodeon had it as a thing. Let me know if you remember it, or if you go into my old blogs and find it.

Daily Blog #10 (holy crap 10!)

Ten Daily Blogs in! How fun is that!?

So this morning has been terrible, and it’s the kind of morning that has you googling “how to avoid mental break downs” so, let’s BLOG!

I am beyond frustrated with most parts of my job, my entire apartment, and plenty other things I’m very annoyed with that I don’t want to put on a public blog just yet.

I need some time off- but if my apartment is driving me nuts how will I even enjoy it?! I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg going somewhere because I am trying to save money. Frustrations are everywhere.

So I am trying to think of how to sort out any of those problems. And ignore any assholes who try and mess with my day.

The zombies are STRONG today, ladies and gentlemen.

I’ve tweeted about the different kind of zombies, today I am getting overtaken by common infected and a few key special zombies. Like zombies that don’t bite you but they trip, drag, or pull you into a horde of zombies while also calling up all his little buddies to come fuck with you.

After you fought through the zombies and get to a safe room, you find a zombie inside, so before it’s safe, you have to take care of the zombie that caught you by surprise while you were checking for wounds, thinking you were safe.

Zombies, ladies and gentlemen, are everywhere. This week has had no small amount of zombies to deal with and I think I may have to play Left 4 Dead tonight to make up for the evil zombies I’ve dealt with.

So, back to the topic of getting my apartment more bearable so a vacation at home, as well as everyday living, is easier and less stressful.

IKEA has a sale on right now, and I know what our biggest problems in the apartment are so…if I can fix those problems it won’t be so bad….I have some paint, I have cleaning supplies- and IKEA is known for having solutions for small, old, dimly lit apartments with no windows, no natural light, an a myriad of other small, old apartment problems.

So, I think I will spend some time today searching for some lights and shelving that may help- if IKEA has them on a cheap enough sale maybe I can buy a few items and spend my three day weekend getting the apartment sorted, whenever I take that three day weekend, and then I can take a staycation, and try and restore my tattered, frayed nerves.

It’s at least a working plan that has positive goals, so I’m running with it.

I’m also running from zombies, so stay vigilant, don’t let the zombies get you down.


Well, today keeps trying it but I have now had two positive interactions with strangers versus the many, many, negative ones, so I am focusing on those good two.

I’m incredibly hungry, did not get to pack any food or snacks or make breakfast Bc we need to go grocery shopping.

I am in a little IG group and one of the people got some CBD oil, but mentioning seeing full spectrum oil as well so I think I will be working on the next part in my cannabinoids and you series, as the next section is meant to discuss exactly what full spectrum means.

Additionally, I have been working on my creative writing, and I am in the middle of another Flake City story. For this one, I am laying some Easter eggs for later, as well as giving context to some of the main series stuff that I am in the middle of. In the main Flake City story, I am in the middle of some pretty core stuff, all of which is pretty crucial for the overall plot, which organically lets me get more people’s small stories told as well. This short story involves Damien, Roxy, and Tomi, and takes place in the private airport of Flake City. Tomi may have her own little short story, and in this one, Damien sees someone from the Radio Station, which as I have mentioned, leads into what I’m hoping will be a podcast. Mixed media is my jam, and I love that it is 2019 so I can finally work on telling this story across the mediums.

Anyways- I need to get back to work- so I’ll be back later!


Wow nearly 24 hours since my last update. No, no video games.

I’ve been having a pretty groovy Thursday but people have been trying me today. Bret has also had a bad day so I will probably try and play some video games. I didn’t get to bike yesterday because of the grocery shopping trip that went sideways, and left me stranded at the store for a minute with the groceries, but- I plan on trying to again tonight before we play video games. I know I should try and work some yoga in too and I will try but I know that Bret and I could use some quality time where we don’t feel rushed or pressured.

I brought stuff for iced coffee today, thanks to my grocery trip yesterday and that has helped! I was also able to make one of my favorite breakfasts – bagel, cream cheese, egg sammich. This, plus my awesome Sour Diesel vape pen has helped me keep a positive attitude all day despite people trying me.

And my good attitude was rewarded with finding out we would have the Fourth of July off of work! Now that day I wanted to take off can be after that and get a hella long weekend or…Hrm Iuno but I’m excited about at least one day if not two or three away from here.


So now I am waiting on Bret, at work, so we can leave and head home- much later than we intended to leave, and way later than I intended. I don’t know if we will have time for everything on the agenda tonight without making some compromises.

In order to work out, tidy the apartment, do our respective writing, as well as content creation, cook and eat dinner, and also have time to play some video games together, we needed to leave work on time. When you add us wanting to go get some pants at the store, it gets more creative on the time crunch. I’m not sure what the answer is for that just yet, so I figured I would go ahead and start blogging on my phone, to make that part of the night faster. I still have a ton of writing to do on some stuff, but I did post the final part of the first of of “Part of what is to come” called “Part of what” to the blog today, and from that I have a few more stories to work on. Inside of Flake City we have no small amount of stories being told, and I have some fun ones in the works.

So, all in all, today was NOT a bad Thursday!

Photo by Abdiel Ibarra Via Unsplash

Roxy, the Narrator, looked the reader of Abbi’s Blog dead in the eyes and said, “But time, was not done playing Thursday games, on our dear writer.”

So, everything was going fairly well, but as you could probably tell from my last entry, time was hardly done fucking me. We had our evening go sideways, so little to nothing was accomplished, which is a bummer, but today is Friday, I will have short week next week, and I want to focus on the positives. Yes, i need more time every day, but I am making pretty great use of my time, so I should focus on that victory, continue to analyze my losses, and grow from them. I know mostly where yesterday went wrong, and it was out of my control, i could have gotten some stuff done, but it would have probably been fairly unproductive and reductive.

Don’t pity me, or say, “oh no, poor Abbi took another L on a Thursday.”

No, don’t because I can learn and grow from it. I am hardly the first person to suggest growing from losses, and I probably won’t be the first or last to say “don’t beat yourself up over losses.”

Because they aren’t losses. I didn’t get to bike, I will tonight, and I will have the time, because it is Friday, to go 20 miles if I want to. I will find a way to spend a few proper hours gaming, instead of failing to squeeze in an hour.

I am getting the blog up, and most people sleep in on Friday and start reading blogs later. Some of my best reader statistic days are on days I posted later in the day.

So I didn’t really lose on my blog either. I got to finish up this part on the computer, and it was super fast, without using my small phone screen.

All I did was learn and keep trying on a Thursday. So don’t pity me for losing, because I really don’t think I lost at all.

After all, I made it to Friday, didn’t ? Didn’t you?

We all did. So let’s go into the weekend strong, and keep kicking ass.

Happy Friday!





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P.S. Special shout out to my iced coffee. Thank’s for having my back. Let’s keep crushing summer. Also to anyone who read this far. Comment so I know who you are, and I can get all meta in the next blog and thank you specifically.

Part of what- part three (final)

If you have not read parts one and two of Molly’s time on the island, I have linked them here and here, respectively. Additionally, at the end of this, you may want to read #DontForgetFlakeCity. If you are a loyal reader of the blog, then you have already read this, and you should just take this moment to say, “hey, wow Abbi, you really are getting better at this whole blogging thing, look at you, linking things, correctly, at the start of the post…” And to you people, I say “thank you, you give me life.” I hope you enjoy this final part of the first half of the story of Molly on the island.


The next morning, the storm finally broke, and the sun began to warm the small island once more. Molly added logs to the fire and urged the coals back to life, before leaving the shelter and surveying the island. Molly was not prepared for what she saw.

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

            All around the island, small pieces of beach glass had been deposited all along the sand. Many larger shards were a beautiful purple glass. Molly picked up a few of the larger flat pieces that were so stunning, before spotting a small black trunk on the sand. The trunk was a sturdy military grade plastic, the kind that kept contents water proof. This was labeled “MOLLE” And Molly knew this to be a great brand of gear.

            Molly dragged the trunk up to her shelter and opened the latches to reveal the contents inside. On top, a small note, folded over, signed with Roxy’s usual signature.

            “I will get to you, somehow. This place is not normal. Magic? Here are supplies. Viva la vacation!


            Molly set the small note aside, wishing Roxy had clarified anything else, and looked into the contents of the trunk. A small camping cook set, including a large pot Molly could purify water in. A bed roll, with a sleeping bag, and an extra blanket and pillow. A small toiletry set, and a small cleaning set for cleaning her cookware. Molly dug through the trunk and found tarps, as well as a small tent, which she set aside. She found dehydrated meals and dry snacks. A few canned goods, some bottles of water, water purification tablets, a small survival handbook, and some clothing. Molly smiled, grateful that Roxy had packed a nice trunk like this.

Molly, after assessing her inventory, got to work. First, Molly unpacked a couple of the tarps, and removed the rain cover from the tent packaging. Molly never cared for commercial tents, but did like to utilize the materials that came from a small tent, including a rain cover, which could help water proof and protect the shelter, or could also be used to make an awning in front of her shelter, extending the space. The tent itself could also be used in the same way, and the poles could be used for not only helping with the structure, but also for traps or fishing polls. Molly didn’t normally eat meat, except for fish, but she had yet to bring up the courage to try and eat fish from the ocean, it didn’t seem right to eat fish from the ocean when she had been brought to this magical island by a dolphin.

Molly worked quickly, using the wind and rain cover from the tent to help reinforce the shelter, tying the ties off to the stakes and digging them deep into the ground, Molly then grabbed a large rock and pushed/carried the rocks to each of the stakes to keep them in the ground. Molly used Para cord and tarps to reinforce the shelter further, after removing any damaged parts of her roof and walls, and replacing them with new branches.

Molly kept a close eye on the sun and the sky, wanting to gather more wood and fruit before the night fell once more, but also wanting her shelter protected against any elements that may come. The weather had not warmed up as much as Molly had thought it would with the sun, and that made her have a deep sense of mistrust in regards to the weather.

With the shelter patched up, Molly turned her attention to her sleeping area, which she added branches to get it off the ground, and lashed them together with some rope from the trunk, before placing the bed roll and sleeping bag on top of the sleeping rack, which was now nearly the height of a small cot.

            Molly turned her attention to gathering supplies from the island, and began gathering up fruits and wood for the fire. The storm the night before had left much wood on the beach and tree line, and Molly used a tarp to pile up logs to carry back larger piles of wood for her fire. The wood supplies had dwindled pretty low, and with the lower temperature, Molly needed the fire running hot. After amassing a larger pile of wood, and adding some to her fire, Molly began gathering up food. Molly had spotted more coconuts and pineapple than she had previously, so she gathered a large supply of the tropical fruits up with the oranges before exploring the tree branches themselves which all seemed to drip with ripe fruits. Apples, grapes, blueberries, and strawberries all greeted Molly, as did kiwi, raspberries, and more lychees.

Photo by Yang Jing on Unsplash

            Molly was worn out from working so fast, so she sat down next to the trunk in her shelter and sorted the food that had been sent, helping herself to the cashews while she did so, washing down the salty, buttery nut with fruits and berries. Molly had a decent assortment of food, as well as a cooking set to cook up some of the foods. Molly opened the food kit, and inside found the tools needed to set up a steam distiller to purify salt water, and Molly got to work setting that up. After an hour or so, Molly had the fire going evenly, and a container of salt water slowly being distilled into drinking water, and was off to gather more wood to keep the fire going at the temperature.

            The sun was starting it’s trek back down, and the ocean was alive with the sounds of the sea creatures. Molly wanted so much to rest, make up one of the dehydrated meals that had been sent to her, and enjoy the island, but she knew she should finish securing the shelter and purifying water before settling in for the evening. Molly hadn’t seen another plane fly over yet, but she had enough food to be good for a while, and, recalling her opinions on camping gear the day previously, Molly felt she would be quite rude to not accept how much better her situation was. 

             Molly finished securing her food, and stacking all the gathered wood for the fire. Molly added a few logs to the fire before double checking the shelters modifications she had made with the tent parts and the tarps from the trunk.

            With the camp sorted, Molly checked out the clothing that had been sent in the trunk, and removed a pair of light linen pants that could double as sleep pants and a loose light tee shirt. Molly washed off in the ocean water, using a bit of the soap from the toiletries kit, her usual eco-friendly brand, lavender scented soaps, in fact, all of the products were her usual products, the benefit of having a best friend who always got you exactly what you wanted or needed, specifically. Molly finished washing off in the ocean, not worrying about the soap she left in the water due to the natural qualities of the soap, and returned to the camp to dress in the clothing from the trunk, grateful for a clean change of clothes. Molly brushed out her hair and braided it neatly, before sitting on a log by the fire, looking out of her shelter toward the ocean.

            “This is nice.” Molly said, sipping some of her rain water from the night previously. The camping equipment had made all the difference in the world for Molly, more so when she had a container of water from her distillation process of purifying ocean water. Molly filled up her empty bottle with the distilled water once it had cooled enough, and set another pot of water up to distill while she munched on some of the lychee fruit, and assorted berries she had gathered, while she listened to the whales and dolphins sing, and watched the waves of the ocean all around her.

            Molly watched the sunset, enjoying the beautiful colors as they shot across the sky, and when darkness set in on the island, Molly used a bit of water and one of the cooking pans from the camp cooking set, to rehydrate and cook up some of the dehydrated vegetarian chili. Molli was grateful for the selection of food, more so when it contained several batches of her favorite back pack friendly camping meals, including this chili, which was full of tomatoes and beans, loaded with a warm spice, that always left Molly feeling content.

            A full belly later, Molly cleaned up, and settled in with her book, this time opting to read over her survival manual. Molly, while eager to survive, did find herself wanting to read another chapter of the fiction book she had been reading, so after reading a few important chapters in the survival book, Molly treated herself to one more chapter of the fiction book before turning in for bed.

            Molly placed a few more logs on the fire, and snuggled into the sleeping bag. Molly was blown away by how much more comfortable her sleeping arrangements were, and having finally eaten a meal with substantial protein, and drank enough water to be semi hydrated, Molly fell into a deep, peaceful, sleep.

Photo by Lukas Robertson on Unsplash


            Molly woke the next morning, deeply unsure of what time it was, and groggily trying to remember dreams she had been having before something woke her. Molly remembered a whale, and she was underwater, but not like the nightmares she had suffered from before.

            Molly exited her little shelter and eyed the sky, wondering what time it was. The sky was dim, the clouds dark and ominous. The wind wasn’t blowing strong yet, but a few gusts and strong waves told Molly that she would be experiencing a proper storm in a short time.

            Grabbing her bag, Molly eyed her wood stack and realized she would probably need more. The weather had dropped once again on this odd island, the oncoming storm would drop the temperature further. Molly quickly made her way to the small group of trees, wondering, as she had been, what the area under the trees would hold. Sometimes, it held an impossible amount of wood for fires, other times, fruit. The island seemed to be manifesting whatever she needed most, and Molly was grateful to find that this time was no exception.

            Molly used some rope, a tarp, and her bag, to quickly gather wood and fruits. The ground was littered with fruits, and while gathering wood, Molly had found no small amount of berries, this time with a fun collection of herbs. Molly identified chamomile, lavender, mint, and lemon balm, all of which she gladly gathered up. Molly had stacked a large pile of wood and had a bag heavy with fruits, all of which would be impossible to grow together in the few tree’s on this small island, and made her way back to the shelter. In the short time that Molly had been gathering, the wind had picked up, and the temperature dropped. Molly deposited her fruit into the trunk, added some logs to the fire, and returned outside. Molly grabbed some more wood, and also found some large leaves, so she opted to use the time before the storm arrived fortifying her shelter a bit more.

            Molly had been working hard at waterproofing the roof and walls of the shelter, but she felt it wouldn’t be a bad thing to add more leaves to the outside layers. Molly made sure to leave a ventilation hole for the smoke in her fire, and added branches to the front of the structure to finish forming the last wall. Molly had been dreaming up better shelter designs, with the intent of gathering supplies and searching for a different camp ground, before the signs of the storm had derailed her plans.

            Molly didn’t have much time, however, for before long, the roar of wind become nearly overwhelming, and rain began to fall. Molly quickly finished tying off the leaves she had been adding to weather proofing, and returned into the shelter.

            As the storm hit the island, Molly’s stomach growled, clearly hungry from the many days of survival efforts, Molly decided it wouldn’t be the worst thing to spend the day gathering whatever water she could in her pots and cups, and rehydrating while also replenishing the lost calories.

            Molly first gathered a bunch of rain water, boiled it all to purify it, and then poured it carefully into one of her water bottles. When she had finished, Molly took the remaining water, and boiled a bunch of mint and lemon balm to make a cup of tea to sip on while she made some breakfast.

Photo by Nicolas Jossi on Unsplash

            Molly had spotted some oatmeal in the care package that arrived, but she also had a plethora of fruit with no idea how the first care package got there, much less when the next would come, so she tossed a bunch of berries into the pot with some of the juices, and made a warm berry medley over the fire for breakfast, topping it with couple handfuls of nuts she had been munching on. The storm raged, stronger than it had the night before, and as Molly enjoyed her feasting, she wondered if it would rage all night again. The day passed slowly, with just the storm, raging on and on, in massive waves, leaving Molly terrified.

            Miraculously, the island hadn’t flooded, though Molly stayed worried, concerned about the amount of rain falling from the sky. Molly huddled in her shelter as hours passed, and still, the rain fell.

            Molly had drifted off into a nap when the roar of the storm, the loud thundering, all stopped. A large, horrifying clap of thunder went off, and with it, Molly shot awake. The island fell silent. Molly got up from her spot and slowly exited her shelter.

            “Am I in the eye of the storm?” Molly asked, looking all around. The air seemed to glow, first a weird blue, then a purple color. The air itself seemed purple, and the pressure in the air made everything sound like some sort of dream.

            Molly stepped further outside, and spotted a small motorboat. In it, her best friend with a skinny, dark haired boy.

            “Holy shit! ROXY!” Molly yelled.

            Roxy turned, and waved to her friend, and returned to the boat. Before Molly’s eyes, the boat turned to a biplane, and powered up.

“ROXY!” Molly screamed. “Surely she isn’t leaving me. Surely she isn’t LEAVING ME!” Molly thought desperately as she watched her friend depart.

            Roxy’s eyes met her friends, and Molly recognized her. Molly stopped and watched, dumbfounded, as her best friend took off away from the island, her biplane took off, turning into her usual plane as it began to climb the skies.

            Molly stood, shocked, and finally looked to the new person on her island.

            “That was Roxy…from years ago.” Molly said, turning to the strange boy. “So who are you? And when?” Demanded Molly.

            The boy pushed his black hair from his forehead. “Hi, yes. I am Gordo, from about, uhh, I think two months in your present’s future? I just left Flake City, a few days ago, which will mean more to you in a month or so.”

            Molly breathed deeply, processing these thoughts. “The storm will be back soon.” Molly finally said, approaching Gordo. Molly picked up one half of the trunk Gordo had been dumped with, and Gordo picked up the other half.

            “She said you would handle all the time travel, pretty easily…” Gordo stammered as they walked towards the shelter.

            “And how did she think I would take being left on the island?”

            “Better after I explained everything.”

            “Do you think I am going to trust you? Roxy, I would have trusted.”

            “I know.” Gordo said with a sigh.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

            “The storm is bad. We need to get you settled.” Molly said with a sigh. “Roxy wouldn’t have left you, or me, if it wasn’t needed. And that Roxy, the one you were with, she’s got a bunch going on so…Iuno. I guess…Welcome to the island.” Molly said finally, gesturing with her free hand. Molly led the two of them into the shelter, and the storm began to converge back onto the island.

            The rain began to fall and in the ocean, the ancient whale and Blue the dolphin swam near the island, communicating with the others. Someone had found a way to the island, but the kind one stayed.

This was all a part of what was to come.





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Daily Blog #9

Well, okay Tuesday, today was fairly Thursday of you. I mean….Just what a day!

My goal is to get some rest tonight because not having at least 5 1/2-6 hours of sleep made everything harder. I drag pretty badly with less sleep but also have a lot of trouble getting up, which makes the rest of the day go even more sideways.

Jerks don’t help either, mind you. Like a freakin’ zombie apocalypse up in here. An entire day where I tried to not let the zombies get me down.

Some days you have nothing wanting to go right and whilst that is going on, you have the entire world to deal with. Think broken office supplies, uncooperative kettles, little things like that, but then add bigger things to it, plus the outside world. Even now, my keyboard fights me as I try to edit this blog.

So, today was tricky, to say the least, but I did take certain measures to at least not be a toxic force in the world, or become some sort of zombie. I left work early, afraid I would fester, and I came home to sort out some things. I biked ten miles on the stationary bike and just had dinner with Bret, now I’m watching a smidge of TV (AP Bio season one because we got the NBC app) then I’ll probably hop back on the bike and work on some ideas. I’m sitting on some creative writing before hitting post to make sure that is how I want to have certain things.

I also have been using my work out time to think, clear my head- and sort out plot points and story lines-

And sometimes, like right now, I can be logging miles while biking and also writing on the blog. Admittedly, I don’t think I will be hitting 20 or more like yesterday, but I do think I may do one or two more before I do a little light yoga and call it a night. I have a fair amount to still take care of this evening and don’t want to have my creative projects get delayed much more for working out.

Balance is key, or something.

Managed to hit 13.4 total miles- ultimately I could go for longer but I have other things to do, like I mentioned.


So, all in all my efforts to not get into a bad mood and let this day bother me was successful. I’ve done a face mask now and I am inching towards bed so I can get some proper sleep tonight. I am planning on scheduling a creative writing piece for tomorrow, so the next daily blog may be a day or two from now, so it may be a long one. This helps me not feel too bad for this blog being quite short…more so when we all know how long some of those Molly on the island pieces can get.

Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash

Tomorrow, or today, when this is posted, is Wednesday and I hope we all get up and crush it. I hope we all hump hump day, and don’t get humped by it. Remember: you are enough, you matter, and, every bad day eventually ends.

And every great day begins.

So let yesterday be the bad day, and today be the start of a great day!!





@AbbiGrasso on all social media I have an account on. Let’s connect. My Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, and Twitter are all eager to meet you.

Daily Blog #8

Just finished writing blog #7 haven’t even posted it yet- but I wanted to continue the magic.

Bret and I are playing some Left 4 Dead, spending an hour cleaning, playing another level, (hopefully) and then prepping for the week!! So, see you guys then.


Totally were able to play another level- we played the campaign “Hard Rain” while it poured rain on the city, but now it’s the next day. –


Today I learned that TGIM is a thing- Thank God(Goodness) It’s Monday!

What a great positive energy to have for a day! I love it! I think I’m gonna add a “TGIM” blog to my list of blogs to write this week for next- I think TGIM is a perfect way for us to all seize next Monday. Today I have been working hard to seize the Monday and make for a super fun, awesome day.

My goal, if you recall is to actually work out this evening- the goal is some light yoga and cardio on my stationary bike. I would also like to play video games with Bret, and maybe get some more writing done, but to prepare for this goal I am working on some writing between phone calls at work. (Edit: literally got no writing done at work- which sucks but I also kicked works ass, which does not suck at all.)

My goal is to take Friday or Monday off to get a long weekend, but with the end of the month coming I have to get a lot done to make that happen, so it’s going to be a big lesson in productivity today!

(Edit: I’m not sure which, maybe next Friday instead because it’s after the fourth of the July and we have friends who want to hang out and Bret’s moms birthday is on the fourth so I would like to do something for her so stay tuned to see what I do)

I am also researching if I could include video entries inside the blog so I could say “hey I’m gonna get some work done” and put a time lapse video below, then pick up writing after that. I think I can if I upgrade my blogsite to the next tier, which I am considering anyways.

Always trying to grow, right? More so when you are trying to create a new mix media type of art, that is immersed in real life, to really create a Meta universe.

Anyways- I’m gonna try and get some work done- it’s a rainy day with lots going on in the office and a large to-do list – let’s do this!!


*this is where a time lapse video could go**


Guess. What. I’m. Doing?!?

If you guessed smoking weed and playing video games…




I am, if you can believe it, working out! That’s right! I am literally on my stationary bike right now, about ten minutes in or so, working up a proper sweat, and I am ALSO blogging because of my mobile set up to do my daily blogs! Amazing.

TGIM indeed!!

And all this working out has possibly led to some inspired thinking about my blog, as well as some great writing, so, as sweat LITERALLY falls from my forehead like some kind of athlete, I’m gonna go, and think of some stuff. But I’ll be back, TGIM.

Over 20 miles.

Still biking, only slow to cool down a bit because I probably won’t do a full yoga sesh now, so…. I’ll let y’all know final numbers.

It feels good, sure, but wish I had some wax to dab first- as a few stoners I follow have used dabs to enhance the workout- to be honest, even though I would rather have a full spectrum THC heavy wax for that, even a CBD heavy one with no THC would be helpful- when you get to pushing cardio for a while you can feel how much it would help expand the lungs even more, being a bronchial dilator.

Haha y’all thought I wouldn’t sneak some cannabis knowledge into these daily blogs? Joke is on you, my friend, I will always drop cannabis knowledge if I can, because knowledge is power and I want us all to be our most powerful selves

Alright I’m going to go stretch and make some dinner, it’s 22.28 miles and 7:38 PM.


Well, I made dinner, Bret did dishes, I even did YOGA! Goal met! Of course, now it is long after midnight. I’m definitely tired but I’m very proud of myself! I definitely think I will be doing a post about TGIM next Monday so keep an eye out for that.

Today was an awesome exercise in being my best self and thinking positively as well as forcing myself a little bit. I’m hoping I can keep this energy up because if I do- oooh that would be amazing!

Anyways- I gotta go to bed because it’s late and I still have to edit and schedule this post- but I just want to say that if I could manage to have this awesome of a Monday you can do whatever big task you have been struggling with- and no struggle is too small, don’t think your problems don’t matter. We have enough of that mentality in this world. Problems are problems, but you can get through em. You are strong enough. You are amazing enough. You are everything you need to be. And then some.

Until next time, I bid you all adieu!


Daily Blog # 7

Well I opened this file yesterday but other than the header I didn’t bother writing anything. It’s Saturday, which I generally stay pretty low key and chill with, to rest, and then I get back to being productive on Sundays.

This morning didn’t go at planned but I’m trying to get the afternoon and evening back on track despite my poor nights sleep etc.

I don’t want to dwell on negative things, so instead I’ll move on and say that I don’t really have time for everything I want to do this evening but I’m going to make it work anyways.

Or at least try.


Did some chilling, played some Left 4 Dead with Bret, shaved, did a face mask, and watched a movie.

Bret and I are chilling around the apartment now having a chill Saturday night in, which is awesome. Going to have a calm Sunday as well, which will be great.

I was sitting here watching some Hulu and I realized I shouldn’t just be making plans for what to do tomorrow, in terms of content to create and cleaning to do- I should also work on the blog a little since I do have the ability on my phone.

My chest hurts a bit, don’t know why but I’m hoping some stretching helps- I know I need to do some so I think I may go do that. My batteries still need to be recharged.


So it’s Sunday, my day to be productive and prepare for the following week. My goal is to take of a day to get a three day weekend this weekend- be that Friday or next Monday, I won’t know until tomorrow, but either way I want to kick this week in the ass – which means getting prepped on Sunday!

Bret and I have a game plan for the week, and for today. We are splitting some cleaning so we can finish things quickly so we can also work on our respective stuff. Bret has a video he wants to shoot and some music he wants to record and I have a couple blogs I’m working on, as well as some more Flake City stuff. I want to get the final part of “Part of what” up, and that will definitely be a post I make this week, to balance with my daily blogs. I want to make sure I balance my creative content with my cannabis blogging and daily blogging, although logically the daily blogging is going to have more posts, the other two will have longer posts so, it is still a balance. Additionally there are writing projects involved with Flake City and elsewhere in the universe that require writing.

This is what Bret and I do on weekends, on top of being super lazy and recharging our batteries. I am looking for us to start changing our schedule a bit, but it’s a process- and with more and more content creators I respect and admire being burnt out, and quitting altogether, people I respect, admire, and occasionally look to for guidance, I realize that the recharging is super important.

Bret has been really good about reminding me of this, because if left to my own devices I would likely burn myself out in about four seconds.

It’s a balance, weekends are used for that balance. We rarely do any Poshing – other than prepping for future posts and listings, we don’t share, answer questions, any of that on the weekends. We are part time resellers, not full time. People can wait, or not. There is always another seller.

Full disclaimer, I will, on a Sunday evening, occasionally do some Poshmark sharing, but that is always during my “Monday prep” and should be considered part of Monday.

We do lots of “prep” for content- like we may go and grab pictures or record music, write a blog, but rarely do we post to IG. Bret is actually better about posting to social media on the weekend- whereas I forget social media exists unless I get a notification.

Balance is important, and that is why people don’t see much of me on the weekends- but we are hoping to change that in the coming months, as we both get better at balancing the obligations.

Bret has actually been really great at taking information I offer him and finding other ways for us to make content people would be interested in.

For example- they say audio is the next big thing for social media – but I like to write. So Bret and I have been working on a podcast type idea for me to read these blog posts outloud for anyone who prefers that format. We also have some additional content that I have been working on, meant exclusively for audio, like radio station broadcasts from inside Flake City- so we are working on that as well.

Of course I would love input from people. But also will probably eventually end up doing it – but your input can change how it happens and such, so maybe let me know? It’s not like I don’t have a hundred different social media things you can reach out to me on!

@abbigrasso on all of em. See you there.

I am going to bed late tonight, as most people do on Sunday. I wanted to go ahead and get this blog post scheduled. I have #8 started already, so really this is me saying, hey, goodbye!

If you take any lesson from this short daily blog let it be this- People need breaks, not just vacations every couple of months, but every few days, once a week, people need breaks.Don’t fault yourself for needing one…I really need you to not burn out, because it truly sucks being fellow creative people burn out, and if you are reading my blog, it is safe to say you are creative in some way, so please take care of yourself, take breaks, and don’t burn out. I have said it before on this blog, and I am sure I will say it many more times.

Take care of yourself, we need you out here, being you, your amazing, beautiful, creative self.


Daily Blog #6

Well, Thursday…just…damn.

I’m fighting back- this –

Sorry- got cut off/ I started typing that earlier today, around 11:00 AM or so, and now it’s 9:00PM.

Eating dinner now- been so hungry all day so I’m gorging myself on salad.

It was a bit of a long day, obviously, but, I didn’t fall victim to the usual Thursday, for the most part. I mean, things came for me, sure, but I also got aggressive and struck back against anything like that- and while I didn’t love it, I was able to have a slightly better day and not be as miserable as usual, more so for s Thursday.

It’s late, obviously I wasn’t even eating dinner until 9, and now I’m tired. I was super tired yesterday and I thought that may have been due to some dehydration so I’ve been more on top of that today which has helped, but now, I’m super exhausted and desperate for sleep, so I may go get ready for bed.

Got ready for bed- gonna go to sleep now and write more tomorrow. Till then!

Friday, Friday, Friday! Just when you think you’ll never see the weekend again, Friday shows up and reminds you that the average work week in America is 40+ hours, but you have “served your time” for this week and are granted yard time for two blessed days, to clean your home, spend time with family, etc.

When that sentence started, it wasn’t planning on being the indictment of the American work week that it turned into but oh well.

We should have more time to pursue dreams, to spend with family, to be ourselves. Our life is not meant to be spent wasted.

Also? If like IS meant to be wasted, I’ve NEVER been good at doing something as intended anyways so, I don’t plan on wasting my life, nor do I want anyone to risk theirs.

I understand that people need to work, but they also, truly, need time to be themselves. I guess I don’t see what’s wrong with everyone working between 30-40 fairly paid hours, instead of 40+ sometimes unfairly paid hours. We should all want everyone else to succeed, and be happy chasing their dreams.

Let people be happy. Let people enjoy things.

So, it’s Friday morning, obviously, and I am finishing up the blog tonpost it- then I’ll toss on some makeup and get my ass to work.

I should also try and make some breakfast or at least pack a lunch. Plus getting dressed. It’s 15 till 8, so…I may be running late.

It’s all though though- it’s FRIDAY!!


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