Daily Blog #135: and thus begins week two of waking up at a decent hour.

Monday Morning

Me, awake at 6:30AM

Well, today marks week two of getting up at a decent hour! On work days last week, I woke up by 6:30 AM, and on the weekends I didn’t sleep past 9:00 AM, and it has been giving me pretty great mornings, an ability to attack the day, to fight back against the crazy that has been going on at work, and, to make things better, it has been giving me a little more time with which I can use to write, a very helpful thing considering I spent all weekend writing and editing.

I have a decent pile of crap to worry about today, at work, and I also need to write a ton of blogs, and work on the Flake City edits I am working on, in addition to the Flake City writing I am doing.

I am armed with coffee and I am so prepared for the day that I not only had breakfast already packed and ready to go when I woke up this morning, but some food for lunch as well.

I have a list of some blogs I need to get written today, and I would also like to finish my first read through edit of Flake City today. Additionally, I have long to do work list, which will only get longer, this daily blog to work on, and of course, some more writing.

And, if you have read any of my usual blogs, you likely know that I also have some light cleaning to do, and a work out I will likely blow off but that I do want to do.

Dinner has been mostly solved by just making ramen every night, omitting the seasoning packed or only using half to keep that extra sodium out of my diet. Ramen keeps the dishes to a minimum and I can do them quickly, even with my most elaborate ramen with sauteed veggies and fried eggs, although I have simple one pan ones that work with my pre hard boiled eggs as well.

I will need to do a small grocery store trip today, to get a few small basics like hand soap, and frozen veggies for my future ramen. I have that list already written out, although I may rewrite it to make sure it is organized, efficient, and is as cheap as possible, because money is kind of tight, and also we are trying to save money, not spend it all.

So, with me having no small amount of things to do, in addition to a ton of blogs I want to prewrite, I am going to pause this here, until later when I have gotten more of that list done.

Until later!


Later it is, and later is now, and HOLY FUCK have I had a productive day.

I made a list of seven blogs I wanted to write this week and I just finished writing…the seventh damn blog! All the posts I wanted to prewrite to have ready for posting as I dive into Flake City some more…DONE.

I will still need to edit and format them, as well as add pictures, but I have pictures for most of the blogs I wrote today.

Great stuff, more so if you are like me and know you have so much writing to do, and so little time to do it all in.

So, for tonight, I need to do a trip to the grocery store, a work out, a ton of writing/editing, dinner, all that usual crap.

All of that is trickier, as you know, when a grocery trip is at play. I don’t know what the final plan is going to look like, but I am very glad I managed to finish all seven blogs.

But right now I can’t wait to leave, go do a few dabs, maybe also smoke a blunt, do whatever productive crap I will be doing, and then get to watching Zomboat while I work on Flake City. Zomboat’s total running time is under three hours, but the sound of it helps me get the most writing and editing done, other than listening to Khomchik do play throughs for Left 4 Dead 1 & 2.

So, it is nearly five, and I will likely jet as soon as it’s time, to get started on my evening, unless Bret is busy at work, in which case i will open up the word document and get to work on that, instead.

But for now, I am going to finish up here at the office and then get home, so I have time to update and finish this blog later.

Later still

Now it’s later and I am finishing of a face mask that I am reviewing for one of the blogs I wrote earlier, and Bret is getting ready to play a video game. This sheet mask fits a bit oddly so it is driving me crazy, and the cut on my finger makes typing pretty hard. Also both wrists hurt and I keep getting an annoying pop up when I try to blog, so…

Needless to say I am having to fight the odds here.

So, since I have written a fair amount today, lets recap on the evening and wrap up. Once we got home, we chatted and dicked around with various crap and played with the animals. We had dinner, and then we needed to go to the grocery store, so off we went to tackle that small list. Once we finished that, back home for some vlog watching, blogging, and writing.

Now I need to wrap this up and I have several things to attend to, including my face mask and the dishes, plus getting to bed at a decent time when it is already nearly ten so…I will end this here so I can kick tomorrow in the ass.

Because I am loving this whole getting up early and attacking the day before it attacks me thing, and it’s nice to get back to that, even though I hate mornings with a passion.

Thanks, French Press. (Check out my daily coffee posts if you are into that sort of thing over on my Instagram page- @abbigrasso)

And thank YOU dear blog reader, for reading.



Daily Blog #134: Great little writing weekend

Saturday Afternoon

Well, yesterday was lost in a blur or writing, and I also saw my sister, which was nice.

I woke up, as planned at a reasonable time, and got to work, got ready, cleaned up, and after cleaning up and eating, I started writing. I spent much of the day writing, until my sister and her friend came over.

We had a nice time, smoked a little bit, eventually went to Starbucks because her friend likes their drinks and can never get it because their town doesn’t have a Starbucks, and I had a gift card, so we went and got some of that. We came back, smoked, caught up, all that fun stuff. They are planning to come back into the city to take some pictures and check it out, all that jazz. I may or may not go with them, I really want to, but also I have so much damn writing to do, and I really need to prioritize that above pictures- although I do need pictures for the blog, so who knows…

Either way, she is gonna be on the way, or possibly already is, so I need to get dressed, so I should probably go do that and not do the blog, but I realized I needed to update the blog and neglect it, for all the creative writing I am doing.

So, until later…

Sunday Evening

Wow, I am exhausted. It isn’t crazy late or anything, only 8:30 PM.

But I have been getting to WORK on Flake City, trying to carve it into publishable material, as I want to have some illustrations, and also post to the blog…Iuno I have some idea I am working on but I have a fuck ton of editing and cobbling together of the material, so, this weekend, I got to work doing it.

My writing process, as it has evolved, is in large part to my ability to read fast and my inability to pay for a editor….and also the last time I paid for an editor they were fucking terrible and left more mistakes in than I had handed her, and it was fucking terrible.

So, instead of burning money to get shitty edits, I have developed a way to edit myself. It isn’t perfect but it is the best I personally can do, with he cards at play.

First, since I write long stuff, and this stuff has some nuances I need to check and sort through, so, my first read through is reading and taking notes, anything I haven’t written down that maybe I needed to, or any names, places, etc. I will sketch out a map, if I haven’t already, and I will make notes of timelines, to ensure everything I write is cohesive.

In this passing, I will allow myself to make changes or additions, adding things to make the story line make sense, since the later stuff has been written recently and I know where the story is going, I will sometimes make changes to make that stuff make more sense, or help the story be cohesive and continuous.

Next reading, I handle spelling mistakes, typos, continuity errors I caught but didn’t fix in the last reading. In this case, with Flake City, I will be having to knit two files together, to make one major file that will be published, so this is is the phase I will likely start to do this, having used the first reading to make notes on how to do so. I will probably not do a major edit here, as I think I can put the files together with little changes to either document, but this is the phase iw ill do this in.

Next reading, is when get nasty with it. This is the final edit before I print and get even more fucking critical, not having money for a real, trained editor. I triple check spellings, I make all the changes I have made notes for and found error with, I correct any typos. It is important to note that between each phase of edits I give my eyes a break, not reading the material, reading other stuff, writing other stuff, etc, and come back with fresh eyes. I also tend to do two “readings” per phase, minimum, and the first time, I do this backwards, starting at the end, namely to catch misspelled words and typos.

After this, when I feel I have adequately gone through the story so many times my eyes are sore, and I have checked every punctuation error, fixed every grammatical error, sorted every typo and misspelled word, and double checked every part of my story for a cohesive story line, after all of that, I finally will stop edits, for a while, normally a week, at least. I print the material out, I bind it in a way that allows for notes and reading to happen easily, having set the font to an easy to read font and left room for margins.

This reading, the first one is again, for continuity and cohesiveness of the story, but I do tend to find errors, normally, maddeningly, simply easy ones I should have spotted, that make me doubt myself.

Then, I check it back wards, and find even more. Doubt myself even more. I dread this phase.

I keep a book or two, or three or four, on hand, and in editing phase, I read, a lot, to keep eyes fresh for my own material, I read other peoples stuff, as a cleanser, so I can really dig into my own, without going crazy with boredom from my own.

Plus, reading other writing is a good way to keep yourself sane.

So, after this phase, I do one more read through, two if I find a bunch of mistakes, and then, make the changes to the digital copy.

When I make the changes, I tend to find more mistakes, and then, mercifully, I give myself a large break.

One more read through on the digital file.

Print again.

Read again, backwards then frontwards.

Make any changes.

Here, depending on the project, is when I let other eyes get their eyes on it. This process tends to yeild wonderfully edited material that is been combed through, and every time I then pass it to someone, they find it easy to read, and normally, only find a mistake or two, here or there, like a lowercase I or something like that. Small, easy to miss typos.

But, I don’t mind that. So, if anyone finds anything, I make those changes, do a couple more obsessive readthroughs, and call it done.

This time, however, I am illustrating this work of art, and I am actually really putting out different material, doing a whole new thing, publishing wise, so this template for editing applies to past projects, and the big stuff I plan on publishing or making “canon” as it were. Not blog stuff, but “will maybe get published in paper form” and “belongs in the magic universe in my head” stuff.

So, that is my editing process for publishing.

This Sunday has been full of editing, and yesterday had editing and writing. I did manage to get some meal prep done this Sunday, however, including making the beans for the week, prepping some bean and cheese burritos, and making a dope little pasta salad for the week.

I also did all the dishes for all of that, and the kitchen isn’t messy either, I cleaned the stove and counters a bit, swept up, Bret took he trash out, and voila.

Bret actually got a dope little tattoo today, as the final holiday present from me, and it looks AMAZING. I won’t post a picture here until he posts it to his Instagram, because sometimes his mom reads the blog and I would rather her see it from his social media than mine lifestyle blog, you know?

Anyways, Bret is in a pretty good mood from his tattoo, and I am pretty pumped about how much I did editing I got done, how much I prepped for the week, and how tidy it all is. Basically, I am pumped to be ready for the week.

From here on out, it’s all hella modest spending, to save for the many business related expenses for the blog, my writing and upcoming publishing, and Bret’s music. As you all know, we are working hard at saving and getting ourselves in a good position, while also publishing and releasing stuff, and also traveling, so, budgeting and careful spending is our new existence.

Here’s hoping we stick to it, and that it is as helpful as I am hoping, so it all comes together as planned.

Whatever, that’s all shit I have blogged about before, and recently at that, so, moving on, lets finish this blog update.

I got food prepped, I didn’t sleep in crazy late this weekend, so my sleep schedule isn’t fucked, I edited a TON of material, like over 100,000 words, I got the apartment reasonably cleaned, I spent a few hours with my sister, I got a ton of writing done, in addition to editing, writing like 20,000 words total this weekend, I got some new pictures for the blog cover photos and some other creative writing endeavors.

Overall, it was a pretty great weekend, a pretty great Sunday, and I am looking forward, to a pretty great week.

I hope you all have a wonderful week too. When this blog goes up, it is Monday morning, so let’s all kick today in the ass, and really win this week, eh? We deserve it.

Thanks for reading!



Daily Blog #133: Waking up early to fight and also write about the zombies.

Thursday Morning

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers.

One day we will find a fun family/community type name for you all, but until then, hello, my dearest blog readers.

This morning I once again was able to get up by 6:30 AM, and by 7:00 AM, I was even reasonably enough awake.

Mind you, nothing stellar, my eyes were still half open, but my mind was more awake. I think getting myself to wake up earlier every day is my path to success for adding a light yoga routine to my morning schedule, namely because I have a job to get to, which always adds something to the balance.

Today I got up, made my coffee, did a very basic stretch- nothing substantial, and was able to be ready to go, breakfast packed and all, by 8:30 AM, and I was able to get to work by 8:45 AM , which was when Bret started to get moving, so he was able to get ready without me in his way, too, which I assume is what he is doing now.

I got to work early, got some stuff done, put out fires no one saw were burning, and now I am updating the blog, really starting this blog, so I can be better prepared later, if anything in the day goes sideways…it is Thursday, after all.

Today, I posted a blog i had done most of the writing on during Blogmas, and i merely finished it and edited it, adding some pictures, etc, which means i had my blog scheduled and ready to go quickly, giving me a rare gift…time.

And how did my obsessive about productivity ass use that time?

Writing. I wrote my ass off in Flake City and left myself exhausted, wanting to go to bed by ten.

I went to bed closer to eleven, which is still quite early, but mind you, i killed a character, wrote a bunch of action, including some major plot developments and major advancements of story line, setting up the next phase of the story in that part of Flake City so….

Yeah, I was exhausted.

I had made some dope ramen, the kind I make full of veggies and added some eggs on top, which was yummy and help fuel my writing, but even with that delicious fuel, I found myself exhausted. But, several thousand words of crazy action will do that, right?

Anyways, I have some more things I want to tend to, and if I am going to blow off work for writing, it should be for what is happening in Flake City, because there is a ton more writing to do there.

Until later.


Well, it is nearly ten on Thursday night, I don’t have work tomorrow, so my plan is to try and get up close to my usual hour and get some cleaning done. I would like to do some laundry, or at least least get some dusting and general cleaning up done…But also, I am in the middle of a bunch of crap in Flake City, and as I barrel towards the point of no return regarding how to release the content that is Flake City, I find myself writing more and more, and having to really work out and finish parts of this part of Flake City.

So there is a very good chance that once I get up and do some cleaning and such, that I will sit my happy ass right here and write. I need to blog, of course, but I will likely work on Flake City some more, as I have a short story of another character, and the two main stories I have going on, which may end up in one file, but for right now are two separate word files, in the same world, with some cross over.

Will I edit these two into one?

I don’t know, but if I did, that would be a pretty massive book, as both files together are well over 200,000 words at this point.

So, anyway, all this to say I have been writing a bunch in Flake City, all in preparation for the publishing this year and next.

But now it is 10:00 and I need to do some dishes, and who knows what else from there, so it is time to apply a valuable Blogmas lesson.

Not every blog has to be a long one.

Thanks for Reading!



Daily Blog #132: My experience Co-hosting a Poshmark Party!

So Poshmark decided to let us co-host a category party- and this is my experience with it for anyone wondering what it’s like or how I liked it.

(For those who don’t know, Poshmark is an online clothing and household goods reselling app, where users can buy things for discounted rates, and also make some extra money selling their extra clothing. Some people have even turned reselling into a full time business, while others use it as supplemental income. This is our closet, feel free to check out Poshmark. I get nothing for saying this and as always this is NOT sponsored. I have two other posts about Poshmark, one as a seller, and one as a buyer.)

I applied to host a Postmark party the second we got Ambassador status, and we have waited diligently for the chance to host.

A picture I posted to our reselling Instagram Page, @ TheDBAMeta 

We have since kind of fallen “out of love” with Poshmark, but here we are. I don’t want to blog about anything bad with Poshmark, but lately reselling hasn’t been our main focus.

When I got the email for Poshmark Party Host I was unsure if it was a real thing or not, because a few months earlier, we had received one in error, so when we received this email, I wasn’t sure if it was real, but then it turns out…it was!

Some fellow Poshers were able to tell me that Poshmark runs low on hosts around the holidays, so that is likely how we got selected, but we were happy to have the chance to host, and I learned a good deal about hosting from the experience and frankly, if I get to host again soon, I may even want to stick with Poshmark.

Hosting was fun, but not without irritation.

Overall, though, I will say I enjoyed it and want to do it again, so lets discuss it!

First, I did put up a posting all about the party, and I asked people to not share my not for sale items. I did this because we aren’t wanting to sell right now and need to reorganize our selling process, and I don’t want the added stress, but we still have the shoes that are available for sale, and we are co-hosting a party so…we didn’t want to put our closet to vacation mode.

I also didn’t want to be inundated with notifications.

Sadly, some people didn’t like to read. I did remind them, and lowered the prices to notify others, but sadly, some people liked to spam my comments despite me asking for no spam, and others spam shared items marked not for sale. For the record, I define spam as the same message for every post, copy and pasted, full of ugly emoticons, looking super fucking tacky, and not actually conveying any information. One of my biggest pet peeves are when people refuse to read information in front of them, and these people were doing what I specifically asked they not do…”Reading is fundamental.”

Annoying. Some people were nice, however, and some were genuine, and most people had nice items…although a few people weren’t compliant.

Which was very frustrating indeed.

Another one from @ TheDBAMeta

But, I would love to do it again, and I would love to apply the lessons I learned from this one, like keeping a physical list of host picks, and picking them out earlier. That would have also helped me keep track of how many I had shared. I kept doubling back to make sure I didn’t miss someone, and I had no idea if I had done the 100 or not, and I worried I may have thought I did some that I didn’t or whatever.

Anyways, I learned to keep better track of who you want to award host picks, and to mark them off, to make sure you get them all.

I also learned that some people are okay with giving themselves host picks, which I threw a bunch of shade about, but I guess is okay, if it is a couple to reward yourself for your hard work…but not more than three, I think, because c’mon, other people could get those host picks, and with everyone trying to get your attention for host picks, you are already getting tons of shares.

But I also don’t need to be too judgey, so I learned to not be as judgey about it, just because I believe in spreading the wealth that is a Poshmark Party Host Pick.

Anyways, the morning of the party I went through my comments and shares and tried to “like” items from peoples closets to save them for host picks, as I have seen hosts in the past do this to better keep track of the picks they want to share to the party.

I typed up a nice “I have chosen this item for the party” message, and when the party started, I got to sharing. I believe I shared more than 100, and I hope I was able to give out the total number of allowed host picks, and I can’t wait to do it again. I have already submitted a new application, but I will likely do that again in a month, as they prefer you wait a month, and why not submit again.

I really enjoyed it and I felt like a lot of people were able to get host picks. I gave about ten total to Instagram besties, across like five ladies, and then I gave the rest to people who asked for it and had quality items photographed well from compliant closets.

All in all, I would gladly do it again and if they would let me host more I would probably want to play around in the app more often.

Maybe even participate in more stuff on Poshmark again, rediscover that love. Much of the reason I have stopped wanting to be on Poshmark is how much they only let the people who work there host parties and those people pick the same friends every time, which limits the field and makes it quite unfun.

So, all in all, it was a good experience, I learned a bunch, and can’t wait to apply those lessons the next time I get to host.

Here’s hoping its soon.

Thanks for reading!



P.S.- Stay tuned for a Poshmark Update Daily Blog where I will talk about our efforts moving forward with Poshmark and our online reselling store to help us have some side money for making art.

Daily Blog #131- Busy days, the wrong bra, and major blog lessons


Today has been a very busy day of work, trying to write, meetings, trying to blog, oh, and all while trying to keep a positive mental attitude.

And I wore the wrong bra, I tell you. This bra is horrible, and feels way too tight. I know I have gained some weight but this just feels terrible, and I am not a fan. The final nail in the “going to buy some more of my 20 dollar sports bras and call it a day” coffin.

I don’t know if I will be doing that this pay period or not, may have to just keep washing and wearing the same bra every day, but I don’t think this bra is gonna make it in the new year, unless I drop a bunch of weight/inches.

Which may happen, so I’ll save this bra (it’s a nice one) for six months or so, and see what happens.

So, when I get home, this bra comes off, and I will probably change into my sports bra. I need to go grocery shopping, which sucks, because we really need to go to Walmart to make the money go further, but Walmart is kind of terrible.

Still, I don’t mind it as much on a Tuesday.

So, the plan is, when I get home, to rip this damn bra off, smoke a bunch of weed and do a dab, put a jogging bra on, head to the grocery store while Bret does the fun shopping, and then we can meet back at home probably for a very chill dinner. Although, to be honest, we do frequently treat ourselves to dinner on days when we do the big grocery trip, because Walmart will leave me feeling too trained to do much of anything, much less make a delicious meal and clean up after.

Working out will also be tricky, with said trip to the store, but I am making an effort to try and at least squeeze something into the evening other than grocery shopping, weed smoking, and, if all goes as planned, some video games.

So, it is now after quitting time for me, by a few minutes, and I wanted to go ahead and update the blog while I finished some smaller tasks at work, and then head on home for my evening.

Which is what I have done, and now I will go, because my neck is killing me and I want to smoke. Till later!

Wednesday Morning

As I fell asleep last night, hating myself for not having gotten as much done as was my goal, I realized how much pressure I was putting on myself, and how much it was kind of crushing me, and making doing all this stuff, every single day, harder and harder.

Not only was it making it harder and harder to do, it was making me miserable, and, notably, less productive, so I am always feeling worse about getting less done, ultimately doing less while also being miserable.

I always talk about the importance of being kind to yourself and resting and all that crap and here i am burning myself out.

It isn’t sustainable, and one of my biggest things with healthy, or even better, living, is to make sure I make it sustainable, so I am making long term good habits, versus temporary fixes that hurt me.

But I also, for some reason, feel the need to do everything, every day.

The apartment doesn’t have to be clean every day, although the sink probably should be.

I like blogging every day, but it is also hard when I spend a lot of time writing. Writing either creatively or blogging is tricky to do when I have a bunch of other crap to do, but then I insist on writing every day, so I stay up later.

If I am going to stay up later, because writing makes me feel better, then I should at least make an effort to eat a healthy meal, or do a face mask, some sort of multi tasking while I write, so I can make good use of my time, but also not burn myself out by not eating or taking any time for self care.

I need to realize not everything has to be done every single day, and people can take days off. But also, I can do the things I want to do every day, like write, if I balance the things I don’t need to do every day.

Just because people who are in perfect pristine shape work out every single day doesn’t mean I need to. I want to work out to get into better shape, but there isn’t a physical reason, other than health. I want to it to be easier to move on a daily basis, which happens with a body that stays semi active. I want to live a full life, so I do cardio and yoga with other work outs mixed in to keep me healthy.

But that doesn’t mean I need to work out every single day. Many would argue it is better to do an hour long work out every other day that I take seriously and work hard it, than two thirty minute work outs I half ass in the span of two to three days.

I have to give myself a break, and I have to be okay with not doing every single thing every single day, because that isn’t sustainable.

I also need to revamp some things. My focus in the kitchen, for example, is different, and my focus in the reselling business is different, my desk and vanity needs are different, I have several changes I am in the middle of doing or need to start planning, to make some of it more sustainable. I am working on a degree of minimalism where I get rid of things and really properly organize because it makes it easier and faster to clean…

But the method I am using is new, I think, but it is new to me, for sure.

Instead of the “does it bring you joy” I am working on “What irks me” basically, what pisses me off, what makes me stop my day and be annoyed, stop and have to fix a problem, what are those problems, and how do I fix them.

All of this to say, this is what I fell asleep thinking, but I didn’t blog it, leading to a shitty night’s sleep with an over active brain because I didn’t get to blog or finish writing in Flake City, so…

Yeah, I need to eliminate and sort some problems, and also forgive myself when I don’t get to everything, because I am only human. Instead of being annoyed, I need to let it go, and try again tomorrow, so the irritation doesn’t affect my sleep.

The writing, though, I need to find a way to somehow squeeze that in, because that is much harder to move on from.

So, that’s the blog lesson for today.

Thanks for Reading.



Daily Blog #130: Even a Monday with the best of efforts can go sideways quickly.

Monday Afternoon

What a wild Monday it has been already! I have a couple of blog ideas and things to write, but very little time to do them, but I wanted to come and at least start this blog file, so later when this crazy day is over, I can start on this that much faster.

I got to work early today, to avoid being blindsided by the first Monday of the year, but we have two people out of work today, plus an ongoing move with the costume shop joining our store, so we are very busy and it is very hectic, so having two people missing makes everything trickier, including phones and customers.

I will say, before I close this window and return to my work, that I am very glad I got up early, and was able to get some decent sleep last night, because today really came at us quickly.


This evening, I have several plans, and I will be the first to admit that I do not have time for any of it.

I want to do a how to cut your hair using the unicorn pony tail method, which means I will need to not only cut my hair, but photograph that process. Additionally, I need to wash my hair, and that shower needs to come after a work out.

Also some basic tidying of the apartment, like the litter box, dishes, and taking the trash out, plus making some dinner, eating said dinner, and taking care of those dishes.

For dinner I think I wanna make some ramen noodles with broccoli and cabbage, the work out will likely be some light stretching and 10 (quick as possible) miles on the stationary bike. Then I can smoke, shower, and eat. If I cut my hair before the work out, I can edit the photos and work on that blog while I work out, which I think will make the most use of my evening because I really want to play some video games tonight and I already have such a large load on my plate, and, if work keeps up, I will likely be here until well past six this evening.

Last night, I went to bed around midnight, and I got up at 6:30, so with tossing, turning, and bathroom breaks (not to mention texting Lenyn from 4:00 AM as he chronicled getting to the airport for his flight to NYC), I got around 6 hours of sleep, although probably a bit less, but I felt great and didn’t have many troubles getting up this morning, nor did I have any problems actually getting ready for work, so I am hoping to repeat this tonight…I don’t need to tell you that I am already largely behind to accomplish everything this evening.

But I am still going to try my ass off.

The List/Plan

Hair while photographing process
Dishes round one to keep the sink from piling up
work out while working on blog entry
shower while listening to Unsolicited Advice podcast
Brush and let hair air dry (which should be much faster as it will be much shorter)
Make dinner
Eat dinner while finalizing blog
Do dishes
Play video games

Bed by midnight

If I leave by six, I will have six hours to do all of this in, and while it will be tight, it may be doable, and I would really be jazzed by making it happen.

So, I have two hours to finish up at work, then six hours to tackle my large list of crap. Whew, Monday, you are not playing today.

Laughable amounts of time later

So, I am now home, and honestly, I don’t know if those well laid plans are going to happen at all, in any order. Bret has offered to use the Sonic gift card we are lucky enough to have money on, to go grab dinner, (and grab me a can of tomato soup from the gas station so I can have grilled cheese from sonic and some tomato soup for a comfort meal without meat), which is all incredibly kind of him, and I am very thankful, because damn, I am fucking tired. The day was long and tricky, and full of tedium, and on top of all of that, some people felt the need to use me as a ranting board, which of course left me feeling very drained. Five to ten minutes is one thing, but when someone vents negative, frankly toxic, attitudes, more so about people you care about, you get very exhausted and tired.

Which makes me very grateful that Bret has offered to go to Sonic to grab some food, which also doesn’t violate the rule of not eating out, because it’s a gift card. That, frankly, feels wonderful.

Anyways, Bret hasn’t left yet, but when he gets back I’ll grab the soup and make that up and we can have dinner. After that, I honestly don’t know if I will do much. I will commit to stretching and such, but that’s it. I need to do more, I get that. And I will. But not today.

I have made sure to at least stay fairly well hydrated, however, so that is a small victory. I think I may just write, tonight, instead of trying to be productive. Take a quick shower after dinner, wash the day off, and let my hair air dry. I haven’t cut it yet, but frankly, I would rather wash it before taking pictures of it anyways, and it is shorter than it was and that should help it dry quite faster anyways, so to hell if it isn’t as fast as the schedule I had set for myself earlier. I can at least get some writing done, which I love and enjoy, and get some mental good done for me.

Plus, writing is good for the years plans, so, fuck it if I miss a work out, I’ll stretch, before bed, after a nice shower and writing session, after eating a deliciously simple and comforting meal, and get a damn nice nights sleep.

So, while Bret goes and does that, I am going to look over some writing and maybe do a little of the writing in Flake City.

Till later!


I ate, sadly the gas station didn’t have tomato soup, washed my hair, and got some writing done, and even played some video games. It is now nearly eleven, and I am pretty exhausted, so I know I need to wrap this up, as I still need to format, edit, make the cover art, get the bed out, do the night time routine, including the stretching I promised myself.

But I did get some writing done, and I am at a place in that part of Flake City where I am writing major things that are tricky to write and therefore take more energy, so I am pleased with any amount of writing at all.

Anyways, it is late, and I don’t want to be tired tomorrow. My goal is to wake up as early and as well as I did today, but without all the crazy Monday drama.

Hopefully tomorrow is less insane, and I can compare the two days and discuss it, in a light hearted, happy way.

Because I really hate being negative, and I am actively trying to avoid it. It is hard, because sometimes when you are around negative influences you may get negative yourself but I am trying to recommit to my cheerfulness, and my choice to put positive stuff out into the world.

So, with that, I am off to bed. This blog will go up tomorrow morning, so I am wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday.

Thanks for reading!



Daily Blog #129- Productive Sunday prep day, cutting my own hair experiment, and looking forward to a busy week.

Sunday Evening

Greetings and salutations, blog readers!

I am going to do a small blog right now, because I have had quite the busy day this Sunday and I do not want to derail myself for tomorrow by getting distracted and not finishing things this evening in a timely fashion.

So, a brief rundown of the day shall we?

Bret has still felt like crap, and has been acting accordingly, but I was able to make some refried beans with cheese and some seasoned breakfast potatoes for some breakfast burrito/tacos this week, and I meant to make pasta salad but I didn’t quite get to it. I may do it right now while Bret showers, but I do have the option of left over pizza for lunch tomorrow, because Bret got a visa gift card for his birthday that he opted to use for pizza today.

Of course, some pasta salad would be delightful on the side of that so maybe I should go make some.

Anyways, I also did some laundry, and got Bret to put away some of his clothing to get the bedroom closer to in order, and also to provide us with clothing this week. I did a massive load, and I am going to do another one tomorrow or the day after and keep that up so I can get that room clean and organized, with the clothing either donated, put away, or stored for selling on Poshmark.

I also did some research for cutting my hair myself and then did a nice big chop, cutting off a good chunk of hair. I may cut more tomorrow, but I want to wear this length and decide from there.

I used the “unicorn ponytail” method, where you brush your hair into a high pony at the very top front of your head, like where a unicorn horn would be, and then a second ponytail further down where you would like to cut. Doing this method is supposed to allow for you to cut long, natural layers, that look nicely done, but also, notably, quickly and easily without much knowledge.

I have a lot of knowledge in cutting my own hair, having not had a salon cut in about a decade or so, and always paying vigilant attention when I was going to salons, but, I will say, I was intrigued by the pony tail method.

And also impressed. One easy chop, where I even messed up on the cutting, and yet was able to easily recover the mistake and have a cute hairstyle.

Mind you, despite chopping a giant chunk of hair off, you can’t even tell I chopped any off. I would show you how much, with a picture, but I was not thinking and tossed the pile in the trash, and now my hair is under a ton of snotty crap from having a sick Bret and no thank you to that.

But, I will say I am very pleased with how my hair looks. I did very little tidying up of the cut, knowing that I may cut more, but I am still pleasantly surprised by how this looks…like seriously where the FUCK was this method when I was in high school and would want to do my own hair to have a sense of control or whatever it is that makes us want to cut our own hair.

I didn’t but bangs, thank goodness, because nothing good ever comes from that, but I did get some killer, natural, long layers, with very little effort. If you are ever needing a fast cut, this is the one to use.

Tomorrow, I will rock my hair, and then decide if I need to cut more, and once I know one way or another, I will tidy up some if the layers and the cuts, and then wash, air dry, style, and let you guys see the end result of my hair cut.

Who knows, maybe after my hair grows I will do a How-do blog on it, unless I cut a bunch of hair tomorrow, in which case I will try to be vigilant in photographing it so you guys can see.

Anyways, I cut my hair today, and also meal prepped a little bit and cleaned. I have a small amount of dishes to do but like, honestly will probably only be ten minutes of my time, and then I will maybe sweep, and then the kitchen will be ready for tomorrow.

I have not made my health a priority this weekend, having only done light stretching and today not even that, I have instead put Bret, and my weekly prep, ahead of that, which I am chalking up to me opting to put my mental health first. At least I am putting some of my efforts towards me, eh?

So, here I am, listening to Bret’s shower water splash, and blogging my day. Tomorrow is Monday, which is swell. The first Monday of the new year, and I am pumped for it. My goal is to be there early, if not early, I have to be there no later than nine, because it’s a payroll Monday, and those come with early morning deadlines.

I should probably wrap this blog up, I just wanted to update it and talk about my super productive Sunday but I don’t want to let blogging about Sunday distract me from the coming and ever looming Monday. I am really hoping to log some major hours this week, but I also have lots of out of work stuff to tackle with us doing more eating in, but I am hoping with an update attitude and careful use of my time, I can master it. The planning, to best use said precious time, will be key, but thankfully, I have been slowly getting faster with stuff, so…I guess tune in to see how it goes.

I hope you all have a wonderful and awesome Monday!

Thanks for reading.



Daily Blog #128: Preparing for the future while applying lessons from the past.

Friday evening

Well, I spent much of the spare writing time today working on a more article type blog entry as opposed to my daily blog format, and I realized I wanted to tidy it up a bit more and sleep on some of it, before I posted.

So I opted to start a daily blog entry for tomorrow’s posting. I may not post it until tomorrow, I may not even finish writing it until tomorrow, but who knows. I would like to post it or something tomorrow because I don’t like not posting, even on the weekends. I didn’t post New Year’s Day and that was more than enough for me. I do have two blogs prewritten that I could publish tomorrow but I was thinking it would be nice to post in real time tomorrow, finishing the blog and posting it in a short time after.

But now it’s late and Bret feels like crap so I’m going to get ready for bed and get him tucked in. Till later

Saturday Afternoon

Greetings and salutations, blog readers, today is Saturday and I am at work trying to accomplish some tasks before Monday hits and my whole world is messed up.

This weekend looks to be a very busy weekend where I won’t be resting much, so I am trying to make that time work for me in the most productive way possible.

I have so much writing I need to get done, but I also need to get a bunch of laundry done, on top of some food prep, and content creation for the blog.

So, my plan is to get home, clean for company, outline my recipes for the food prep. I need to go to the store for some cat food, so I may get bag of tortilla flour to make tortillas and keep the cost down. I am soaking some pinto beans for refried beans for some burritos, and I would rather spend any extra money on cheese or eggs instead of premade tortillas.

Once the beans are soaked, I’ll cook those up with some onion and garlic I have, and that should cook up into a really tasty batch of beans, overnight in the crock-pot. I need to sort out some dinner for the two of us, but I have a couple of ideas for that.

Damon texted me today, this morning, and asked if we wanted to chill later today, and Lenyn is trying to say goodbye to everyone today, so I will likely see my friends today, and also be sad because Lenyn is leaving.

So, I will need to make good use of my time before company arrives to make sure my place is tidy, and also make sure I use every spare moment tomorrow to cook tortillas, mash and fry beans. I also need to do laundry, do whatever dishes we have, give chance a bath, work out, and take my own shower to wash my hair.

It looks to be a stressful weekend that will lead into a pretty busy week but that is what it is.

Anyways, I don’t want to talk endlessly about all that I have to do, and I do want to make good use of my time, so i am going to edit this blog, make up a cover photo, and post this blog, applying one of my Blogmas lessons- they don’t always have to be crazy long.

Thanks for reading!


Daily Blog #127: What I learned during Blogmas!

Thursday Morning

Greetings and Salutations, wonderful Blog Readers!

Today is the second day of the new year, and Bret is sick again, and I am also feeling a bit under the weather. So, I slept in way later than I should, but managed to get ready way faster than I expected, so I got to the office around the time that I expected I would.

I ate my breakfast and I am now trying to get our records all sorted and neat for the New Year, and fielding questions from the few accountants and book keepers who came to into the office today, at other companies.


It is now well into the afternoon, and I have managed to invoice all of our clients, and sort our several large problems that were all tangled up. Progressing forward for the day, answering questions and sorting out things for the other people who are working today.

Bret is still at home, feeling very unwell, puking and coughing, which is sucky. I am starting to worry, because he is sick more than he is healthy and we aren’t in a place for that. All the more reasons for me to go full steam ahead on keeping us fed from things at home. I want to make some bean and cheese burritos, just make like 20/30 of them, and freeze them, so we have breakfasts or quick food as needed. Maybe add some rice to make them feel more filling. I need to do more food prep to keep us fed and keep us on budget.

Aside from the purchases and investments we have planned for this year, and the travel, we need to put more away for savings, more so if Bret is going to keep getting sick, and we don’t have health insurance.

Anyways, I have blogged at length about the importance of us eating at home and saving money so I will move on to the main topic of today’s blog.

What I learned during Blogmas!

First: That I would rather do Blogmas for the full 31 days, not just till Christmas. I came to this conclusion in many ways, and here are some of them.

With the blogging every day for Blogmas, around day 20 or so, I realized how ingrained the habit was becoming, and I loved it.

Something I noticed just after Christmas, however, was how bored and lonely the Blogmas season got when I didn’t have blogs to read…and it was even worse on YouTube, when it seemed like every YouTuber who had been reliably dropping videos every single day, dropped off the face of the Vlogmas planet, leaving me with that terribly awkward week where no one know what day it is, or what they are doing, without my usual stream of new vlogs playing. I don’t want any reader of mine to feel that for more than a day or so. If someone wants something new to read, and they are willing to read, I want to oblige that.

For 25 days I had blogs to read and vlogs to listen to while I wrote my own Blogmas post, and then, it came to screeching halt.

But, I also saw an increase in my own read rates, once there were less bloggers blogging, so I guess I learned an extra bonus lesson- If no one else is blogging, you absolutely should be.

Which is a lesson a may be really applying in 2020, with so many of the marketing and social media experts claiming that blogs are going to make a major comeback. Here’s hoping.

Blogmas also helped me connect with fellow bloggers, and finally break my 100 followers benchmark, both of which were awesome. Meeting and reading fellow bloggers and their blogs was helpful, because I realized that not EVERY single blog needs to be 1,500 words long and fully illustrated with my own original artwork.

(But I also learned I really like to do those things, so…)

I got to move forward with blogging in 2020 knowing that not every single article and blog needs to be hundreds and thousands of words long.

I also learned that what I can do, by writing so much, is kind of special, and plenty of bloggers struggle with this. That being said, some of those bloggers are better at other things, so I am absolutely not trying to gloat, but rather say that these other bloggers helped me realize that I don’t have to force myself every day, but the skill I have of being able to naturally write quite a bit, while also seeing a fun life lesson in every day stuff, is unique, special, and yes, I should have confidence in myself.

I SHOULD tell everyone to go read my blog.

I should be proud of the work I do, and know that not everyone can do it, and furthermore, not everyone who can, does.

I do. And that is special.

I learned from other bloggers (although, the YouTuber vloggers did also help a bunch with this) that it is actually totally okay to be confident, and to be proud of the work I am doing.

Am I the best blogger? Nah, probably not. But I am a damn good one, naturally, and I am working everyday at growing those skills, which is, some argue, more important than being born good at something.

I also learned some more lessons in balance, which is a continuing lesson from NaNoWriMo. During NaNoWriMo, I struggled to blog every day, and of course, blogging every day made it harder to write as much creatively, but also, it was a crazy busy month.

Blogmas helped me learn the importance of blogging things in my spare time, and planning for them later. Prewriting several skin care reviews helped me fill out blogs that didn’t have as much planned, or that I hadn’t been able to format properly, and not miss a day. This also helped me realize how much I do like reviewing skin care products. This last bit also helped me see that I don’t have to be some beauty blogger to offer my insight about the products i used, and what was great.

Skin care is a passion. Sure, I am a stoner writer, but I don’t have to JUST write about life, cannabis, and writing. I can write about whatever I want, and, sometimes, as it turns out, I can do so well.

I am also really good at being productive and managing my time, and those are also both passive hobbies of mine, of which others share in the passion, and I can write about those too, even though I am not some high powered CEO getting paid tons of money, or some wildly successful entrepreneur. I may not be one of those types of people, I am an artist, but artists can be obsesses with time management too. In fact, with how many of us need to run the “entire writing empire” as it were, we need to be even more on top of our time management…But that’s not the only reason either. Fellow artists need to see the ways artists can make the most of their time because much of the time management advice out there isn’t suitable for artists.

So, not only did I learn a bunch about the writing I do, I also learned a lot of confidence that I could really use going into the new year, and the next chapter of my life in general, and also as a writer.

Blogmas also showed me how much I enjoyed having a cover photo that told the reader the name/number of the blog they were about to read. Now, for Blogmas, I used free to use photos from Unsplash, with the exception of less than a few seasonal photos that I took that were able to work as cover photos.

So, as you all know, I am always trying to illustrate my blog more with original photos, and now I want to add original cover art, as well. Who knows, maybe it will turn into a set cover, with just the text changing, but at this moment, I don’t know what it will end up being, just that I like having a titled cover photo.

I also learned the kind of content I like to listen to and watch while I write, which made me very glad I already have paid for upgraded YouTube that doesn’t play commercials. I like to watch and listen to Vlog content, which we all already knew, but I have also been enjoying going down “What would happen if” rabbit holes, and also mysteries of the world rabbit holes, some of which go hand in hand with my creative writing.

With Blogmas I also got to have the lesson of consistency with content reinforced. The simple fact is if you put up the content every day, you can grow faster. I improved my reading rates, likes, and follower counts this month, and while vanity metrics aren’t the most important thing, it is a nice lesson to have reinforced. Consistency is key.

I also continued learning balance with writing and home life. As you may recall, I struggle every day to try and balance creative writing and blogging, but I am always trying to balance that writing with not only my day job, but keeping the apartment in good shape, while making improvements to it all the time to better suit our purposes.

I do most of this, to all of this, on my own, so balancing all the demands, not to mention eating, socializing, and working out, gets very tricky. Blogmas was crucial in helping me learn that balance…but also…

Blogmas helped me put important things first.

I think one of the best lessons I learned was “No, this is my priority right now, and my priority matters.”

It may be simple, but simply saying “No, this matters to me, and that is enough to make it a priority” was enough to really help me put what I wanted to do, first, or, to do it at all. Had I not made blogging a priority I wouldn’t have gotten to finish Blogmas, much less do it the entire month.

This attitude is taking me into the new year with confidence. I am making my health a priority by working out, doing something healthy for 30 minutes a day. I am making my writing a priority by writing every chance I get, and doing less of the stuff that gets in the way.

I have stopped asking Bret to do much of anything around the apartment, because it just leads to me getting pissed off when he doesn’t do the thing, so instead of us fighting, I am doing it myself.

Not healthy, but it stops me from getting frustrated and wasting tons of time fighting with Bret. The two chores he does are one load of laundry a week and taking the trash out every couple of days or so. I am working on buying a small apartment machine that works without hook ups, to take over much of the laundry so we aren’t only doing one single load a week which is absolutely not enough, like Bret does.

If he can’t be bothered to do things that are important to being a grown up, I am not going to hold his hand to figure it out. You either grow the fuck up, or you don’t. I don’t know if he will ever figure it out, and whatever happens if he doesn’t figure it out, is on him.

Because I also realized during Blogmas that I really do love this stuff and I can’t stand the stupid shit that gets in the way of my blogging, writing, creating in general. Every time I fight with anyone, especially my partner, I am miserable and all my creativity gets sucked from me. So, I am making the changes needed to get the most out of my time. Does that mean I have to do everything and no longer have a partner I can depend on to do things productively around our home and life? Yes. Does it stop me from getting disappointed that my full grown adult partner can’t be bothered to do a single thing that would make both of our lives better? Yes. I lowered my expectations and no longer expect him to be an equal partner in this.

Who knows what that will lead to. He knows I am doing it, it’s not like I haven’t communicated it with him. I just no longer want to be frustrated at him, because it doesn’t change him, or make him help, it only sucks my energy from me, and makes us both miserable.

Fuck that.

I am a fully grown up woman who can live happily and gladly by herself. Why the fuck would I allow some guy to piss me off and steal my mental peace? This way, I know who is doing everything, and I don’t fight with Bret as much about him actually participating in our partnership. Will it possibly hurt our relationship, if he continues to refuse to participate? Yeah, probably. But he has been told a thousand times or so, and any more wastes my time, and annoys him too, I’m sure.

2020 is all about being happy. I like a clean apartment, and time to write. So, I am making it happen.

Blogmas was crucial to putting together my plans for 2020, proving to me, along with NaNoWriMo, just what all I could do.

Blogmas taught me to love myself and my writing, and do dedicate my whole self to my dreams and pursuits, because I am absolutely worth it.

I enjoyed Blogmas so much I can’t wait to do it again, and I am already designing blogmas shirts to wear next year.

So, did you do Blogmas? Vlogmas? Please let me know, because I would love to support people who are that dedicated to their art.

Now, it is after five, and I need to wrap up at work and head home. I have a chill evening ahead of me. Bret is unwell again, as I mentioned, and says he can’t keep anything down, so I will probably just make myself some ramen or whatever and leave him to rest up. If he wants soup, I’ll make him some. I also need to work out, clean up, finish, illustrate, and format this blog, then schedule it for posting tomorrow morning, I think. I also may do some knitting tonight or something else fun, but I also may turn on some Zomboat and work on Flake City, because I have some top notch actors who are all willing to voice some parts for me…So I want to get some things made up for them to read and work on some audio promo/excerpt book thingies.

In a world of doing unique marketing, you really can create anything you want, and I am leaning into that, heavily, so stay tuned to see how that all goes.

But for now, I am going to finish up and head home. Hopefully while I work out tonight I can add some to this blog, and finish the blog off while i face mask tonight.

Until then!


Alright, I’m on my bike, and while I’m towards the end of the cardio, I figured I would try and update briefly.

I walked home, had a pleasant trip, and then got home to a very sick Bret who is having trouble keeping water down.

I hard boiled some eggs for some ramen I’m gonna make myself for dinner after my work out. I’m super hungry, I skipped my salad this afternoon for lunch which was foolish on my part but I wanted to get my workout done so I jumped into that once I was done chatting with Bret.

I tried a new pillow, and my butt still hurts, but less- so I’m on the right track.

Once I finish this, I’m aiming for ten miles and I’m nearly there, I’m gonna do some light stretching and then make some ramen, do dishes, write, skin mask while I edit and finish this blog up- and then I will schedule this for posting tomorrow and call it a night. It’s nearly nine, however, so I will have to make sure I don’t dawdle.

So, I’m gonna finish this workout, go me for actually doing it, and I’ll update in a while!

Later again

So I made amazing ramen, did the dishes, took the trash out, went out with Bret to take Chance out to pee, swept up, wrote on some writing stuff, and worked on editing this blog.

Currently, I am smoking a bowl and contemplating which face mask to use. I am leaning towards the “I’m Green Tea” layering mask from Tony Moly that I reviewed during Blogmas and have fallen in love with.

It is around 10:30 right now and I would love for us to go to bed at a good time, all the more important to do with Bret feeling so unwell. Plus, tomorrow is Friday and if I get to work early, maybe I can leave early…or even if I stay till my regular time I can get an extra hour or so, since Bret didn’t work today and likely won’t work tomorrow, after a few weeks of not working much.

With one paycheck that is likely to be non existent, every single spare hour I can get paid for is crucial, more so with having a day off of work this week, and so much time off last week too. My paycheck is likely to be small, and Bret’s even more so, and we need to earn money to save money.

I ended up using the layering mask, and my skin is soaking it up fast, so clearly it was a good idea. Now I am just trying to finish this blog up and edit it in the twenty to thirty minutes this mask will sit on my face. If I go to bed right after the mask, I can be in bed by 11:30 or so, and that sounds wonderful.

So, we have discussed the many, many lessons I have learned from Blogmas, and some of the stuff I am doing moving forward to cut frustrations from my life and make more time for creation of my art. I have no idea what we will discuss next, but tomorrow is Friday, which is fucking amazing, and then we have a weekend before the grind really starts back next week and everyone is back in their office and school, blowing up our phones with questions and needs.

I hope whatever you have on your schedule for tomorrow is wonderful, and that you have a fantastic day. Tomorrow is the first Friday of the year, so lets make it a great one!

Thanks for reading!


Daily Blog #126: NYE recap, chill day, and meditation contemplation.

Wednesday Evening

Greetings and salutations, my dearest blog readers, and a very happy new year to you all!

Today has been pretty chill, I…

Just lost everything I typed due to a computer error.

Okay. Take two.

So today has been pretty chill, and now I getting some time to blog. This morning, I was fairly productive despite sleeping in, I did my hair, makeup, and even got dressed, made us a super awesome breakfast, and did the dishes from it. The apartment is still fairly clean from the quick cleaning I did last night before company arrived, and after the dishes and tidying up I did, I only have about ten minutes of stuff to do, to be satisfied with the way the apartment looks going into the back half of the week.

I do want to ride the bike, but I need to get a pillow for it because the seat hurts my butt. I thought about buying one of those cushioned seats, the ones proper bike riders use, maybe the pads that slip over or something, but I am also trying to be better about my spending, and to be a bit more minimalistic with my purchases. I have several large investments and expenditures this year, plus a desire to travel, so I need to make sure I am careful and not spending money where I don’t need it.

An old pillow may not be very vogue, but it gives the old pillow that isn’t being used a purpose, and avoids spending money.

2020 is all about smart choices and smart living, fiscally, artistically, mentally, physically…so I think toughing it out with a pillow or two is wise, so I can save up for things that will help the aches and pains in a bigger way, like the bed we are trying to buy soon.

Anyways, lets update you guys about New Years Eve.

So, Bret got asked to be on The Black Tuesday Podcast with Biggs and Obee and while he was doing that, around ten or so, Sam and Lenyn came over, and we all hung out, had champagne, and once Bret could join us, we had some snacks and champagne toasts.

I gave Lenyn and Sam glitter tattoos and we all talked about Lenyn leaving for NYC in less than a week which frankly has me very bummed, because he’s one of my best friends, but also excited for him to finally do the thing he has been wanting to do. Then we had a little photo shoot to get photos for when he does leave, and ya know, to “do it for the gram”.

I queued up the NYE countdown from London and synced it up for our own, and we had a lovely “Happy New Year”. After some chit chatting and what not, Sam and Lenyn left and Bret and I smoked a bit and went to bed because, well, it was late and we were both tired.

Then we had this mornings chill awesomeness and here we are, evening time working on the blog.

So, I should work out, but the bike hurts my ass, so I need to grab a pillow and haul the bike out, just pound out some miles really quick, and then I can say I made my health a priority today and stuck to my goals.

Later, Post Work-Out

Well, I got some miles in, smidge over 12, did some light stretching, and launched into blogging, after grabbing some water. Bret is playing Left 4 Dead 2, and I am blogging while I cool off from the work out. I know I will need to push myself more, fitness wise, this year, because I am aging, and I want to stay healthy, but, I also know if I push myself too hard I will take a break that lasts for weeks versus the sustainable change of working out a little bit, every day.

Doing extra to like impress myself isn’t sustainable, but building a habit, not to mention a stamina, is more helpful in the pursuit of changing my lifestyle to include some sort of healthy active activity every day, not just my usual walking to and from work. I know I will need to add more intense stuff, more of the high intensity stuff, more yoga, goodness knows I need to stretch more, but as I have mentioned in previous blogs, once we have the bedroom sorted the way I am hoping to, I will have room to work out without being on top of Bret while he works or games or whatever.

I don’t like working out around people and while I can work out around Bret, if I need to, it is hard to pull out the bike, put it away, pull out a yoga mat, etc etc, versus just maybe unfolding the bike, riding my miles, folding the bike up, doing the yoga, or the weight resistance stuff… its just easier to do, for me, when you have the space to do it alone.

Not to mention that I tend to sing along to music when I work out and as tolerant as Bret tries to be of the music I like…largely he doesn’t like it and I feel bad forcing him to listen to it, more so with me singing it, with headphones in.

So, that is on the list of things that I will be improving in the next few months, and in the mean time, I will do the little bit I can force myself to do, while forcing myself to do cardio for at least 30 minutes a day.

Will I miss days?

Yeah, probably, but like I mentioned, I need to get better at saying “My health is a priority” and making myself do something healthy for thirty minutes. I have decided if I am not feeling it, that should be a day where I pull out the yoga mat instead, and even if I just do light stretching for thirty minutes, I need to make myself have the habit of doing something healthy and active for my body for thirty minutes a day.

I have been considering adding other healthy good habits to my routine, other than the eating at home more that I’ve mentioned, like meditating, or journaling, but I haven’t decided when or if I will.

Meditation seems cool, and like it is probably good for you, and I do take small minutes, thirty seconds to a minute to center myself and meditate for a moment, periodically throughout the day, but I never sit and actually meditate for more than a minute, and I know that doing so can have a lot of healthy benefits mentally, and a healthy brain tends to lead a healthy body.

As for journalling, I don’t know if I want to journal on top of the daily blogging I do. I know I don’t say everything I am going through on this blog but I am pretty transparent, and I leave enough for me to know what I am talking about, and I do also put the more intimate stuff in my bullet journal, but it isn’t a consistent thing, it’s on an as needed basis, when something needs to be written down but isn’t right for the daily blog.

I think meditation is much more likely than the journaling.

Anyways, I made Bret and I a light dinner, we just ate it, and I need to do some light dishes, but nothing too major. It is almost midnight, however, so I do need to get to it, ASAP, if I am going to get this blog scheduled, edited, and illustrated.

So, I think I better wrap this up pretty quickly.

Well, I guess all that is left is to discuss what I learned from Blogmas, but it is late, and I don’t want to do the whole thing a disservice, so I am going to end this here with the promise to discuss my post-Blogmas thoughts first thing in tomorrow’s blog.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and have started the year off in a way that makes you happy.

Thanks for reading!