Daily Blog #104: Blogmas Day Seven- Cannabis media, skin care Saturday, leaving blog limbo for a moment, and how awesome my friends are.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!  I just read an article about Cannabis Media dying, and I thought that would make a fun thing to talk about today, as a throwback to my cannabis blogging goals. Anyone who has followed this blog from the beginning knows that a big part of my creative goals for my […]

Daily Blog #101: Blogmas Day Four- Zombie reminders, content appreciation, “mas in Blogmas”, and I’m still freaking sick, this is so damn annoying.

Tuesday Night Greetings and Salutations blog readers! Today was a very, very, very, long freaking day. I have felt like shit all fucking day and it has honestly felt like everyone is going out of there way to be pointedly stupid, mean, or just plain fucking annoying. Sure, much of this is likely my own […]

Blogmas Check!

Alright folks, it’s the night before Blogmas! Who else is doing Blogmas? This is my official, are you doing Blogmas, posting one blog every day until Christmas (and sometimes longer)? Because I am, and if you are, tell me in the comments- I want to read and support fellow Blogmas people. So, this is my […]

Daily Blog #77 “Thursday-Sunday, ‘…but here I am, blogging’, staying true to our honest content goals, and shout-outs to friends on and offline”

Thursday Night I just finished formatting, editing, and adding pictures to the Rose Gold Hemp skin mask review, and by the time this blog is posted, it will have been posted. If I have done my job I have linked it somewhere above. Now I thought it would be smart to update my Daily Blog, […]