Roxy gets a letter by a tree

My creative writing got attacked by a monster i need to destroy. Here is a short-short story about Roxy getting a letter. It answers no questions. – Roxy approached the tree slowly, terrified of what she may find. The clues had been scattered all through time, all through space, and she had been gathering the […]


Greetings everyone! As I have mentioned in MANY previous blogs, social media posts, and conversations, I have been working on a mixed multi media writing project near and dear to my heart, called: Flake City. This is a short story, an prologue to the action of Flake City. I reveal a lot of universe information […]

Spring Break

A Short Story A short preface: my only rules for this short story were that I had to keep it under three thousand words, not use magic, and keep it to this simple story that popped into my head one afternoon. I may build on it, let me know if it makes you curious. Spring […]