Daily Blog #3

6/17/19 So, I’m at work, and I’m in love with my packed breakfast! Watermelon and banana!! Literally the only good thing I can think of about summer- watermelon is in season. Got to work, and boom! Got to WORK! Now it’s afternoon, 2:43 PM approximately, and I am actually, totally crushing my day! My goalsContinue reading “Daily Blog #3”

Daily Blog #2 Chill Sunday/Happy Monday morning

A chill Sunday, and rededicating some time to the Poshmark store. So if you remember from the last daily blog, my plan was to make dinner and get ready for the upcoming week, and to that aim, I’m doing quite well! Made dinner, and got my bullet journal set up in a nice way- betterContinue reading “Daily Blog #2 Chill Sunday/Happy Monday morning”