Daily Blog #190: Friday The Thirteenth

Greetings and fucking salutations, blog readers! It is Friday the 13th, it is the early evening, the moon is preparing to rise, and whoever is brave enough to brave potential viruses, are hitting the streets, and having some fun. Or at least grabbing dinner first. Others are following rituals, some are having movie night, and […]

Blogmas Day Twenty-one: Daily Blog #117-The week later, Abbi finally gets around to doing her review of “The Christmas Carol” at The Alley Theatre

I was lucky enough to get comped tickets for this show and here is my review! It was Friday the 13th, and we were lucky enough to have comped tickets for one of the first scary Christmas stories in our mainstream culture…The haunted spectacle full of ghosts…The Christmas Carol. (Yes, I should have posted about […]