Don’t let the zombies get you down merchandise

Hey, so, I am working on eventually making my own line of merchandise, but, as you know, I don’t have the money for the upfront cost. To supply those who want merchandise with it, I have designed some stuff, and thankfully I’m able to offer it to you via teespring. I’ll be using money gainedContinue reading “Don’t let the zombies get you down merchandise”

Daily Blog #16: “Productivity, universe building, and contentment from my content“

Just finished scheduling tomorrow’s blog, now I’m laying in bed watching a show I used to love on Hulu, called Better Off Ted. Bret and I are getting ready for bed, but I figured hey, why not get a post started? And this is me doing that. Anyways, I am going to go ahead andContinue reading “Daily Blog #16: “Productivity, universe building, and contentment from my content“”

Roxy gets a letter by a tree

My creative writing got attacked by a monster i need to destroy. Here is a short-short story about Roxy getting a letter. It answers no questions. – Roxy approached the tree slowly, terrified of what she may find. The clues had been scattered all through time, all through space, and she had been gathering theContinue reading “Roxy gets a letter by a tree”