Daily Blog #183: Skin care routine update

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

Today we are going to discuss my average skin care routine, and offer an update to my last skin care routine blog, as I have added a product.

I have changed and tweaked a few of my brands, in my goals to have more vegan and cruelty free skin care routine, as well as to have more of my favorite plants in my routine, namely cannabis and lavender.

So, without further adiu, let’s discuss my skin care routine!

As I have mentioned in my last skin care routines, I have very dry skin, year round, and I can’t always handle washing my face with any harsh cleansers in the morning, so frequently, I begin my routine in the morning with a nice micellar water to cleanse my face, without drying it out. I then generally use a cotton round (reusable preferred but I haven’t mastered a stand in for it yet) to wipe my face with a cleanser, normally the Andalou hemp stem cell toner, or the Mario Badescu lavender facial toner. After I wipe my face down, I spritz another toner, lately it has been the CBD toner I found, from REVOLUTION Skincare London, which has CBD, is cruelty free and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

After this toner, I toss on some day cream, I have been using the Happy Day Cream from Andalou, and following it up with the sunscreen from the same line. I like this sunscreen a lot because it protects my skin and leaves it feeling safe all day, without it feeling too heavy and greasy.

Remember, if you don’t like how an SPF is sitting on your skin, it is likely because you aren’t using a day cream first, and are trying to get away with using a “two in one” which normally leave your skin wanting more of everything it needs.

Use the two creams. The Andalou Hemp line is vegan and cruelty free, and super freaking affordable. Huge containers, under 15 bucks, many cheaper than that.

Anyways, after my SPF, I tend to put on primer, eyeliner, mascara, and some sort of lip balm/tint. My make up routine has been super chill lately and I haven’t been doing much makeup at all, which will hopefully continue, as not using a ton of make up everyday is fundamentally better for my skin and mental mindset.

So, onto the end of my day.

And the end of my day, I like to remove my makeup, which is generally just the eyeliner and mascara, so I will normally use a cleansing balm, or my micellar water, to do the first removal of my make up, and also use it to break through the powerful barrier my sunscreen and primer have provided me.

Once I have finished this first cleansing, I run warm water and wash my face, more often than not with my tropical cleanser from GlamGlow. I love GlamGlow cleansers, and I haven’t found something I like better, yet. I am hoping to buy a thing of the mud to foam cleanser I love so much, but I am also looking for some vegan and affordable cleansers. For now, this is amazing and deep cleans, while smelling and feeling great.

After I wash my face and pat dry with a clean wash cloth or small hand towel, I spray with my lavender toner. If I am doing a face mask that day, this is when I will put the face mask on, and let it set from anywhere from 10-30 minutes, depending on the mask.

After I have used whatever mask I am using that day, if I am using a mask, I will spray with a spritz more toner, and then I either use my lavender sleep mask that I have reviewed before, or my Dreamy Nite Cream from Andalou, which is just so amazingly hydrating and feels so good on my skin. I love the Andalou line, as you can probably tell from how many products of that line make it to my daily routine.

After my night cream is on, I grab something for my tired eyes, which lately is the Hey Honey Retinol eye mask, and apply that to the entire eye area, under eye, eye lid, side of eye.

The new item I have added I added because I do wear mascara like five to six days a week, if not every day, and I don’t like seeing several eyelashes come off everyday when I remove my mascara, and I heard from one of the YouTubers I follow that the solution may be a good eyelash serum, so I went to Ulta and picked up a decently rated one…and after four weeks, I like using eyelash serum, and I may even invest in some of the nicer stuff.

So, once the eye mask or eye cream is on, I put on my eyelash serum, and apply lip balm.

I have also started spraying toner on my hands and applying a deeply hydrating cream to my hands, and for a while my hands were really happy, then I stopped, and my hands are miserable, so I think I will add this back into my routine.

And there you have it. My routine for my skin. This routine lets me keep clear skin, I normally only deal with one blemish a month, if any blemishes at all, and that is always cycle related. I have clear skin, and I rarely wear more makeup than what I described earlier, eyeliner, mascara, primer and tinted lip stuff.

I think the crucial parts of any routine, is the cleaning an hydrating, so, please, make sure whatever you use, whatever you do, you do this little bit of self care for yourself, and take care of your skin.

Thank for reading!




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