Daily Blog #171: Left 4 Dead video game franchise- The game Abbi spends any spare video game time she has on.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

I write often about zombies, zombie culture, and zombie video games, and I thought to myself, “Self, why don’t you try and write about what is one of your favorite games?”

And then I realized that wasn’t a bad idea at all, so here I am, discussing the video game, Left 4 Dead.

I couldn’t tell you when I first played Left 4 Dead, but I know I played it pretty soon after it was released, quickly falling in love with the game. When Left 4 Dead 2 came out I was just as excited and happy, and quickly lost myself for hours, submersed in the zombie world.

When I left college, I didn’t play video games with friends, for a good long while, with the exception of WoW, and that informs more than it needs to.

But I wanted to play again, so when I was looking at spending a valentines day weekend alone, after having just received a bonus at work, I went to game stop and bought an Xbox, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, a headset, a gift-card for a friends birthday, and settled in for a nice weekend, and a nice weekend I had!

I fell back in love with the game exploring it in offline mode by myself, online with asshole dude bros, offline again, trying to teach my sister how to play…(she was very bad at it.) But no matter how hard it got to find a good group in the co-op friendly game, I loved in.

When Bret and I got to play together, years later, it was even better than it had ever been because I had someone to play with who wasn’t as bad as my sister.

He could be better, sure, but he isn’t bad.

So, why do I love this game so much? Why will I always drop money for a new console if it means playing this game series?

Well, for so many reasons.

Replay-ability is the biggest one, in terms of longevity, I mean, they haven’t really added more content to the series outside of the original stuff in the games, but the games “director” keeps it interesting by changing up spawn points, hordes, special infected, etc. This game director also, in my opinion, scales the game based on your performance, so even if you have it set on easy mode, if you are crushing it, it may bump the intensity up a notch.

The game will change where, when, and what spawns, including guns, throw-ables, and health packs.

The game itself is multiple chapters that make up each campaign, with four characters traversing all sorts of terrain to get to a rescue point. The campaigns each have little nuances that make them fun, and, little hidden gems, like a rare spawn zombie in Dead Center, for example, keep the game fun and re-playable for years.


It’s been over a decade…And, get this…people still love it. I mean, on YouTube alone you have content creators who post this game, its play through, and even just videos on the game itself. People keep watching and taking in the new content, because I am not the only zombie obsessed nerd who loves this game…and some love it enough to film content for it, some love it enough to watch content of it.

I watch this game all the time as background noise, and it helps me be productive and get shit done.

Another reason I love this game, and i assume others do as well, is it’s never boring. Zombie fighting can get dull, over time, killing the same zombies shambling toward you etc etc.

In Left 4 Dead, the infected (because they aren’t technically zombies as much as they are infected with the Green Flu, but still) run at you, full of rage, trying to cause harm. This alone could also get boring, just a bunch of violent infected humans attacking you, and you killing them dead before they kill you. (The characters are considered Immune, or as we later find out from the comics after the game (SPOILERS) Carriers, but still, they don’t turn from bites or scratches like much of the population.) This monotony is broken, however, with lots of run special infected that keep things interesting.

In the first Left 4 Dead, we have a few fun special infected, before a couple more are added in the second one. In the first version, you had Smoker, Hunter, Boomer, Witch, and Tank. In the second, we are joined by a Jockey, a Spitter, a Charger, and a female boomer.

Eventually, when the games were ported online, both games had all special infected, but, when playing Left 4 Dead one, it is important to remember those levels weren’t designed with creatures like these new ones, and it made some levels that much more challenging…which also helped up the replay-ability.

So what did these special infected do? What makes them keep it interesting enough to play, on average, a couple hours a week after a decade?

Boomers- Fat and gross, the puke bile that attracts a horde of zombies. They also burst open when killed, covering nearby people with the bile, also triggering a horde. The boomer exploding can also send things like gas cans flying.

Smoker- Likely a smoker when alive, the smoke has a crazy long tongue, mutations from the virus in the intestines and esophagus, that shoots out and traps survivors, requiring another team made to free them by either shooting the smoker, or breaking the tongue.

Hunter- Dressed like a skater boy who dabbles in par-cor, the hunter stalks his prey, leaps on them, pins them down, requiring a team mate’s assistance, and tears the victim to shreds.

Witch- During the day she wonders, at night she sits, either way she has her face covered by her razor talon claws. If bothered, by either making noise, flashlight, or proximity, she will “trigger” and tear you to fucking shreds. Depending on difficulty, she knocks you down and kills you, or kills you instantly and takes off after the rest of the party.

Tank- Probably exactly what you expect when you think of a Zombie Tank, this giant creature takes more damage than any infected to bring down, and packs a nasty punch too. Likely created from steroid use as a human, although I like to think it was government experimentation WITH the green flu, but there is NO evidence of that, it’s just my own theory based on one of the Tanks on one of the levels. The Tank is deadly, able to hit survivors and send them flying, some times instantly killing them from throwing them off a building or into water. The Tank can also incapacitate survivors with a hard hit and survivor having low to medium health, or, by throwing a rock he can pull from the ground. Inexplicably, the Tank can ALWAYS pull a piece of rock from wherever he is standing, even if its a metal platform or a bit of fencing. The Tank can also send things like dumpsters and cars into survivors, which will also incapacitate survivors, instantly, no matter their health. Tanks also run as fast as healthy survivors, faster than injured ones, so while you can out run them, you better run fast. It is generally advised for an entire team to team up on the tank, in an open area, with room to run and maneuver around the tank. I’ve also killed him standing in tight sewer quarters. You do what you have to, I guess.

To help dispense these creatures, in the first Left 4 Dead, you are given a selection of decent weapons and two throw-able options, Molotov and pipe bomb, the former good for setting things on fire, the later for dispensing of a large horde.

In Left 4 Dead 2, and then later, when the changes were ported in, Left 4 Dead, we see some new creatures, a few new weapons, and a new throw-able.

In the new special infected, the creators looked to stop people (like me) from “camping” an area, or hiding out in one spot and killing everything, and it is very obvious with some of these special infected, like the Spitter.

The spitter is a female infected, who spits burning hot acid like bile at the survivors. The ground beneath your feet is then basically lava, and it deals more damage the longer it sets and the longer you sit in it. When she dies, she also ends in a puddle of the bile, like the boomer when he explodes, and that puddle also deals damage to survivors.

The male boomer from the first game is joined by his girlfriend, the female boomer, who does everything as her male counterpart does, with a slightly higher pitched “boomer” sound.

Fun fact, every time I say “okay boomer” I do not mean age. I mean these things. Big messy gross zombies that seek to bring more zombies to me.

We also saw a new special infected, the Jockey, who helped prevent people from camping areas. The jockey is the smallest of the special infected, and he leaps onto heads, forcing the character to walk around blindly, possibly into fire, off a ledge, or into bile. The jockey can also drag survivors further from the group, or just cause general chaos. This special infected, like the smoker and hunter, requires a team mate to save you from their grasp.

The last special infected Left 4 Dead 2 brought us was the Charger, who many claim is the cousin to the Tank. Half of his body looks like the tank does, massive muscular arm meant for bashing you into the ground. The Charger “charges” literally, he will charge like a bull, hitting a survivor (unless you duck) and then pummels them into the ground, requiring, you guessed it, a teammate to help you. The teammate also, it should be noted, can’t just “shove” the charger off of you, like you can with the Smoker, Jockey, and Hunter.

These special infected were joined by a new class of weapon, finally, we had melee weapons, frying pans, axe, bat, police baton…and…a magnum pistol that packs 8 massive shots, like a shotgun in a handgun configuration.

The weapons also increased, I don’t recall which ones were new to the second one, but we got some more regular weapons as well, and, to go with the new infected types and weaponry, a new throw-able. This one was a bile jar, which was developed by scientists to be able to get the horde to attack each-other, or at least be drawn to something, not humans. The scientists made the bile not “adhere” to the humans, so tossing a boomer bile would boomer yourself, but it would boomer the regular zombies, making them fight each-other, and giving you a chance to run away and or kill the horde.

In addition to this, we got a new style of “trigger” event. In the past, when you had to “trigger” something, it was always along the lines of hit a buttun, fight the horde until it’s done, move forward, but with the second game, some levels had crescendo events that required additional action, like turning a generator back on, or turning an alarm off.

We also had scavenger finales, like with Dead Center, which requires gassing up a vehicle before leaving, versus summoning for some mysterious third party to come fetch the team.

A lot, right? Plus you have several campaigns, most average about an hour of game play if you take your time or play in versus mode, and then a few smaller campaigns like Crash Course, for if you just want a quick game.

This, coupled with “mutations” in game play, like “Taaaaaank” mode (basically being chased by tons of Tanks) or “Bleed out” help keep the game fresh too. Tired of a level or a game play, just try another mutation, and if that isn’t enough, you can always play on player made maps, which frankly, can be insane, and fucking awesome.

All of this, all contribute to the replay-ability of this game, which is easily my biggest reasoning for loving this game.

Of course, the special infected also help keep the game unique, special, and a stand alone separate special zombie game, and that also helps.

The characters are compelling, I wish only for more games and for the two groups to merge.

The game gives you so many options to play, without even going into the online mode where you can play as the infected. I love this game, and when I started this blog I thought I could explain it shortly how much I love it….and now I know I will likely do another blog all about why I love the Left 4 Dead franchise.

Be sure to check it out, and subscribe/follow the blog if you like Zombie stuff… because if you like zombies, you are going to probably really enjoy things around here.

Thanks for Reading.



Daily Blog #170: Gysting (The fine art of self care where you get your shit together)

Greetings and Salutations my Blog Friends!

It is Thursday evening, and I am at work, wrapping things up and waiting for Bret to finish up. I would always 100% work later on a Thursday to keep my Friday off.

Which is what I will be doing. Sweet.


Greetings and Salutations, Blog readers!

I didn’t even know I had this file started! I have been taking some time to get healthy and sorted, and also to just relax and even though everyone I talk to online is like “I absolutely haven’t noticed a slow down in your output of content” – that is due to me having prewritten some things.

In reality I haven’t blogged in a couple of days, allowing some prewritten blogs to fill to void. I haven’t posted a blog for today yet, and frankly, I should be worriedly posting that up right now, but, here’s the thing…I have been trying really hard to relax and stop holding myself to high standards because I am trying to reduce stress, because editing and writing all the time, on top of having a full time job, is hard enough, and I need to be as kind as I can be to myself.

I do need to get some stuff done though, and I am a big believer in sometimes self care is not pampering yourself, but getting yourself in gear. Frankly, believe one of the greatest forms of all around self care one can do is the “Gyst” day.

Get. Your. Shit. Together.



That’s the “gyst” of it. – If I had a special shirt for this, it would say that. And, frankly, I should, because I believe in “Gysting days”.

Gysting, where your Get Your Shit Together, is meant to do just that, get your shit together. I try to hydrate, like deeply hydrate, not just water but like infused water and pure juices or fruit, smoothies, etc. Do good things for your body, but make sure you are fully hydrated. Don’t starve yourself with a cleanse, however, because the Gyst is, to me, meant to make you feel good but also make your soul feel good. Hydrate, eat healthy, but don’t starve yourself.

Gather up all your dirty laundry and get that cleaned, or at least contained to a basket. Tidy up around your house, light a candle, start your essential oil diffuser if you have one, do whatever dishes you need to do, dust, remove old trash or mail that needs to be cleared…Toss old junk and clean up dust and dirt. When it’s all clean, sweep up the floors, mop. Ensure all the stuff you are doing to make the area smells good isn’t fighting with odors. When you have finished, take out the trash.

For me, this process involves doing the litter box, emptying bathroom trash after scrubbing the toilet, sink, tub, then cleaning the mirror, putting essential oils on the inside of the toiler paper roll so it smells good when you spin the roll. I sweep up at the end, and then wet mop, leaving a small candle lit for a while to really make it nice. I relight this candle when company comes over. I may do a cleaning series, so let me know if you like this sort of stuff.

Once the bathroom and kitchen, generally the dirtiest rooms, are clean, I dust the living room, sweep up, mop, and keep drinking water. Once I have the apartment cleaned up, in my Gysting process, I work on laundry, and do a nice exfoliation and face mask on my face. Some times I’ll shave, sometimes I’ll just shower, either way I do some spa like self care things, like face masks, on top of doing productive things like tidying up space.

After that, I will get to any prep I can do, be it food prep, blog prep, post prep, whatever projects I have, working on those, I will do some productive list making, mostly looking at what I have coming in the upcoming days, so I can avoid any stress. If I did a clay mask, I do a moisterizing one too, and will finish up and writing or posting projects I want to get ahead of, and that is how I safe guard my stress levels and also provide self care to my blog, and me.

And that is my average gysting day, which I try to do on Saturday or Sunday of each week.

This weekend, I have done some light puttering, so my cleaning portion of the gysting will be easier, and I am hoping to do some laundry tonight and knock the cleaning out in one really productive hour tomorrow.

Tonight, my goal is to make a nice dinner for Bret and I, and to write a few blogs, I have been wanting to add to my back stock of blogs that I will be scheduling in the coming weeks.

I have been dedicated a lot of energy into the blog, into zombie content, to try and not only have my eyes and mind set up perfectly for zombie editing with Flake City- but also to give me time to edit without worrying about the blog as much, because content Is scheduled for it. Of course, the challenge then becomes getting myself motivated to edit, and to not waste my time that I so graciously gave myself, and to also not slack off on the blogging too much…If I give myself a window that I can focus on Flake City and I don’t blog, the entire time, then I run out of that free time, and next thing you know, the blog is behind again, and, worse yet, is the stress.

You know, that background stress of “I need to post this.” Just that nagging feeling you get when you have things you need to tend to. I hate that stress, it takes up entirely too much of my energy. My goal is to get far enough ahead to where I have plenty of breathing room, but to keep blogging within that time period, because sometimes self care is maintaining things to keep your stress levels down.

Anyways, it is Saturday night and I have a bit of writing to do, obviously, as well as some Gysting to do tonight and tomorrow so I should get to this. My read rates indicate that many of you like my zombie reviews and discussions, so, I have some nice in depth ones I want to drop in the coming weeks.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

Thanks for reading!


Daily Blog #169: 420 Prep- Menu, guest list, entertainment suggestions, ideas, and pre-planning.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers and Friends!

Today I am going to be discussing my 4/20 plans. As you may or may not know, 4/20 is kind of my favorite holiday, although I generally like most holidays.

I tend to host pretty awesome 4/20 celebrations, and as that this looks to be our last 4/20 in Houston, I want to make sure it is a fun, enjoyable time.

So, the biggest parts that go into my 4/20 plans are: Food, smoke, entertainment, like with any special occasion or holiday.

For food, I like it to be infused, to it is thematic, the smoke, I like to be plentiful, and the entertainment I like to be discreet, so people can talk and enjoy company, OR laugh and enjoy something light and fun.

Last year, I made a spinach dip that, while delicious, was way too strong, and let to one of our friends having a less than stellar time- and that shit isn’t okay in my mind, so this year I will be making it less potent so everyone can enjoy it, as well as having a few more CBD options as well.

With 4/20 celebrations, I feel having appropriate salty and sweet snacks is important, given how munchies work, and I would like it to all be infused, a la Bong Appetit’. I think it might be fun to make a trail mix, for snacking, or at least some roasted pretzels. Brownies are classic 4/20 deserts, so that is also a must.

So, spinach dip, something salty like chex mix, brownies, maybe my “giggledoodles” (snickerdoodle) cookies…And that is as far as I have gotten.

I like to keep the menu open, and also take recommendations from my friends and guests, so people can feel included in the plans, and have a better time come the big day. I have a few options, including pasta, pizza, roasted veggies…I have a few really fun infused dinner options, and I will probably run my options by my guest list and also take suggestions and requests.

So, speaking of that guest list:

Off the top of my head, I know we will be inviting Amber, Damon, Drew, Ryan, Amanda, Houston Sam, (Canadian Sam, you and Christien are more than welcome but that is a DRIVE to smoke some weed y’all already have in Canada), plus Bret and myself. I don’t know who else would be invited, or even should be invited, but I am also at a new place when it comes to being social…

Most people aren’t trying to be friends, they are trying to take up resources. If they only contact you when they want something, if they have no problem ignoring you when they don’t need something, if they never bother to listen or read you, to catch up with you, if the friendship is one sided….They don’t need to come to my 4/20 party. The rest of my celebrations this year will likely all follow that same template, because I am not okay with spending the last bit of time I plan on living in Houston, wasting it with leeches.

Even if they aren’t leeches…they aren’t friends. It sucks, but sadly, the past few weeks have been eye opening as to who real friends are, and who real problematic leeches are.

So, it is a smaller guest list, and half of them will likely have plans, and even if EVERYONE invited shows up, it won’t be too crowded, and everyone will have a good time.

Now, for entertainment.

I will likely have a collection of board games on the table with the bongs. I normally use a folding card table for the bong table, so I have a place for bongs, the gravity, and any other great pieces for smoking. I think I will add these board games and make it a cute little set up, and also have some cards and dominoes if I can find any, to allow for some fun party times.

Additionally, for background noise, I plan on having some stoner movies, like How High on, as well as my “for the culture” playlist, which has a bunch of stoner music on it, and I will be building and adding to it in the coming weeks. If you want to follow or listen to that playlist, let me know, and I will post it for everyone.

So that is my first pass at a plan for 4/20. I am, of course, still taking menu item nominations, and of course the guest list is still open, but the plans are being built, and 4/20 prep is underway!

Thanks for Reading!


PS- Editing Abbi here- As you may or may not know, if you follow me on my various social media channels, I am off of work tomorrow (Friday). Be on the look out for a second blog today (Friday).

Daily Blog #168 – World War Z (book) Review

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers and friends!

Today, I am doing a drumroll please


As some of you may also know, but not many, I am doing #armedwithabingo, where we play bingo with reading books, and verify we read it by posting book reviews.

Now, World War Z by Max Brooks has been out for quite some time, so long in fact that we already have the movie version out too.

I have heard, from people who have opinions I hold dear, either in general, like Bret, or about zombie content, like @WowSuchGaming, that the book is leagues above the movie and that the movie, awesome as it may be, is trash compared to the book.

Now, a decade or so ago, when I worked in a book store, while I shelved books I would casually read some, and this is one of the ones I leafed through, but never read. The episodic short burst of stories makes reading this in bursts a bit easier, but once I committed to sitting down and ACTUALLY reading it, I had a hard time pulling away.

Yeah, it’s DEFINITELY got multiple points of view as it is told in interviews of survivors – I don’t know if I’ll go for a straight easy Bingo or let it happen naturally from reading what I want. We shall see!

So let’s get into it.

For the purposes of discussion, I will be making some comparisons to the movie, but I will save “the differences between the book and the movie” for another blog, and instead just kind of touch on it a bit while I discuss this, frankly awesome, book.

So, in the movie we have some CDC ex Military type character as our main lead, basically so whats his name can be in a zombie movie and the zombie movie can sell some damn tickets, bc when the zombie nerds find out how much this movie does not follow the book, ticket sales will be harder to come by.

The book, however, has a different kind of main character, one that whats his name could have easily played, (And who knows, maybe it was meant to be the same character but it sure didn’t feel like it). The main character of the book is a reporter, who is going around the world gathering statements and stories from people in the war.

What war?

Why the war against the undead, of course.

This book gives snippets of story from the start of the war, when it was still thought to be a simple illness, all the way to the years after the war, when the human race is still trying to eradicate zombies from the face of the earth.

As someone who thinks about zombies more than is probably healthy, and as someone who considers all sorts of factors in a zombie outbreak, I was VERY impressed with World War Z.

I can’t count the number of times i have wondered what would happen to astronauts in space if zombies broke out.

Or how zombies would, probably, end up in the water, and even if they couldn’t swim, would be a dangerous and devastating issue.

Or that people add up. Too many pieces of zombie content down play how many zombies are there in an outbreak.

Every single human, that isn’t a survivor…is a zombie.

If zombies attack people, those people become zombies. If people die, they become zombies. In a battle, friendly fire leads to zombies, in addition to death, where you lose numbers, they gain numbers.

Zombieland 2 also did this semi well, but the first wave or horde of zombies, more so when you are IN the outbreak, not in the beginning but like a year or so into it, isn’t the only horde.

Logically, there will always be more people, plus zombies can call nearby zombies, adding to the horde. Oh, and, of course, any noise you make to kill those zombies, be it gun fire or explosions will what?

That’s right, draw in more zombies.

So, the idea that one explosion kills em and leaves the group safe always pisses me off, and, World War Z made sure to placate people like me with battles that went wrong (Battle of Yonkers, NYC) and learning from those lessons (Battle of Hope, New Mexico)

Zombies Freezing.

THIS features HEAVILY in Flake City, so it was awesome to see how another writer and fellow zombie fan looked freezing temperatures as a way to combat zombies. The book also talked at length about people trying to make a go of it and get north, leading to a whole new set of problems, including exposure to the elements, not being able to handle the cold or the way of life, and of course the environmental impact when people did flee to the north or set up camp there.

(Which, if it is true and accurate to how it would go, ruins my theory that people will all die off and I will be left alone without normal non-zombie obsessed folk asking me why I keep replaying the same movie and tv shows all day)

Also fun was how well he looked at the environmental impacts, not just increased dead humans walking the earth, not just the impact of humans fleeing for their lives leaving their belongings and trash in their wake, but the longer winters from the darker skies. The extra pollution from the increase in fires to keep warm when the power went out, and presumably from burning bodies.

The environment would take a huge hit, too, with trees being chopped for fire wood, which was also discussed. All in all, I would say World War Z not only mentioned the environmental impact, it nailed it on the head, beautifully. I would have only asked for some more info, maybe a story or two of a a marine biologist dealing with the side affects of whales eating zombies, or some shit, but, it already covered a TON of material, and had to focus on the divers who were trying to get rid of underwater zombies, so even though I didn’t get to have a story about a giant squid fighting zombies, I still got plenty of good reading about the environmental impact of the zombie outbreak and ensuing war.

World War Z didn’t talk too much about how fucked up humans get during zombie outbreaks either, which is amazing. The cruelty and depravity of humans was, of course, mentioned and alluded to, but it was never outlined and detailed.

(Although, we did discuss humans being stupid, a little, in this book, with details of brief war between countries and a civil unrest in China)

Which I was thankful for. Humans are evil, we know that, and The Walking Dead confirmed it if you had any questions. I don’t like zombie stories that focus on humans fighting humans. Also, in an all out war against zombies, it makes less than no sense.

Speaking of “All out War”- Brooks made sure to make this distinction, and for that I was pleased as well.

“All out War” means every person in the entire country is fighting with purpose, against a single enemy. Every resource is going towards the fight.

Humans can’t spend every single second working against an enemy, even if they were physically able to do so. Humans have those who object to war, or who just aren’t able. Zombie’s don’t have that.

Humans need to sleep, eat, drink water, and not be bit by zombies.

Zombies don’t need sleep, eat humans which turns them into more zombies, don’t seem to need anything to drink, and oh, hey, VERY hard to stop them from coming at you, forcing you to totally destroy each and every one, to do less only wastes ammo.

Oh, and speaking of ammo, instead of the stupid pop culture trend of everyone always having enough ammo and ammo being readily available everywhere anyone goes, even the military had to worry about running out of ammo.

Resources actually got discussed, and not just drinking water and food, but ammo, medicine, and other needed supplies…but supplies we as a society have after the collapse.

World War Z outlined a few details of supplies, the things left behind. In the war efforts, supplies were needed, but, as the book brilliantly points out, thinks become much more local, transportation isn’t the same, hell, we cant even use resources from some areas. Factories can’t exactly be built to make the things needed to finish the war efforts, without supplies, and the zombies being EVERYWHERE stopped the gathering of supplies…but good ole America, land of plenty, had homes full of tech, gear, canned food, tools, plus materials used in building the homes. These resources, the stuff left behind, rarely gets discussed because so many zombie stories don’t talk about the recovery process, so i was glad to see it discussed, even if it was a bit briefer than i would have liked.

Also fun was the way they discussed the new society we found ourselves in, with many intangible jobs like marketing people, agents, talent in general, people who didn’t have what one would call marketable skills in the war against zombies, like the ability to fight, treat people medically, build things, or grow food.

This labor pool was forced into classes to teach them how to cook, how to clean, how to do marketable skills. The journalist found this fun, noting that one lady kept using the instructors first name, before finally learning the instructor of the “how to be useful” type class was a former maid, and used to be employed by one of the very “worthless” talents who had to take the class.

Too many people think that the rich, the privileged, those who never lived hard lives, won’t survive an apocalypse type situation. It’s foolish, to me, to think these kinds of people won’t survive, when life has handed them plenty of other lucky breaks, why not this one too? Thankfully, surviving zombies wasn’t enough. This reset apparently also allowed more people to have true satisfaction with their jobs, with monetary things no longer the big determining factor in job satisfaction, being pleased with your work comes back, in some forms, which was a great bit of human condition to think about.

Overall, World War Z was fucking fantastic and I was really glad to finally read it. I agreed with much of the theory involving what would happen and how it would play out, and even the stuff I didn’t agree with, I absolutely was appreciative of how Brooks arrived at that conclusion. I appreciated the journalistic approach, just letting the witness statements and interviews tell the story, with only brief introductions and wording of questions to show any personality or bias in the interviewer…which only helped create the picture of the man who was “writing” the story. All in all, excellent.

I will be writing a comparison of the book and movie of World War Z, so if you liked this, be sure to check back for more.

Thanks for reading!


Daily Blog #167: Recent Poshmark experience

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today I am giving a little bit of a Poshmark Update, this time about my recent experiences with the popular online reselling app, Poshmark.

For those who don’t know Poshmark is a reseller app that allows shoppers to buy awesome, quality clothing for discounted rates and help end the cycle of fast fashion, and allows sellers to earn extra cash, sometimes enough to make reselling used clothing ones work at home full time job, as many have done using Poshmark and other reselling apps like Ebay, Mercari, or Relovvv.

As you may recall from past blogs, I have been falling out of love with Poshmark as both a seller and a buyer, but I have been trying to fix that, because fundamentally I like the idea of reselling for extra cash and to keep budget down and, best of all, to help minimize the the amount of crap in already bloated landfills. I got to host a party for Poshmark, however, and it helped keep me “in love” as it were.

And many of the resellers have been making me want to stop using it, in addition to Poshmark only ever seeming to care about making the sellers feel important, not the oh so vital buyers. The buyers keep the SHOPPING part of the app going, and yet the app offers no perks, no benefits, no special “feel a part of the community” perk, like sellers have with the Poshmark Ambassador program.

This drives me insane because it shows shoppers, the people who spend their money and allow Poshmark and all the aggressive and often bitchy resellers, to continue to make money.

Yet, unless you are willing to sell for Poshmark, you don’ t get to be a part of the Poshmark family, i guess.

So much for wanting to go to Poshfest, amiright?

So, that drives me crazy, but we are ambassadors, and I do like what Poshmark is doing in the big picture, and they allow me to get quality items for affordable prices while I save the planet.

Which leads to me placing three orders back to back.

First, I ordered some Pop Funko’s from someone, great price, SUPER cute, and, I was pretty sure Bret would love them. (He did).

Second: a bundle of super cute pins (I love pins, check out my Instagram for my #pinoftheday posts)

Third: a sports bra.

I ordered in this order, with the sports bra being ordered DAYS after anything else.

The sports bra came first, and was NEW WITH TAGS. I didn’t smell like someone had just worn it and put it in a bag, like other articles I have received, either. I didn’t LOVE the fit, but that had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SELLER so I gave her five stars and a positive comment.

And continued to wait for the first two items I had ordered.

Poshmark had to remind BOTH of these resellers to actually fucking send my stuff out.

So…They could send me offers for the items, but not be bothered to ship them?

I know they are allowed like a week to send something, but when someone has already had money taken from their account, regardless if Poshmark is holding it before they receive their package, they have sent the money, so send the item. When we sell, we seriously ship THAT day, or the next morning, if it is after 5 when we accept the order.

I know not everyone needs to follow our policies, but it isn’t crazy to ask that within two days of purchase, an item ships out.

These aren’t custom pieces, and assuming you haven’t been wearing an item you have for sale (big no no) the item should be fairly ready to ship. The shipping labels are generated from Poshmark and emailed to you directly…So when something takes seven days to even be sent out, it’s a but annoying.

Regardless of this, however, the Pop Funko’s eventually arrived and Bret loved them.

Then my pins came, and I loved them, so much so that I do plan on posting all about it on my IG page, and one of the pins has already made my timeline. I do wish the items had shipped faster, mostly because it seems wrong to be on top of offering, but once they offer their funds, you stop caring about customer service, but, hey, a fish rots from the head, and if Poshmark doesn’t care about buyers, why would sellers, right?

Hopefully resellers are able to keep resale alive, because I do think that many people will end up leaving resale, unable to get quality care, or to even be treated as someone they give a fuck about.

No one needs to have their feet kissed, but it isn’t impossible to treat a customer decently and make them feel like we are actually HAPPY they spent their money in the app…because their are TONS of reselling apps out there, these shoppers can go elsewhere.

Where? (and Why?) That is another blog, for another day. Until then, I hope that Poshmark thinks about how to make shoppers feel valued, but I am glad I have it as a backup to get presents for Bret or to grab myself some more pins or New With Tags items.

Thanks for Reading!



Daily Blog # 166: Zombie Reviews: Gangsters Guns and Zombies

Greetings and salutations, blog readers!

I figured with all the zombie movies I watch, both main stream like Zombieland or Dawn of the Dead, or more independent films, like the one I am reviewing today, I should do zombie reviews! I say zombie reviews because I will be doing movies and books, but reserve the right to weigh in on other bits of content involving zombies.

So, today I am reviewing a movie I got for brand new at Half Price Books for 5 bucks.

It looked oddly compelling, but I wasn’t sure if I should buy it or not. I went back and forth for a while, and finally realized it was one I hadn’t seen, and that alone was worth five bucks.

Looking back, that was a damn wise choice and well worth the money.

So it took a few days before we finally sat down to watch this movie. We realized almost instantly that what I thought this movie was, and what this movie was, were two vastly different things, and for that, I am grateful.

Originally, from the back of the DVD case, my impression was during a zombie apocalypse, people try to rob a bank, and I was like, bro, when zombies are out and about why the fuck would you just rob the place? Maybe stock it with food and hide out at the bank, given how secure they are was my thought, but I figured maybe there was some good plot point for robbing a bank, right?

The movie opened, however, just AFTER the bank heist. The driver, Q, joined by his boss, Tony, sit in the front of a white van. Tony’s best friend’s son’s first bank heist, (as well as Q’s), and the son, named Danny, was shot, so he is in the back, joined by Muscles, Crazy Steve, and guy who is basically “bank robbery middle management” named Pat. The kid, (not a child, just considered a kid) Danny is bleeding (“It’s going to get all over my new shoes” Crazy Steve keeps saying and Danny is not looking too hot, so the gang try to take him to a hospital, but some weird virus, or whatever, is making that tricky, so they say, ‘fuck it, we will handle at the safe house’. (I cut out a large amount of action here, because this is a review, and not a play by play, or a “all about Gangsters, Guns, and Zombies” blog. PLEASE go watch this film to avoid missing some hilarity and other brilliant stuff I discuss later)

Front of the movie case. The packaging of this DVD also gave me NO indication as to the movie inside. Like at all. Doesn’t even look like this.

The movie then takes us back to the van where we drive for a good long while, we find out the safe house has been compromised, and Tony says ‘hey second spot is on the coast, lets head there, more so with all this zombie ass shit going on’, so Q directs the van towards the coast, with the help of his often joked about GPS “little box”, and they continue. Along the way, Danny dies, too much blood loss or whatever, obviously none of them are doctors so who really knows how it happens. The smell is killer, and “somethings leaking out of him” so finally the gang convince Tony “He was my best mates son!” to let them bury kid in the forest countryside. “He always loved the countryside” Tony tells himself, and, having trouble, and obviously feeling very bad about the situation, they bury the kid.

While they pray over Danny’s body, they see a scientist running away in a gas mask and white puffy suit that keeps them from getting infected, one assumes. The scientist is being chased by medieval dressed cosplaying zombies, which is fucking hysterical, and when they make a joke about one of them, the “fat tin can cunt”, and the zombie hears, and returns to the group to fuck them up.

Of course by now, Danny, who has also reanimated as a zombie, has joined this equation. Tony struggles to kill him, finally does when the rest of the zombies are coming back, and the group get involved in a tight fight, finally winning, and the camera shows them all pounding the heads in with their feet, crushing skulls and shit.

It feels like the end of the movie, honestly. You know how it goes, these independent horror movies are always so devastatingly short, you expect it to end right here, no closure for the characters, just fading to black as the whole group kicks a zombie to death.

And then it isn’t, no, not at all. The group returns to the van, continues driving, and we find that Crazy Steve has been bitten, which, is pretty spot on for zombie movie trajectory, really, albeit it most movies don’t have that false end thing going for it.

The group drives for a while, pulls over to siphon gas (making Q do it to “learn” because none of the white assholes want to do the thing they all claim they can do. This part isn’t expressly stated, and is more my own opinion, but, like hey, I would like to think you know what I mean, if you have ever been around people who pull that whole “you gotta learn” thing when they really just don’t wanna do it) They put the little bit of gas in a plastic bowl, and, spoilers, (although obvious to anyone) it spills.

Back of the film. Please note that as it pertains to the image on the right, those characters never have those guns nor ever take that pose, or anything like it.

They never actually get more gas so this whole scene only serves to help the Crazy Steve story arc.

Crazy Steve, in the bathroom, is having massive troubles, puking blood, stomach aches, struggle city, blood coming out of his eyes, very obviously, Crazy Steve is becoming a zombie.

Pat goes to find Steve, doesn’t find him, in the bathroom we just saw him in. Pat returns to van, lets gang know, hey, blood everywhere, I think Crazy Steve is dead.

Meanwhile, there is a crazy zombie soccer team, who chase the gang off, after Q pukes on petrol, and manages to siphon some into a stupid plastic bowl. Gang runs to van, Q gets them all in, runs back for the gas in a plastic bowl, leaving the team stranded without keys, but safe in the van, albeit surrounded by the zombie soccer team. Q races towards the petrol, chased by a zombie soccer player, bashes the soccer player without spilling the petrol, SOMEHOW, and then…literally bumps into Steve. Spills the gas. All over Steve’s new shoes, which, as you recall from Danny and his blood, is bothersome to Steve.


Q stares at him. Steve shows him the bite.

Q: “I’m sorry about your shoes.”

Which is such a great moment. Seriously love this scene so much.

Q returns to the van, informing the gang that Steve is a weird crazy half zombie and is handling the zombie problem so they best use what it left of their gas trip the light fantastic out of there.

The gang leaves, sad, and arrives at a house in the country side, looking for gas, now totally out of petrol. Important to note that Pat pointed out that Danny was never bit, he merely died, and yet he still turned.

They arrive at an old ladies house, where a grandma and her granddaughter Cass have been holding up, the grandfather had already bitten, shot and reanimated from the bite.

The grandmother, an obvious (and self proclaimed) racist, doesn’t like Q, and threatens to shoot him, many times, “shoot his black ass” mortifying Cass who obviously loves her grandma but is both appalled by racism and maybe turned on by Q. Frankly, Cass and her grandma are being obnoxious because the gang is literally like “Can you just tell us where the nearest place is with petrol and we will bounce” and Cass and Grandma keep being all “move and we shoot fuck off and leave” kind of crazy, which is always annoying, when writers can’t make genuine conflict, but that’s also how stupid people can be when shit gets bad.

Anyways, zombies show up, entire gang ends up inside, and now they are a team.

Q and Cass start getting cozy, like almost instantly. Happy quiet moment is ruined when Tony tries to leave with the food and petrol, a whole ass fight scene ensues that eventually leads to the inevitable bite from a zombie on the grandma’s arm, and she demands Q take care of Cass. Q promises, and they all leave while the grandma screams curse words at the zombies and goes out like some badass fighter. (Again, I am cutting plenty of stuff out.)

The gang travel, Cass grieves, they camp out at night, Q has terrifying nightmares, they all head to the coast, to steal a boat at day break. “Best time to steal a boat.”

Boat stealing goes…a bit sideways, with Pat falling down and snapping his ankle. Q does this big heroic run away thing, you think he is gonna die, and the gang (spoilers) saves him. This all goes on probably longer than you would think, but again, not in a terrible way.

Everyone gets to sail off into the sunset, presumably to live to fight another day.

Blog Readers, BRo’s- This was a long as fuck movie, and it could have ended three times. This movie may be VERY obviously self financed (I don’t know if it was, it just seemed like it was), and low budget, but you get a ton for the price, and you get a ton of movie. You get to see things you don’t always see in a zombie flick, and a lack of budget means the actors have to try that much harder…and the worst actors get killed off. It’s actually quite impressive what all they do with what is, honestly, very little.

This review is already crazy long because of the recap of the movie, but, the recap is vital because you really do get so much movie out of this cheap little movie, and, it isn’t even bad stuff. Damn near feels like three movies in one.

Funny, a bit cheesy, but also with moments of tension and fear. Plenty of social commentary, but subtle, like you want with a zombie story, and, while we do have plenty of guns, it takes place in Europe, so you don’t have the entire movies dialogue covered by gun shot sounds, and more clever ammo commentary, namely, no unlimited ammo.

The real reason I loved this movie, however, was how inspirational it really was. As someone who will be likely self financing her own zombie content, it was wonderful to see something at an obviously cheaper price point still be so entertaining. It was great to see people be unafraid to have dialogue and acting cover parts of the movie where the budget isn’t there, like a big hospital scene or some safe house is compromised scene. These kinds of scenes take more set costs, actor costs, etc etc, just to get a short scene that isn’t actually needed.

Guns Gangsters and Zombies was a beautiful film for showing how to get a ton of great zombie movie into a small zombie movie budget, and for that alone, I love it.

This movie kind of lit a fire under me and reminded me that long form, indie zombie stuff can be amazing, and everything I am doing, hard as it may be, is totally fucking worth it.

This isn’t an expensive movie by any means, obviously, so if you get a change to pick it up or watch it, do it. it’s a great time, and as long as you aren’t a movie snob, you should enjoy yourself.

Keep in mind, it IS a cheap film, and you will love it.

Thanks for reading



Daily Blog #165- Pushing myself and trying new things.

Greetings and salutations blog friends!!

It is bright and early Monday morning and I wanted to start this blog post! I am about to get ready for work- to head in and be there early for processing payroll hours. My goal is to also work on this daily blog a little as well as some other blog post ideas, before having to start my day fully. If not… the usual writing while on hold, will be my tactic today- as I tend to find myself on hold on Mondays more than any other day it seems.

FIRST thing in the morning, NO makeup, no decent lighting. Please, no judgment.

Anyways, if I’m going to do these things I need to get ready first- but I wanted to jump on and start this blog post, because as you may or may not know, it is way easier to work on a blog when you’ve already started it.

So now it is later. I got to work nice and early and was able to get my bigger tasks for the day out of the way that much earlier. Our emails aren’t working this morning, however, so while it is peaceful now, I need to solve that problem and then I am sure I will be flooded with emails.

I feel pretty good though, about my efforts this weekend and this morning, and I think I am nearly at a point to be able to get ahead on some of my art and start making better choices in regards to my physical health.

This week I am investing in the stuff needed to make healthier choices for food, and also to work out more. We are going to try our hand at smoothies for breakfast, and I am forcing myself to actually work out more. I think I may pick up some light hand weights for while I do my stationary bike, in addition to more working out in general.

Neither Bret nor myself are happy with how we look, or feel, and to me, the latter makes me determined to put some effort into my health.

I may hate working out, but I hate feeling even more tired than I should, all the time. I don’t like being winded on a walk I do twice a day, I don’t like being tired from walking up stairs, and I don’t like how my weight is hanging on my body.

I am all about a curvy figure, and I don’t buy into the “be super skinny to look pretty” mindset, but I do know what unhealthy weight looks like, and how it hangs on the body, and I need to drop that weight, as soon as possible. In your thirties, you have to be more careful with your health, as it can go down hill fast, and mistakes you make now can haunt you.

I never saw my grandparents working out and focusing on eating healthy and drinking enough water. I did see them die in their 70’s, however. A sobering thought if there ever was one.

And my grandma didn’t like living, either, frequently saying she didn’t want to live a long time, and didn’t want to live into her 80’s and 90’s…”Oh I don’t want to live that long.”

She wasn’t in good health and therefore wouldn’t want to live long, huh?


My mom isn’t in great health, and I hear her get winded while vacuuming. She is FAR from lazy, keeping her beautiful, large home clean, working a full time job that takes her all over the state, and staying very active in a number of crafting exercises.

But she isn’t in good health. She has fought with her weight for years, but in the end, even with her thin phases, she is, heavy set and not in good health. Obesity, and the related health issues, feature large on both sides of my biological family.

I don’t have an issue with body image, but I have major issues with what I see in front of me…because I know it isn’t healthy.

I say all this because I have my own complicated history with food and I love food, and I don’t want to get into any sort of issues with my relationship with food. My issues with working out are even deeper, but I am working on seeing healthy eating as a way to eat more food that is better for me- I like to eat LARGE amounts of food, so I need to eat more veggies and less carbs.

I want to be healthy, so I have to do cardio, and I want to have some energy in my muscles, so I need to make sure that I do actually work out a few times a week.

Speaking of healthy choices, I have also taken some actions to ensure I have time for the working out.

I have loaded about two weeks of blogs onto the blog page,and I am working on writing another 10-14 blog posts, and illustrating them, this week, so I can proudly have a months worth of blogs prepped.

This allows me to take five minutes to post the next days post, instead of an hour or so, and allows me to take that time and put it towards a work out and some meditation. This should also allow me more writing time for Flake City, not having to worry about if I got a blog up, and, Daily Blogs like this can become fun extra’s for readers in the evening.

Because this week I am also experimenting with posting goals and patterns. I want to have at least one a day, with some days having two or more posts. I did two posts on Sunday and I liked the results, and as I barrel towards the end of Flake City and approach editing, illustrating, and publishing time for Flake City, I want to do all I can to find anyone interested in the stuff I write.

So, on this fresh start Monday, like so many fresh start Mondays before it, I am trying to be healthier and fit in more writing, but, I think I may have an actual chance of accomplishing it this time, because I am focusing on improving my evening systems. I have been trying to improve my evening and morning systems, and this is just the next step…, and some of these changes are very sustainable, so I am really hoping the changes work well and more specifically, work well for me, so I can implement real changes for healthier living that balances and prioritizes what really matters.


I am about to do some yoga with some mountain climbers to work out, but first I need to edit this blog and schedule it, or else I won’t relax enough to do anything. Thankfully, while it is late, we will apparently have over night company this evening, who will arrive In later, so I have time for a work out and some more writing.

So, I am off to actually do the things I mean to do, to set off for a better tomorrow where my body doesn’t feel so shitty.

Also, speaking of new things (see my title)- I posted two TikTok’s today. I don’t know TikTok, but I like it, and I think my two posts were fun. If you have TikTok, my name is, as it is on all social media’s, @abbigrasso.

Anyways, Thanks for reading!



Daily Blog #164- Review of my January Ipsy Bag

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today I am reviewing my January Ipsy bag! Which, because of our mailbox getting broken, and our mail being delivered to the front office, took FOREVER to get to me.

So the bag was a cute white marbled pouch, and the brush that came with it matched, which was amazing.

So I guess I will review that part of it first.

The brush I got was this super cute F.A.R.A.H BRUSHES face brush, size 160f. Super soft bristles, great for contour or blush!

Adorable, straight up, you feel like one of those instragram influencer model types instantly because it is so cute! Also applies product well!.

Speaking of product it would place, I got a blush, the Glow to Illuminating Blush in Pinch Me from CIATE LONDON.

This product I didn’t really love, the blush was too peach for me, and inevitably had too much highlighter to act as a blush, and the highlighter had too much blush to be a highlighter. I may use it as an eyeshadow, however, because for those cute pink/peach looks, it may be great.

Speaking of color flops in a good product I will still try to use…BEAUTY FOR REAL Lop Revival Tinted Lip Balm in Debbie.

I LOVE tinted lip balms…but sadly this one had too much peach in it, just like the blush, and it made my lips feel kind of dry, which also kind of sucked a bit. I love a good tinted balm, but this one wasn’t great.

I was able to wash off the products I didn’t like with a super great cleansing balm, however, and that is cool! I am a huge fan of cleansing balms, so it was great to get to try BANILA CO Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original -which advertises as a three in one, allowing for cleaning, oil and then moisture, it melted off the products I had on, and left my skin feeling great. I obviously washed with a proper cleanser after the fact, to actually remove stuff, and was very pleased.

Last but not least is the JJ YOUNG Pore Glow Mask. This mask was my item that I picked, as Ipsy lets you pick one item sometimes, and I always pick a mask, because masks and skin care are my jam, much more than actual make up, if you haven’t been able to tell from the selections in my beauty blogs.

This mask was awesome, super hydrating, which my dry skin really enjoyed, and washed off easy enough with one of my knitted scrubbies. All in all, I loved this mask, and it was probably the highlight of my bag.

And there you have it. My review of my January Ipsy bag. Not a great bag, I rated it 3 stars, but I consider it “getting the bad bag out of the way.”

It’s all good, to have the bad bag out of the way, as I have a bunch of skin masks I need to go through, and plenty of make up products and skin care products to use, so it’s okay to have a disappointing bag, and, it proves that not every one of my reviews is glowingly positive.

I hope you all enjoyed this less than glowing review of my January Ipsy bag, and as always…

Thanks for Reading.



Daily Blog #163- Do something, anything, to feel better

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Friends!

Recently, when I was sick, I knew I should work out to help myself feel better but I physically didn’t feel well enough to do so, so I did some light stretching, and then went to the fridge to grab a snack .

Then I saw the mess, and all the old food in perfectly good Tupperware containers, the same containers that could prolong the life of my rapidly wilting spinach.

I need to dump the old food, clean the containers and take the trash out. Bret isn’t even home at the moment, so even taking the trash out will require me alone doing it.

Fuck it, I say, angry that the money we spent on eating healthy was going to go down the drain, and I started removing containers. And boom. I felt a bit better. I did them in waves, washing a few containers at a time, grateful the food hadn’t rotted really, just “gone off”.

So what did I learn with this?

One, that when doing anything when you have been very sick, do it in phases, and sit when dizzy.

Two, emptying out my fridge more often, a habit I am trying to develop, is a smart habit to have, because it makes cleaning the containers much easier, and prevents the temptation to just throw the whole container, food and all, away.

Three, sometimes doing something productive is a really good thing that actually helps you feel better.

Four, little actions add up to big results.

So lets break this all down.

First, if you follow the blog, you know I was sick, but if not, you can read all about the very sudden and very violent vomiting that took over much of my last week. If not…Hey last week I got hella sick.

So, I was down for a couple days, I took one full day off of work, and then went in the next day, and left early. Bret stayed at work, which also probably motivated me to get some stuff done, because I like to either sing loudly to music he hates, or, narrate, and have multiple part conversations as several characters all at once, and frankly, the looks I get from the dog and cats are weird enough.

Anyways, while Bret stayed on at work, I decided to come home, and I really thought I was going to rest up and take care of me.

Instead I ordered a few soups and some other needed groceries from Amazon Prime Now, and tried to work on some writing, which is what led to this whole experience.

So first, I see that all our spinach is going to go bad, but that the food that had been in tupperware for nearly two weeks, was just barely turning bad. Realizing that everyone has spinach issues, and a dry paper towel inside some tupperware could keep the spinach fresher, longer, and make our money go further, not to mention time, not spent going to get more spinach.

I look to the tupperware area of my kitchen and see that sadly, I had leftover pasta salad in one container, some fruit I had cut up in another, small little bits of leftovers, all of which were past the point of being healthy and edible without more stomach issues.

“I have to wash them.” I realize sadly, but, also realize with some joy, that the fruit and pasta salad isn’t SO old that it smells bad.

Carefully, I empty a couple containers and lean on the counter, still a bit dizzy, and wash out some containers. While they dry, I smoke a bowl, and eye the fridge. A few nearly empty drink containers and some packaged food that had gone bad, into the trash.

I smoke another bowl, put the dried dishes away, and wash the next set, after dumping the food in them. This time, to my great pleasure, I do not have to lean on the counter to avoid falling over, and, i figure out an awesome plot point from my talks with myself.

The fridge, now actually able to hold new groceries, and tupperware able to keep food fresher, longer.

I felt a bit better. After I had finished the dishes, i scrubbed the sink, which I always do, and swept up. The kitchen felt better, and I did a bit too, so I swept the living room, cleaned the litter box, swept up the bathroom, and sat for twenty minutes while the dizziness came back.

Finally, I was able to carry all the junk down to the recycling and dumpster, and just like that, my apartment felt notably less “sick” and…I also felt a bit less sick.

Building on my momentum while being careful to not push myself, I puttered a bit more, and had some soup, high on the enjoyment of a clean fridge.

It was around here that I realized I felt about as better as I imagined I would have if I had the energy to do a full work out.

Without exhausting myself to the point of being out of work another day.

So, I take this to mean, even when you are sick, you should always do something, ANYTHING, to make yourself feel better, and get yourself on the mend, if you are able. But you don’t need to push yourself, either. You can do one thing, one small thing, and make your body feel like you accomplished something, and rest that much better.

Sometimes self care is doing something, which is a great Self Care Sunday to remember.

Either way, be kind to yourself, and rest well.

Thanks for reading.


Daily Blog #162- The start of the 420 Prep Blog Series

Greetings and salutations!

I am here to announce the start of a new blog series, one that covers…

All the prep I will be doing for 4/20!

It all starts with a plan for the month of awesome.

You see, I tend to go hard for 4/20, enjoying any holiday where it is semi socially acceptable to indulge in cannabis culture, smoke a bunch, cook for friends, and have a good time. So much so that I negotiated always having 4/20 off, no matter what, every year, when I took my job. I didn’t get many demands, so I am always proud of this one, as an accountant, this can be a tricky time of year to get off, more so in our business, when that time of year can be busy.

But THIS year, we have a WHOLE MONTH of 4/20, in so much that the entire month of April is the fourth month, and the year is 2020, so it is 4/20 all month long.

So I will be going a bit…harder, in some way or another, and will be very excited for it, no matter what. Onto my plan notes.

Edibles are cool but nice ass infused food is even better, I think. Last year I made a nice selection, but I knocked some of my friends on their asses with the spinach dip, so while I will make it again, because some people liked it and everyone liked the flavor, I need to modify the recipe, have more CBD items as well, an expand the menu a bit. I also want to have more of it prepped ahead of time, so I am able to enjoy hosting. Maybe some things I can toss in the oven as needed, or remove from fridge as wanted. I want a few of the pre-rolled cigars that are covered in hash and wax. I will roll a ton of blunts and joints, and likely have all the pieces cleaned, loaded, and set up on like a bong table.

I may even decorate, but I also may not, and just double down on weed and food.

I also don’t know if I will be inviting a ton of friends this year. Amber and Damon, of course, will be invited, but I don’t know if I want to put all the work and effort that goes into hosting for a bunch of people when half of those people aren’t really…friends.

So, here are some thoughts on this. I will be prepping and blogging about it. My first step, which I started mid last month is collecting hash in the grinder, so I can use it for cooking and pre-rolls.

I will also want to have a nice selection of wax for dabs, so…I better get to work and get to earning the money because even if I don’t invite anyone over, other than family, it will get expensive.

For 420 I will be making infused butter, and probably infused oil, and then I will use wax for the rest of the infusing.

Anyways. These are my notes, and from this, I will formulate a menu, a guest list, entertainment/acitivities, and will organize and clean our small living room and kitchen to have the area prepared for company. I will try to decorate, if funds allow, and if I can get the string lights we have in the right shapes, like the cannabis fan leaf I have been wanting to create in green string lights.

And this blog post is mostly here to tell you 1:) I do take the holiday of 4/20 very seriously, and with this year being 2020, and April being a whole month of 4/20, I want to go hard, as it were.

2.) I will be documenting this process on the blog because #cannabisblogger.

3.) Ask you if you want to see anything special or have any cannabis party related questions

4.) Serve an under served market, namely, party planning with cannabis.

I hope you all enjoy this blog series. If you have any questions or want to see any part of the planning, let me know in the comments or by DMing me on any of the social media I am on- @Abbigrasso

Thanks for Reading!