Daily Blog 106: Blogmas Day Nine- My triumphant return to coffee, (with exciting coffee related news) getting a bunch done, and contemplations on blog posting times.

Sunday Evening

Damn, something about the last blog was NOT flowing. Earlier when I was trying to write I was having trouble too. I have now posted it to my blog, and I am about to go and cross post it on Medium too.

Okay, I’m back, I cross posted my Blogmas post to Medium…although every day I wonder if Medium is even the place for me. The idea is it gets people to come to my blog from another popular social media type blogger site… but I never get any readers on Medium, I am not some big “for money” Medium blogger, telling you the next ten ways to make money blogging on Medium.

I am a meta creative writer who also blogs, who prefers daily blogging to daily vlogging, who hopes to use her website to post her writing for people to read it, listen to it, look at art for it, whatever, to let people find and enjoy my art.

That doesn’t “sell” on Medium, it seems, but, I also know that consistency is tricky, and I do forget to post to Medium often so, going forward, I will be posting my blog to Medium when I post it on the blog, moments later. My blogs are free to read on the website, and I will continue to post them there first, but I also will post them to Medium for those people who prefer to read on Medium…I haven’t found those people yet, but alas, I post for when I do find them.

For now, I am going to do a face mask, a nice deep aloe mask, that can be left on for up to thirty minutes, it’s a sheet mask I got in a major Ipsy bundle of Tony Moly Sheet masks and so far both the other masks I got were delicious. Now I have a pack of ten of these aloe masks to try out and all three will be getting reviewed for Blogmas.

Tomorrow I hope to post a review on one of them, or the day after, depending on when I do that particular mask I have in mind for the first review of the TonyMoly sheet mask pack I got from Ipsy.

But now I need to get ready for bed, as it it long past when I need to go to bed and I cannot be late tomorrow so…I will end this here and pick it up tomorrow.

Monday Morning

Greetings and salutations, blog readers, today is Monday, and despite any of the struggles, I am kicking this Monday right in the ass.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am bringing coffee back into my daily routine, as I no longer have the time to really wait around for the tea to kick in, or to make multiple cups of tea to do what coffee would do.

So this is my triumphant return coffee. Keep reading to see how awesome that return becomes.

I have purchases high octane tea in the past, strong stuff that is stronger than coffee, but that stuff is even more expensive than drinking the fair trade coffee I love so much.

Also, since the world of fair trade coffee has opened up and more people sourcing ethically, I am able to return to my first, and longest love, coffee.

I gave up coffee when, economically, I couldn’t afford fair trade coffee everyday, and it was cheaper/easier to get ethically sourced tea.

That is not the case, anymore.

With more and more companies bowing to public pressures, and with actions taken like my own, companies have started sourcing ethically, and stores have started carrying these friendlier brands, so now, I am able to keep a freezer stocked with good, fair trade, often times Kosher, coffee.

This morning, I made it with a tea bag, which is how I make it when I am camping, so it has me feeling like I have a chill weekend camping ahead of me, and not a long week before we start digging in for the rest of the holiday season.

It’s that week when its long after thanksgiving, but not yet time for the early holiday celebrations, so, everyone can get to work before schools start closing, company comes in from “out of town” other people leave for “out of town”, and the whole city begins thinking in terms of sugarplums.

So, it is pretty busy for us, trying to finish a bunch of projects, and for myself, trying to wrap up the financial year for not only myself, but our vendors, and our clients.

The many schools we serve make having the financial year ending that much more important. Many schools need to be closed out, or else they aren’t able to pay in the new year, and don’t like that so…alas, I have to work hard to make sure we get paid.

Mind you, I am more than tired of the fact that I have no financial stake in this company, no benefits, and only five business days off in terms of ALL paid time off, and if the whole place folds, I’m not on the short list of people who would even keep their jobs/pay, so, I am very tired of having to take on the financial stress of making sure payroll is paid and that we stay salient as a company.

It just seems like I shouldn’t have spent my whole weekend stressed and exhausted, worried about “how do we make payroll” because it isn’t my company.

Maybe that seems like whining, but I will say this…I am very glad I drinking coffee again, because tea just isn’t strong enough to tolerate the bullshit of having all the stress of ownership stake in a company, minus any of the payment, security, accolades or even respect.

Anyways, despite the stress, I am handling it.

I am also glad for the coffee because I have a good deal to attack today, and I would like to get it all done.

I also know I want to stay awake and alert and get all my goals done in a good mood.

On top of my work load, I also want to squeeze in a work out, wash my hair, eat dinner, do dishes, do some blog research, finish, illustrate and post this blog, and also spend some quality time with Bret, because we really didn’t spend as much time as we should have, enjoying each others company.

You may have even noticed with this past weekends blogs that I wasn’t quite feeling like myself, because of the stress, namely from work.

It’s just all the stress I spoke about earlier, the stress I carry with none of the perks, and it weighed heavily on the weekend.

I would like to undo that this evening. Or at least make an effort to have time with my partner, because really, the stress can’t keep getting in the way like that.

So, even if it’s just a small round of video games, I would like us to be able to hang out for a bit, but it is endlessly comforting to know I have coffee to wake me up in the morning, if I stay up too late getting stuff done.

I will also be shopping for a french press so I can make coffee in the morning without too much hassle, and I will say that the coffee made waking up, and more importantly, getting moving, much easier.

So that is where I am now. It is not the afternoon, and I am pretty hungry, so I am going to see if i can get any food sorted for the day.


Had some food, now I am hard at work with some year end things, trying to wrap up the books for the year.

I made some coffee because….

… …
… … …
… …

I have my OWN branded merch, my coffee mug, to try. My samples from the merch line are slowly trickling in this week and the coffee mug and long sleeve shirt came in first so…I am testing the mug out!


Coffee just tastes better out of it. I bet tea and cocoa will too. I bet I will find out too.

I will be trying on my shirt, later, and probably taking some pictures, if I like how it looks. I will also be probably trying to do a photo shoot for the items, to do a proper “Drop” once all the samples are in. I also need to order some more, because i frankly could not afford to buy ALL the samples, and Bret and I agreed to buy samples for each other for some more holiday gifts, to keep us practical.

I am beyond excited, and when I get home, I will be trying on my long sleeve shirt, and when the other stuff come in, the same. Then, I shall order the rest of the line, double check formatting, sizing, quality, do a photo shoot and do an official abbigrasso.com drop.

I will also be upgrading the blog so you can buy merch on the site, in theory, so, VERY EXCITED for all the stuff coming in, and, of course, for the new year!!!

Monday evening

Well, we just ordered some salads and pizza and I am settling into a nice evening of writing and getting stuff done, having already cleaned and worked out!

Bret isn’t feeling great so we are planning on a hella chill night!

Tomorrow he has to do a bunch of driving and such so I’m hoping a night of resting will help him out for tomorrow.

I’m not totally sold on dropping my blog in the evenings my read rates are way down but I’m gonna stick to it and see how it goes, give it at least a few days. My goal is to make it a week, but…again, we shall see.

I don’t wanna give to to vanity but I also want to make sure that people are able to read things when they want. Maybe I’ll do something like save the skin care reviews for morning posts, independent from Blogmas, or even as a part of it, since sharing multiple blogs in an day also feels pretty in the spirit of Blogmas.

This blog is actually pretty long, so I do think I may wait, and post one of my face mask reviews in the morning. I’ll wrap this up, eat, post this, finish the skin care blog after my shower, and then schedule the face mask review for tomorrow morning. Yeah.

So, that’s my plan! What an awesome Monday!

I’m back! Now I think I will go take a shower and get this posted, then come back and do the next blog!

Happy Blogmas Day Nine!!


DailyBlog 105: Blogmas Day Eight- late night posting, Yule, holiday shopping, and prepping for another Fresh Start Monday

Saturday Evening

I have Blogmas Day Seven posted to the blog, and I went ahead and posted it to Medium, as well, in the evening, so I figured it would be fun to track the numbers and see what happens when I post in the evening.

Now it is time to dive into some writing, and also some content in the way of pictures for various writing things I am working on.

2020 is coming, and I plan on dropping stuff often, which means it’s time to get to work.

Digging into research on the blog and creative reader community
Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash

It’s also time to use Blogmas to test how long I can retain readers (how many words or how much read time) people enjoy reading at, and maybe find a way to make smaller sections and releases of Flake City stuff.

If you have any input for how much time you like to spend reading creative content in one go, let me know.

For example, some people liked my longer “short” post, the first Molly entry, which was VERY long.

Some people preferred the shorter ones, to keep them on edge, but able to make use of a five or ten minute time window they had, often while waiting on other things.

I am open to releasing things in ways that make people happy and eager to read, in segments, and also having an option to read the longer form as well, maybe in an ebook fashion, that combines segments into the main document again, or something like that.

It is an idea in the making, that pulls things in the past, and also the advantages of modern publishing, mixed together…I hope.

So, I am going to go get some writing done, and enjoy my cocoa, and I will update this later this evening or tomorrow!


Well, it is a bit later now, but not as late as I thought it would be when I finished my creative writing for the day, but here I am updating the blog at a quarter till midnight, and not like, two in the morning, as I had anticipated.

I caught up on some vlogs, and also on my writing, a bit, but Bret is pretty tired.

His plan had been to write all weekend, but work left him pretty wiped, so after Amber and Damon left and we had dinner, he pretty much started dozing in and out for a couple of hours. Now he is getting ready for bed, I think, and I like to try and spend some time with him so…I guess I am going to go to bed a bit earlier than intended. Hopefully that means I will wake up earlier, and get to the writing that much earlier.

Either way, I will try write a bit more, but… we shall see.

Sunday early evening

Well, it is a little before dinner time on Sunday morning, and I am turning to the blog to update it. I have a little bit of stuff to do, namely we need laundry for the week, but other than that, and a couple small dishes from whatever I make for dinner, all I have on the agenda is writing.

Which is good, but I do have a bit to get done, writing wise. I don’t really want to write what I have on the agenda for me, I think I need to marinate on it a bit more, but I may go back and write some more in Flake City instead. I am also trying to edit some passages together for a possible collab for some stuff.

But, I also have this stuff in New Orleans that has to do with a new character, as well as Kiblah, Kent, and Amy. This story ties into several others, and actually, when I finish this bit of writing up, I will be very close to writing another piece that kind of ties much of my various writing some of which has been posted on the blog.

Anyways, I have a bunch of writing I need to do, but I also want to touch on some Blogmas style blogging.

So, for all of my more pagan, witchy type friends and blog readers, lets talk about Yule!

I try to bring lots of plants inside, and decorate them, as a way to honor the spirit of this holiday, and in fact, the reason we do Christmas trees was…ahem…’borrowed’ (STOLEN) from many other cultures who celebrate Yule, as well as a few others who use it to remind them of the life of spring that is coming back to them.

I am far from a cultural expert, but, I do personally like to follow a bit of it, for a myriad of personal reasons. This year, I have been cloning off of my “grandma” plant, and I also ant to adopt some plants from the store, like some sage and rosemary, and maybe, a little mini pine tree. Because I love plants, and one of the presents I want to buy for myself is a small indoor grow light for some plants. I have those vine plants, which actually don’t need light, but I also have chives, and a venus flytrap I am tending to for my friend and coworker, Katie.

So, I have cloned a few of those, and have a few more planned to clone. I want to spend about twenty to thirty dollars buying a little bit of bagged soil, and some plants, like I mentioned, for sure rosemary and sage. I have some already cloned, and I want to get some garland bunched up around the containers, with some lights all mixed in looking super cute and stuff.

I also spent some time searching for some seasonal smudge sticks, and of course, Etsy had some. I have considered trying shopping on Instagram, but I have read less stories of getting scammed on Etsy than I have on the Instagram shopping…But I am sure I will try it sometime in the new year, to support some creators I like to support.

This is a photo that is serving as inspiration for some of the creative writing I am doing. I am also photographing some of these stones for the artwork needed for some of the writing

In the meantime, however, I found two different yule time smudge sticks that I am in love with, and I got a bunch of beautiful stones when I was at the renfair with my parents the day after Thanksgiving.

I also want to buy some more candles, so I have some nice ones for the holidays. Anyways, not to derail from my Blogmas/Yule discussion, but much of my plans for Yule are centered around plants and growing.

As for right now, my plans are to get some food, and maybe get to the new writing I need to do, or maybe the Flake City. I am feeling kind of drained this weekend, so there isn’t much to blog about. I didn’t do too much of the decorating I was considering, nor have I done my big cleaning project…so I need to make sure I get myself into gear this week.

Tomorrow is a another fresh start Monday, so maybe I will use Monday to get some good things started.

For one, I need to add my workout back into the mix, and it will likely help with my energy levels. I also may just add some B Complex to my schedule, or just go back to drinking coffee every day.

I think the coffee, because I am tired of being fucking tired all the goddamn time.

Anyways, Bret and I are trying to figure out what to have for dinner, maybe I will feel more like blogging.


Okay and we are back! Bret and I went to dinner, and now we are back. I feel better for having left the house, despite the fact that I didn’t want to, and we got some notes down for a collab song for Sam’s radio station, which was fun. I have some ideas for some basic lyrics to create some texture songs, and I am probably going to spend some time working on that.

So, we are watching the office and getting ready for tomorrow. I did some knitting earlier, trying to get a few holiday gifts ready, and I have a few more things I want to make for people, so I am trying to make use of my time, when my hands aren’t tied up with writing…which is pretty often.

I am enjoying posting the blog in the evening, thus far, and we shall see if I can continue it. I have several skin care products to review, several face masks. I am also in the process of switching all of my skin are to cruelty free alternatives, so there are some skin products I will be also reviewing, I am sure.

But I also have some Etsy purchases I’ll be talking about, as well as the already scheduled Blogmas content, like maybe some holiday movie reviews, or some fun DIY’s.

Every recipe creation blog begins with a Pinterest search for inspiration, am I right?

I will also be dropping some recipe ideas as I move to the new year. Bret and I need to save money, and time. The best way to save money is to cook at home, the best way to save time is to not cook much, so I am working on some one baking sheet type dishes, where you just toss veggies and a protein onto a baking sheet and bake that shit, so the clean up is as easy a tossing the baking sheet away, and cleaning any of the dishes generated. Prepping for the meal is as easy as chopping and seasoning, which I can do while smoking a blunt, and then we can eat, clean up, and still have time for working out and blogging.

I think I may also be adding coffee back to my life because I really don’t have the time to only do tea in the morning, it takes me so much longer to wake up and I drag ass all day.

2020 is coming, and I need to have every spare second possible to make my art and get things released.

Sheet pan recipes will help with that, and I would like to find a way to make sure every recipe isn’t chicken + veggie, and if it is basic stuff everyday, that I at least have a fun mix of seasonings.

I wish we had the space for an air fryer, in that same aim, but alas, we do not.

So, be sure to check back for all that content soon. I know this isn’t a very long blog, but I have a bunch I want for the next one, as Tuesday’s have been my best day, statistically, so I want to have a nice bit of content available for that blog as well.

Anyways, I need to wind down, and get this up before the end of the day so… I bid you all farewell, and good night. I think I will be posting in the evenings this week, just to see how that goes. I am more of a night time person, so why not release my blogs in the evenings, even if some people claim morning blogs are smarter for posting time.

So, good night, and I will see you all tomorrow!!


Daily Blog #104: Blogmas Day Seven- Cannabis media, skin care Saturday, leaving blog limbo for a moment, and how awesome my friends are.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers! 

I just read an article about Cannabis Media dying, and I thought that would make a fun thing to talk about today, as a throwback to my cannabis blogging goals.

Anyone who has followed this blog from the beginning knows that a big part of my creative goals for my writing and for this blog, has been to highlight and normalize cannabis. I include cannabis in my creative writing, and I mention my smoking to people, I blog about it, I include cannabis content like how to clean your bong, etc, and when we live in a place where I can legally grow, I will add those kind of indoor gardening blogs to the blog, as well.

Apparently, cannabis media is drying up, and even High Times magazine is shutting down.

Seems silly to me.

I do know that plenty of the people in the online cannabis community give the entire group a bad rep, but really, the cannabis community isn’t going to let it dry up…we just need more content creators being honest about their use.

The problem is the stigma of “If I talk about this I will lose sponsorship opportunities” or whatever. People want to make sure they can stay kid/Disney friendly.

That is literally not my fucking problem, however, because I realized long ago that even if I did sell out, my chances of wild success as a writer were slim to none…but if I was true to myself in my content creation, I could at least be happy with what I am creating.

We need more content creators doing that, and being frank and honest about their cannabis use. Sure, you don’t need to smoke in every vlog, but maybe mention it once in a while, or show a haul video from a dispensary…We don’t have to let it be some taboo thing. It is rapidly becoming more and more legal in more and more places, and the world is getting much more open to this awesome plant…So lets talk about it, and not let the cannabis media industry die.

I don’t care if it’s just ,me and people like me, we can keep this industry going because even if people won’t even admit to smoking it in public, they will always enjoy my favorite little flower.


Well, this Friday is slowly winding down, and I am eating some cold chow mien left over from my lunch.

We actually could have left thirty minutes ago but we both had some things to finish up, so Bret and I are wrapping things up.

Over the course of typing those two sentences took three hours, so, clearly, you can see it has been a busy Friday, even for the accountant.

But now it is closing time, the store is closed, and we are all enjoying the peace and quiet we get to enjoy when finishing our work after hours.

I am about to pack up and head home but Bret has a few last minute emails to send out so while he does that I figured I would update the blog with how our busy, afternoon went.

I have a little but of leftovers left, and as I mentioned in the blog yesterday, my plan for tonight is to only spend one hour cleaning, this evening, and then spend much of the rest of this weekend, writing. I also plan on cleaning out the fridge, as my main project for the weekend, as it shouldn’t take long, and the dishes will be the longest part. Hopefully I can make that project quick, even with the hand washing of the dishes, because I also want to limit the time I spend on Sunday prepping for the week, to an hour. I would like my project to fit within my hour of cleaning this evening, and my hour of prepping on Sunday, to leave the most time for my writing and content creation.

She demands attention.
Marcie The Cat

The animals need their Instagram posts scheduled, my own stats on this blog are much better when I am actively posting to my instagram feed, so I will likely also schedule some for myself, as well. Plus, of course, the daily Blogmas blogs, and some creative writing I have. I want to attack some Flake City writing, but also maybe some of the Molly on the island story as well, as those two tie in.

Saturday early afternoon

Hello Blog Readers!

It is the next day, and I did not blog last night, just kinda chilled out. Now I have spent much of the morning tidying up around the apartment, and now I am writing on the blog while I watch some Vlogmas videos.

I got some tidying done, and also did some thinking…I know some people have better read rates when they have their blog posted in the evening, because you still catch the early morning crowd, more so on the weekend, so, I figured if I didn’t finish the blog I could finish it today and post it in the evening, which, as it turns out, eliminates the blog limbo of posted a blog on the seventh, for Blogmas day seven, when the day I am blogging about was actually the sixth.

I have mentioned before this problem with wanting to post in the morning, but also wanting to blog in real time…So, this is me trying out the other side of it, and posting things on the seventh for the seventh day of Blogmas.

So, as you can tell, I did much of the cleaning I had on my list, just that basic “clean” but I haven’t dusted or done the fridge, but I did do the bathroom, kitchen, and living room, got everything all cleaned up a little bit, and now I think I am in better shape for company.

Amber and Damon are coming over this afternoon, bringing DJ, Amber’s son, with them, and I like DJ, he’s a good kid.

After Damon and Amber leave, Bret and I will probably dive into work, get some writing done, and maybe get some food.

We need groceries, badly, having not gone since before thanksgiving, and only getting stuff for the holiday when we did, thus, I have no food to really make. So, here I am, quite hungry, with company coming over shortly, and a weekend of writing ahead of me.

Being more social is one of my goals in my 32nd year, as you may recall from my birthday blogs, and Amber and Damon are two of my favorite people so…I am looking forward to seeing them…BUT-I also just realized I haven’t done my hair or even put on eyeliner…so….I need to hold off on this, and do that, and I will probably not finish this until this evening, so, I guess we will all see collectively what happens there, and we will see if I change my posting schedule for Blogmas, or if I will return to the normal schedule on Monday.

I also have some skincare blogs, and I may toss one of the shorter reviews onto this blog for a #skincaresaturday thing or something like that.

I need to find a fun Sunday thing to post too, something to do with prep.

But in the meantime, I am going to go get ready and finish tidying up before our company gets here and Bret gets home.

Later, Saturday Evening

We had a lovely time hanging out with Amber, Damon, and DJ, and now we are settling into our evening plans. We ate some dinner, and now I am preparing to dive into an evening of writing. I know this blog has been a bit short, but I think I will add my skin mask review of the melting sugar face mask.

So, below, I have copied my review, and I hope you all enjoy this Saturday Skin Care plus non blog limbo version of Blogmas.

I got this mask at Walmart, for under 2 bucks, and thought it would be a great mask to review and suggest to my readers as an inexpensive face mask option- more so if you don’t want to only do mud or clay masks, which can be a bit much on the skin if you are doing a daily masking routine.

So I found this mask and it looked like it would have at least two uses, making it under one dollar a use, which is a great price point for an every day masking routine, so I grabbed it and today, I am reviewing it for you.

I forgot to use a headband to hold my hair back, so some of my baby hairs and edges got masked. But they were fine. You can’t really see the mask on a photo, but, I have included pictures of the mask.
The mask felt like a very thick gel, and I could have used more on my skin, but I wanted to be able to use it twice before reviewing the mask. 

Thankfully, there is enough for two uses, without shorting myself, but it does go on kind of goopy, like a thick gel glue or something. It feels sticky, like it actually does have sugar in it, but once I got it on and washed my application to on brush off, I avoiding touching anything or going near anything with my sticky mask face, and there were no issues. 

A shot of the weird little sprinkles that kind of melt into the mask.

While the mask sat on my face, I didn’t feel much of a tingling, aside from the first few minutes, before it just felt like I had a gel drying on my face, which is basically what was happening.

Overall, I didn’t notice much happening in the ten minutes of sitting time, other than a few moments of a slight tingling sensation. 

Washing it off, without a washcloth, would be, in my opinion, every bit as hard as it is with clay or mud, so I would suggest using a wash cloth for this mask, like I do all masks. 

After I rinsed off with warm water, I was pleased to see skin that looked smooth and hydrated while still nicely deep cleaned, so overall I would say this was a very decent mask, with some great deep cleaning abilities, that doesn’t dry out the skin. 

Will I buy again? Honestly, it’s a maybe to probably for me. 

It’s not too harsh on the skin, and is still a nice deep clean. 

Not too expensive, and not tested on animals. 

Overall, pretty positive. I don’t know if I will buy more single use masks of this one, because of the plastic packaging, but if a full size with more than a couple of uses was available, I would likely enjoy it and purchase. I do wish it had a little more “oomph” to it. It didn’t have that nice deep cleaning tingle I like, and it didn’t do as deep of a clean either. 

The mask dried sticky and felt weird, which I didn’t like, but also didn’t dry my skin into place at all, like clay or mud masks can, so my face was able to retain a full range of motion without any restriction or painful pulling on my skin form drying clay product. 

On a five star system, this would get a solid 4 out of 5. In a ten point system, it would likely receive a 7 or an 8.  But, probably not as low as a 6. Definitely not as high as a 9. 

Anyways, overall, a very nice mask I was glad to use and would likely use again in the future. 

For the price point, as well as its efficacy, I would suggest to others to  purchase and try. It’s a nice price for what you are getting. 

So that Is my #skincaresaturday skin mask review for you all, now I am going to dig into some writing for Blogmas day eight and also some Flake City stuff. I also have some stories coming out of some characters in New Orleans.

While I have you all here, and since I should talk about something “Blogmas”-esque, lets talk about the new year, and why I love my friends.

Bret and I have been planning our new year, and our desires for our art, and we mentioned a few of our plans to Amber and Damon who were both very encouraging of not only our plans, but our why for those plans.

For example, my desire to post my writing for free, so anyone who wants to read can read, and to only gather money through optional merchandise purchases.

They are both also onboard to come on and maybe lend their voices or creative instincts to a few projects. I myself will need some people for pictures, and maybe voices.

I want to have a section of the podcasts be broadcasts “From Flake City” that would be from Sam’s point of view, inside of Flake City. I will need a few voices for that, but not many, so, I can do a lot with the encouraging support of some good friends.

The holiday season is great because you get a chance to really think about your closest friends and family, and look forward to the new year with those you care about most. Bret and I are digging in for the next three months to finish transforming our apartment work spaces and getting our art in order.

You get to look forward to the new year, while holding the warmth and coziness of the holidays.

You bring in live plants to remind you of the warm times to come, to maintain their life essence (Research why we have Christmas trees to learn more), and the winter holidays are considered the halfway point before the cold harshness of winter (for those who are lucky enough to have cold winters), before the life and warmth of spring, in the new year comes…and I am totally already feeling that, and that is pretty fucking awesome.

Happy Day Seven of Blogmas, everyone.

And to everyone, a Happy Day Seven of Blogmas!



Daily Blog #103: Blogmas Day Six- Thursday that wasn't impossible, being on the mend, and the start to some winter Holiday plans!

Greetings and salutations, dearest Blogmas and Daily Blog readers!

mos def GIF

Today is Thursday, and I am determined to have a fucking fantastic day, despite my usual “Thursday Curse” that I share with Arthur Dent (and I assume Douglas Adams. We have similar random tangent writing styles so it’s not huge leap to think we are similar in that regards to Thursday)

I want to have a good day to lead myself into a top notch Friday and a great weekend. I want to spend the weekend getting sorted for next week, and also for the holidays, maybe get some more decorating done, definitely some more pictures taken for future Blogmas posts.

Our plan was to do more DIY and small space style decorating, that also honors other cultures and holidays, for our more inclusive holiday celebrations. As I have mentioned, I am hoping to have our friends over for some nice food, maybe some small presents (I have been thinking of making everyone sweets or something knitted so it’s affordable, but also with lots of thought and care).

I definitely want to have a nice cozy evening, feeding my friends, smoking, talking, and just enjoying the company of my wonderful friends.

And if Bret and Amanda win, and we end up going out of town, I plan on inviting whatever internet friends I have in the area we go to over for a dinner I will cook in an AirBnB kitchen.

Because I will make a holiday meal. I have no idea what it is going to be yet, or even where, but I am working on all of it.

Anyways, today is crazy busy because we have some people out of the office, so Bret and I need to help out in the store, and I have my own pile of mess to deal with, so, I am going to work on that, and I will update later when I am able.

Assuming I am able to, and today doesn’t get too Thursday-ish. Admittedly, the store being short staffed and me having to help out, leads to a rougher day, but, mind over matter.

So, I am going to keep a positive mindset despite all the gross ass congestion, and I will work hard to have a great Thursday.

I am waiting for a phone call at my desk, but I can’t really dig into any of my projects, just basic things I can tackle and get done. So, I figured I would quickly try and update this. In between customers, I spent some time dicking around on WordPress, and reading some awesome Blogmas posts, which also gave me some great ideas, for my upcoming Blog posts. I don’t want to bog this blog down with too many holiday blogs, more so if there is not variety, so I want to keep my holiday topics diverse. I saw some people who did holiday movie and book reviews, which keeps the content diverse, and also thematically in the holiday spirit.

Mind you, many holiday movies are christian based, and even the ones Hallmark has come out with this year to be “inclusive” to Jews….Have been poorly done at best.

Several included Jewish characters having to hide their Jewish-ness, who are being pushed into traditional Christmas celebrations instead of their own cultural ones.

Not exactly great movies for Jews. But, many holiday classic movies are available to watch on streaming sites, and, because of my life long dislike of the holiday season, I haven’t seen many of them. So this year, in my attempts to be more holiday minded, I could watch some of these holiday films, and maybe even pick up a few books on the holiday season, at my favorite book shop, Half Price Books. I could always reread Christmas Carol, before we got to see it live, at The Alley Theatre, next weekend.

Lenyn, a dear friend, is working that show, and was kind enough to set aside comps for us. This date is an auspicious one, being a Friday the 13th, also a full moon, ALSO Amber’s birthday, AND it is the day/moon she was born under, SO OBVIOUSLY we will be going out that day anyways- And first we will get to have some fun at the theatre, watching a holiday show…

So the blog the next day will be loaded with fun stuff and fun pictures, I hope.

I could also review the play’s production, for a Blogmas entry, which would be fun, as I do love a good play, and this show is well known for being fantastic.

I have also thought about being some DIY stuff, like how I DIY wrapping paper, or maybe a DIY ornament. I may also post some how-to’s for presents or cooking, to really diversity the Blogmas content.

You may recall that I posted a very basic recipe for a turkey broth, using Thanksgiving leftovers. I liked that, so tonight and tomorrow I want to read or watch some Holiday content stuff, for some diverse Blogmas content…

I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to know what someone in their thirties thinks of holiday classic movies, having never seen them as a child (which obviously means biased eyes).

Yeah, may be fun to read what I think of holiday classics I have never seen before, because frequently, we get biased thoughts based on childhood expectations, whereas I will just be watching them for the first time.

Exciting? If you think so, damn, you should follow this blog and keep checking back.

Thursday Evening

Well, we just finished dinner, and Bret is running to the smoke shop to buy more hemp blunts, because our throats have been hurting really bad and those are the only things we can both agree on smoking now.

Hopefully this weekend I can get back to my bong, because boy I do miss it a ton.

I also have some cleaning I really need to get to this weekend, I will likely spend an hour or so tomorrow night getting the apartment back in shape from a week of being sick. Surprisingly, it isn’t as bad as you would think, I have been keeping up with the dishes and such, but I do need to do the litter box, sweep, and wet swiffer. Some mild dusting wouldn’t go amiss, but, likely I will focus my attention on the fridge.

I did get all our dishes done, the same day of the big Thanksgiving dinner, but, we still have all the stuff in the fridge, including Tupperware and the roasting pan. This weekend I will need to toss out anything that has gone bad and of course, wash all those dishes, and that project will likely leave me not caring too much about cleaning, but, I do plan on putting aside an hour tomorrow evening, to do some cleaning, and if the other stuff doesn’t take up that hour, I will add in some mild dusting, just really get this place tidy again, so I can enjoy the weekend, I hope, in good health.

I want to do a bunch of writing this weekend, and I know Bret does too so we are planning a super fun weekend of just writing. I have plenty of Flake City stuff to do, and of course, my sweet, sweet, blog. I want to do a couple of Blogmas type blogs, and I also have like, five different skin mask reviews, all of which in different stages of completion.

So, a big weekend of productive writing, Blogmas, Flake City, face mask reviews, and Bret probably has another album to make, because he is a brilliant composer.

Bret’s merchandise samples came in, some of it, his long sleeve, short sleeve, and canvas, and they all look great.

Mine, I hope, come in at some point tomorrow, because we only ordered ours a couple of hours apart from each other.

His shirts and canvas look amazing, so I am hopeful for my stuff. I have two shirts, a tank top, a sticker, and a coffee mug coming, and he has a hoodie and sticker coming. We tried to get everything either of us had lined up for this merchandise run, and we will buy more samples with our next bit of disposable income. It is likely buying samples and gear needed for our art, to really help launch us into the new year, will be our main gifts to each other for the winter holidays, other than some nice gifts that are useful, like new pajamas or some books.

I have a few new things I want to add to this holiday seasons celebrations, for example, several cultures and countries will exchange nice pjs and books, on Christmas Eve. I also want to actually do stockings this year, but I don’t know what I want to put in them, other than some candy and maybe fruit we both like. Maybe some small trinket useful things, like for me, paracord survival bracelets or those little mini survival kits (I’m weird, I know) or maybe mini’s of my favorite skin care products, or little weed products…iuno, just cute little stuff. For Bret, I want to find a cute small clock to sneak into his stocking, and some little mystery figurines- he has a few kinds he likes. I have a few cute ideas for him as well, but I am trying to flesh out exactly what I want to get him for the holiday gifts proper.

I am hoping to not only pick up some of his merchandise samples for him, as a practical gift, but also a new keyboard, and several notebooks of staff music pages. Plus a few books, obviously, as we are both big book lovers. Other than that, I am still brainstorming a few things for Bret, and I am also brainstorming some ideas for my friends.

I have been working on little scrubbiest and mask removers, hand knitted, based on a design my grandma developed for washcloth scrubbies for dishes.

My grandma used to make these washcloth type knitted bits that she called scrubbies, to make use of the extra bits of yarn left over after her various knitting projects for all of us. I have been trying to perfect these for facial care, to hopefully reduce the amount of cotton rounds I use, and also to provide a cuter option than washcloths for removing face masks and such too.

If you have read any of my mask reviews, you know I normally wash my masks off with a washcloth, to save from splashing water everywhere, and to actually get it off…those clay and mud masks can really be a bitch to wash off so, using something to wash them off helps.

I actually knitted a model for the size I want to make en masse, and I am thinking of knitting a fuck ton of those up for various friends who love skin care, and pairing that with like, maybe some face masks to go with them, and something baked or made, like cookies or fudge. Maybe edibles, for my friends who indulge. This way, everyone gets something useful to reuse, with the face scrubby, they get something to pamper themselves with a bit around the holidays, with the mask, and they get something delicious, with the baked goods, ideally that gets them high, for an extra holiday bonus.

Ironically, all of my friends are pretty big into skin care, at least in a passing way, so making those scrubbies actually kind works for everyone.

Specs is next to Half Price, so I can easily stop by next door and grab a few small bottles of liquor too, because is it even the holidays without little tiny bottles of liquor to add to gift bags for your friends?


So, that, I think, covers it for some of my Blogmas plans, while also blogging my plans for this weekend, and of course, my holiday plans.

Now, it is getting late, we really should head to bed soonish, after some skin care and chill time, and of course, editing and formatting the blog, editing a cover picture for this blog tomorrow, and of course, any other pictures I decide to grab for this blog, although I don’t think I took many to any today, so that may get tricky.

Anyways, I need to wrap this up so I can take some night time medicine and get a good nights sleep and maybe not sleep in so late tomorrow…because I have been sleeping until like, 8:30 or later all week, and I tend to aim to be at work between 9:00-9:30 AM. Also the cannabis episode of The Office just came on and Bret insists it’s hilarious so I am going to watch this before coming back to this.


Well, we watched a bit of “The Office” and now it is much later so I need to wind down.

I am on the mend, and I am hoping to feel great tomorrow, but I have also taken night time medicine to feel better tomorrow…so typing this is getting harder and I need to end it so! I hope you all have a wonderful Friday, and I will see you tomorrow for the next day of Blogmas.


Daily Blog #102: Blogmas Day Five- sick but on the mend finally, getting back to the grind, and the ‘point’ of Blogmas.


Greetings and salutations, Blog readers!

I need to find some fun community name for my blog readers, or something like that.

Anything but high pitched “Hi friends” and “Whats up family?” Because I feel like literally every other vlogger uses that.


My “on the mend” picture.

Today is Wednesday. Health wise, I do feel better than I have been feeling, but still VERY far from 100% … am maybe at less than 50%, but I felt so shitty before that it fees like a massive improvement.

I do desperately wish I felt better, I am coughing, very congested, still get a bit feverish here and there, but, again, I feel much better than I did, so I am calling it a victory.

At work, the financial year is winding down, so I am hoping to stay on top of my to do lists and responsibilities as the year winds down.

But I am also trying to rock Blogmas and my writing, so while I can’t work on my writing at work, I am trying to at least pace myself at work so I’m not dead tired in the evening, when I get home from work.

Being sick, of course, takes so much out of me, and it makes everything harder, which in turn makes you feel even more exhausted.

I’m also behind on some stuff and I need to get healthy so I can get back on my game, and stop feeling so far behind. For example, I am behind on importing my blogs to Medium (Like by a few, all of Thanksgiving and the start of Blogmas) so I am using a little time before I leave the office to catch that up. I need to get back to my work out game too, need to add my cardio back in, and also my high intensity training, but while I know working out helps you heal, or whatever, I am NOT one of those people. I don’t LOVE working out, I just do it because i know it is ultimately good for my health, but I am not about to torture myself when I already feel like shit.

So I need to get better so I can get back on my game. In an effort to get back on my game before I feel better in an effort to have my #bloglifetogether I am importing my blogs to Medium, to catch Medium up…

Not that I really fit in with, or probably even belong on, Medium.

Not to throw myself a pity party, but considering I don’t write long articles about the “Top ten ways to make money on Medium” I am likely to never fit in with Medium. Also, I believe in my creative writing, as well as my daily blog style, and while that may not fit in on Medium, I am trying to show other writers out there that we aren’t all doing it for the money…Doing it because you enjoy it, and it’s good for you and grows your writing skill, is more than good enough.

It’s like ever since the world saw commercial success with JK Rowling, everyone wants to be some millionaire, from writing.

Some key things to remember: Book royalties are never great, even for her, merchandise played a big part in the money, and, the single most important thing to remember is she wasn’t writing a book series to earn money.

So please, for all that is holy, knock it off with this narrative of writers who make tons of money and live these beautiful jet set, quirky as fuck, beautifully whimsical kind of lives.

Not only is it straight up inaccurate, you are also contributing to the idea that true writers need to make tons of money to be successful, and that writing is some path to success.

Please stop. It leads to every Tom, Dick, and Harry all determined to “make it rich” by writing, and there is already some MAJOR crap out there in the reading world, because the market is getting saturated with craptastic bits of content designed ONLY to make money, and with no heart or soul in it.

I am completely over reading copied and regurgitated nonsense written by someone who spent no time studying their craft, no time honing their skills, and with no intention to better the community for fellow writers.

None of us need that.

Can anyone be a writer? Yes. Can anyone putting in zero actual effort become a truly talented writer? No. No they can’t. The people who are getting into writing because ‘I heard you can sit at home and just type whatever and make a million dollars” are not writers. They are greedy, normally lazy, pieces of crap, and to be totally frank, we don’t need more of them.

Look, not everyone who “has a story in their head” is suitable to be a writer. If you have a story in your head and you are willing to do the hard work, than yes, you should be…but if you want to make it rich, you should stay far away from actual writers…writers that are willing to put their heart and soul out there and do the work, they don’t need to catch your greedy suck.

If you are offended by anything I am saying here…Sorry, but…uh..If you wanna prove me wrong, go get your ass to work writing. When you are done, assuming you actually do the hard work of getting your ass to writing, I bet you will agree with me. And, plus side, you will be a writer. Huzzuh.

Without crapping too hard on these fake ass writers who are only interested in a paycheck, I am going to wrap this up here, and make my way home for some dinner and relaxing before diving into the part two of this blog. I don’t like being negative, but I do like being realistic and practically, and not always sugar coating crap, or following the herd of whats trendy…which is apparently how to make money on Medium/Blogging posts.

Please know, if you have a story, you should be a writer…but if you only want a payout, you shouldn’t…but even if you DO want a payout, I DO think you should try writing anyways….Just…maybe focus on the writing, and see if success can follow that effort…as it does…with any successful writer.

Wednesday Night

Well, it is Wednesday evening. Bret, and others, have been trying to get me to watch the American version of The Office, and we are on the sixth episode in the first season. It’s been pretty painful thus far.

But, Bret says it gets better. But, while this episode plays, I figured I would update the blog, and work on getting Blogmas day five scheduled for tomorrow.

Bret actually showed me an app that I had actually suggested to him, and forgot about, that, as it turns may work out better for me to make visual graphics, at least until I get more pictures stored up for my own.

Thankfully, all of these pictures are completely free and fair to use, which is great, and it helps me get better at figuring out exactly what kind of photos I will need. I am trying to provide fun illustrations that allow an audience to see my world a bit, without me having to spend a million dollars on illustrations.

Please understand, it’s not that I don’t want to pay for artwork. I would love to. I have no money, and I would like to not have to charge for any of my creative writing. Therefore, I need to use free stuff, or make my own.

I do plan on mostly making my own, photographing actors or models, etc, to make the specific images I want, but, to use fair use images, and be able to give credit to other artists would be a great way get some basic stuff out of the way. With the sites I use, you aren’t required to give credit, but I would always rather give credit, when and where able.

Anyways, this new app has more options, and, the paid version offers more, at a more fair price, so I was thinking I may upgrade that one as well.

Abdiel Ibarra (via Unsplash) took this original shot, and I edited the text and such. I don’t know if this is the final version or not, but this is pretty cool.

I saw all if this to to explain a picture I worked on today, edited it a bit, to change it a up, and make it a big more of what I needed for the illustration. This is one for Roxy, big surprise, that kind of explains her a little bit.

It’s a picture I have used on this blog before, actually, but I edited it with some text and filters, and made it appropriate for my mysterious character who goes by a name that isn’t even her name.

And I say all of this to say that making these photos have really been opening up my eyes for the kinds of photos I want to grab, and I am actually making a master list to try and shoot certain shots for my publishing this year.

Thankfully for me, I work at a place that sells special FX makeup, so I can make some cool makeup tricks happen to make any zombie shots or whatever as well, for publishing Flake City this upcoming year.

Anyways, I can feel you getting bored with that as you read it, so lets move on to another topic.

Lets talk about Blogmas, for this blogs “mas” section, shall we?

Welcome to day five. I am including the artwork here in the post so when I import into Medium, it’s easier to make the cover photo.

Why Blogmas?

To get better at blogging? Better at balance? Better at writing?

Well, when you google search “What’s the point to blogmas?” It autocorrects to Vlogmas, because Vloggers are more popular than Bloggers, namely because people don’t read that blogs as often as they watch vlogs, and that’s okay.

It says the point to Vlogmas, however, is to give your audience a glimpse into your life.

It is also to grow your audience, and to get a little festive, because holidays.

For me, it’s to stretch my skills at balancing my creative writing and the blog. I also tend enjoy my statistics when I post a blog a day, and I also enjoy the daily challenge of putting together another daily blog, keeping my day to day life interesting…all that stuff.

It is also fun because, as always, blogging forces accountability, and that forces me to stay kind of positive, and also always looking for the positive in a situation and not a bad.

Also, to actually do the things I need to do. This weekend, which is when I think I will be on the mend, I plan on working myself back into my work out routine, with a nice long bike ride, maybe, if I am on the mend enough and feel like pushing myself, I will do my high intensity work out, but, mark It down now, I will be biking this week on the stationary bike.

A glimpse of my life? I think you all know it a bit, it involves working, writing, smoking weed, and this month, HOLIDAYS.

I do plan on discussing holidays, this year during Blogmas. Each of the holidays on the winter months, I am hoping to discuss, and I will also be discussing how Bret and I have started trying to observe the winter holiday months.

But, for todays “mas” in Blogmas, I wanted to discuss the point of Blogmas and my goals for it.

Google wasn’t helpful for what Blogmas is for, but to me, it is another challenge, just like NaNoWriMo, meant to help grow your skills at a writer and your daily habit of writing.

I already have this habit pretty well on lock, but, I also will skip a day and make it up another day, and this forces me to write every day, which really reinforces not just the word count every day, (my goal being 3,000 a day) but the habit of writing every day, not just hitting that word count on average (9,000 on one day to make up for two days of not writing). This is a good thing, because I do knock out some great writing on those 9,000 word days, but sometimes that writing gets wasted on things like dialgoue or a massive blog update because I didn’t bother updating for a couple days, or whatever. Instead of diving into 9,000 words in Flake City, slowly chipping away at the magical mystery that is unfolding in the zombie outbreak of Flake City, I am stuck writing boring dialogue to develop characters, or updating the blog with some stuff I did but never wrote about or took pictures for. If I spend every day writing, not just averaging 3,000 a day, I can spread that writing out, and really dig in more, on those 9,000 word count days.

Which, yes, is very similar to why I like NaNoWriMo, but this is a much more forced to be daily situation, so Blogmas serves its own super great purpose.

So, this has been my “mas” of this Blogmas post, Day Five.

I hope you have enjoyed!


Daily Blog #101: Blogmas Day Four- Zombie reminders, content appreciation, "mas in Blogmas", and I'm still freaking sick, this is so damn annoying.

Tuesday Night

Greetings and Salutations blog readers!

What do we do after a long day?
Same thing as other days. But with gusto.

Today was a very, very, very, long freaking day. I have felt like shit all fucking day and it has honestly felt like everyone is going out of there way to be pointedly stupid, mean, or just plain fucking annoying.

Sure, much of this is likely my own bad mood from feeling like crap for fucking days, but I do think there may be something in the air because damn.

Anyways. Now I am home from work, and while plenty is annoying me, I am trying really hard to clear my head and focus on good things, better things, things that aren’t the annoying, stupid fucking zombies.

Because zombies are fucking everywhere, and they all want to harass you, they all want to eat your fucking face off, and none of them are good enough to do so, in my opinion, so don’t let them.

Push the zombies away, barricade the door, and if you have to, fucking double tap their stupid heads.

Maybe hit em in the chest, destroy the heart, double tap the head, kill both of the possible parts needed and kill that fucking zombie head. (Don’t actually hurt people, obviously.)

Keep these nasty, awful people as far away from you as possible and have your defenses up. Even if you can’t get away from them, put up your own emotional shields, safe guard yourself. If you feel that you need to pull away from people, do it. Don’t tell them things, don’t tell them about the stuff you think or feel, because fuck them, they aren’t entitled to your thoughts or ideas.

Keep it all on the surface, and safeguard who you are. Don’t let people into your circle, don’t trust them, don’t allow a zombie in the safe room.

And, when you feel you may be bitten, don’t spread the infection. I don’t want to spread my negativity from the zombies, so, like I have been doing all day, I need to avoid others and not spread the infection.

Because all day at work, I have been avoiding people, to not get anyone sick, however, it applies to a negativity others may catch if you are nasty around them, too.


Okay, smoking a blunt, trying to shake off the annoyance. I feel like poop.

Currently watching/listening to a YouTuber we watch and support often, @OhItsTeddy, who is starting…a podcast.

The same style that I actually planned on starting yesterday, with the 100th blog, but I hadn’t got a chance to buy the equipment we still needed.

Am I lamenting? Fuck no. The great thing about good content creators like Teddy is they can test things out and show you if they truly work well or not. Teddy has way more knowledge and skill at this kind of thing than I do, even with my production background, he has more applicable experience towards content creation, so watching him work out the best way to do things is helpful for myself, mostly because he is one of the few content creators I have followed that don’t sell out in some way, compromising what they believe in, to “make it”.

Teddy doesn’t get monetized, much, on YouTube, because he smokes weed, and yet he doesn’t compromise at all, by hiding it, so he can get that check. Even when he does things I don’t agree with, I tend to support him, because at least he isn’t compromising who he is. That is an energy I like to look up to, and definitely will support.

So, a friendly reminder to anyone who sees someone doing something similar to a way you have been day dreaming about. They are doing the thing, and it doesn’t stop you from doing it, it enables you to see any errors they made, any smart steps they take. You can learn from it, and do better for it. Also, get off your ass and go work on your art. Don’t lament, create.

Another plus side?

You can also see the content you want.

You see, I believe you should make the kind of content you want to see.

If you want to do a certain kind, and you see someone doing it, you are not only getting to see if it works and how to do it yourself, but you are getting to enjoy the content you want to see.

Just don’t be like some creators who rip creators off, stealing their ideas, and passing it off as their own. You people suck, and are absolutely zombies, even if you try to pass off my zombie theory as your own.

Basically, it’s a fine line, but on one side of it, is good content you have always hoped to see, and on the other is being a shady, uncreative, tool.

Be inspired, don’t be a zombie.

So, for the “mas” part of this Blogmas Blog, let’s discuss….


Hrm…I have some ideas but many of those I am trying to save for later in the Blogmas season. I guess it’s hard to plan, at the moment, because we have holiday plans up in the air.

When Amanda was here visiting, (Amanda is an old friend of Bret’s) they got to talking, and Amanda doesn’t want to spend the holiday in Texas, and Bret was like “oh yeah lets bounce and go somewhere else for the holidays.” So I obliged by searching for AirBnB’s in Colorado, because if we are leaving the country it will need to be somewhere with weed and snow on the holidays.

But, I don’t know, the more I think about it, the more I hate it. I wouldn’t mind going and checking out potential wedding venue spots, but I do mind having the holiday away from our friends. We have developed traditions, over time, having our friends over for the holidays, people like Lenyn, Amber, and Damon…and I would really miss them.

And, this next part I can say because neither Bret nor Amanda read my blog…

I don’t want to feel lonely on the holidays. I love the two of them dearly, but its lightening fast, how quickly I become a third wheel. Even on nights when I don’t have to get up early the next day, the two of them end up getting lost in conversations I have no part in…or they get lost physically, taking long walks with the dog and catching up on stuff and reminiscing.

I quickly become in the way, and it leads to me feeling like total shit, and, I get bummed out. I don’t want that to happen on Christmas. Not that the Christmas part is overly special, we tend to do a more non secular thing, but I don’t want to spend two blessed days away from work, plus the time we would take to get to and from Colorado, feeling sad and lonely.

I asked Lenyn if he could come with, because we could just ignore them, but he can’t get that much time away, as he is doing a lovely show here in town at a well known and very professional theatre, and can’t be missed.

But, I also don’t want to disappoint them. I know Amanda wants to get out of the state for the holiday, and I know Bret wants to as well, and I want to make him happy…Iuno. I guess what I am saying is, I am glad that I sent them a few really good AirBnB options, but I am even more glad that neither of them have followed up by even looking and responding. Here’s hoping they don’t, and I can just put together the kind of Christmas I am hoping for.

Mind you, I don’t need TONS of crazy cool stuff. I like to have lots of delicious food, cozy lights, cocoa, chill, heavily relaxed, lots of smoking…I don’t even really want presents, although homemade stuff and books are nice to give friends year round, and I tend to also give my friends gifts so like…yeah I’m okay with that, but mostly I like to just chill.

I have deeper thoughts on it, and I am trying to establish more traditions for the holidays, but the only ones we have are having our closest friends over for food, smoke, and good times.

So, I am hoping in the coming days, to post more “mas” things, like some lighting and other fun DIY stuff, but I haven’t done any decorating, as I have been feeling like crap.

But soon I will feel better and we shall have some more “mas” content on the blogs of Blogsmas. Thankfully, I do have lots of options for fun graphics that give you the feeling of Christmas, thanks to the app I am falling in love with and will likely be purchasing the paid version of because oh my goodness it is awesome.

But for now, it is late, and I haven’t even had dinner yet. Bret and I are both hungry, sick, grumpy, and already in dire need of the weekend. But for now, it is Tuesday night, and after we eat we will feel better. I am going to go roll a blunt or two and when we eat I will put together the visuals for this blog, edit it, maybe do a tiny update, and schedule it.

I must say, even sick, I am fucking loving Blogmas!!!

Later again

Hi there, dearest readers, it’s me, Abbi, but this Abbi is the Abbi you rarely talk to…this…is editing Abbi. Editing Abbi misses a few lowercased i’s and plenty of misspelled and incorrectly typed words, but she does her best to at least put up some good illustration’s and attempt some good formatting. She is normally tired, and eager to get off to bed, and today is no exception. She is grateful for your readership, and hope you will continue to join her for the remainder of Blogmas.

Man, when I get tired and feverish I get weird. Oh well, at least I can say I am being “real” or whatever.

Thanks for reading


Daily Blog #100: Blogmas Day Three- still sick, homemade Thanksgiving broth recipe, writing updates and other productive sick day stuff.

Monday Afternoon

Greetings and Salutations, Blog readers and fellow fans of Blogmas!

Today is day three of Blogmas, and I woke up sick as fuck frankly, feeling worse than yesterday, so despite needing the hours and needing to go into work, I had to call out. I can’t handle how shitty I felt and I knew I wouldn’t be able to fake it until later in the day, if at all.

I have been coughing up so much phlegm, and still my lungs are fill of phlegm, and my poor throat is hurting. I may smoke a bowl, or a bong, with ice in it, to make it easier on my throat, but also still smoke. The smoking helps with the lungs a bit, believe it or not, because cannabis is a bronchodilator, and also a mild expectorant, so I cough stuff up, while also taking a medicine that helps my stomach issues and body aches. I wish I could be sponsored by cannabis, because damn, I do talk about how great that plant is, all the time.

Now I am watching some vlog footage, because vlogmas and blogmas offer me some major content options, which is great, because now I can watch content but also stream the old stuff I love. After I finish this one, I will put on Zomboat again, because I love it, and hope all my streams of it contribute to them getting a second season.

I made some tea and loaded a bowl, and now I am sipping and smoking those while I figure out what to work on writing wise, because as you know, I am not good at resting all day.

I am also not feeling well, however, so I have to plan my writing around when my head is clear enough to allow me to write.

Today for Blogmas I want to share a recipe that may help other people who find themselves unwell after Thanksgiving.

This recipe is also great for the leftovers you will likely still have.

So, as a cold front hits much of the country, people are likely to get sick, and, with Thanksgiving coming so late in the month this year, people will have leftovers to make good use out of.

The turkey and herbs I used for the first batch. I got more heavy handed as the batches went on.

So, whip out a small (or large, your call depending on how much broth you need) pan and lets make a broth for your sick time.

Grab out your turkey remains and any herbs you didn’t use on your turkey. Break up some pieces of turkey, dark meet has more flavor, but if you made a good turkey, like I did, it all has good flavor. Feel free to toss in any extra veggies too- I have carrot and celery left over and I think I may be making a large batch here in a minute, that I will be tossing some veggies in to make use of them and also make a really good broth to help me get over this illness.

Anyways, take your meet, veggies if you want or have, and any herbs, like the sage. thyme, and rosemary. Feel free to toss in some garlic and onion too, although the powder is also good. I added some salt and pepper, and brought this all to a boil, before stirring and returning to lower heat for a few hours, until the broth tasted “done”.

A shot of the larger batch I made, today while I was writing this very blog.

I suggest two hours, which seems to be enough time for all the stuff to be cooked out of the broth. My second batch last night had more meat and herb than the first batch, and I found the meat still had more “life” to it, so I saved it in Tupperware as a base for the next batch, which is the one I am making now to finalize the recipe and also make myself some lunch and dinner.

With the stomach stuff, and the throat stuff, anything harder than a nice clear broth with some plain noodles is too much.

Yesterday, for the noodles, I used ramen, but today I think I may use something else. Either way just cook the noodles up, drain (and rinse if it’s ramen) and then toss the noodles into some hot broth. I like to cook the noodles to a “still needs a few more minutes” cooked, and then let it finish off in the broth, as I think it tastes a little better and kind of incorporates the noodles into the broth, versus just sitting in the broth.

Once you have your noodles finished, toss that in a bowl or a mug, add some crackers, maybe some cheese, on the side, and dig in. Feel better soon. Pair with juice, I suggest apple or orange.

This soup, if made properly, distills the delicious flavors of thanksgiving into a soup that will make you feel better. This can also be done with any proteins and herbs, etc, but I personally think turkey is a delicious, while still a bit bland, to keep your stomach from evicting its contents. You need fluids and food when sick. This recipe can help, and, avoids a trip to the overly crowded stores,

And this concludes the “mas” part of this Blogmas Entry.

Now onto a blog part.

So, it has been brought to my attention by some of the blogs and vlogs I am following, that people follow different methods for this holiday we creators do. Some people will post ahead of time, some will preplan entries, some people will do it in the moment, and post it the next day. For example, some people will create their Day One on the 30th of November for posting on the first, and some people will create the Day One on the first of December.

Currently, I am writing the day ahead to post the next morning, because I tend to get better read results by posting in the morning on WordPress and the early afternoon on Medium.

But I have also had some nice luck with evening reading, and I wonder if maybe people prefer reading blogs in the evening when the weather gets cooler? Or if maybe the seasons mean that people read more often in the evening…or if I should just keep posting in the morning so it’s up, regardless of when someone will read.

Because, as I tell everyone, the point of this isn’t to trick people into reading my blog and such, it is to present my blog and writing consistently, so that the people who would naturally like my writing and blog, can find it.

I don’t use the algorithm to trick people into being my audience, I use it to provide my true audience a chance to find me, and me to find them.

Because it think anyone who knows me knows that once I have a fan base and audience, I will probably be treating them to all sorts of freebies, so…its a two way street of usefulness, which is key when you build a community, which is what I think I would rather do, versus building some creative “empire” I would rather build a community of people, who all kind of support each other and understand and like the creative content I am making. I would rather have a small community of people who like this stuff, than a rather large one who is always on the edge of not caring or understanding what you are pouring your heart and soul into.

I want people who love my merchandise, too, obviously, because lets be real here, that will likely be a giant chunk of how I will make money, because I do not want to put my writing behind a pay wall, if I can avoid it, because everyone deserves to read. More so if they are willing to read my stuff.🙂


So now, it is a little later in the afternoon, I and I am enjoying some of the soup I made using last nights broth and some Fideo noodles we had on hand. Seriously, delicious, and, is helping me feel a bit better, so I can work on this, and also some Flake City stuff.

I am hoping if I keep writing on Flake City, I will maybe eventually, figure out a strategy for releasing it…more so if I want to make some money, but I don’t want people who can’t afford to buy the stuff to not get any reading….

I’ve been tossing around this idea of acts of activism giving people access to the story. Like, maybe if you donate the money to Flint, you get access to the story, or, maybe if you submit X numbers of community service hours, I send you a code for the reading?

Something like that seems complicated, but also very cool, because it keeps people from not getting access to the writing, but also keeps the value of the work I did in the world at large.

Sure, I may not get some money, but if someone plant a hundred trees, I am game for them reading my stuff. If someone donates several cases of water to Flint, then I want them to read Flake City…because if they understand how unfair the situation is in Flint, they will likely be pretty interested in the poor people of Flake City, locked into the zombie outbreak by the government and it’s sub section, known simply as F Class.

Iuno. Things I am tossing around, I guess, as I think about how to publish my writing.

Anyways, I think now I should take a break from this. I don’t know if this will be a break or the end of the blog, so keep reading to find out.

Later- late night

This portion of the blog is written in a nice hot bath using many of the rest of my bath supplies to take a really good, really restorative bath. I’m dumped mint, rosemary, and eucalyptus oils in with my two varieties of bath salts, one was pink Himalayan salt mix from Sam and one was a epsom lavender mix from Robin. I also tossed in what was left of my two kinds of bath bubbles and my very last lush bath bomb from my last trip to lush. Obviously, I’ll need to resupply.

Fantastic bath.

A bath was a great idea, I think, because it lets me get my head on straight, helps me soak my aching muscles, and the essential oils I put in the water are helping to ease some of the congestion issues I’m having. I’m the kind of sick where the medicine doesn’t last long enough, so in the day time you are forced to double down on dosages and be groggy and likely doing damage to your kidneys, or you are miserable for a few hours between dosages. This is doubly a problem at night because you can’t really double down on the night time formula nor should you double down on either of them.

So basically you spend a few hours miserable between dosages. This bath, however, comes at the end of a dosage- so I can take my night time stuff before bed, and also not be miserable before bed. So, here I am, in the deliciously hot and well treated with girly accoutrements meant to make me feel better. I also have a pipe, so I can smoke, albeit lightly, because of my phlegm congested lungs.

So here I am, in the bath, finishing up this blog while I soak and try and sweet out as much of this sick as possible before I turn in for the evening. I will still need to edit, add photos, and schedule this blog, but I can do that while I sit with a face mask on my face- I’m sick and will very likely go to work looking a wreck- but I can at least have my skin get a little bit of treatment.

Bret got sick before me, so I kind of get to look into my future, plus or minus any immunity system modifiers like Bret having a better immune system then me. I still managed to catch it after him so really, I already feel like I’m doing pretty good, just by not having got sick first.

Anyways- I should probably rest in this hot bath before I get out, and this is as good a time as any to draw this blog to a close. So far, I am loving Blogmas, and I am so glad to be doing it, even when sick.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and it looks to be a long rough day after the holiday and my time off today- so everyone wish me luck and let’s hope my system is in better shape.


P.S.- I am really enjoying changing my cover photos, so if you want a chance to vote on the ones I use, follow me on social media, today I posted four to Instagram and Twitter and the cover photo you see was voted the most liked cover photo. You could be one of those votes, if you are into that sort of thing, which you should be, it’s great practice for voting in real elections on stuff that actually matters.

P.P.S- Holy shit, 100 Daily Blogs. Thank you to everyone who loves these, I love you.

Daily Blog #99: Blogmas Day Two- Thankfulness, NaNoWriMo completion, and being sick

Sunday Evening 

Greetings and salutations, dearest blog readers.

This morning, I woke up very sick. My mom is still in town, so we hung out, but instead of the mall and lunch as planned, we went to the Buddhist tea room out in the suburbs that she used to go to when she lived here, and then she ran me by a Walgreens for some medicine. Mom went to get a nice massage and I came home to smoke a bunch of blunts and be miserable whilst sick.

Now it is early evening, a little after five, and I realized I needed to get started on my Blogmas entry for tomorrow. I am likely going to take a shower, and maybe take some of the leftover turkey and make it into a broth for some soup that will help how I feel…and also maybe some I can take to work because I absolutely need to go to work tomorrow, so I can’t be sick.

I have so many things to catch this blog up on, I could probably start with my thankfulness section, you know, the faithful bit of wrapping up your Thanksgiving by discussing thinks you are thankful for.

For me, I am thankful for my friends, and our wonderful little family we have built, now creating traditions of spending holidays together.

I am thankful for the time I get with my parents, and also for the distance that keeps us from driving each other up a wall too much. I love them, but I am such a weirdo to them. I am thankful we are all in a healthy place, as a family, or what passes as healthy for us, and we are all trying to better ourselves. I am thankful my sister and my mom are on better terms now, and I am so very thankful that my sister seems to be slowly starting to love herself a bit more than she has in the past.

I am thankful for this blog, starting it has been transformative to not only my writing, but to the path I am on. As I have mentioned in the past, blogging forces accountability, and it forces you to take yourself and the promises you make yourself, more serious. This blog has helped me hone in on what I want my present and future to look like, and also how I want to make writing my full time (IE money paying for the bills)career.

I also have a place to kind of track everything. If someone wants to know how I feel about something, they can easily start there, and some people in my real life have reported finding it easier to see where I am coming from all the time. It’s easy to think I am a homebody who doesn’t like people, but when you read my blog, you realize normally the problem is anxiety and a giant stack of words I need to write, before I do anything, because consistent writing, every day, is the only way any writers can really get there.

Building a universe takes time too, and for the people who read my creative writing entries, they can see the efforts that go there too. I am very thankful for these people, who either know me in real life or online, but who actually read my words and make attempts to understand me, or at least accept me, for who I am.

The knocked over bottles are empty bottles from the remnants of exportant I had on hand. Not seen is the remaining day and night quil I had stashed, but I had to replace them with what you see pictured here.

I am also thankful for powerful cold medicines that make me able to sit up and work on my blog and that will enable me to drag my sick ass into work.

I am thankful for all the small improvements we have made in this apartment, including the paint, the shelves, and the curved shower curtain bar that keeps the shower curtain from touching me in the shower.

I am thankful for all the little things in my life that are better than they were before and things are always looking up. I am thankful for so many things my sick, semi fevered mind can’t grasp.

I am thankful for my writing, I am thankful for my NaNoWriMO project is interesting enough for me to want to keep writing today, despite feeling sick and having Blogmas to work on.

I am thankful for my friends who make life wonderful and encourage me, like Amber and Damon, like Lenyn, who are creative and beautiful spirits, passionate and caring.

Behold, some of the text plates I have been able to make thanks to this new app. I may well upgrade, it is really great and the more I use it the more I like it.

I am thankful for my laptop, I am thankful for my app that lets me write everywhere, I am thankful for the graphics plate creator I found that I can use for free. I am thankful to be able to buy the apps and upgrade the services I like, when I want to, which I may do with said app.

I am thankful for so many little and large things, like being able to look forward to the winter months with a happy sense of positivity because hey, things are looking great, and we are working hard every day to achieve the results we are after.

I am thankful for cannabis’s continued legalization, for the states and countries that are legalizing it, medicinally or otherwise. I am thankful for the people in the cannabis community who make the community great, and are willing to pass down their knowledge. People like Todd McCormick, who actually named the character in my NaNoWriMo project, Kaya.

I am thankful for so much that this blog would go on for many days if I kept going, and I want to take a shower, so I am going to pause here, because a shower may do me some good.


Well, I had a shower, but I don’t know that it did me much good, but, I am clean now, at least. I also tried a new hair mask, so we shall see how that does as well.

I am making some broth using leftovers from Thanksgiving, and I think that will lead to another blog for Blogmas, which is pretty awesome. I am taking pictures, and that will be what I make tomorrow’s “mas” part of the blog.

For those who don’t know what Blogmas is, by the way, allow me to explain. Blogmas is a holiday for bloggers to post one blog a day from December 1st-25th. The idea, I believe, is to really push yourself, writing and creating wise. I know vloggers also do Vlogmas, for the same or similar reasons. You are also supposed to mention or have something vaguely holiday themed in each of the blogs, which is what I mean by the “mas” part of the blog.

This blog, for example, has it’s “mas” with the discussion about things I am thankful for.

Tomorrow’s will be this recipe for broth, which helps with the holiday colds. I will keep adding ideas for the “mas” part of my blogs of blogmas, while keeping with my usual daily blog style writing for these dailies.

I hate this cold already and I am very much DONE with feeling like shit. Also mad as hell that I have to go to work tomorrow and I hope I don’t have to stay long…but also tomorrow I need to stay long because we lost three days of work last week from my pay check, and three from Bret’s as well, which can be a sizable chunk of money from our checks, and will make the upcoming holidays, plus living, tricky.

So, it will be hard to take time off of work, despite being sick. But, I am tough, so I will see if maybe I can plan to take some supplies to tough out being sick tomorrow, and put in a half day…and try for a full day, depending on how medicated I can make myself. I fortunately bought some cold medicine today, and I am well suited to fake it till I make it tomorrow, if I pack enough tea, medicine, soup, and crackers.

The soup I made and some cheese and crackers.

With all things, I do better when I eat. Having snacks I can handle, like nice simple soups and crackers, are really great.

Currently, I am enjoying the soup I mentioned making earlier with some cheese and crackers on the side and some apple juice.

Delicious, and very obviously a meal made by and for a sick person.

This thing has come with plenty of stomach stuff as well as the congestion, head and body aches, fever, chills…plain soup and crackers with some cheese and juice is perfect.

So my soup is good, and is helping, as is the juice. I want to do some creative writing, I was in the middle of a plot point with Kaya in Flake City when I realized I had long since hit my word count goal, so now I am thinking about diving back into that…I know I went harder on the creative writing than the blogging, and that Blogmas is my chance to counter correct that, but I don’t want to only focus on the blog, and not get any creative writing done, because I think I was hitting some real strides doing both.

Anyways, speaking of Flake City, I am constantly trying to figure out what format I want to release Flake City in, and it is getting pretty big now, the total word file is likely over 200,000 words…Which covers roughly three days.

So, It makes it hard to think I should release it as one book. Currently, we have Kaya separated, in word file and all, from Chloe and that group of survivors, and Sam is mostly separated as well, although I have a word document of how she got to the radio station, in a separate file, which I could add into the Kaya story or leave as a stand alone. I have a few stand alone that cover Flake City, that won’t have much interaction with our main characters, now or for a while, as well as some people who Sam talks to, who end up dead.

I wonder if maybe doing a section a week kind of thing would be fun, the way stories used to get unraveled in older times. Not sure. But, I will be spending a chunk of my time in Blogmas discussing my options, because I want to spent the winter holidays contemplating how to publish in the new year, as I plan on publishing quite a bit, in this upcoming year.

All in all though, I am overjoyed that I wrote so much in November and still, in December, want to keep writing on my NaNoWriMo story. I have some blogs planned out for Blogmas, and two mask reviews I have some notes written on for the reviews, as well, so I am well suited to kick Blogmas’s ass.

I do need plenty of rest though, being as sick as I am, so I should probably wrap this up, and do any creative writing I want to do before bed.

But, this is as great a point as any to end Blogmas blog #2.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday, tune in tomorrow to see how I do while sick.


Daily Blog #98: Blogmas Day One-Friendship, content creation, and I begin Blogmas!

Thursday (Thanksgiving) evening 

Today was a huge success. Delicious food was had by all, everyone enjoyed it, and I have to get up in less than four hours to get ready for ren fest with my mom. 

Amanda is here, and I am trying to enjoy her company, but I wanted to blog this real quick.

But now I’m awkwardly typing on my phone and trying to engage and that’s awkward so…a lesson in being more engaged. 

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and fantastic day. 

Saturday Early Evening

Well, I did NOT blog, and now I HAVE to finish NaNoWriMo. I will be posting a blog every day for Blogmas, however, so I don’t feel bad about this being very short.

Because doing a blog a day means I can catch you up on Thanksgiving and also on my trip to the ren fest with my parents. Until then, I need to write about eight thousand words REAL QUICK for NaNoWriMo, so, more later…See you on the other side!


Oh snap. So, the other side was closer than I thought.

I hadn’t done a word count update in a minute, as I have been writing in Evernote, so I can work on it anywhere, as I am prone to do…I just now did the copy and paste into my word file…and I am over 73,000, which is well over the needed 50,000…so voila! I win NaNoWriMo!

Now, I am looking forward to…BLOGMAS! Tomorrow I need to have a blog up, and I will need to blog every single day until the 25th day in the month. I have done every day blogging, and actually enjoy it quite a bit, but with Blogmas, you also want to try and make sure it is interesting and sometimes has a focus on the holidays. For me, I also want to have fun seasonal cover photos for each blog.
I need to do a bit of blogging and I will need to do a few pictures, and probably some shopping, so I am thinking of doing a mini spa day to get myself sorted, physically, and brain storm some ideas for cover photos. I am thinking something fun like the Christmas lights made into the numbers.

Originally, I wanted to do the different advent calendar numbers as the cover, as a nice way to highlight it, but I don’t have it yet, so I can’t do it.

I don’t have the advent calendar picked out and I don’t foresee me being able t get one before I need to schedule the first blog, so I am thinking that instead I may use some Christmas lights…or maybe I won’t have the same cohesive look on my cover photos, but , hey, that can get boring too.

I know I want to buy a green Christmas hat, or maybe another black one, as I think I lost my Bah Humbug hat in the move. Plus, I am trying to be festive, but I hate red.

For today, I need to do some small dishes, and shower, maybe do a mud mask and I may even follow up with a sheet mask. The weather changes have been a nightmare.

For dinner I will probably make some leftovers, and I will need to wash some dishes after I do, so if I do that, I’ll be adding that to my to do list.

And blogging. I want to plan out some holiday themed blogs, and I also want to try and connect with a few bloggers and vloggers who are doing blog and vlogmas, and subscribe/follow, to support other creators doing this.

In the new year, I want to focus on connecting with more and more creators, to surround myself with the creative types who are out here every day honing their craft, because it’s best to surround yourself, digitally and in real life, with people who inspire you.

Also, those tend to be the people I can be the best kind of friend to.

For years, I have spent time wondering why friendships can be so hard to maintain, but now as I am growing as a human, and a creator, I realize much of the problem is I was being friends with people very different from me.

People who are trying to only be their job, or who only want to have a 9-5 type job, while being awesome, beautiful, sparkling fantastic people, may not totally connect with me, who is actively trying to get into a more self reliant situation, or at least , never needing a 9-5.

People are different, and sometimes those differences, while amazing, can make it harder to connect. Sometimes, people get along just fine, but, I find, many of us, who are trying to build a business on our own, can only find real support from other creators, or the few really good friends they have in their personal circle.

For me, I have people like Amber, her husband Damon, and Lenyn, who I consider like my family, who are incredibly supportive and encouraging, as well as my parents, who while they totally don’t understand me, at all, do try, most of the time, now, to be as supportive as they can be, within reason.

Online, I have amazing friends like Shawn, Sam, Biggs, Tricia, Hollie, Alex, Jeni, Korey, who are all understanding of the struggle that goes into creating content and creating a niche for ourselves, while also just existing. We all have different paths, but they have all become friends to me.

Online I also have friends like Sarah, who I know in real life but am closer to now online than when we lived near each other, which is part of life too, I think. Sometimes life puts people in your life so they can be there at other times, just like Sarah and her soon to be husband.

Sarah is actually doing both Vlogmas and Blogmas, and I know we will be encouraging each other the entire month, including me giving her this extra special shout out, because her page is amazing, her youtube channel is great, her art is fantastic, she has a great eye, and an even better heart, and her look is top notch. As her IG Page says, if it’s an art, she dabbles in it. Sarah has a great blog, and a wonderful vlog channel, and she also has some great Instagram content, so definitely check out her pages: @Sarahppeyton on Instagram, YouTube is Sarah Peyton her Art Instagram page is Peasel.Art. You can find Sarah’s blog that way too.

Anyways, now I am working on my blog for Blogmas, and contemlating some food. I have shopping and lunch with my mom tomorrow, and then my usual Sunday prep for the week.

Tomorrow being the first means I not only start Blogmas, but that on Monday, the second, I will have to batch invoice our clients, which always leads to people screaming at me for things that aren’t my fault…which I fucking hate.

So, for Blogmas, I think I will continue my usual Daily Blog style of blogging, but I will also be trying to focus on fun holiday themed content, where and when applicable.
25 days of a blog every day. Should be fun, I think!

Anyways, Happy first of the month, Happy Holiday season, happy Vlogmas, to all who celebrate, and Happy Blogmas who to all, and to all, a good blog!

Blogmas Check!

Alright folks, it’s the night before Blogmas! Who else is doing Blogmas? This is my official, are you doing Blogmas, posting one blog every day until Christmas (and sometimes longer)?

Because I am, and if you are, tell me in the comments- I want to read and support fellow Blogmas people.

So, this is my itty bitty tiny Blogmas Check blog. I hope everyone decides to do Blogmas!

Happy Blogmas Eve everyone!