Daily Blog #146: Don't just "shop" small business…PAY small businesses.

Greetings and Salutations dear blog readers!

Today, we are discussing shopping small business…But in a real, actual, honest way.

No, this isn’t me saying that one time when you bought something at a farmers market was you saving the planet, so don’t come here looking for a cookie, because frankly, I am a bit hot under the collar with the news I have recently gleaned from my small business owner friends.

Candle, purchased @WhaleySweetScents

Now, we have all heard EXTENSIVELY all about how when you start a small business you learn which friends give a fuck. Some will buy your products and support you fully, and those people are amazing. Others will like, comment, share, and recommend you to others, as a way to support, and they are also awesome! Some people do nothing at all and that kind of sucks but whatever, that’s the business, and more importantly, they don’t OWE you anything, which is an important lesson for you to learn.

But we all love those people who buy from small businesses right?

Everyone wants to post to their Instagram all about how much they help small business, by shopping small, and posting all about it to really monetize that one small tub of organic homemade skin cream or whatever it is that they purchased.

Necklace, purchased from @awanderingginger

But sometimes these people don’t actually want to PAY for the small business, they want to just SAY small business, the look of small business, the look of someone who pays a bit extra for something nicer, something local, something not owned by a big soulless, faceless, corporation.

Anyone with a small business, apparently, can tell you how everyone wants everything for cheap or free, expecting it to be cheaper because one single person, or a small group, sourced all the materials and made the thing all by themselves, that magically means the price should some how go down…As if these people have no concept about what time and people are worth, nor do they have any concept as to the whole point of handmade versus mass produced.

Look, if you want a Yankee Candle, cool, go buy one. If you want something custom, the exact scent you want, in the container you want, with the kind of wick, and even toppings on the candle, that you want, you go to candle makers like my friend Sam, (@Whaleysweetscents on IG and Etsy). A wire wrapped amethyst? Check out @awanderingginger. But please, whatever it is you do, could you maybe…pay them?

And no, I don’t mean next week when you get paid. I mean at the time of ordering.

Think of it like this. If you went to say, Build-a-Bear, and made a super custom stuffed animal, and then told the people behind the counter that you would “pay them once you got paid next week, money’s a little tight, I’m sure you get it babe!”

They would call mall security on you, and be well within their rights. If you do not have the money to purchase, do not waste some small business owners time just because they are running a more human business than say, Walmart or Amazon.

I mean, how on earth are you helping small business by not paying them? That isn’t help and patronage, and it isn’t support. It’s theft.

Even if you do pay a week later, do you expect that business owner to just start working on your order? Based on the couple of small business owners I talked to before starting this blog, apparently several people thinks it’s small business that doesn’t have to be treated as a proper business (IE PAYING ON TIME) but those same people expect you to custom make their jewelry, shirt, candle or whatever, but they want it shipped to them to arrive within two days of purchase. The luxury of corporate shipping rates, under three days, but with the ability to not pay for a week or two after ordering.

Something being made from scratch doesn’t get made in twenty minutes and then shipped.

If you want something fast, you don’t want small business. You don’t want one person custom making your stuff. You want something economical and fast. That’s fine. You don’t HAVE to support small business. You should, but you don’t HAVE to.

But, damn, please stop posting about how much you like to when you can’t be bothered to pay for something that you somehow want before you have even paid.

Same people would never DARE to ask the same of big companies, nor would they even have a WAY to abuse the kindness if they did.

No, some people ruin the kindness of small business owners who are trying to buck the usual capitalist corporate structure. And the same people claiming they want to ‘eat the rich’ and support small business are buying cheap crap from amazon and then bitching when their friends shirt didn’t drop ship to them that night.

Purchased from @awsum.embroidery

The fuck?

Other than being hypocritical though, what’s the harm?

The harm is actually pretty fucking massive.

Anyone who knows anything about business knows it takes years before losses are easy to absorb, if that time ever comes. Anyone who has built or even paid attention while someone else built a company, they know it takes a constant reinvestment. Hell, a restaurant requires resupplying food and seasonings on a daily to weekly basis.

So what happens if all of the patrons who are supporting small business by eating at this little small business restaurant, all say they will pay next week when they get paid?

The restaurant doesn’t have food to resupply for next week when you may or may not show up to pay, and, it may not have money to pay the employees to be there to keep the store open. If they are running the business alone, they have no food and no electricity with which to keep the lines on, all because everyone wanted some shrimp scampi before they had the funds to pay for it.

Now, sure, you can say that the merchant shouldn’t allow people to make sales like that without paying, but that is easier to enforce in a restaurant versus a custom small business.

Don’t just shop small business. Pay small business.

But small business owners shouldn’t have to find new and creative ways to get you to pay up front for your goods.

You should just pay for your fucking goods.

Can’t afford till next week? Cool. Buy it then.

If the maker is somehow really cool and willing to HOLD something for you until you get paid, as many of them do, in my experience, because they are beautiful amazing people, PAY THEM THE SECOND YOU GET PAID.

Stay up till the direct deposit hits or hit up the small business as soon as you get your check cashed. Give them hope, let them feel needed, desired, and VALUED. Show them that with your first few moments of having money, you thought of them.

Because THAT is pretty valuable and that shows them that you really care, while also supporting them.

And don’t ask them a hundred times if their order is ready. They held the stuff for you to get your broke ass paid, have that same patience for them as they get the item to the post office. Also, blame USPS when the package gets lost, not the buyer, because anyone who has ever dealt with online sales and USPS should know it is often times, 98% at least, the post office’s fault that your shit was lost, delayed, or in anyway less than perfect.

Blame the right people, and pay the right people.

Shop small business, and PAY small business.

Thanks for reading!



Daily Blog #145: Weekend prepping for a week in reality while spending the weekend in Flake City

Friday Morning

Greetings and salutations, blog readers!

Today is Friday, and I can’t quite find the words to describe how very excited I am about it.

I have blogs already scheduled for this weekend, and I think tonight I may put on sweat pants and play video games. Nothing productive. Except maybe some writing, if I feel so inclined, on Flake City, after said video games.

Just do stuff I want. I have snacks and frozen dinner options including decent frozen lasagna and frozen pizza, so I can easily make dinner a breeze, and then turn all my attention to killing digital zombies after the very long week I have had. I am approaching overtime, so once I hit that point I will likely head home and get started on my highly chill relaxing time, so I can be better rested and better suited for a nice long writing session or two this weekend, and possibly some time socializing with friends.

I am hoping to see my friends Tina, Kaynell, and if possible, Amber. Bret will be prepping for his show this week, and I have several short stories, the end of this section of Flake City, and the blog to write, plus about 200,000 words of Flake City left to do my first edit read through on.

My weekend looks to be full of relaxing and creating, hopefully not too much cleaning, as I have been trying to be better about doing stuff all week, so I am not stuck doing it all on the weekend.

I once saw a picture of a guy on a hill on a bike, and the idea was you push uphill on a bike all week just to coast on the weekends, and then you are stuck pushing from the bottom of the hill again, having coasted to the bottom. I don’t know if one should eschew every chance at relaxing or coasting, but I do want to avoid losing momentum I build all week.

I have been trying to not sleep in as much on the weekends, sleeping until nine, no later, so waking up at six on Monday isn’t as hard. I try to clean during the week, so on the weekend I am not stuck cleaning every single thing. I try to tackle a project or two in my spare time during the week, so I have more time for larger projects on the weekends, and I am not stuck spending all my time doing things i probably should have done after work during the week.

Much of my problem has been, in the past, if I work, I don’t want to go home and be productive, and the past two years has been me trying to train myself to keep working and being productive even if I have put in a full day of work.

Every day I get home from work and I make an effort to always do a few small things, like dishes, litter box, sweeping, always leaving a clean sink before bed, with cleaned off counters, to keep a cleaner, neater, home. This not only keeps the home cleaner, it makes cleaning on the weekend easier.

Doing this, plus not wasting half my day laying around in bed, I am able to really attack Mondays and not be behind, but sometimes this leads me feeling tired and like I didn’t get enough rest, so I am trying to also add enough leisure activity to make it feel like I have also fit in plenty of relaxing time.

To trick myself into thinking it is much more time than it is, I think it may help to play the video games and other chill activities in spurts, so it feels like I played several times, and therefore plenty of times, versus “only” playing or relaxing once.

I think this will help me from feeling so drained on Thursdays.

For now, I am watching some Left 4 Dead videos on YouTube and trying to stay awake. Also working.

But in a few short hours? Abbi gonna be up out of here.

And Abbi can’t wait for the weekend to begin!

Saturday Night

Well, Bret just left to go to the venue he is playing at next week, and now I am at home. I think I will toss on Zomboat and do some more writing, having spent much of last night writing in Flake City.

Last night I was working on a mini story, about a character who worked in the hospital of Flake City as a general practitioner. When things start to happen, she puts her and her dog first and hightails it out of the city, away from the action, hence, she will have a short story, with some other information about Flake City presented.

My goal is to have so much content on Flake City that it is truly immersive, because hey, I like this stuff a whole bunch and would love for you all to join me in Flake City.

I also just got a lovely phone call from my friend Brooklyn, which was lovely, we talked briefly, and made plans to talk later in the week. She is preaching for the first time at her church, which I love, and I am working on my writing, which is also awesome. We also talked about release dates for Flake City, and she contributed her thoughts, which were very valued because I adore Brooklyn’s mind and consider her to be a very intelligent woman.

It was nice to hear from a friend this evening, because my day was spent talking to a friend about her divorce from another friend, and it was actually exhausting and very depressing.

So, it was wonderful to hear from a friend, and to hear her input on when to release. I hope her preaching tomorrow goes well, and I can’t wait to catch up with her later this week. I’m contemplating making some spicy ramen to go with these red lobster biscuits I made, or just snacking on some snacks a bit, but I think ramen sounds better…I want some spicy shrimpy goodness with my red lobster biscuits.

My goal is to try and finish off the Krista and Jasper bit, if not today, within a week or two, so I can then get to work on editing it. I will also be writing a few other short stories, some of which end with people dying, to release and build the main story of Flake City.

Anyways, it is already 9, and I don’t know how long Bret will be at the club, so I am going to get to work on Flake City, because it will likely be a very long “short” story, which means I need to get into it.

So, I am off to get some writing done. This blog will likely go up Monday morning, so I will probably update tomorrow to finish this off, if I don’t tonight.

Until then!

Sunday Afternoon- Just after 4:20

Greetings and Salutations once again, my blog readers.

Today has been a nice chill day. I did a bunch of writing last night and then got really sleepy. Bret came home late from Notsuoh (the club he is playing later this week), so I was already in and out of sleep, but he had a good time, and we both slept in this morning.

I managed to get all my cleaning goals done, minus the laundry, and now that I have imported my last two blogs to Medium, I am working on this blog and one of my Flake City stories.

I lost much of yesterday worried about some friends, and while that worry is there, I am trying to get back on track, like I did last night. I need to still do some prep for the week, like cleaning some pieces and washing my makeup brushes, and maybe schedule some blogs this week.

Not going to lie folks, I loved not having to worry about my blogs going up, and freeing up my time to write on new blogs or creative stuff.

So, I have a few more prewritten blogs that need a little attention, and I think I may make a master list of everything I want to blog about, and maybe write those blogs when I have time, so I can have some scheduled, and give myself a bit of a break some days, to free up brain power for creation, not worried about if I got my content up that day.

Because I also don’t like when the blog feels like a “job” in that overwhelming burden kind of way, you know?

I prefer when it feels like that amazing job I am lucky enough to workout that dream gig.

cut to me sitting at some posh desk, in a slick, comfortable, decked out office, a beautiful view of both mountains AND city, somehow, with some sick voiceover that makes me sound and look much more posh than I really am…

I want to feel like that version of myself every single time I sit down to blog and write, so maybe prewriting some blogs will help me retain some of that magic.

In the meantime, some of yesterdays drama has found me, so I am going to go indulge in a cigarette so I don’t grind on the annoyance all damn day, and just let it go, and then I will get back to my Flake City writing, I think. I may not even smoke that cigarette, but I need to walk away for a minute before I scream at how awful humans can be to each other in divorce.

And how much it sucks for friends around them, even though divorce is already so nasty none of us friends deserve to complain ABOUT the shittiness, we still feel it so ARGH.


Well, it is later, and now I am knee deep in writing. It is getting late, and I am getting ready to eat some dinner and then write deep into the night while I do the laundry I need to do, then go to bed to get up for work tomorrow, which means I should focus on getting this blog finished and scheduled for tomorrow, and then really dive into this writing.

This Monday marks the start of what looks to be a very busy week for me, with my writing, blogging, and work, plus Bret having a live performance on Thursday. I will be taking Friday off, because we will be at the venue so late, and that means I need to work a little bit each day to make sure I have enough done to be good to leave on Thursday for a three day weekend and not be fucked over the following Monday.

I also want to prewrite some blogs this week, like I have mentioned, and I have quite a few side stories in Flake City to work on in addition to the editing of the main part of Flake City and wrapping up that section, before launching into the second portion, which will of course, be written while I do phases two through final of section one of Flake City edits.

One woman publishing machine, trying to get my art out into the world.

I don’t want to have to charge a lot for my art, because while I know I need to value my art more, I do also want it to be accessible, so I want to do all I can in house and locally to keep costs down, so what I charge goes to me, the one who created it, and the handful of people who may end up helping me create something.

Of course, that is just a goal, and with this kind of thing, you can’t really predict anything. I can hope for what I want, but in the end, the creation of art and process of bringing that art to the world to see it and enjoy it, means plenty of things can change. For all I know, I may have some big philosophical change about what I want to charge for my art, hell, I may know how I want to exhibit my art, at the moment, I still don’t even know what format I want Flake City in, not really, so I am doing what feels best and natural for the story to at least get out there.

#DontForgetFlakeCity and all.

Talking to Brooklyn last night really did help me see that it was okay to try and build hype for Flake City, and it was okay to have lots of stuff to kind of hype it up…more so because my original vision was an immersive world where one could get cost in the story, in any number of stories, and have their favorite parts of the city, and the stories within.

I feel as though I spent my weekend prepping for the week but mostly writing, so I feel like I spent much of the weekend in Flake City. I liked it, but, for me, and other writers from what I understand, it creates a bit of writers jet lag where you think you are one place where you aren’t.

Am I saying I forget that outside we don’t have zombies? No, but also yes.

It has been fun, however, writing, and I love the story so much. I look forward to being able to release each of these stories, and I plan on actually illustrating and creating some nice art for Flake City, to really make something for anyone who wants to enjoy, to enjoy.

Of course now it is hours before I need to go to bed, I still need to do laundry, and all I want to do is sip this here beer (Root beer), and eat this here salad, and write all about the crazy stuff happening in Flake City.

Because let me tell you…

This shit is about a lot more than zombies.

But for now, I think I need to finish this salad, toss some laundry in the dryer, roll some blunts, and get to writing.

It is nearly nine, and if I budget my time carefully, I can squeeze in a a little more writing without destroying my day tomorrow, and allowing me to get into work on time, or even early, to get ready for my day off on Friday.

Life is a balance, more so when creating, and I am glad I get to share this process with you all. To those of you who have reached out about how inspiring it is to see, or even just useful, thank you so much, I really appreciate you saying that, and I hope I encourage you to also find your own creative balance, and find time to make and create your art.

Your art matters.

Go create it.

Thanks for reading.



Daily Blog #144: Sunday Prep- How to Clean your Dab Rig

Greetings and Salutations, my dearest blog readers, today we are discussing cleaning your dab rig.

If you have been following me on social media, you know I have been in a big dab phase right now, the wax getting me to my medicated state faster, with less fuss, and giving me such a clean and pure high to really work well in, and also treat all the trouble. It makes for a better work place buzz, and also a more productive buzz, even when it’s an indica wax. Sativa wax totally hacks my already high stoner productivity, so, it has been a big phase of dabs leading to a very dirty dab rig, despite me having cleaned it recently.

So let’s talk about what to use and how to use it, when cleaning a dab rig.

Now, with most pieces I clean, I use the classics, isopropyl alcohol and salt…

Isopropyl Alcohol and Epsom Salt- These classics provide deep cleaning power and abrasion to get pieces cleaned fast, and works well for bongs, bubblers, and pipes.

It also, can work, for dab rigs, but the nature of vaporizing wax leads to a dirtier piece in a different way. Namely, weird wax resin deposits instead of resin. If you thought resin was bad…wait till you deal with dab rig resin.

Now, full disclaimer, the old fashioned method WILL work, but it can take a lot longer, and in my case, I am already doing dabs to make the best use of my time, so I need my dab rig clean as quickly as possible.

So…I actually use a cleaner.

Now, all stoners have VERY strong opinions about what makes a good cleaner. Some people, like myself, insist upon the affordable classics that let you keep a clean piece most of the time.

So, what cleaner do I use?

I use Resinate, at the moment, and for this cleaning. This stuff works well, and to me, it works like the classics, but in a more enhanced way. it has the salt as an abrasive material, or something similar to that. The chemical is a cool green color, and the cleaner has to be shaken, vigorously, which makes it kind of glow.

The glowing color looks pretty awesome, and once the mixture is glowing and shaken, pour it on into the rig. I use the same rule as with any other piece, and pour the solution into any open available spot, and shake.

Now, many people say you don’t even need to let it set very long, and I am inclined to agree to a point. I do the first shake and see what happens, and then will oftentimes let it set for five minutes or so, longer if I have a joint or blunt to smoke while I wait, or some dishes or something to clean.

Once I am done waiting, however, I shake it around again, use pipe cleaners if needed, and get that piece all cleaned and pretty.

Now, as you may recall, I am a big fan of saving the isopropyl mixture, to save money an resources, and the cleaner is even more expensive and harder to find so…

Yeah, I save the cleaner too. I pour it right back into the bottle, if I had emptied the bottle on this piece, or a separate bottle (like an unused alcohol bottle) if I only used a little and still had plenty of unused solution in the bottle, to make the fairly expensive solution last longer.

After I have poured this solution back into the bottle, I rinse it out thoroughly, rinsing several times with cool water, and completing the process with a smell test to make sure all solution is out of the piece. You should smell nothing but clean glass and water, but smelling old resin or wax is acceptable as well…the key is to not smell the chemical cleaner or whatever cleaner you used.

Once you have ensured you have rinsed the piece out thoroughly and properly, load with chilled water.

For cleaning the banger, I use the same method as I do with the bong or bubbler bowls, placing the piece into a bowl with the cleaning solution so it can soak, and then using a pipe cleaner to help clean the rest off.

For the banger part of the bowl, the part where the wax goes in and is vaporized, I will sometimes use my torch to burn anything left off of it.

And there you have it, one beautifully cleaned dab rig, ready for all the fat dabs and awesome wax concentrates you can do.

I hope this helps you clean your pieces and enjoy a nice smoke.

Thanks for reading!



Daily Blog #143: Skin care routines! (AKA- Wash your damn face, and hydrate that shit please!)

Greetings and Salutations, my awesome and wonderful blog readers!

It has been requested many times, for me to discuss my usual daily skin care routine, on the blog, and today is the day for that to begin.

I will say on the onset that I don’t know if this will be one blog or two. One would cover both, two would break down the day and night routines.

Also because it has been brought to my attention that some people think they can circumvent basic hygiene with their face.

I am here to help you correct these mistakes, but, unlike other beauty bloggers who may advise routines, I will be suggesting things in a neutral way, keeping brands out of it, and instead focusing on the “what” it is that I do, not the “what brand” I use to do it. Considering I am in the process of turning to all vegan and cruelty free products, what I am using doesn’t matter, as half of it isn’t staying forever.

Skin care can be affordable, and you only get one skin, so you really should take some care of it.

So, without further ado, here is my skin care routine. We shall start with the morning stuff!

I will be focusing on the stuff I do every day or nearly every day, but I will be glossing over much to all of the makeup part of this conversation, focusing instead on the skin CARE part of the routine.

First things first: Wash your damn face.

Now, I will say this IS more important in the evening, and if you have VERY VERY VERY VERY dry skin like mine, you MAY want to skip using a harsh cleanser, some mornings.

But you will still remove stuff from your face.

Overnight, you didn’t “dirty” your skin up too much, but you did get some stuff in there. While you may not need to clean your face with a harsh cleanser and water, you really should at very least use a mild micellar water to remove anything not good for your skin. Micellar water works great for dry skin in the morning, because it removes any foreign materials, any left over face product, any sweat, whatever got on your skin overnight, but leaves your natural oils, so it doesn’t strip your sensitive or dry skin.

This is clutch for me, as I have crazy dry skin, but I also can’t stand when I hear people claim “I can’t wash my face it’s too dry” because literally no one has skin so dry it shouldn’t be washed of outside pollutants.

I will, some days, instead cleanse my skin with a very mild foaming cleanser, if my skin is in anyway tolerant of this. Sadly, my skin flakes and dries out, and the micellar water solution allows me to clean my skin and still apply toner and moisturizer, to a cleansed face, without tons of dry skin flaking off everywhere.

I get to wash my face in the morning in the summer, sometimes, or when I have used a really heavy, very oily, night time product, and sometimes, around my period, when my skin is producing excess oil, but this happens fairly rarely.

After the micellar water, it’s time to tone. (Although I do generally pause, brush teeth, splash cold water on my face.) I have a ton of toners I use, and I use each of them differently, but the gist is as follows.

I either put some on a cotton round and rub it on my face, same as with the micellar water. ( And yes, keep reading, I am working on making environmental alternatives to the cotton rounds)

Or I spray it, if it is a sprayed toner, and will either pat it into my skin or let it air dry.

The final way is by splashing some onto my hands and patting it into my skin, directly.

Which method I use depends on which toner I am using, and what time of day it is. I also tend to be a multi-toner kind of gal, more so since many people consider facial mists to be toner.

In the morning, I will use a cotton round , after the miccellar water, and then sometimes spritz some on after.

I love toner, and toner can really up your whole routine.

Toner helps your skin, gives it a bunch of good stuff, and also helps the moisturizer cling to your skin and absorb better, so please, use the toner.

If you are worried about cost, the Mario Badescu is fairly priced, the large bottle is 12 bucks and the smaller one is like seven, and the lavender scented spray is everything. This is my preferred facial mist for scent, skin benefits, price, and application. I have used this mist in place of a toner, not just as a refreshing mist, and have always been very pleased with the results. (I doubt this needs to be said, but I will say it here: While I do like and stand by the products I am talking about, I am NOT sponsored.)

If you want something more expensive, trust me, tons of companies out there can oblige you. I have been also using the Andalou Hemp Cell toner and that is honestly one of the best toners I have ever had, and I love it. I reviewed it and the entire hemp stem cell line.

After I have finished toning, I use a day cream. I used to use just a day cream with SPF but I find using two separate lotions, while being more items to buy, yields a better result for my skin. The day cream I have been using is the Andalou Hemp Cell day cream- Love it, and it’s affordable. That entire line is 99% plant based, while also being vegan and cruelty free.

So, after the day cream, I add on my SPF cream. Minimum 15, but I prefer a good 30. 30 gives me good coverage with out it being so thick that it pills and flakes off, or ruins any makeup application I may attempt.

I like to wait a moment between each of these steps, but if I am doing makeup, I will go ahead and add primer after just a minute after putting the SPF on. Then I will put on any primer I am using. I used to use primers pretty religiously, but I haven’t been wearing makeup as much and the primer I like best is so damn spendy.

After the primer, I sit and wait for legit five minutes or so, to really be sure everything is dried and set.

Eyeliner, if I haven’t already put it on and sometimes to often times I already have, and then mascara. I use a Q-tip with one swap wet, to tidy up the mascara that I may have gotten on the skin above or below my eye.

After mascara, if I do anything else, here is where I do it, but often times I am good with just eyeliner and mascara, sometimes a banana powder to set the look.

I then mist my face with face mist to refresh myself and wake itself up. I use either the Mario Badescu or Pixi Vitamin Wakeup Mist (The later one being pretty damn spendy so it isn’t the staple the former is.)

When I get home, my evening routine will generally begin sometime before I do my workout, assuming I am doing on that day, or, it begins around dusk. Or if I have been out doing things late in the night, it starts when I get home.

I use good ole micellar water once again, because everyone knows it as a makeup remover for a reason- this shit is AMAZING for removing make up and better yet, it doesn’t leave skin horribly dry. I have other makeup removers too, like the Farmacy makeup melting balm, but the micellar water generally is used too, depending on how much makeup I wore that day.

When I need to use a face wipe, because I am on the go or whatever, I have a generic kind from Walmart that I love, because they have a wonderful calming lavender scent, but sadly, the environmental impact is insane. I have since found biodegradable wipes, so if I MUST use a wipe, it’s that kind. I am working this year on actually developing my own hand made wipes and cotton rounds, and I will likely give them to people for holiday and birthday presents, once I do master it.

So, makeup gets removed, and if I work out, I work out. Generally, I remove makeup, work out, and wash my face properly with a nice good, deep cleanser. I have been obsessed with Glam-Glow as a cleanser for a long while now, and the tropical exfoliant I found is no exception, so, I have been using that.

There are plenty of cheaper cleansers out there. I like this one because it smells awesome and leaves my skin feeling super deep cleaned while still hydrated, which is hard as fuck for dry skin like mine.

After I have washed my skin, I toss one of my toners on, using one of the spray-able ones- depending on mood as to which one, since I have three scents from Mario Badescu, and then like three other spray toners/mists (yes, as mentioned, I really like toners and face mists). Once I do that toning, I reach for a skin mask.

What kind of mask depends on the day and my skins needs, but it can be anything from one of my favorite masks, or an affordable solution, or a clay mask, or even something else fun and awesome. If I am somehow without a mask, I head to my kitchen and make any of the masks I can make from the stuff in my kitchen.

If you need help with skin care ideas, more so ones for DIY skin care, check out my blog post where I talk about it at length.

While I mask, I tend to be editing the blog, writing creatively, or posting to social media…and sometimes I do all of the above.

However I spend the time, when I finish with the mask, I remove it. I peel off the sheet masks and rub in any remaining solution, and for painted on masks, I use a washcloth to remove the product, as it provides a cleaner rinse off and in my opinion, better results.

Once the mask, sheet or otherwise, is fully removed, I tend to do another toner, either the hemp or the lavender, and then I put on whatever I am using for evening skin care.

Lately I have been leaning HEAVILY into night time masks, to the point of even reviewing and suggesting a few that I have fallen in love with. In those reviews, I mention that you use sleeping masks instead if the nighttime formula moisturizer. Some people may use both but that seems silly to me, and like you are wasting whichever one goes on second, as both are meant to finish off the routine.

I have been using the night time masks because frankly it is more affordable than night time creams and it is often the same ingredients, sometimes stronger concentrations, for those sleeping masks, and the results have been fantastic, so…Take that as you will.

A note about night cream, I have one cream I have been using that works for day and night use, and is available for a nice, fair, price at Ulta, and that is the Belif, which works for both and works well. I mention this because I rarely find creams that work for night and day use, and this one has been pretty nice. I don’t often use it, however, as I have been rocking the sleeping mask I found. This isn’t vegan or cruelty free, so it likely won’t be used again after this container is empty, but it is good, if you don’t want cruelty free.

After I put on whatever I will be wearing to bed on my face, I carry on my night, and I make sure to put my hair up and moisturize not only my neck, but the back of my neck, my hands, the BACKS of my hands, and my arms. I use lotion right before bed, lavender scented, and some lavender oil at my temples and behind my ears and neck, for aromatherapy, a lip balm on my lips for hydration, and I spritz the lavender mist whenever I feel the need, and before bed for hydration sake…because I am always so dry.

I know some people say not to go to bed with chap-stick or lip-balm, but I really do need the moisture. I can’t express how dry I get, and I sleep in front of an AC too so…Keep that knowledge in mind before applying any of these lessons.

The key parts of my routine, to distill it down, are as follows:

Micellar water cleanse
Day cream
Any makeup
Optional face misting as needed

Night time:
Makeup remover
Night cream/sleeping mask
Optional face misting as needed.

My face when I saw how many people can afford to and have the means to wash their faces and just choose not to.

And that’s it. I do sometimes add a morning mask, or serums, oils, etc, but those are special, and are not a part of the usual, every single day skin care routine.

Every single day, please make sure you clean your skin, and moisturize after.

I don’t care if “I put cheap body lotion on my face and never even remove my makeup” has left you with skin that “is perfectly fine” you are damaging your skin…also not washing is straight up nasty. You can get terrible infections. I work with someone who always had perfect skin and never did anything to it, and they got the nastiest kind of adult acne that destroyed their face, tanked their acting career, and has left them scarred for life and they hate how they look.

Wash. Your. Face. Moisturize after. If you need some tips or ideas for cheap skin care, please check out my past blogs, and if there isn’t enough information there, hit me up in the comments or my DM’s, I love skin care, let’s talk about it!

Dina Thats Gross GIF by Superstore
Me, when people say they don’t need to ever wash their face.

I hope this inspires you to always do your skin routine, every day, twice a day, and that maybe it had some helpful information for you.

Thanks for reading!



Daily Blog #142: A study in dedication on a Thursday

Thursday Afternoon

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

Today is Thursday and it has been a busy one, but I am hoping to catch it all up by this evening.

Last night’s plans went sideways, as they seem to do, but, the sideways they went wasn’t the worst in the world, so it is, ultimately, tolerable.

Bret was going to go to the club he will be playing at next week, but opted to stay in and work on his set to make sure he has enough music to fill the time slot they gave him, so that changed my plans, again. I had made plans, before he had intended on going to the club, I changed them to accommodate his change, and then he decided to not do the changed plan, or the original, which left me scrambling, and if I am being honest, I little annoyed, but I didn’t want to make a big deal about it.

Annoying as it was, it isn’t something that is going to be solved, and It isn’t a really big deal to begin with, I’m just a bit persnickety and like to plan for things so when plans get changed I get annoyed.

So, Bret stayed in to work on his stuff, and I did most of the grocery order using Amazon Prime Now, and tried to blog, but ended up scheduling a few blogs instead, after editing and illustrating them.

Which means I have blogs scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, and Sunday next weekend. I have a couple more to edit, illustrate and schedule, plus any other blogs I decide to write, like this one.

But of course, much of the blog writing is also put to the side, so I can have time to also write creativly. The balance comes, I think, in writing a bunch of blogs, scheduling them, and then being able to dedicate time to creative writing without worrying about the blog taking some major hit.

During NaNoWriMo, the way I managed was to write the blogs first, schedule them, and then dive into writing, which got tricky on the days when I had a lot of writing to get done, so some days I would do writing first and….

The blog would take a major hit.

Now, I want to do a more organic self published route for my publishing and releasing of my writing, so having my blog be…well…sustainable, and able to generate reads/views/engagement, is helpful in releasing the creative writing. I can post much of it to the blog, which allows everyone with internet access who wishes to read my stuff, the ability to do so, without extra costs, like one would have when purchasing a book, digital book or physical book.

I think having a tip jar and subscription service open, so anyone who wants to donate money can, but anyone who wants to read, regardless of their money situation, can.

I want everyone who wants to be able to read, to read. This, obviously, will not be sustainable for every piece of writing I put out…the main story of Flake City, for example, will likely have some sort of cost to it.

But I can at least publish some of the supplemental materials for Flake City, on the blog, and if anyone wants to pay for it, they can, and if anyone wants to read it, they can, and if no one wants to, they don’t have to.

But they probably should, because Flake City is awesome.

So, I have mentioned a short mini story for Flake City, and I am hoping to attack that this weekend and finish it, so I can edit and hopefully illustrate next week. I also am in the middle of finishing this first section of Flake City, and editing it. The file has gown from when I first began writing in Flake City, a sign of a good universe being built, and now, as I go back through the story, taking notes and making note of scenes or information I need to add or remove, i am more and more pleased with how it is coming.

I don’t know if it is a good sign, or not, to be this pleased with what is, ostensibly, a first draft. I mean, we are talking about the first words that came to my mind and were plunked onto the keyboard.

Most writers I know and have read about aren’t this pleased by their work by the final copy, much less the first pass. Normally, writers, myself included, dread and hate every single moment of editing, and many more hate the process of releasing it to the public.

I am actually looking forward to edits, because I know it will help create an even better story and world, but also gets me closer to you all reading it.

Now, while I am SURE there will be plenty of people who don’t like Flake City, I am pumped for those who will like it. As some of you may recall, I am not here for everyone, and I do not even want everyone. I only want the fans that really want my stuff, and I have no interest in tricking anyone into being a fan of me or my writing. I only want to find those who do like it, and share it with them, growing that community of people.

Because the internet has plenty of nasty negative stuff on it…but like…I can control the internet, to a degree, and I can make it a nice little bubble of awesome, full of and populated by awesome people. And we can all talk and read zombies and real life, and how the two go hand in hand more often than not.

Because zombie stories are always based in some level of reality, be it social issues or just how people interact…or even in the viruses that are used, horrifyingly enough.

So, I am actually really excited and pumped for this next phase of Flake City, despite it being something most writers would hate doing. Normally, I am even in that group…but now that is all I want.

I love Flake City, I love the characters I have in it and I love the story. It probably sounds egotistical to like your own writing and such…but oh well.

They say create what you want to see created, and that is what I am doing…and if you are doing that very thing, then OF COURSE you will like what you are creating…

Did you ever think that maybe THAT is why they tell you to do this stuff? To do what you love? To create what you want to see created?

Oh…I think that is, huh?

So, speaking of the editing and publishing process, the next few months look to be very busy for me as i work to get Flake City released soon. My goal is to release the proper story of Flake City, the main story that will be the book/show, by the weekend after Thanksgiving…


Because in Flake City, that’s when all the action starts. Of course, anyone with any skills or knowledge in marketing would likely say, “Hey, Abbi, maybe have it out the week of Halloween instead.” This may also be the case. Either way, end of October or middle end of November…I have a ton of work to get done in a short period of time, and I am a writing, editing, illustrating, publishing and marketing team of one.

So, these goals for Flake City take dedication. Just like everything else in my life right now, I am actively working on and building towards a better situation and life for myself and my partner, and our goals are to one day be able to support ourselves with the art.

This means massive amounts of dedication, which is what I wanted to talk to everyone about today.

Flake City is my passion and I love it, and it is also only one small part of a pretty massive universe that I have been working through for years. I have grown as a writer, a person, and a creative, and I am finally, by my own standards, qualified to start really telling these stories and presenting these ideas to people so that others can enjoy them too.

It has taken a lot to get here, not just dedication, hell, some of it was merely survival, but now, I am here, and I am highly dedicated to not only my writing, but my overall goals, which means all those life changes I have been working on…somehow become easier.

I have been arriving to work thirty minutes to an hour early every day to get a bit more money on my check, but also to have more done by the end of the week and go into the weekend with less work related stress. Work related stress takes time away from creativity and gives that time to my boss who already doesn’t pay me enough.

So, I have been coming in early with the hopes of having more money on my check and less stress on my weekends. I am also going to come in on Fridays, after weeks and months of trying to get Fridays off, and leave when I hit overtime on Friday…or if I get stuck tending to problems, enjoy even more money on my check in the way of overtime…but I try to avoid this because the taxes on overtime pay are insane, and we don’t have social programs that justify high taxes in my opinion.

Because frankly, I am okay with paying taxes…If we have social programs that make those taxes legit. Tax breaks for rich people are not a good enough reason.

So, my plan moving forward is to come in at my usual or earlier time on Fridays and leave when I get into overtime, to guarantee to max on my check without costing the company more money or getting taxed too hard, and also to have my massive piles of work finished so I can go into my weekend in a calmer state of mind with less work related stress.

I firmly believe that work shouldn’t follow you home, and I am actively doing all I can to keep it from doing that, more than when it has to from coworkers missing their clock out times and needing to text me. If I can avoid the stress of work, as much as possible, I can come home and just segue into doing my writing, and getting the blog up, while also working out and keeping the apartment nice and tidy, all of which makes me happy while also helping me achieve my goals.

Because this isn’t the place I want to work for the rest of my life and this isn’t the place I want to live for the rest of my life. Changing my life and making it into the life I want, not the one I was born into, is tricky, and requires no small amount of dedication.

But I am here for it.

I hope you are also pursuing your dreams and goals, making lists of what needs to be done or changed to see your dreams come to fruition. Everyone deserves to lead a good life, the kind they can be proud of.

Everyone deserves to do what makes them happy, to cast off the boring monotony of being a muggle or zombie, and to really do what makes them happy, what makes them whole. Them. Not what society, family, friends, or anyone else says is right for them, but what they want. (Except for like murder, rape, or being an asshole, if that is what you want to do, maybe think of another hobby. Rock collecting is cool, for example.)

So whatever your art is, please make sure you take time to make yourself happy. Take time for you. Doing things for yourself is a key part of self care, and creating things you wish to see created is a key component in that.

I may or may not continue this later. If I do, it’s because of my dedication, and if I don’t, ironically, it will be because of my dedication to the writing…so I hope you have dedication for the life you want, because you deserve it.

But deserving it doesn’t mean you get it. So, through dedication, perhaps we will all get there.


Well, I was thinking more on dedication, and I realized I may want to blog some more on this topic, in a part two. But then, as I was thinking about editing this blog, I realized I could maybe write a little more and get some more about dedication out, while also, obviously, being a living example of that dedication.

Plus, all day today, I was exhausted, but I went to bed early. Tomorrow is Friday, so if I am tired, its all good anyhow. If I am going to be tired anyways, I should go ahead and write a bit.

Because like, if you are going to be exhausted, and possibly up late because your partner keeps going back and forth about going out, but is likely to be out late, then why not write?

Dedication isn’t just carving out time to write, or making crazy sacrifice. Sometimes, it’s taking an opportunity you didn’t see before, or that you don’t normally have. Sometimes it’s realizing you are going to be tired, so be happy, from your effort that made you tired. I personally would much rather be tired from staying up late and doing what I love, writing, than going to bed early and still being fucking exhausted.

So it is just after ten, and I am pretty tired, and I would like to get some writing done, before I stop for the day. While I would rather be tired from writing than going to bed early and still being tired, I do want to make sure I balance the the blog writing with the creative writing. I also have to do the dishes, which have piled up, so I have quite a bit left in my evening, if you include formatting and editing this blog, plus, I would like to go ahead and start the next daily blog file, as soon as possible…so I need to get to all of that.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thursday and I hope we all have a Fantastic Friday.

Thanks for reading!


Daily Blog #141: annnd we’re back!

Wednesday Afternoon

Greetings and Salutations, my dearest and most treasured blog readers!

I have gotta think of some fun name other than blog reader.

Because y’all are awesome.

I see you, the seven to ten loyal readers/viewers who show up every day. I spend more time than I should watching this little community grow, keeping an eye on my stats, but not for any vain reason.

Although maybe a little.

No, I keep my eyes on my numbers not to see what my readers like best (although I should probably try to pay more attention to that), but to see who and where they are. To know they are there, and to make sure I am always thankful for each and every one of you who takes the time to read my words. It means so much, and I thank each and every one of you, from my regular readers who are loyally here every day, to my once a week/month bingers, even my one time to occasional readers, I see you, and I love you, thank you!

Now, back to my regularly scheduled programming.

Wednesday night

And by regularly scheduled programming I of course mean working my ass off at work and now I am at home.

One of the YouTube content creators I follow for Left4Dead content was doing a video and I have been watching him play while I talk to Bret about his upcoming show, but now Bret is locked into working on something and the video is over, so I am going to switch it to Zomboat! and get to work.

Zomboat is on and Abbi is off to the races. By races, I of course mean, writing.

Today was long, work in general has been long, so it has been very…exhausting.

I had every intention of blogging a bit more but I do still have a bunch of creative writing to do, because I want to be able to get to release some of that, for you guys.

I have a character I have been brainstorming, for a mini story we will pick up later when the rest of the characters are where this character will be, and I think I may be posting that here, in one or more parts, for you all, or anyone interested, to read.

Flake City is taking up much of my attention, so I do hope you all will enjoy it.

But I also have some blog content planned, including the stuff I will be scheduling and posting in the coming days and weeks. As always, you can leave comments or DM me on my social media and let me know what you like to read. I do care what you like, and if it is something I like to write, I will be sure to include more of the stuff you like.

Otherwise I will just write what I like and what I want to see at that given point in time.

So, I think I will go ahead and get to that, the scheduling of the blogs I have written, because my brain is starting to feel like it has too many tabs open.

I don’t know if I will add any more to this blog, so in case I don’t, thank you for being awesome, and I hope you are remembering to work on your art.

Thanks for reading!



Daily Blog #140: Oh my fucking goodness can our internet please come back on- A multi day blog about busy work days and down internet.

Monday Afternoon

Greetings and salutations, my dearest blog readers!

If you follow the blog faithfully by the day, then apologies, or at very least explanations, are in order.

As you may recall from my previous daily blog, the internet has been down at our apartment for a week. We are now in the second week of this phase, but I am told it should be back up this evening or tomorrow. Keep reading until the end, when I finish this blog, to see what happened.
Until then, how about a recap and catch up, shall we?

So, much of last week was spent lamenting my lack of internet, and also being unable to really work on much writing, as my offline backups were not up to date, and my online backups were inaccessible with the down internet. I was fortunate enough to have a job that i could use to put a few blogs up but largely, with time restrictions and how crazy work has been, i haven’t been able to actually write properly on Flake City, nor format and edit my blogs properly. Not only has my every day or at least nearly every day at 7:00 AM post schedule been thrown off, but I have missed out on my creative writing.

This is all made worse, in my opinion, by the fact that I prewrote a ton of blogs IN CASE THIS HAPPENED but I didn’t format, illustrate or edit them, before internet went down, so I have been stuck trying to do that while at work, which is much easier said than done.

Because it is one thing to to work on a daily blog like this while on hold, versus trying to edit and use all my attention, while on hold. I can justify writing at work when I am on hold, because it is wasted time anyways, and therefore isn’t really time theft…Editing is straight up robbing the place I work and while I don’t have a ton of loyalty to this place, I DO have a ton of loyalty to myself.

So, whilst on hold, I thought I would update the blog.

Not having internet has been hell, and I hope it is back up soon so I can schedule all the blogs I wrote, and get to work on some more stuff, using my usual methods.

And yes, I am aware of what a first world problem this is.

But we do pay for a service and haven’t received that service in over a week. It happens, sure, and yes, it is likely not even the internet companies fault, with all the construction going on, however…We are working on running business, websites, my blog, etc, from home, full time, with the goal to be working from home and also able to move, within a year, so i view every second of internet down time as not only something in the way of our goals, but also something that could hurt us down the road.

Imagine if this blog were somehow paying my bills, and, to make things more dangerous, i didn’t have a day job to have as back up for payment…and internet.

I would be without a way to earn the money. Sure, I could survive and all that, but it is something extra to worry about and keep in mind as we move further along.

I know what I would do, thankfully, and i do have backup plans for if that were the case…namely I plan on having a car before working from home full time, so I would be able to drive to a library for internet, or anywhere else, if needed.

For now, I am working on making sure I keep a few posts in draft form that are “ready to post” so I have a day or two prepped for if this happens again, which gives me a window to then make plans for future posts for when the internet goes down for a week or so, again.

Once the internet is up, my plan is to work as hard as I can to write as much as possible and schedule as many posts as possible, to avoid delays in blog posts going live. I will also keep two or so in draft form, as mentioned, and then keep pre-writing every odd blog idea that I have, in addition to these more daily blog styles, to prevent the down time.

I like being able to do some stuff on my phone, but the phone version of WordPress leaves something to be desired when it comes to formatting and editing your posts for desktop and mobile viewing.

I got to work bright and early today, with the goal of getting payroll done in time and also pounding out some work as fast as possible so I can get out by 4:00. My “Aunt Flow” arrived late light night, and I slept like shit, so I am hoping to get out of here, go get into some comfy pants, smoke some weed, and relax.

The weed and relaxing is important. So are the comfy pants.

It is an hour and a some change until 4:00, when I can (already preapproved with my boss) leave and go the fuck home.

Thank. Fucking. Goodness.

So I am going to dive into some work and see if I can’t get out of here as soon as possible.


Internet is still down. They said it would be back up tonight or tomorrow (Future Abbi here, and that was a lie they didn’t get it up by tomorrow at all) and it’s been a week and I hate Comcast so fucking much right now but I’m trying to not scream.

So, Bret got home, I made us some ramen, just finished cleaning the kitchen afterwards. I should have blown off work and edited/scheduled a blog for tomorrow, but my goal was to instead have the internet back and be able to post this, as well as schedule, the remaining blogs I’ve prepped.

Alas, here we are. I’ve been pretty tired and wiped out from my aunt flow arrival and it’s probably not the worst thing that I’m chilling and relaxing, but also I prefer to work through my misery sometimes so…Iuno. I’m trying to not lament how annoying not having internet is right now.

Today has been like that, where I try and find the positive light in something and then I’m like “oops but here’s a negative thought” and it’s super annoying, likely due to my poor nights sleep and pretty shitty nutrition the past week or so. I’m working on a nice grocery list to make good use of our money and eat healthier, while still staying sort of inexpensive.

It’s all a process of making life better long term. If I see something negative, fix it for the long term. But, I don’t want to only see negative either because sometimes it’s a matter of perspective and I want to get better and seeing the difference.

Anyways, it’s after ten, I’m tired, and I’ll likely want to format this at work before posting, which drives me crazy. I suppose I could try to on my phone and then edit it later, so it’s at least posted by my usual time.

Iuno. I’m probably over thinking all of it. I’m tired and need rest. So I’m going to do that, and deal with the rest in the morning with fresh eyes and a fresh brain.


Well, it is nearly lunch time here at the office, and our internet is, no surprise, still not working. I have Zomboat playing in the background while I work on my many tasks for today, and sadly, I don’t think I will have time to do this blog, much less more blogs, or edit/format/illustrate/schedule the six pre written blogs I have.

I will need to stay late at work, probably. Unless Bret goes home and checks the internet and the internet is somehow back up…Then I can go home and get the blog posts all sorted from the relative comfort of my home desk.

It isn’t terribly comfortable but at home I have my bong and my Macbook.

I need to get a blog posted today, but honestly it may not happen, with how much I have going on, so I am going to use my Blogmas lesson about being kind to myself and be okay with not posting today.

And now I am going to go eat a sandwich.

Wednesday Morning

Damn. Work has been insane. I need to post this blog, but largely I feel so little was said or done in a blog that i meant to have cover several days of content.

So, I will catch you all up, edit it, and post it, and when I get home tonight I will enjoy the fact that our internet is back on and try to get all the pre written blogs scheduled so i can resume my usual posting schedule.

I know being off my usual schedule has driven me insane.

Today at work, I will be VERY busy, and after work, more so, as I have to get some shopping done, including the AC for the bedroom, and then prepping us food again for the week so we aren’t eating take away every day.

Bret got booked for a live show next week, and he needs to be at the place most days leading up to that to really get to know the people and area, and so on, and agreed to meet with the guy who booked him, tonight. So I desperately have to figure out how to get to and from Walmart, and also get my reup handled, plus the usual schedule of cooking, cleaning, writing and blogging, the later two being options now that the internet is back on.

So do I want to spend my first day with internet fighting Walmart? What I know I don’t want is to order take out instead of eating at home, and I don’t want to miss out on the shopping or the writing.


So, I have a massive pile of work to do and some issues for the evening to sort out, so I think I am going to just post this, problems and all, and then get to work, mentally work out how to solve this evenings dilemma, and then go home and do the thing.

Thankfully, a coworker brought in some leftover wraps and stuff so I at least have some free food to enjoy while I get to work and get to planning.

Thanks for Reading!


(P.S.- Even if it means I am tired tomorrow, I am determined to stay up and at least schedule one blog for tomorrow. See you then.)

Daily Blog #139: Thoughts on Poshmark- moving forward.

Greetings and Salutations, my dearest blog readers!

Recently we were given the great honor and opportunity to co-host a Poshmark Party and I LOVED it.

(For those who don’t know, Poshmark is an online clothing and household goods reselling app, where users can buy things for discounted rates, and also make some extra money selling their extra clothing. Some people have even turned reselling into a full time business, while others use it as supplemental income. This is our closet, feel free to check out Poshmark. I get nothing for saying this and as always this is NOT sponsored. I have two other posts about Poshmark, one as a seller, and one as a buyer.)

The opportunity to co-host a party couldn’t have come at a sooner time, too, considering how close to walking away from Poshmark, and possibly reselling, altogether.

So, despite the fact that we have been drifting away from Poshmark for months, I opted to put both feet forward and work hard to be the very best Poshmark Party co-host possible.

First, let’s talk (very briefly) about why Bret and I have been drifting away from Poshmark, and in smaller part, resell.

Neither of us have any illusions towards working full time as a re-seller, but we would like the money to help supplement our lives and our art. Sadly, the market is saturated. I am okay with all the sellers, because hey, if you do your game well, you can make the sale, and I am not one of these people who blames their slow sales on too many sellers.

No, I blame it on buyers wanting something for a thrift store price, complaining every step of the way. I am tired of the “always be hustling” mentality that goes with reselling. It isn’t my style, my style is more “always be writing”, so I know that has driven me from Poshmark.

The spam, which in part goes along with the hustling mentality, drives me nuts. I will have women harass me with comments if I happen to dare “like” an item. Normally, if you like an item, that’s the end of it, unless you want to buy or they want to make an offer. Others will spam you in their comment section….or worse yet, go to YOUR page and spam your listing comments about their item you made the foolish mistake of clicking the heart button on.

I had one woman share it to a bundle, and comment that she had lots of items available for sale, to bundle.

So, I’m like, alright, sure, a bit spammy and annoying but I don’t know her life, and maybe she is trying to make bills, so I head to her closet.

First, I see a ton of crap. A bunch of Walmart brand stuff, all of which she is charging damn near full price for (And there is no way in hell I will pay 20 bucks for a used shirt from Walmart) and the few things I see that I may be into, aren’t my size.

I politely let her know, “Thanks! Great closet! Sadly I don’t see anything else that really speaks to me, or that would fit! Thanks Again!”

“Well, I have a large closet with lots of items, and several are in the size of the item you looked at.”

So, I ignore it, because that frankly felt a little over the line.

She then proceeds to share random items to the bundle.

Then makes offers.

I remove items.

She puts them back in.

I remove all items, go to her page, unlike the original item.

She shares all items back, makes another offer.

I then blocked her, because are you kidding me?

I had one woman buy a dress, very obviously WEAR the dress, claim it smelled like smoke and that I had advertised the wrong size, insisting I labeled a youth size as a large, and she couldn’t even fit it.

I get the dress back, and I can’t smell smoke. Just the smell of a woman who obviously got dressed up in this awesome dress, wore it for a night out, then claimed it wasn’t right. (Perfume, deodorant, sweat, bit of makeup)

Plus, the millions of dumb comments.


“Still for sale?”

“Email me here for private sale” ( Very against the rules)

“What are the exact measurements?” (When they are already posted)

“What are the exact measurements when you _ ___or ” (These get RANDOM as hell.)

“How tall are you, how much do you weigh, what sizes do you usually wear in these four brands….and how does this garment fit you” which just feels rude as fuck to do, more so when flat lay measurements have been provided.

“Oh I have an item just like this in my closet! For less!” (spam, against the rules)

“Great closet Sweetie/Chickie/Lady/Pretty I would LOVE if you would check out MY CLOSET and SHOP SHOP SHOP!” (annoying spam message they leave on everyone’s closet because they didn’t actually look anything at on yours.)

These are all based on real comments, and re-sellers of any app probably recognize a few.

This, on top of the constant spam from re-sellers wanting me to go watch yet another YouTube video on “How I package my Poshmark Sales” and I want to puke.

So, all of this, plus TERRIBLE customer service that tends to happen when I do shop Poshmark has me not liking it as a seller or a buyer.

As a buyer, every time I find something I want, it ends up being stubbornly high priced, with the seller refusing to follow Poshmark’s usual pricing guide, wanting nearly full price. They claim the item is “New without tags” which means they bought it from a thrift store and are claiming it as new to them. The things I have purchased in “new without tags” condition had made me sad. Items that should have been donated, or sold for straight up used, not “practically new”.

Yet the same sellers trying to charge me 40 dollars for used tights, want to pay 10 dollars for a new with tags dress from Zara. New. WITH tags.

Poshmark doesn’t want to encourage shoppers, either, which makes more problems. I love to shop, and reselling isn’t as high on my goal list as shopping for deals…and yet there is no ambassador program or incentive for the very people that make the app stay open, and keep all these people in business…the shopper.

This last one is the biggest reason, because honestly, I have sent many emails and it is my biggest request, some sort of program for shoppers to have so they can feel a part of the Poshmark community too.

But, Poshmark hasn’t changed. But they did let us be party co-hosts, and that did remind me of some things i do like, which informed this blog, moving forward.

As you may know, depending on how closely you follow the blog, this year is a major year for Bret and myself with lots of publishing and releases coming out, artwork being made, brands being built, all that crap.

I don’t have time to source new items for the Poshmark store and I don’t have the energy to learn the hot new brands and keep some highly curated closet full of a nice mix of “bread and butter” sellers and elite name brands.

I don’t have time or knowledge for luxury items, or really for high fashion.

I do know my clothing, I know my styles, and Bret knows his, and his shoes.

So, moving forward with Poshmark we have decided to remove everything that isn’t our own, or, that doesn’t “spark joy” to resell.

If I can’t enjoy photographing it and listing it, why bother? There are people out there who could use the clothing, so we are donating an off loading all our inventory, included the donated death pile, and from here on out, are only posting items from our own personal closets, or things we purchased for ourselves that didn’t quite fit, etc.

We are also applying to host every single Poshmark party out there, because that was tons of fun, and finally there was a party where more than just the usual crowd got Host picks. Lately, the same fairly in active sellers. the namely white, privileged, conventionally pretty Instagram type re-sellers, are the hosts, and they pick only their friends or subscribers for host picks.

When I hosted, I had ten picks for my PFF’s, and the rest were for regular everyday resellers, and I received many DM’s and comments about how fair and nice it was to have someone like me host.

So moving forward we are revamping what we sell, but also, how we store it. As you may recall from past blogs, I am redoing the bedroom, so the entire bedroom will no longer be for reselling and clothing storage, no, it will now be a bedroom, with a small corner photo studio for some clothing, head-shots, and other artistic pictures our artist friends may need, or that we need for our releases this year.

Poshmark has not been something of joy lately and I hope that moving forward, only selling things we have worn and enjoy, things we know, as well as hosting more parties, will make me fall back in love with Poshmark.

Or maybe Poshmark will FINALLY open up a buyers ambassador program and shoppers can feel validated and like they are a part of the Poshmark Family too.

Surely Poshmark doesn’t want to be seen as the reselling app for mean girl type re-sellers only, right?

Here’s hoping. If not, there are other apps that have expressed an interest in not only having us resell, but having us as a brand affiliate, and while I am not interested in that right now, it is good to know that some apps are concerned with how to make buyers feel welcome, and it helps me feel hopeful for the future of all the reselling apps and sites.

I hope you have found this blog update about Poshmark, and how we will be looking at and handling Poshmark moving forward fun and informative.

Thanks for reading!



Daily Blog #138: Daily blog in the face of no internet, again.

Friday Morning

I know I said I would take Friday off, but alas, the internet is STILL out at work and there were a few small but crucial things needed at the office so I came in to do those things and put up a blog.

Of course, I thought I had started this particular Daily Blog and hadn’t, so I couldn’t pick that up, and I want to edit the pre-written ones before I post them, which I am going to try and do today while on hold with customers, or after I clock out and wait for Amber to be ready to meet up to chat about our jobs and see each other. I haven’t seen one of my best friends since LAST YEAR don’t you know? Admittedly, I did see Amber at Christmas, but I miss my friend and we want to hang out.

So, I will be editing those blogs I wrote on Monday and probably scheduling the ones I already have pictures for, so I can get them sorted for the weekend and upcoming week, just in case the internet goes down again because oh my god it has been driving me fucking insane to not have my blogs formatted, illustrated, edited and scheduled to post at 7:00 A.M.

Anyways, let’s update you, eh? I got to work early, and went ahead and took care of a few details at work. I need to take care of a few more things, but I got here early enough that it is likely people won’t know i am here until i am nearly ready to leave.

Last night I did a nice little work out, stretching, doing some actual working out like push-ups and mountain climbs, and ALSO some high speed cardio on the bike, smudge over 12 miles, ate some potatoes and cheese, and waited for Bret to call before bed.

He finally texted saying he was tired and would call in the morning, so I smoked a bowl and went to bed. Woke up early, hung out with the pets, got ready for work, packed some food, and made my way through the massive construction side next to my apartment to get to work. It’s getting crazy over there, I have been wondering if I should grab a construction hat from work, one of the hard hats we have for mid-build job sites, and use that on my walk to work.

It isn’t that bad yet but it is a straight up construction site.

Anyways, I want to get some stuff done at work, and also get those blogs I mentioned scheduled so I stop getting that annoyed feeling when at 7:05 A.M. a new blog isn’t posted.

So, I will wrap this up here, so I can get some more blogs scheduled and a longer daily blog written.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

Thanks for reading.


Daily Blog #137: multi day blog, hair cut and a work out…all true.

Tuesday Afternoon

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today has been a fairly busy little day, and I may not have time to blog much today, but thanks to my efforts yesterday, I have several blogs I can post to stay on top of posting when life and creative writing gets in the way, as it likely will today.

We had a company wide meeting today, that took up time, but ended with a catered lunch, so that was pretty cool. I am currently enjoying some tabbouleh and brown rice with cheese. They had plenty of other options, but this is what I enjoyed the most, and that is why I am eating it. The food was actually catered from one of my favorite restaurants here in the city, The Hobbit Cafe.

Bret and I had our first date there, so many years ago.🙂


So I am currently munching on my lunch and trying to stay on top of work while I also try to update the blog too.

Tonight I need to do a ton of writing and editing for Flake City and I also want to work on some sketches, so I have a large amount to get done this evening.

Also on my list…Trying to find my precious and highly needed bullet journal. I had it last night, and I was sure I had brought it home from Kroger last night, but I am struggling to find it anywhere in the apartment or in the company van we took to Kroger, so I am concerned I may have lost it, which would be pretty bad, as it was full of notes and shit I needed for this year.

So here’s hoping I just couldn’t find it this morning at the apartment.

Other than tons of writing and searching for my journal, I have some sketching I want to work on, which I mentioned, and I should probably try and get a work out done too. I doubt I will get to that, but it’s not to dream. I have heard that thinking about working out gives you some health advantages so I maybe me thinking about how much I need to work out, all the damn time, has some secret payout.

Anyways, so I have a bunch to do, but I have also done a bunch so…I am going to try and finish this day off and get the fuck home because I also need to do all the laundry I have been putting off. Bret goes out of town tomorrow, and he needs clean stuff to pack.

So, I am going to wrap this up here, go work on some other stuff. This will likely be a multi-day blog because I already have the blog I want to post tomorrow written, and tonight I will illustrate, edit, format and schedule. So, until later!

Wednesday Evening

Hello! Guess what I just did?

If you guessed my workout, holy crap, how did you know?

So our internet is out, and I’ve been writing on Flake City in my writing app and haven’t updated my usb file…so I can’t write because the website on my computer to access it obviously needs the internet.

The workout was hella therapeutic for me actually because I wasn’t worried about embarrassing myself in front of Bret.

One, I don’t like working out in front of anyone, even someone I love.

Two, I like to sing, dance, clap, and snap along- I do a full on concert meets soul cycle type thing- work some stretching and working out before and after the cardio, and jamming music, thinking and processing story while singing along to songs has always been helpful, and many people will tout the benefits to working out on the brain so I’m sure that contributes to it too.

Either way I had a great time and actually have quite a bit of creative inspiration to work on.

If only I could work on Flake City. Still, I have illustrations I want to sketch out, some ideas I wanted to sketch so- maybe this is a good time for that.

Plus, that’s a chill thing to do whilst eating ramen, just like writing is.

And both help my future so, even better.

Anyways, I need to make said ramen because it’s nearly nine, I skipped lunch, and after that work out? I’m STARVING.

So, I’m gonna go make some ramen- lots of broccoli and maybe some spinach.

Thursday Morning

I like it. Looking forward to playing with it now.

Well, crap. I meant to update last night and I didn’t. Internet is still down, so I didn’t schedule the blog, and now I am at work, up to my ears in work.

So, I need to wrap this up and post it quickly, and this is a brief recap.

I cut my hair- before the workout but I forgot to mention to the Blog. I like it! I may still need to clean up the layers but I am a big fan and it’s already easier to deal with my hair. Hello getting some time back!

I had some awesome ramen, loaded it down with tons of veggies. Drank more water, did dishes, cleaned up and got ready for bed. Talked to Bret for a smidgen over an hour and fell asleep. Got a pretty good nights rest, and was able to get to work a bit early too.

All around good stuff, work is bugging me though, but it’s nice for work to be the annoying thing in my life and not some other part of my life.

I am hungry and need to eat breakfast, and as I mentioned, I have a ton to do and I don’t want Thursday to get away from me, as I would like to be able to take tomorrow off.

So, I am going to dive into work and try to get some things done. I may go ahead and schedule a blog for tomorrow morning, just in case the internet is still out for maintenance when I get home. It is truly annoying for our internet to keep going out like this, but, whatever, first world problems, am I right? At least I worked out last night.

Anyways, I am going to get to work, because I want to have a great Thursday, and I hope you have a wonderful one too.

Thanks for reading