Daily Blog #34 “failed morning goals, candles from Canada, & convincing Bret to let me put lyrics on his dope new song.”

Monday! (Afternoon)

It is Monday afternoon, *looks at clock* oh shit, it is actually like after five and I should leave the office, but I am in a good place and finally opened up my note taking blogging app.

So, finally, I have opened my app, and I am ready to blog, so why would I stop now, instead of writing a ltitle bit, and getting ahead on my blog game. I can hardly use hashtags like #bloglifegoals and #bloglifetogether if I don’t HAVE my blog life together, exhibiting blog life goals. So, here we are, after work, typing up a blog!

I am working on my plans for the day and my goals for the week. I know I have some tidying to do, but I want to get to bed early, (and without terrible dreams) to meet my goal of waking up early. I have a few goals to achieve this evening, I may put working out off for tomorrow. My goal is to work out three times this week, which may be too much, but my goal is attainable. I also want to wake up early and get started on my days better.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

My day today, however, did not meet goals.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may know that I did not sleep well last night. Bret and I both had horrible dreams, so, neither of us slept well, and consequently, we were super, super tired, and obviously slept in.

Do, I was a little late to work, but I was able to get tons of of work done pretty quickly. Now I am waiting for an email to get a freelance vendor paid, and then I will scoot on out of here.

With roughly 4-6 hours of time, closer to four, I have to make dinner, clean up, finish the blog up, edit the blog, maybe get some recreational chill time.


Monday night- after 9:00 PM

Well, three hours have flown by, Bret and I got distracted in conversation after work, which is always fun, then after taking the dog out and messaging someone about a package I received- I made dinner. While Bret finished eating I dove into some cleaning I wanted to get done, and now while I wait to start the next phase of that cleaning, I am squeezing some blog time into my evening.

So about that package I mentioned above. A few weeks back I ordered from a really amazing creator who makes homemade candles, (she has also expanded to other stuff, essential oil rollers and bath salts). She lives in Canada, and apparently that creates a massive delay. So: they finally arrived!!

They are SO unbelievably beautiful! I took some pictures which hopefully I will edit and include on this blog, but they will definitely be posted to my Instagram page so let’s make sure to connect there.

Huzzuh, I actually included the picture. Photo by me!

I like to think that with as any words as I put out in a day that it makes for pretty fun reading if you are into that sort of thing. I tend to see magic everywhere, more so when I write.

Anyways, back to the candles, Samantha, the wonderful candle maker I got my candles from, makes great projects and her Instagram is @whaleysweetscents. If you like homemade candles check her out- and if you live in Canada definitely check her out because then you don’t deal with USPS and whatever US customs that makes packages take that long at the check- so just go spend your money, soy based candles are the BEST.

The candles smell amazing, and she puts gemstones into them as well, so I have quartz in one and amethyst in the other- little ones and a larger piece as well- which I’m completely fucking obsessed with now and I am going to probably always request that now! Spoiled!

So, other than my awesome candles, other news from today. If you follow my partner Bret’s Instagram, or either of our Twitter accounts (@pfsrbret and @abbigrasso) you may have heard a song he is working on.

I’m really hoping he will let me write lyrics for it because I actually have a really nice idea for some lyrics and there is even a story that goes with it so I could also blog that story and have lyrics on his track, which sounds exciting so, I’m hoping that between me asking him in public, in private, and no manifesting that reality by blogging it, that Bret and I collab on his song. I already promised to not ask him to change a single note, I will fit the words into his music, gladly…

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Which he thinks is because I want to work on it and put lyrics to it so badly but really, it’s because I love the sound so much. So- here is me hoping he will let me put lyrics on it and make it a collaboration song.

Okay I need to go finish cleaning and also smoke a little so I will be back when I’m done cleaning to finish up this blog!


Late as fuck Monday night

It’s late so I’m forcing myself to wake up early tomorrow and finish this blog. Night night.

Early Tuesday morning

I managed to wake up by 6:00 today, which is a major victory, more so considering I had to ger up early enough to finish the blog.

So, last night after finishing the cleaning, Bret and I looked at the song he has been writing, the one I mentioned earlier, and I gave him my ideas for the lyrics, and I think we are both pleased with the direction I’m taking it, so I’ll probably try and fill that out this week and next, and get some people to sing some of the parts later this month.

So, currently it is 6:30 AM, I am sipping my tea and working on this blog, after I get the blog sorted I’ll start on my face and get going for the day.

Photo by Morgan Sessions on Unsplash

I actually have a blog planned for today, and know what I’ll be writing about for the next blog, which is super exciting for me, and I’m hoping I can work on it today. I would love to not be up super late like I was last night- I’m incredibly tired.

Of course, Bret and I have a fairly full evening on our plates, so, all the more reason I am glad I woke up early. With any luck I can get ready, get to work early, and maybe duck out early, or at least around five, get over to the grocery store, have dinner, clean up, and of course, Blog.

Grocery trips tend to take a while so I am honing the list and organizing it by section so we can get through the list faster, get home faster, and with any luck, this evening we can go to bed at a good time to get a great nights sleep.

And all of that, begins now with me wrapping up this blog, getting dressed for work, getting to work early, etc etc etc- I am going to wrap this up and get ready- I would love for today to not go sideways.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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