Daily Blog #181: Skin Care is Self Care

Greetings and Salutations, my dearest blog friends.

Today we are going to discuss why skin care, especially daily skin care, is not only a form of self care, but a crucial form a it.

Skin care, specifically, the skin care routines we follow, are a great way for us to really take a few moments to take care of ourselves and make ourselves feel better, but in a number of ways.

When you indulge in some skin care for self care, you aren’t just hydrating your pores with some lovely mask, you are encouraging good and productive habits for better skin care. Self care skin care isn’t just masks, by the way.

Self care skin care is double cleansing to make sure you remove all make up and pollutants, a nice toner, a good mask, and a deeply hydrating night cream that restores your moisture barrier and helps skins elasticity.

Sometimes self care isn’t just the things that FEEL good, sometimes it is the things that aren’t always fun or glamorous, but they are good.

Like drinking enough water every day, and always washing our faces and moisturizing, self care isn’t always lux insta-ready spa’s.

Often times, it is doing little things every single day to have better long term results. Having a skin routine you do everyday enforces good habits that build better skin results. Keeping clean, properly hydrated skin, will also keep you happy with you skin everyday.

This happiness, is of course, another benefit to the self care of skin care, but the happiness isn’t the only big benefit to it.

The peace of mind and sense of control one gains from having grounding, centering moments in the day, can help provide a sense of stability, which can help the mindset and headspace of anyone. Anyone suffering from any mental illness or anxiety disorder can benefit from having a routine in place that they force themselves to stick to, and anyone who does can attest that having this routine helps them on the bad days.

I can personally attest to how much having a skin care routine I follow everyday gives me a sense of not only control in my life, but accomplishment in my day.

Having this routine helps you also stay connected with the world when you are working from home, or digging into a creative project. No longer is it work until you pass out, you have to take care of your skin, and in the morning, before diving into the work, you have some skin care to tend to. Even the most basic of routines can keep someone grounded in reality, and feeling like we are doing something.

It can also be a way to say “start over” or to get yourself back in the swing, when you have been down for a few days, or weeks, or…whatever. I’m not here to judge.

Skin care is a great way to give yourself some much needed self care but a good skin care routine can be a form of self care you give yourself everyday to bring about a lasting happiness with good skin and a great routine. Even if you can’t do a whole routine, every single night, taking the time to remove any pollutants from your skin, clearing your pores and skin, and then repairing the moisture barrier with some moisturizer, even if you can’t splash some toner on in between, can do wonders for your skin.

Not to mention, you need to take a few minutes, every day, to make sure you are doing something for you. Drinking water throughout the day is a small thing you should be doing, but having a skin care routine you stick to is a nice way to squeeze in a couple of minutes of self care that has a pretty big impact.

Don’t view skin care as some obligation, some burden for a few minutes every morning and every evening. View skin care as a few minutes in the morning and evening that you take to treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated, you tell your brain you are worthy of nice, kind things, you tell your skin it deserves to be happy.

Spend a few minutes everyday committing a crucial act of self care, skin care.

Because skin care is self care.

Thanks for reading.



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