Daily Blog #251: Ipsy Bag Review for July! Skin care product reviews!

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

Today, we are reviewing my July Ipsy Bag! 

A quick review for a fun little bag, let’s dive right into my newest Ipsy bag!

First things first, let’s talk about the Ciate London Watermelon Burst Hydrating Lip Oil. 

My first impressions for this product were “Oh, neat!” because I have had the privilege of using another product in this line, and was looking forward to trying their lip oil. I am also a major fan of any good hydrating lip product so this was a nice thing to see in my bag. 

So, I tried it. 

Now, most lip oils are pretty sticky, and this one is no exception, so I am working hard on now holding this against the product itself. 

I will say, however, that despite how sticky it was, it was DEEPLY hydrating, and left my lips incredibly smooth, so, all in all, for not being any more sticky any any other lip oil, it was great, because it worked wonderfully well!

Next was the Searphine Botanicals Line Liner- Water Resistant liquid eyeliner. 

This eyeliner gave me high hopes, as I always hope for vegan cruelty free products, which this is, and, because I love eyeliner.

This product went on quite well, however, it hardly seemed very water resistant to me, so…mixed reviews on this one. 

Application and color were nice, however, and, not everyone expects so much from their eyeliner. 

Next is the the Space Case cosmetics- Eye-shadow in Gold Base, which I misplaced and couldn’t photograph myself, so credit goes to whoever took this picture and picked it for the Ipsy app.

This eye-shadow was lovely, I have gotten to try this brand before so, I kind of had a slight idea of what i could come to expect from this brand. 

So I opened up the product and checked it out. 

Smooth, creamy type of texture, sure, not the smoothest, but certainly very nice. 

This eye-shadow shares with it the same problem I find with many of these lighter color shades…

No staying power, and it took many layers to see it, but I like my eye-shadows to layer a bit, so this later part wasn’t a bad thing, more so when the formula is creamy. 

This next brand and product I have tried, but in a new scent, so I was happy to get a bottle of the Kensie Life Beat Eau De Parfum- Life Beat. 

I received a small trial of a different scent from this brand, and enjoyed it, in fact, I still have some in my purse, so, I was quite pleased to get another bottle, which I immediately spritzed and tried, and found it much to my liking. 

The scent is a crisper, cleaner scent, definitely good to freshen up with, and is a great perfume to layer throughput the day.

I was glad I got this, because I am in need of a new everyday scent, and have been hard at work trying to decide if I wanted a new scent altogether, or one of the ones I have enjoyed, or maybe go back to my usuals. 

It is always nice to get a new perfume to try out when shopping for a new scent!

The last item in my bag was a stand out steal the show item, from one of my favorite brands ever, Hempz. 

I love Hempz, their lotion is INSANE, a truly deep, hydrating lotion that I adore, so, when I saw I was getting the Citrine Crystal and Quartz Body Lotion, I was over the moon. 

This is a newer scent for Hempz, as well as for me, so I was very glad to check it out, and was VERY pleased with the pleasant citrus scent. It was uplifting, refreshing, and, of course, made my hands feel wonderful. 

The deeply penetrating moisture was exactly what I needed after days of cooking and cleaning for my friends birthday party. (Be sure to check back this week and next for tons of fun blogs and recipes from these birthday efforts, though!) 

So, with beautifully well moisturized hands, I would say that this bag was a good one, kind of a fun “You have tried this brand now try a new product” kind of bag, and all in all, was pretty okay! 

The bag itself was a fun summery pink that was semi translucent with a fun summery pink, yellow and white logo on it, and an adorable blue zipper-I am already wondering if I should send it to my sister or keep it for myself. 

But, very cool, all in all, I am happy with this Ipsy bag, more so than last months, which honestly ended up reviewing so poorly I didn’t post it, because prefer to post positives. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog review about my Ipsy Bag. If you are interested in trying Ipsy, feel free to use my referral link, so I can use those free points to get products I need and save money. 

Thanks for reading!



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