Daily Blog #320- Technical Difficulties

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers,

Welp, Reader, if you follow me on my socials, or at least the two I update the most often- Snapchat and Twitter (@abbigrasso on both) you know I have had a up and down week.

Namely, since I don’t have much time and want to do this update- I’ll give you an abridged version.

I got a job- woo! My computer, which I need, has crapped the bed. My precious baby, my MacBook, has started having critical issues, which have been a long time coming.

I have a new computer coming, thanks to my mother, who I am very appreciative of, has arranged for it’s swift arrival, and I will be paying her back in the months to come.

It isn’t great but I need a computer.

But because of these technical issues, I have been unable to update the blog. I have dug out this ancient, tiny, very crappy laptop I literally had forgotten about in a shelf, which is also unsuitable for my needs, it won’t even run basic features, hell, I think WordPress is bogging it down, but, I have a new one coming, and I will be back to the usual by (hopefully) Friday evening. I will try to write another blog and schedule it for Friday morning, but, realistically, I may not be able to. I may opt to do another quick evening post when I get my new computer all set up, but we shall see how that goes.

My goal is to be able to catch up and have my regular blog schedule back by Monday, but, this was meant to be my week to get ahead on content before starting the new job, and instead my week has gone to this technical difficulty, and a delay in getting my job started,

So, I start my new job Monday, my new computer comes Friday, I am still terribly broke but I have a job and I am working on getting sorted once more.

I have a lot of projects on my MacBook that I need to recover, so, we shall see what the content looks like. I also have to learn how to edit videos on something that isn’t my MacBook.

*Heavy breathing* I don’t like change but I know I am going through a major transformation in my life…I just didn’t think it would include literal stuff like this.

Anyways, I don’t want to ramble on those topics because I have longer blog posts meant for that, and this is meant to be a quick update. Follow me if you want more day to day stuff, otherwise, subscribe and follow to see how it all goes…

I mean wow I knew I had changes coming but this is wild.


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