Daily Blog #412: It’s been weeks (Part Two) Weird Dreams, Manifestations/Goals, New Years Blog

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!!

Man, I wrote my previous blog, which has now become Part One of this blog, and never even posted it, and now, here we are, days away from the new year.

I have been hard at work in my journal, setting my intentions and manifestations for the new year, while also trying to implement a plan of attack for said goals. Some of those goals include traveling, writing more, taking better care of myself, and getting into better physical health.

To those aims, I have been game planning a healthier eating situation, mirroring what I know works well with my body and my eating style, and also prepping myself for more workouts, more yoga, and a better lifestyle that will leave me stronger, in better health, able to do more. No more being winded from the stairs, if you know what I mean. It’s easy to blame quitting smoking (temporarily, I still do it when I drink or am stressed, the latter is often), on the weight gain, but really, it’s simple. I stopped being as active as I once was, working out in some capacity every day, taking frequent walks, and, started eating even more, eating rich foods, eating out more, eating appetizers, meals, deserts, and all sorts of all you can eat delicious food places…

I know I will likely continue to eat out at least once a week, if not more, and those places will often be decadent, but I CAN work out more, burn calories every day, make my office day a more productive one, and eat healthier during the week.

I love a good Buddha/Wellness bowl. I love a healthy breakfast taco/burrito. I love healthy snacks like apples with nut butter. I enjoy salads. There is no reason I shouldn’t be healthier with my food. I am working on my relationship with food, to take in food as fuel, and not eat with my emotions, but also with my relationship with exercise. Exercise was never something I was taught or encouraged to do growing up, and my family life was deeply unhealthy, in many ways, and I learned virtually no healthy habits.

But I am an adult, and I can’t blame my upbringing on my own lack of healthy habits, more so when I got into much healthier habits when living alone.

So, I am going to return to these habits, in various ways, and also add some new things to account for my desk job. I have an under the desk peddler, and I am also getting a yoga/workout/desk chair ball I can sit on while at work, and when I use my chair, I can peddle on my desk peddler.

I am also returning to yoga, aiming to do some in the morning to help wake up and get the blood pumping, but also some at night, designed to help me sleep better. I know how important sleep is for overall wellness, mental and physical health heavily rely on sleep, just as much as they do on hydration, healthy eating, and movement.

Another change is to incorporate some under 10-minute work outs to my day. Working from home, it is often easy to find ten minutes I can crank out a work out, so I have added an app to my phone that has such workouts suggested, just to get me back in the mindset of it, plus the things I know work well for me, so I can do minutes at a time, movement, to not sit still all day, and slowly build up muscle, core, and my old flexibility.

I don’t just want to return to my old level of fitness, but I want to improve it, and get myself into the best health I have ever been in, and I have a plan of attack to make sustainable changes. Too often people make shallow resolutions for drastic changes with little plan, or, with non-sustainable plans, leaning on crash diets and insane workouts, which ultimately the body and mind cannot keep up with.

I am making healthy and mindful changes to my overall lifestyle to change a lifetime of bad habits and establish good ones. I am not saying it will be easy, but planning on how, envisioning it, writing it all out…all not only hold me accountable but help me achieve it by giving me a plan, a manifestation, a vision, on how to make it all happen.

I am not saying I will “try” to get into better shape. I am saying I will be in the best shape and fitness level of my life. I will be working towards a healthier lifestyle, and these things will help me do the things I want to do, like more travel, hiking, camping, etc.

I will spend more time with friends, I will take more photos, I will travel, I will be in good shape/physical and mental health, I will be fiscally smart, I will write more, I will express myself more, I will take time for myself and the things I want, and of course, most importantly: I will have a wonderful year.

I hope you all join me.

Thanks for reading,


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