Daily Blog # 7

Well I opened this file yesterday but other than the header I didn’t bother writing anything. It’s Saturday, which I generally stay pretty low key and chill with, to rest, and then I get back to being productive on Sundays.

This morning didn’t go at planned but I’m trying to get the afternoon and evening back on track despite my poor nights sleep etc.

I don’t want to dwell on negative things, so instead I’ll move on and say that I don’t really have time for everything I want to do this evening but I’m going to make it work anyways.

Or at least try.


Did some chilling, played some Left 4 Dead with Bret, shaved, did a face mask, and watched a movie.

Bret and I are chilling around the apartment now having a chill Saturday night in, which is awesome. Going to have a calm Sunday as well, which will be great.

I was sitting here watching some Hulu and I realized I shouldn’t just be making plans for what to do tomorrow, in terms of content to create and cleaning to do- I should also work on the blog a little since I do have the ability on my phone.

My chest hurts a bit, don’t know why but I’m hoping some stretching helps- I know I need to do some so I think I may go do that. My batteries still need to be recharged.


So it’s Sunday, my day to be productive and prepare for the following week. My goal is to take of a day to get a three day weekend this weekend- be that Friday or next Monday, I won’t know until tomorrow, but either way I want to kick this week in the ass – which means getting prepped on Sunday!

Bret and I have a game plan for the week, and for today. We are splitting some cleaning so we can finish things quickly so we can also work on our respective stuff. Bret has a video he wants to shoot and some music he wants to record and I have a couple blogs I’m working on, as well as some more Flake City stuff. I want to get the final part of “Part of what” up, and that will definitely be a post I make this week, to balance with my daily blogs. I want to make sure I balance my creative content with my cannabis blogging and daily blogging, although logically the daily blogging is going to have more posts, the other two will have longer posts so, it is still a balance. Additionally there are writing projects involved with Flake City and elsewhere in the universe that require writing.

This is what Bret and I do on weekends, on top of being super lazy and recharging our batteries. I am looking for us to start changing our schedule a bit, but it’s a process- and with more and more content creators I respect and admire being burnt out, and quitting altogether, people I respect, admire, and occasionally look to for guidance, I realize that the recharging is super important.

Bret has been really good about reminding me of this, because if left to my own devices I would likely burn myself out in about four seconds.

It’s a balance, weekends are used for that balance. We rarely do any Poshing – other than prepping for future posts and listings, we don’t share, answer questions, any of that on the weekends. We are part time resellers, not full time. People can wait, or not. There is always another seller.

Full disclaimer, I will, on a Sunday evening, occasionally do some Poshmark sharing, but that is always during my “Monday prep” and should be considered part of Monday.

We do lots of “prep” for content- like we may go and grab pictures or record music, write a blog, but rarely do we post to IG. Bret is actually better about posting to social media on the weekend- whereas I forget social media exists unless I get a notification.

Balance is important, and that is why people don’t see much of me on the weekends- but we are hoping to change that in the coming months, as we both get better at balancing the obligations.

Bret has actually been really great at taking information I offer him and finding other ways for us to make content people would be interested in.

For example- they say audio is the next big thing for social media – but I like to write. So Bret and I have been working on a podcast type idea for me to read these blog posts outloud for anyone who prefers that format. We also have some additional content that I have been working on, meant exclusively for audio, like radio station broadcasts from inside Flake City- so we are working on that as well.

Of course I would love input from people. But also will probably eventually end up doing it – but your input can change how it happens and such, so maybe let me know? It’s not like I don’t have a hundred different social media things you can reach out to me on!

@abbigrasso on all of em. See you there.

I am going to bed late tonight, as most people do on Sunday. I wanted to go ahead and get this blog post scheduled. I have #8 started already, so really this is me saying, hey, goodbye!

If you take any lesson from this short daily blog let it be this- People need breaks, not just vacations every couple of months, but every few days, once a week, people need breaks.Don’t fault yourself for needing one…I really need you to not burn out, because it truly sucks being fellow creative people burn out, and if you are reading my blog, it is safe to say you are creative in some way, so please take care of yourself, take breaks, and don’t burn out. I have said it before on this blog, and I am sure I will say it many more times.

Take care of yourself, we need you out here, being you, your amazing, beautiful, creative self.



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