Daily Blog #8

Just finished writing blog #7 haven’t even posted it yet- but I wanted to continue the magic.

Bret and I are playing some Left 4 Dead, spending an hour cleaning, playing another level, (hopefully) and then prepping for the week!! So, see you guys then.


Totally were able to play another level- we played the campaign “Hard Rain” while it poured rain on the city, but now it’s the next day. –


Today I learned that TGIM is a thing- Thank God(Goodness) It’s Monday!

What a great positive energy to have for a day! I love it! I think I’m gonna add a “TGIM” blog to my list of blogs to write this week for next- I think TGIM is a perfect way for us to all seize next Monday. Today I have been working hard to seize the Monday and make for a super fun, awesome day.

My goal, if you recall is to actually work out this evening- the goal is some light yoga and cardio on my stationary bike. I would also like to play video games with Bret, and maybe get some more writing done, but to prepare for this goal I am working on some writing between phone calls at work. (Edit: literally got no writing done at work- which sucks but I also kicked works ass, which does not suck at all.)

My goal is to take Friday or Monday off to get a long weekend, but with the end of the month coming I have to get a lot done to make that happen, so it’s going to be a big lesson in productivity today!

(Edit: I’m not sure which, maybe next Friday instead because it’s after the fourth of the July and we have friends who want to hang out and Bret’s moms birthday is on the fourth so I would like to do something for her so stay tuned to see what I do)

I am also researching if I could include video entries inside the blog so I could say “hey I’m gonna get some work done” and put a time lapse video below, then pick up writing after that. I think I can if I upgrade my blogsite to the next tier, which I am considering anyways.

Always trying to grow, right? More so when you are trying to create a new mix media type of art, that is immersed in real life, to really create a Meta universe.

Anyways- I’m gonna try and get some work done- it’s a rainy day with lots going on in the office and a large to-do list – let’s do this!!


*this is where a time lapse video could go**


Guess. What. I’m. Doing?!?

If you guessed smoking weed and playing video games…




I am, if you can believe it, working out! That’s right! I am literally on my stationary bike right now, about ten minutes in or so, working up a proper sweat, and I am ALSO blogging because of my mobile set up to do my daily blogs! Amazing.

TGIM indeed!!

And all this working out has possibly led to some inspired thinking about my blog, as well as some great writing, so, as sweat LITERALLY falls from my forehead like some kind of athlete, I’m gonna go, and think of some stuff. But I’ll be back, TGIM.

Over 20 miles.

Still biking, only slow to cool down a bit because I probably won’t do a full yoga sesh now, so…. I’ll let y’all know final numbers.

It feels good, sure, but wish I had some wax to dab first- as a few stoners I follow have used dabs to enhance the workout- to be honest, even though I would rather have a full spectrum THC heavy wax for that, even a CBD heavy one with no THC would be helpful- when you get to pushing cardio for a while you can feel how much it would help expand the lungs even more, being a bronchial dilator.

Haha y’all thought I wouldn’t sneak some cannabis knowledge into these daily blogs? Joke is on you, my friend, I will always drop cannabis knowledge if I can, because knowledge is power and I want us all to be our most powerful selves

Alright I’m going to go stretch and make some dinner, it’s 22.28 miles and 7:38 PM.


Well, I made dinner, Bret did dishes, I even did YOGA! Goal met! Of course, now it is long after midnight. I’m definitely tired but I’m very proud of myself! I definitely think I will be doing a post about TGIM next Monday so keep an eye out for that.

Today was an awesome exercise in being my best self and thinking positively as well as forcing myself a little bit. I’m hoping I can keep this energy up because if I do- oooh that would be amazing!

Anyways- I gotta go to bed because it’s late and I still have to edit and schedule this post- but I just want to say that if I could manage to have this awesome of a Monday you can do whatever big task you have been struggling with- and no struggle is too small, don’t think your problems don’t matter. We have enough of that mentality in this world. Problems are problems, but you can get through em. You are strong enough. You are amazing enough. You are everything you need to be. And then some.

Until next time, I bid you all adieu!



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