Daily Blog #11 “I should start putting titles on these blogs”

Friday evening.

Could have sworn I started this earlier in the day but then I realized I did not, I just thought about it.

Sunday evening.

Well, I took the weekend to get lost in horror movies and hanging out with Bret. We had a good time and enjoyed some much needed binging and quality time.

Today, I’ve spent some time to catch up on that time spent binging, by cleaning up, and by working on some other writing, but I haven’t blogged so- I’m blogging!

Tomorrow is the first of the new month and also a Monday. I love when days fall like that because it really enhances the new-ness feeling of starting something.

Last week I had some shortcomings, but also some victories, and I am working on learning from all of that. I was able to start working out again but I didn’t do it everyday. It may have been ambitious to try for everyday as well, because the writing and cleaning around the apartment took a hit with me trying to work out.

Outside influences also messed up half of my time, which made me start evaluating my time and the people who waste it. I have a whole separate lesson I am working on that I may end up posting here once I am more comfortable with my findings, but last week I learned a lot of people will waste your time.

Worse, they will destroy it entirely. So, this week, I am working on some tools to not lose my time, as much, as I did last week. Last week I lost time in the morning, from reading for too long when I should have been getting ready, and h not accounting for time needed to prep by packed lunch and breakfast on the go.

I lost time with smoking, because I really need to be dabbing in the morning to make up time. I’m working on this one.

We ordered out more than intended to try and make up for lost time with work keeping us later than usual, and both Bret and myself having a full load of work. We need to make sure the kitchen is clean when we get home, to make actually cooking when tired from work a possibility. I need to probably make a plan for food in my bullet journal, same as the cleaning, to at least force myself to make sure key parts of the week are handled.

Of course, our kitchen sink is leaking, and neither Bret nor myself is off work enough to get it fixed with maintenance people. This sink leak is making washing dishes even trickier, but it does force me to keep the kitchen floor clean, as water is dripping.

I’m taking time off this week, hoping to either get someone in to fix the sink or fix it myself as I am fairly handy.

I’m working on some things I’m not prepared to talk about yet, but those are taking up a lot of time and also require a degree of organization around the apartment, even if we are going to move soonish, so I plan on using my upcoming four day weekend to really prep for the following week but also to get the apartment in shape for summer and hopefully patched up where it’s broken.

Anyways- lots going on in my life, and I still haven’t gotten a chance to hit the bike or even do yoga so, I think I shall wrap this up and try and write some more later!

Well, I’m pretty wiped out tired, but I know I need to probably get tomorrow’s blog scheduled, so I’m going to go ahead and copy/paste this file to my wordpress and then maybe blog a little before bed on my laptop to finish this of and then schedule it for tomorrow morning.

Well, I am as ready for bed as I will be, today, and I am reasonably ready for tomorrow. The cool thing I am finding about tomorrow is we all not only get a “fresh start Monday” but we get the fresh start of the new month. For me, however, I also get the added bonus of having a short week, so even if I don’t get the best “attack” on tomorrow, I have a fairly chill week from all my work last week, and a short one at that.

My goals for the week are to stay on top of the cleaning, but also on top of working out. I also want to do some deep cleaning and organization projects around the apartment and some major writing done on a few different projects.

So, that is my Sunday update. A fairly mundane blog today, by the time this is posted, it will be Monday morning. I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday morning and an even better July. This month is my mothers birthday, my parents annuiversary, Harry Potters birthday, Bret’s mother’s birthday, and plenty more too. We are now half way through the year, so let us all use this time to reflect, think about where we are, and where we are going. I myself will be considering these things tomorrow, and much of tomorrow’s blog will probably center around that. I hope you join me in this time of reflection and planning ahead as we all work towards finishing our goals in the coming months.

Happy Monday, Happy New Month, Happy Rabbit Rabbit day!


P.S.- Rabbit Rabbit Day is a hold over from my childhood. Nickelodeon had it as a thing. Let me know if you remember it, or if you go into my old blogs and find it.


2 thoughts on “Daily Blog #11 “I should start putting titles on these blogs”

  1. Laureen

    “My goals for the week are to stay on top of the cleaning, but also on top of working out.” – that’s me every Monday:) Don’t ask about Friday;)


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