Daily Blog #19 “Running late, recovery, and considerations for podcasting.”

Tuesday Night

After scheduling yesterday’s blog

YEESH! That last blog was rough. But I learned some lessons. For one, I literally just scheduled the last blog, and now I’m writing this stuff down to keep myself from running into those problems later. I have to write on the blog- I have to pick up my phone and tap on my app I use for mobile blogging, which I am normally much better about but today I did NOT. 

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

Anyways, now I need to get to the dishes I mentioned a few moments ago, in yesterday’s blog.


Well, I did the dishes and got ready for bed, but with all the various puttering, it’s now after 1:00AM, so it is now technically Wednesday morning- despite it still being Tuesday night because I believe it isn’t morning for you until you go to sleep. 

I have so many little things I haven’t been able to get to this week, and that I didn’t do this weekend. I know, in the last couple of blogs I’ve talked happily about all that I did but I did neglect certain things, like doing my nails.

I don’t go a manicure place for several reasons, some of them being the cleanliness of a place, other ones being that I don’t want to spend a ton of money right now when I’m not even needing my hands to look awesome.

That being said, when I do my nails I do French manicure tips. 

Anyways, I haven’t done my nails, and I also haven’t done a face mask today or yesterday. I need to do a mask tomorrow, and I should do my nails- I bought some more black nail polish I need to try. 

ANYWAYS sorry for the side tangent on nails and such. Point is- I did manage to not do everything I wanted to do, so I am trying to plan to fix that, while also always practicing forgiveness in myself when I don’t get everything on my overly ambitious to do list done. So- Bret and I are laying in bed, talking and winding down, so I’m going to stop blogging now, and spend some time with my partner before bed. 

Wednesday Morning

Well, it’s Wednesday morning and I slept in a ton, because I was exhausted. Now I’m running very late, and I’m also still tired so… I’m gonna go get ready for work and chug as much as caffeine as I can. 

Later that morning

Well, I made it to work, late, but I got busy pretty fast and got myself pretty caught up. Now I’m treading water as it were, maintaining the day and getting work done.
Thanks to Tricia, an amazing person I have had the privilege of becoming online friends with, I have been trying out podcasts, actually listening to them and taking in that content as well. She has mentioned podcasts a few time on her Instagram, @bodyofwerk. Anyways, I thought I would give it a try at work.   Normally, I jam music for the first few hours, then I switch over to YouTube and watch vlogs or videos.

So, I am listening to some podcasts on Spotify.

Currently, listening to “Pretty Basic” and would love to get more recommendations on podcasts that have AT LEAST five episodes, QUALITY content that isn’t impossible to hear, and doesn’t require another app. All shade included, if you feel I am being shady and excluding your content.

I am trying very hard to stay positive and not get negative, but I do feel it can not be stated enough how annoying it is to be asking for content, for more stuff to take in, because you ran out of content from creators who have been doing it for yours, and someone comes along with two poorly edited videos saying “oh watch me, I’m the next best thing.”

No. You aren’t. The next best thing doesn’t need to tell me what they are.

Rant (from a loving place) time

More and more I am seeing people using “content creation” as a method to make money or be seen as a “hustler” but none of them are putting in any true work. They get on a video mode and vent for four minutes. They take pictures and add long captions full of grammatical errors about how smart they are, and why you should pay them money for them just being so smart and having such witty posts, bringing in a whomping ten likes. 
Look, I am ALL FOR hyping people up, that is kind of what I am making my own personal brand all about, a supportive stoner who always wants to hype small business. Small business hype beast, right here, BUT, don’t lie to yourself and others, and stop “fronting for the ‘gram” because some of us want to support you but you are too busy pretending to be something you are not.

Stop being something you aren’t, and be what you are. No one but you can be you.
This, by the way, is why I use the hashtag #originalcontentonly and is also why I follow, respect, and listen to Tricia, because she is truly original.

Rant over.

And the listening to podcast to be productive advice, has been helpful. Last night, if you recall, I was trying it, but it was not working well for me. As you may also recall, however, I did not think this was the podcasts fault, I think it may actually have been me being just so overwhelmed.

I still am, actually, today, I am a bit more aware of it, however. Last night, I set one of my alarms on my phone with a note that said “Wake up when you are no longer tired-  LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!” because sometimes, I am wide awake at 6, but I snooze till 6:30, and I feel exhausted for having snoozed in.

Because of this, I snoozed in until I felt awake enough to get up, and while I was tired, I am glad I got a bit more sleep.

So, the podcast listening has helped!!!

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

I have been wanting to start a podcast, actually, to go with the blog, but I don’t think I want the team to just be Bret and myself, I would like to have guests on, as well as people who are on often, to build a report with and discuss tons of topics. I have a list, actually, of people who do not know they are on the list, and Tricia is like, very high, “would she wanna be on all the time” kind of high on the  list, so, definitely go check her out, her captions on Instagram are not to be slept on, seriously, read her words.

So, if you are reading this and would like to either see me do a podcast, or want to do one with me, let me know- comment, DM, whatever.

Of course, no discussion of podcasting could happen without mentioning Biggs and Obee from The Black Tuesday Podcast, which you should listen to. I am lucky enough to have been invited on twice, and those two have been key in reminding me how much I miss doing radio, and how much I would like to maybe add podcasting to my content creation.

Because of them, I am listening to podcasts, and wondering if the writing I do would be well translated onto a podcast, and I am also wondering how “much sports” I need to know to invite them on. I’ll have Bret handle sports, I think.😉

You see, they both discuss sports, but they are brilliant co-hosts who will cover other topics too, various topics of political or cultural relevance like cannabis, abortion, or even Game of Thrones. They invite great guests on, and are seriously awesome.

Here is a link to their podcast- check it out! 

We have, on previous episodes in the past, talked about food, snack-age, and favorite video games too. It is because of these topics I realized that maybe I could support that kind of content, as people like myself, Tricia, Biggs, Bret, and countless others, have conversations about all sorts of topics, all the time, and plenty of the time we are sending each other video or audio files…So why not schedule time and record together, so we can have these awesome conversations, when we are all available.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

I have a friend, Brooklyn, who has moved to Atlanta, who wanted to do something similar to this, but she has moved to Atlanta and is in the process of taking that whole damn state by storm, as she will, because she is a damn GODDESS. Brooklyn would be someone I would love to include as well, if she had time. I have so many brilliant, varied, and talented people, and I always want to spend plenty of time talking to all of them…Sadly we are all always hustling and working our asses off, so maybe the pursuit of content will help us all be able to talk and communicate. 

Besides, how much fun would it be to have a link to a podcast with say, Amber, Brooklyn and I chatting,and hearing the entire fun conversation, instead of reading about Amber and I hanging out, and calling Brooklyn on the phone- on one of my daily blogs. I love my blogging, but I am hardly going to do the line by line of our conversations in the blog, much less accurately.

Later in the day

Anyways, those are some people who I would like to do a podcast with, am inspired by, or enjoy talking with/would like to do more of that. Also included in that list is Korey Epps, who used to have his own podcast that I actually listened back during the last big podcast phase of social media content creations.

So, it is now nearly end of my work day, and I am returning little phone calls and prepping stuff for tomorrow. I am hoping to have a peaceful evening tonight, we shall see what happens!!

After work/late evening

Well, I spoke too soon with the leaving work thing, got held up long after I should have left, and the evening got delayed. I don’t have time for much after dinner, and I really need to get some cleaning done, as well as some writing, so I figured I better wrap up the blog. 

The day has been pretty interesting, it got fairly busy with work, and as I mentioned, I am pretty tired. So, I am going to actually go to bed on time tonight, if possible, which gives me one hour to edit this blog and get ready for bed, so, wish me luck. 

Follow me on the social media (@abbigrasso) to see if I make it to bed on time, or check back on the blog again tomorrow. Tomorrow is Thursday and I really do not want the Thursday curse so, I am going to bed early, mentally prepping for tomorrow where I will keep my head down and avoid the Thursday curse. 

I hope you have a fantastic Thursday and void the curse too. 




For anyone wanting less daily blog and more of the article type content, I do have some stuff I am working on, but it is very personal and can be tricky hard to write, in addition, I have committed to trying to do this vlog style blog every day, as well as my full time job, part time reselling, and daily creative writing for my giant universe. That being said, I have a few blogs for you guys that are not daily blog style, and if you want to see more of that kind of content, over this, comment and let me know. It may encourage me to write them faster.


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