Daily Blog #76 “rough mornings and bad moods give way to better days with the power of writing all the time.”

Greetings and salutations

Tuesday morning

Slept in today. The problem seems to be dreading going to work, which makes it hard to get up. I need to tackle that problem, so I’ll be brainstorming that today.

Normally, my skin is even selfie ready first thing in the morning. But this morning, was NOT the case.

I’m trying to get ready to go into said job, and it’s been a challenge. The skin on my face decided to just peel off mid face routine, which led to starting all over after freaking out about my skin.

I take GREAT care of my skin, but skin sheds naturally this time of year and we have some nice cool weather for once but it delayed me.

Now I need to get dressed but I keep snapping at Bret because he seems to be constantly in my way so I’m waiting because I realize I am just being a grump. He’s done now though so, I’m going to go and try and get ready for another terrible day at the job I can’t fucking stand.

Later Tuesday Morning

Well, I am at work now. The coworker I ranted about yesterday is not doing a full two weeks either, so I guess that’s fun.

Whatever. Bret and myself will just do our best to help out and get through the Halloween rush.

So, as you know, I don’t want to bitch about work non stop, so I will instead focus on the fact that when I do have spare time, I can work on my blog, by either typing at my desk while on hold, or typing on my phone, in my spare time waiting on stuff elsewhere, thanks to my planning with my apps.

But, it is also pretty busy at work so it’s not tons of time either. I do like feeling helpful, and it is nice being able to help, when I am able.

I just wish these problems could be fixed, not just band-aided.

But moving on. I have a ton of writing to do, and my creative writing has taken a big hit with my stress levels, something we can not have happen going into NaNoWriMo, which I want to succeed at doing this month.


Well it’s towards the end of the day and I have an update.

I had to block someone today.

Someone who has followed me for a good long time, and I try to support, but no longer can.

Your beliefs are yours to have but you don’t get to come into my twitter feed with your racist nonsense and try to insist that YOU know best how I should handle things. You don’t get to say how I do fucking anything, double so when you are fucking wrong.

I don’t care if “you have plenty of black friends that say it’s okay” I don’t care if “I was raised on that side of town” or any of the same simplistic bull shit reasonings these types of people give.

My belief is using “that word” is fucking disgusting and if you have a problem with me tweeting or writing my beliefs, you shouldn’t follow me. Common sense. If you insist on following and engaging, I am not going to be tolerant of it. I’ll block it.

Because if my words bother you and you are too fucking stupid to go elsewhere, I am glad to make sure I don’t deal with your moronic brain trying to figure it out, by blocking you off of my feed.

It’s a big wide internet world out there, why the fuck would tolerate even one stupid racist? Block, whenever you need to. The internet is nasty enough, there is nothing wrong with avoiding zombies, and getting to the safe room in good health.

Shirts, hoody, sticker, tank top, long sleeve tee, and even a coffee mug. How “on brand” of me.

So, in that spirit…

“Don’t let the zombies get you down” merchandise is now available!

Later Tuesday night

I have a blog up that shows the new merchandise I have and such.

Very excited.

I also have another blog I’m nearly finished with for posting tomorrow, and this blog will likely be posted Thursday or tomorrow night, depending how much I wind up blogging tomorrow. I am trying to get ahead on blogs but I also have plenty of blogs to publish, and enjoy posting them for everyone to hopefully enjoy.

Some of my little ideas and lessons from blogging have been helpful for some of you, which is amazing, and I am focusing on doing more of this kind of blogging because it really jazzes me up to see me able to help anyone with my words and ideas.

It is late, but I’ve finished all my responsible things for the day and now I am able to get some time to rest.

So, to prevent being exhausted tomorrow, and sleeping in yet again, I am going to wrap this up for now, and update again tomorrow. I still have to edit a blog going up tomorrow, so this feels like a natural place to stop.

Till tomorrow

Wednesday Morning

When the bad mood gets left behind thanks to writing

Last night, when I logged off of blogging, I thought, hey, self, let’s go to bed early and not be dead ass tired in the morning, which, coupled with the contempt I have for this job, makes getting out of bed before 8:30 impossible lately.

And then I stayed up writing another blog, a skin mask review I have been meaning to take from note form to written form.

I am glad I did it, and I can post it tomorrow, or the day after, but I am super annoyed with myself for it happening, and me staying up so late, just to do the thing I was trying to avoid.

So I am tired, and trying to get some work done while also trying to get some writing done.

Which is this Wednesday morning update!


It is now past my leaving time- My boss hit me with some things to do as I was about to leave, but as I have spent much of the day advancing my own creative goals instead of his, I opted to take care of what he needed and update this Daily Blog.

I was able to do a first pass edit on the Hemp Rose Gold Mask review, and I am finishing up the blog post on “How to clean your bong” which is part of the Sunday Prep series.

Yes, this is the blog that keeps going missing. I have finally recreated much of the information, and plan on adding pictures and scheduling it tonight, to posting on Sunday. Ton’s of pictures, it is practically a vlog with how much illustration I have used, so be sure to look for it.

I have also been considering tweaking how I interact on Medium. Most of my faithful readers do so on my main blog, abbigrasso.com , but some people do read the imported posts I import from my blog, to Medium. I have never received a single penny Medium, the site that pays writers.

Mind you, I am not complaining, I don’t use it for pay, I use it for play, as it were. I use it for the people who don’t have WordPress or want a different reading format.

BUT Medium has tweaked how they do payouts, making it about read time, over claps. As someone who can’t get claps but can get reading time, I am really hoping this means i may make some minor ducats doing that.

I do keep those stories “behind the paywall” on Medium, despite wanting my reading to be accesible and here is why.

It is all posted on the website hours earlier, if not days earlier, than it is loaded to Medium. If you are using Medium to read my stuff, it is likely because you already have a paid Medium account.

If you don’t, it’s okay, you can read everything hours earlier for free, at abbigrasso.com

And if you want to support me fiscally in some way, you are welcome to get a five dollar a month membership to Medium, OR, you are welcome to buy some merchandise, or you are welcome to do literally nothing at all but read, because that in itself is a great reward.

Big stuff coming, indeed.

So, it is now about thirty minutes after I planned on leaving work, so I am probably going to wrap this up, as Bret and I have dinner plans and I have a small ton of writing left to do this evening, despite having spent much of my day writing.

Big stuff coming, I can’t stress enough how serious I am about making my goals happen.

The blog this morning that I dropped, about dressing for your come up now, has been met with a good amount of success, and I am VERY pleased with the overwhelming responses I have had.

To the point of already planning a part two to that blog, to answer some questions and elaborate on the advice.

Because I truly do want you to DM me, comment, whatever, not to feed some algorithm, but to actually connect with you.

I am not building a “fan base” here, as you know I am merely trying to find the people who like my stuff, no, what I am building, I hope, is a small little family of creative souls who all support each other in their goals. If you relate to a blog I write, or you have questions? Let me know, because I am GLAD to write a second one. I love you, you awesome Abbi Grasso blog readers.

Wednesday night

Well I’m doing a face mask and realized with the flow of the blog I should finish this daily blog and post the skin mask review Friday, the bong cleaning blog Sunday, and the daily blog I’ll write between tomorrow and Friday night, on Saturday, if I blog, which I likely will.

I do have a bunch of Flake City writing to do- some of which I got into today and was pleased with the results.Writing really can lift the worst of clouds that have been hanging for days.

I also need to make some notes for the NaNoWriMo book- before NaNoWriMo is upon us.

This blog is also pretty long so I don’t want to ramble too long.

I am opting to spend as much time as I can writing, and I am enjoying the benefits of doing so- I’m able to plan for more releases of stuff and it’s all got me very happy, and not thinking of any overly negative things. I’m hoping if I can get my boring obligations done soon, I can get to some writing and still get to bed early, so I’m going to wrap this up in hopes of getting another 1000 words down the road on the radio station part of Flake City, M.E.T.A. Radio.

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday – don’t let the zombies get you down.



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