Daily Blog #81 ” Halloween, Falling out of love with Poshmark, and the start to NaNoWriMo because I stayed up later than intended”

Thursday (Halloween) Morning:

I updated the blog again before posting it, since I had posted it this morning instead of scheduling it last night, and I figured, hey, great chance to get some words added on this blog, or at least get this blog started, I need to get some breakfast made, as I am fucking starving, and I also need to get ready for work.

My three essentials for a quick natural looks.

Thankfully I spend a small fortune on skin care so I to do less to my face to get ready.

My plan was to do a nice face of makeup, because I plan on vlogging today, but now I am thinking I should just do my usual eyeliner and mascara with a little banana powder. Swipe on some lip color when I have a chance.

I keep it simple with makeup, despite having some decent skills with it. Lets be real, my passion is skin care, not makeup.

But I do like makeup, I find it fun and enjoyable. I may mess around with a full look this weekend, just for fun, because Bret and I are hoping to do a fun date night this weekend, once he gets home.

Assuming he isn’t dead tired and in a terrible mood due to the work while he’s out of town.

I’ll elaborate on that later, maybe, but for now, I need to get my self in gear and get to getting ready.

Thursday Late Morning

Well I made it to work, late, but I was helping Bret get ready for his out of town trip.
I am going to miss him. Halloween marks the start of the holidays, and my partner is going to be in fucking Austin. Lame as fuck.

So I am brainstorming some really fun stuff for when he is gone. I think I will be doing a lot of writing, maybe write dangerously and recklessly, deep into the night tomorrow. I also have several blogs and reviews to write, so I will spend much of my time writing or cleaning because it is hard for me to focus in a messy space, and I have a busy month ahead of me.

I may also attack the bedroom, like I mentioned, and have mentioned several times. The room is just so….Overwhelming.

Tons of clothing that I need to photograph and list. Some more that needs to be donated, and some more that needs to probably be tossed out, but I will donate, regardless, in case someone wants to use the garments.

On top of that, I need to sort out the space. I will likely vlog what needs to be done and also do some vlogging of me working on it, if I do. Should make for good content, if I do, but you will be able to see how much there is to worry about. My craft supplies alone take up no small amount of space, and Bret’s shoe collection spills out of his shoe only closet. My closet has some stuff and space in it, so i could likely store some things in there and clean it out, but getting to that closet takes no small amount of moving. We have too much stuff in that room to be able to really be able to move other stuff.

We need more shelves, or something, for in there, but its so much damn work. Not to mention money.

I don’t know if I can fix the room without additional shelving…Or massive amounts of donations leaving the room.

If I can get the clothing separated into bags for donation and boxes for photographing and listing, I will be in good shape. Some of the items we received via donation were great for selling, but some I also know Tricia, (@BodyofWerk) could SLAY modeling them and probably get better money for it than i would.

I could box up a friendly boc for her, and maybe another reseller or two, and that would help me get rid of more stuff, but ultimately, tons needs to be donated, and the rest needs to be photographed and put away for storage until it sells. We also need to make some massive clear outs and just sell a bunch of the clothing, so we have more money and space.

Bret and I have agreed to move the reselling into more of a “things we don’t wear/fit anymore” versus sourcing and searching for clothing.

I love thrifting, but I have been HATING the reseller community in this area, as it relates to sourcing, and I would rather just sell things I know the history of, clothing I know and love and wore, versus stuff I found but didn’t fit, from a thrift store.
We don’t have the same time situations that other resellers do.

Reselling, like cleaning, generally falls upon me to handle, and with the blog, my full time job, keeping the apartment up, the vlog, working out, and you know…sleeping, I don’t have TONS of time for reselling. I can do closet shares and PFF shares, hell, sometimes I can even do new listings, but not even that often.

Also, as I have mentioned, I don’t love Posh-mark anymore. They are great, but I keep hoping they will decide to make things better…and they don’t- they refuse to give the BUYERS the SHOPPERS, the PEOPLE WHO KEEP THE APP PROFITABLE, anything special. Where sellers can be ambasadors, people who spend money can just be…chumps. They don’t have any shopping incentive for the shopper, and they don’t like to have any outsiders in Poshmark either.

Basically, it is really far from diverse. I also see lots of incredibly dishonest sellers who sell fakes, who sell things marked incorrectly, who don’t care about their garments, who buy things used, second and third hand from the thrift store to turn around in their listings and say “New with out tags, never worn!”


So, I am slowly pulling away from Poshmark, really hoping they decide to make it more inclusive, but I have given up hoping for Poshmark to be more than it is. They have no interest in keeping shoppers happy, being diverse, or encouraging a quality experience.

They have the same employees host parties, rarely allowing “outsiders” to do so, which also sucks. I have seen some quality sellers be denied time after time, while the same basic people who are always hosting, get to host party after party, only sharing their own items, or their friends.

All of this, on top of having some of the worst customer support in the world, and I am guessing a gerbil on a wheel is handling their tech support because damn, it is bad.
I wrote two blogs on why I liked Poshmark…But sadly, they have no interest in improving, or so their actions tell us.

Happy Halloween!

It’s turned into a real trick or treat situation, but with no candy and frankly it’s bunch of trick. I am sure I will become happy with it again, but for the moment…very frustrated.


Anyways, with me not wanting to use Poshmark as much, more so to dedicate already dwindling time to, I am thinking about cross listing on Relovv, which is an app that I don’t per say love, but has some really great perks for shoppers, and I love the color pallet they use for their logo and branding.

Relovv also seems more willing to grow and improve, and seems to offer a better diversity then the white bread mayo sammich that is Poshmark lately.

Of course, to get ANY of that done I have to get that room sorted.

Anyways. It is Halloween! And while that room is scary, it isn’t Halloween-y to talk about that room the whole blog long.

I have a few mask reviews to type up, as well as a blog about some new favorite hemp products I have tried, so I think I will be working on that for a little while, whilst I eat my improvised and delicious lunch. All my tomatoes had gone bad so I couldn’t make a tomato sammich for lunch so instead I smeared hummus on whole wheat bread and added cheese. Fucking delicious.

So, I am going to eat some lunch and work on these blogs. I have been spending a gross amount of time on hold today.

Late Thursday/Halloween Night

Sorry for no updates, I was busy puttering and doing stuff to get the apartment in better shape for the weekend.

NaNoWriMo is nearly upon us. Halloween is nearly over.

Two minutes, technically. I am trying to also vlog it, but because I am terrible at this, my vlog phone is not charged.

I want to buy a proper camera so badly.

Anyways, it is nearly midnight. I need to go to bed, because I stayed up late puttering around the apartment, and now I am doing a face mask.



Happy November!

Anyways, now it is after midnight, I still need to get ready for bed, after I wash this mask off. Also need to brush out my hair, setup the bed, and of course, go to bed.

Also maybe do some writing from bed. But I’ll need to end the blog, edit it, and then, I can maybe sneak in some writing.

Tomorrow is Friday, my wonderful blog readers!! I hope you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.



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