Hemp+Skincare=Abbi is all over it: Review of Andalou Hemp Stem Cell Face Mask “DeTox Mask”

Greetings and Salutations! 

Today I am reviewing a new mask I saw and had to try! I saw this on Amazon Prime Now, and for ten bucks, I realized, I could get a hemp based face mask delivered to my door in a couple of hours. The mask, you will see from the pictures, is from Andalou Naturals, their CannaCell line that I have been highly interested in. This is their “DeTox Mask”

Millennial I am, I clicked add to cart and it came with the rest of my groceries.

So, technically, this is a grocery store mask. It is vegan, cruelty free, wooo! And THC free (boo). But also non GMO verified, verified gluten freehand 99% nature derived. The mask, you will see from the pictures, is from Andalou Naturals, their CannaCell line that I have been highly interested in. This is their “D.Tox Mask”. This blog is not sponsored by the company in anyway. (Full disclosure, but I would be over the moon if they sent me a care package from the rest of the CannaCell line to review.) But, still, not sponsored.

Fortunately enough, it was pretty affordable, ten bucks for a tub, the tub is smaller than the awesome Aztec Indian healing clay that I have fallen in love with, for the same price, but, I reasoned, it was a more formulated mask, versus a “just add water/vinegar” style mask that the Aztec Indian Healing Clay.

Also, I have several friends and online blog readers who have asked for more mask reviews, so…ten bucks, not a bad deal. People will probably get several uses out of it. When I finish the container I can come edit this blog to reflect how many uses I got, but I would guess at least 7 uses, if not at least 10. I also where my masks very thick, but, a lot comes in the container, as you will read.

So let’s get into it. First things first, the packaging.

Cute, simple, clean look. Fun branding.

The inside of the box is adorable and I really liked that. The container itself was similar, white, green text, clean looking and clear, easy to read labels.

The mask was filled, to the brim, in the container, which was a pleasant surprise. All too often these tubs are like 3/4 filled. Not this one, I actually had to take a picture just to show how full it was. Highly impressive.

Also encouraging was it wasn’t overly colored, which some masks will do, and some of those other masks will sometimes used non plant based dyes. Not the case with this mask, rocking a vegan, cruelty free, formula.

So, I washed my face, toned it, and slapped some of this hemp stem cell based product on my face.

The reviews ranged, mostly high, but a few complained that the mask burned. I know that many masks have the sensation of, you know…working, and some people will claim this is a burning.

I have seen countless people complain that masks are too painful, that the burning is too much. Now, if a mask is burning and you can’t handle it, by all means, was it the fuck off…But also use some common sense and realize many times these masks have ingredients that are trying to sink into your skin and treat it.

But selfies are a fun part of the #skincareroutine game. This is me wondering how long the mask will “tingle” with such intensity. Because wow.

This particular mask aims to detox the skin, removing any debris, toxins, and other gross crap, from your pores. With this knowledge, and the reviews I saw, i was anticipating some tingling.

I personally like this feeling. I like to feel like my face is actually having something done to it, not just sitting there for a cute selfie.

Because remember: face masks are about the skin care, not the selfie with the #selfcaresunday hashtag.

This mask, seriously, packed a punch. I definitely see why so many people complained about burning. I had trouble keeping it on, I was genuinely worried it may be burning my skin for a while.

At first, a tingle, and that intensified greatly as I let it set. I always wear masks as long as possible, and this one I wore for well over 20 minutes (I started working on the blog, lost track of time) towards the end of my time with the mask on, it was definitely a STRONG tingle. I hesitate to say burning, because I know how my skin looked after, and it was not burned, however…

It was VERY noticeable, and I definitely see why more sensitive skinned people complained. It was a DEEP tingle. I will now tell you how it felt to me, someone who masks regularly, likes the feeling of a deep face clean, and has a very high pain tolerance.

I could really feel this mask digging in. The intense sensations were definitely amplified round dirtier area’s of my skin, like my t-zone and my cheeks where my glasses sit all day. My temples also had some attention, with some slightly lessened tingles.

Overall, this mask was digging into any areas that needed it. The mask seeped into my pores, and instead of burning I will say it felt like a very strong vacuum pulling things out of my skin, actually very similar to the feeling with the Aztec Indian Healing Clay…But the feeling was a bit more intense than that mask, and it did edge into the more painful side of tingling.

Finally, the time passed, and when I realized I was over that said time, I used water to wet a washcloth to wash it off. Normally, I use a warm washcloth, this time, it wasn’t super warm and hot like I normally do, but it suggested cool water. (Probably due to the ‘burning’ feeling) So I wiped the mask off using a washcloth, like I usually do, and then rinsed with some cool water after.

Holy crap. My skin is clear.

Like…Really clear.

Like…Take a cute selfie for the after picture of the blog, and then realize you should take a closer (and less flattering) picture, to show just how cleaned out my pores were.

Amazing stuff. Also surprised because I was REALLY worried this mask would dry out  my skin, since it was obviously such an intense, deep clean. I did do a nice serum, a deep hydrating moisturizer, but my skin is not dried out from the  mask, a miracle, considering we here in Houston JUST got a cold front, and i already have pretty dry skin.

The mask was a great one, but I also do see how some people would not love it, and find it to be too intense, or even painful.

But, if you understand that masks are doing a job, and that job will be able to be felt on your skin, then this may be a great mask for you.

I personally LOVED this mask, and, I felt that it pushed me over the edge in wanting to make a hemp based products blog, where I discuss some of my newest favorites that use hemp.

If you like hemp as well, or just really deep cleaning masks, at a decent price and available in easy to find stores and online, then this may be a good mask for you. 

Let me know if you try it!



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