Blogmas Day Eleven: Skin Mask Review- La Chloris Ultra Glow Moroccan Rose Mask

Greetings and Salutations, dear blog readers, today we are reviewing a mask I added on to an Ipsy order a month back.

Some disclaimers before we begin: This is my skin, my review, based on my reactions. I try to keep it nuetral for everyone, with open, good advice, but, I do want to make it clear, this is a review based on my reaction with my skin. Pale, slightly dry, aged 32 years.

So, another disclaimer, this is not sponsored. I purchased it, added it on to the order, and paid for it on the discounted rate that Ipsy offered, but I still paid my own money, neither La Chloris nor Ipsy sponsored this nor paid me any money for what I am saying.

Ipsy is welcome to, if they wanted, but I pay by the year, so it seems unlikely that I would get any help from them.

Now, onto the mask!

This is the mask, from La Chloris. The mask itself is pink, which you all know, I like masks with cute colors, more so if they include that color in the name or type of mask they are promoting.

It’s in the name. Ultra Glow Moroccan Rose Mask.

Rose. Pink.

The texture is creamy, and feels really nice on the skin, like a smooth velvety whipped type of texture.

I think this mask would feel great if your skin was sunburnt. My skin was feeling hot from something or another when I first tried it and I noticed immediately how much it calmed down my skin.

This isn’t anything that is advertised with the mask, but it is something worth mentioning.

The mask is nice, and I let it set for twenty minutes. Even when it got hard, it didn’t get all flakey and stiff, allowing me to talk and move my face without it flaking all over the place and cracking across my skin, which always makes my skin feel even dryer than usual.

As usual, I washed my mask off using a washcloth- only this time I used one I made myself! I am thinking of making a bunch for friends for the holidays, but also to maybe sell on Etsy or something in the new year to help people who want to add to their skin care routine, and maybe avoid the annoying splashing of water everywhere, or maybe who just find washing these kinds of mask off a bit tedious.

I normally use washcloths because they remove everything completely and leave my skin feeling really great, as you all may know, so making my own little pads was inevitable. I also plan on making some little cloths for toner/makeup remover, which I will be using for be more environmentally and economically friendly (wild how those two go together all the time) and I may or may not post those on whatever online selling platform I opt into.

ANYWAYS- Sorry for the tangent about my skin care habits and future plans.

I washed it off and WOW what a glow. The next morning my skin still looked amazing, and maybe even a bit better than when it first came off, so maybe really consider doing this mask the night before a big day for a massive contribution to a crazy big glow up. I actually did the the night before my 32nd birthday so I would look cute for the birthday.

Glow up achieved. Even better after time, just like me.

So, when it comes to the review to this mask, it feels amazing on, the texture feels great, and the mask left my skin feeling amazing.

Would I suggest you buy it? The full size price is a little high for me, from what I can see on the website. BUT Ipsy still has it for a fair enough price, and I would suggest that.

And, if you have the money to spend, I would say give it a try, more so if you have a bit glow up planned, or if you want to have hot/inflamed skin, because it seems like it is good for that, and it was quite cooling and gentle.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and you found it helpful. If you are enjoying two blogs, one early and one late, in honor of Blogmas, let me know!

Happy Blogmas and Merry Skin Care!



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