Daily Blog #109: Blogmas Day Twelve- my dads birthday and starting the final count down to the holidays.

Thursday Afternoon

It is a beautiful day here, a little too sunny for my tastes but, still chilly which I personally like.

Today has been pretty decent, although very busy, and I haven’t had much time to blog or even write. End of year financials are a dick.

Anyways, Bret is home, obviously, and I am hoping to get to home soon, because I worry about him.

I want to blog, today, about my awesome dad.


Today is my awesome dads birthday. I am gonna see if he is okay with me posting a picture of us from ren fest, but both my parents are VERY into privacy (rightfully so) so…Just IMAGINE-

A very cool dude.

I didn’t have the guts to ask my dad, but he is very big on privacy, so…I’ll leave him be.

My dad actually was my “Step” dad, until he adopted me, and became my legal dad. My biological father is…Not in the picture, nor has he really ever been, except for a brief period after my paternal grandfather died and Tom (bio father) felt like, vaguely obligated? We got drunk a few times, and we do get along, but he is NOT my dad, and he is a FAR cry from as cool as my real, loving, raised me and went gray because of me, dad.

Billy, (i call him Billy a lot because obviously Tom left me not wanting to even use the term dad, and it has been a battle, so i use Billy and Dad interchangeably and sometimes i even say “my Billy” instead of “my dad” LOL) is a great guy, a fun dude, (albeit it very uptight) who loves history, guns, hunting, states rights, the constitution, good food, and his family. He loves other stuff too, but these are some major highlights.

My dad’s birthday has always been easy to keep track of, because it is on the 12th day of the 12th month, and I was 12 for my first full year of having a dad, being adopted when I was 11. Also, 12/12 is easy to remember.

My dad stepped up, when my biological father didn’t and wouldn’t, and let me tell you, I was NOT an easy kid, and all my best cute moments happened before the poor guy showed up, so he was handed a temperamental kid on the cusp of being a preteen.

Like hey, here’s this kid in her awkward post child phase…and preteen years lead way into teen years…and let’s just say he earned that gray hair.

My dad is pretty cool, even if we don’t always agree on everything.

Billy did his very best with a very difficult child, who grew into…me.

He also had my mother, and my sister. to contend with, and none of us made it easy. He has made it around the sun once more, alive and semi well. My dad has endured the same deaths in the family that we all have, and has been sharing his beautiful home with my baby sister, her fucking terrible (now, thank goodness EX) boyfriend, and my mom, who has been dealing with the loss of her own parents. He’s had a tough year, but he has kept going. My dad has gone back to school for his masters and to teach, and my dad also maintained and grew his business. Talk about powering through stuff.

So, to my dad, I say…

Happy Birthday! I hope this next year is the BEST ONE YET!

My dad’s birthday also marks the true start of the holiday season, with Christmas Eve on the 24th, my dad’s birthday kind of marks the start of the 12 days of Christmas.

Also, because my mom would always try to make his birthday feel special, not shared with the holiday season, so we would normally put off gearing up for the season, until after his birthday.

So, moving forward with Blogmas, I am going to make a major effort (salute “Major Effort”) to include some awesome holiday content, be it holiday movies or shows, or whatever.

Thankfully, TV shows have holiday episodes, so I can also talk about those.

Friday Afternoon

I meant to post this last night, but Bret is kind of a full time job when he isn’t well. So, sorry, here is me posting it, and starting my next one.

Hopefully things get back to normal soon, I don’t want to miss any days posting.


PS- I am really sorry this isn’t to my usual quality, I have a lot going on, and it’s just me left to handle it all.


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