Daily Blog #279- A blog post out of order, but not less important.

Daily Blog #279- The blog I realized I hadn’t scheduled.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today is Thursday, April 1, 2021 just shy of 6:00 PM, and I figured while I sipped some green tea and cooked my red beans and rice, I would do a little daily blog update! 

This week has been fun, as I have been focusing my energies and intent on several “bettering” things, including my sleep patterns, my work flow, and how I approach my content needs in the future. 

If you follow the blog, (and you totally should because I keep this authentic as fuck) then you know I have been working on bettering myself for the entirety of this blog’s existence. You also may know that I have been focusing that energy more and more, as I get better and better at each step. I take more and more steps on my physical and mental health every day and while I am not perfect, I am working on what I want my life to look like. 

This week has been some of the “hard work” where I have to look at how certain patterns, behaviors attribute to my work flow and overall well being. 

Basically, and specifically, this week I have been focusing on how much sleep I truly need, versus how much sleep I end up wanting. 

Let me tell you guys…I love sleep. I love to lounge in my comfy bed with my precious, fat, warm, cuddly cat. Sadly, I have been thinking that when I get much more than 6 hours of sleep, I am less energetic the next day, to say nothing of the aches and pains from staying in bed too long. 

This week, my most productive day came after a scant 5 and a half hours. 

The days where I hit eight? Or even seven? Flat on my ass, goals for the day failed. I got some stuff done each day, sure, keeping to other goals I had, like maintaining my space, practicing self care, etc, but I didn’t do everything i had aimed to do. 


So, I am now looking at how to best apply these lessons and move forward with some productive changes, since, I believe it is easier to make changes when you are already in the mindset to do so. 

For example, while tackling too many changes at once can lead to burn out and eventual abandonment of all goals, if you have been working at changes, slowly changing over time, building, evolving, you will find it easier to make other changes, when ready, because you are already in the mindset of shifting how you do things. 

In my case, this means trying to actually train myself to *get up* when I wake up, so I don’t sleep too long, wasting not only the hours in bed, but the many more hours spent trying to wake up, and then get moving on my goals. 

I could gain as much as 6 to 8 hours of better, more productive hours, if I actually manage to change my habits for the better, assuming it is a sustainable thing. 

The later bit is something I won’t, and can’t know, until I try to commit to actually sleeping less and working on my own stuff, so…my next goal, likely for next week, is to sleep six hours a night instead of shooting for seven and a half to eight hours. 

So, that is my new goal for sleep, in addition to trying to get my “batch days” for content down to like three days a week, ideally two. I understand I may not get it perfect, but if I can get all my blog and YouTube content batched in two days, with corresponding social media’s, like Pinterest pins (follow me if you are on Pinterest @abbigrasso), and have another two-four days or more dedicated to creative writing. 

Anyways, these are the the things i am working on currently on my path to leading the life I want to lead, and I hope you have enjoyed reading this update. Let me know any things you have started tackling in an effort to be a better version, or the version of yourself, that you are aiming for, in a comment down below of a DM on any of my social media’s. (@abbigrasso on all of the ones I am on.) 

Thanks for reading, 



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